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PCG's Ron Fraser's Alarmist Articles (1998-2004)

The following is a list of the articles by the late Ron Fraser (1941-2013) within PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, from 1998 till 2003. His writings well exemplify the harsh manner in which PCG's 1% views the world.

Within the COGs PCG has a reputation of being particularly harsh and authoritarian. Seeing how PCG's 1% seem to insist to their readers that everyone outside their narrow, political bubble are a dire threat one can see how PCG has fallen into authoritarianism among themselves.

Here is one example of Ron Fraser's vicious view of the world outside of PCG's social bubble.
A recent decision by a British court will have Britain’s enemies all over the planet in stitches of laughter. In May, the court upheld a case brought against the Ministry of Defense by the parents of a British soldier who died of heatstroke on the battlefield. 
Thus, the nation once renowned for the code of honor within its regimental tradition and the lion-like bravery of its fighting forces in battle is reduced to the image of a silly dove .... 
One has to wonder if such a judicial attitude had prevailed during World War II—in which British soldiery often entered battle grossly underequipped—whether the rule of the tyrant who could have overwhelmed Britain would have produced results any worse than the present tyranny of the feminist, homophile, politically correct thinking that dominates the British judiciary. (Ron Fraser, 'Human Rights' in Warfare?, August 2009.)
The articles written from 1998 until 2004 by a man who say something as dreadful and vile as that may be seen below.



March-April: The Third Way, pp. 23-26.

Anti-Catholic screed.

May: EMU Takes Off, pp. 19-23.

Scare mongering about the European Union as the euro was being prepared to become a currency in 1999.

June: Unholy Union, pp. 6-12.

Virulent anti-Catholic screed. Fraser even quoted a book from the 1880s to imply that the Vatican was somehow plotting to seize power within Europe. What vicious fanaticism.

July: Terror Triumphant!, pp. 11-13, 24-25.

Bitter scare mongering about the conflict in Northern Ireland. Strongly implied that it would fail.

July: Killing Off America, p. 28.

Here Americans are denounced as being like Nazis in the Holocaust for allowing abortion to be legal.

August: Africa: A Continent in Crisis, pp. 20-24.

Dire portrait of the situation in Africa, with particular attention towards Nigeria and South Africa and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

September-October: Crisis Point of Western Leadership, pp. 18-21.

Here the Kosovo War is presented as evidence that the United States is losing its power.

November: System Failure!, pp. 2-6.

Scare mongering about the Asian financial crisis of 1998.

December: Australia: The "Luck" Runs Out, pp. 9-13, 25.

Here he bewails the state of the land of his nativity, Australia. The topics mentioned in this article were discussed in a previous post.


January: Facing the Dragon, pp. 2-7.

Discusses the border dispute regarding Taiwan.

February: "The Gates of His Enemies...", pp. 2-5, 12-13.

Bewails the handover of the Panama Canal to Panama.

March-April: The Other Hussein, p. 5.

A denunciation of Saddam Hussein.

March-April: Papal Call to Arms,  pp. 22-24.

Scare mongering about the Pope.

May: What's Behind the Crisis in Foreign Relations?, pp. 2-5.

In this article Fraser inaccurately implied that sexual promiscuity in the West was responsible for "giving birth" to HIV/AIDS. The disease originates from SIV, a disease that infects the Central Chimpanzee, which developed a strain capable of infecting humans sometime around 1908-1933, possibly in the Congo region, from whence it spread for decades until it was detected in 1981.

May: A Matter of Honor, p. 13.

Here he condemns President Clinton for his antagonism with Milosevic.

June: Divided We Fall, pp. 5-11.

July: Return of the Old World Order, pp. 2-6.

August: Return of the Old World Order: Part 2. Article.

August: The Search for a Compromise. Article.

September-October: No to NATO. Article.

November: Can the Blind Lead...? Article.

November: The Bear's Headache. Article.

December: Religion's Clash of the Century. Article.

December: Trials and Errors. Article.


January: China's Three Card Trick. Article.

January: Israel's Wound. Article.

February: Atlantic Rift. Article.

February: Remember. (Written with Stephen Flurry.) Article.

February: Is a World Dictator About to Appear? Article.

