Saturday, September 3, 2016

LCG Quoting Breitbart News

In a previous post we saw how PCG has quoted from Breitbart News. Recently as part of the ongoing presidential campaign this media outlet has gained attention as a hub for a subculture of the political right named the alt-right. Furthermore the chief editor of this media outlet has become the campaign manager for Trump's presidential campaign.

As it turns out LCG has also quoted Brietbart News. This media outlet is usually cited in anonymous short news reports. This media outlet has been cited in five articles since 2015.

LCG first quoted this media outlet in a February 2015 article discussing the usurper terrorists of ISIL.
Aggressive actions by ISIS continue to push Arab nations together. This week “The leader of the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group Hezbollah urged the Middle East to unite and join the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) in Iraq and Syria” (Breitbart, February 17, 2015). “‘ISIL’s real goal is in Mecca and Medina. Let Saudi Arabia think very hard about this. Why? Because the Caliphate can’t be established without the two holy sites,’ he warned in addressing Gulf Arab nations” (ibid.). (The Unifying Power of ISIS, February 20, 2015.)
In March 2016 this media outlet is cited to condemn abortion during the Zika virus epidemic which had spread to Brazil and from there established itself within the Western Hemisphere.
“The Peruvian Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani… blasted the United Nations for encouraging Latin American governments affected by the Zika virus to allow abortion, comparing the organization to a modern-day King Herod, who ordered the slaughter of babies at the time of Jesus’ birth” (, February 10, 2016). “‘How can they ask these women not to become pregnant, but not offer … the possibility to end their pregnancies?’ asked UN Human Rights office spokeswoman Cecile Pouilly… UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein was similarly forceful in calling for a relaxation of abortion laws. ‘The laws and policies that restrict access to these services should be urgently reviewed in accordance with human rights, in order to ensure, in practice, the right to health for all,’ he said” (ibid.). (Valueless Babies, March 2, 2016.)
In May 2016 LCG cited this media outlet in scare mongering that Europe will soon become a military power. LCG teaches that Europe is fated to conquer the United States.
Europe’s long-term goal of a European Army is gaining momentum. “The German and Dutch armies and navies are poised to ‘merge’, creating the nucleus of the European Union’s longed for pan-EU military force… The German government has revealed that Dutch and German land armies and navies are set to move towards ‘closer integration’, with two Dutch units already coming under German command. Last month the Dutch 43rd Mechanised Brigade was subsumed into the German 1st Armoured Division, following the takeover of the Dutch 11th Airmobile Brigade by German command last year” (Breitbart News Network, April 20, 2016). (Germany to Command Dutch Military Unites, May 4, 2016.)
In July 2016 LCG cited this media outlet to condemn the legalization of certain kinds of bestiality in Canada.
“Canada’s highest court has just ruled that some sex acts between humans and animals are legal” (, June 16, 2016). While the actions approved in this case are limited, opponents worry about the abuse of animals and humans that can result because of this ruling (ibid.). (Canada Legalizes Sex with Animals, July 20, 2016.)
In August 2016 LCG cited this media outlet in exploiting the refugee crisis in Europe to promote Islamophobic fears of refugees who just happen to be Muslim.
“One of the most important prelates in the Catholic Church in Hungary has warned that the enormous waves of migrants rolling into Europe are due in no small part to a Muslim ‘will to conquer,’ by expanding their territory into the continent. ‘Jihad is a principle for Muslims that means they must expand. The earth must become dar al-Islam, that is, Islamic territory, by introducing Shariah—Islamic law’” (Breitbart, August 3, 2016). “The archbishop of Veszprém said that although there may be other motivations, the conquest of European territory for Islam plays a significant role in the unusual pressure to migrate to Europe. ‘There have always been wars and environmental disasters, but the fact that there is now so much pressure on Europe cannot be a coincidence’” (ibid.). (Muslim Invasion of Europe?, August 17, 2016.)
And so it is evident that LCG's leaders trust this media outlet although not as enthusiastically as PCG or UCG.

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