March-April: Goodbye Friday Agreement. Article.

May: David Meets Goliath. Interview with Adrian Hilton. His 1997 book, The Power and Principality of Europe, has been promoted within the some of the COGs to promote fear and dread of the European Union. Meredith's LCG has also cited this book in their writings.

May: Europe Marches South. Article.

May: Spain Surges Right. Article.

June: Fascism Revives! Article.

July: Fascism Revives! Part 2. Article.

August: Fifty Years of European Union. Article.

August: Where is the "Third Way" Taking Us? Article.

August: Third Way (n.). Article.

September-October: Britain's Final Decline. Article.

November: A Cautious Relationship Builds. Article which scare mongers that Germany and Russia will ally against each other against the United States.

November: Taking Stock of Globalization. Article.

December: Yugoslavia Comes in from the Cold. Article.


January: Disunited Kingdom. Article

January: Winners and Losers. Article

January: An Empire in the Making. Article. Interview with euroskeptic activist Rodney Atkinson. PCG first made contact with Atkinson during the time of the Kosovo War (1998-9).

January: Whose Holy City? Article.

February: The Denial of History. Article.

February: An Empire in the Making. Article.

March-April: Devious Alliances. Article.

March-April: Muscling into the Mideast. Article.

March-April: A Nazi Vision Realized. Article.

May: At the Crossroads. Article.

May: America's Colombian Folly. Article.

June: Is Russia Finished? Article.

July: The Politics of Energy. Article.

August: Lying Spirits. Article.

August: The Final Pieces Fall into Place. Article.

September-October: Is America Becoming Isolationist? Article.

November: The Battle Lines Broaden. Article.

November: Germany Moves to Front Lines. Article.

December: The Power of Religion. Article.


January: The Coming World Crisis. Article.

January: The Rise, and RISE, of Europe. Article.

March-April: The Reality of God. Article.

March-April: Up for Grabs. Article.

May: The Grand Design. Article.

May: Anti-Semitism Revives! Article.

May: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Queen Mother. Article.

May: What is Happening to the Middle East? Article.

June: How Deep a Wound? Article.

July: What was Missing at the Jubilee? Article.

July: A Frightening Equation. Article.

August: America The Cursed. Article.

August: Rising in the East. Article.

August: Return of the Royals. Article.

September-October: Shades of Hitler. Article.

September-October: Power of the Merchants. Article.

September: All That Glitters. Article.

November: The Demise of Democracy. Article.

November: Silence the Critic. Article.

December: Odd Man Out. Article.

December: 'It Won't Work Anymore.' Article.

December: Aftereffects of an Election. Article.


January: 2002: The Real Stories. Article.

January: Can God Save the Queen? Article. (Written with Gareth Fraser.)

January: All Roads Lead to... Article.

February: A Union of Church and State. Article.

February: Japan's Place in the Future. Article. (Written with Gareth Fraser.)

March-April: World War Déjà Vu. Article.

May: From Communism to Catholicism. Article.

May: Apocalypse Now. Article.

May: Failing to Bring Peace. Article. (Written with Eric Anderson.)

June: Out of Chaos, Opportunity. Article.

June: The Polish Connection. Article.

July: The Gatekeepers of Europe. Article.

July: “Faster … Quieter … Deeper.” Article.

July: Retooling for War. Article.

September-October: The Lie That Broke Britain. Article.

December: Space Wars!, pp. 4-7, 28.


January: 2004: A Look Ahead, pp. 24-26.

February: The Other America, pp. 11-13.

March-April: The Basest of Men, p. 37.

May: The Spanish Connection, pp. 8-11, 17.

May: Return of the Religious War, p. 37.

June: The Brink of the Unthinkable, pp. 13-16.

July: The Return of Imperialism, pp. 4-10.

August: The Latin Link Revives, pp. 7-10.

November: Land of the Free and Home of the Hated, pp. 2-5.

And so 2004 ended and the year 2005 began. Ron Fraser continued writing his articles for PCG's recruitment magazine.

To be continued...

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  1. Everything they publish is about politics and not Jesus Christ. They are so self centered (a Herbal directive) they only publish what they think is prophetic in order to prop hwa up. It looks like their saying that Christ can go fuck himself, Herbie comes first.