Thursday, March 26, 2009

Notes on LCG's Beast of Revelation

I would like to share some observations I have about the late John Ogwyn's The Beast of Revelation.

In that booklet there is a prophetic chart chronicling the life of the alleged Beast (Roman Empire and various 'revivals').

Notice how both Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy are included in the same box of 'Historical Fulfillment' as being the 'sixth head'. This may seem very contradictory and confused to the unsuspecting reader. Actually this reflects the fact that HWA, at various times, regarded first Mussolini and then Hitler as the Beast. Although the Armstrongite desperately tries to forget the many false prophecies, traces of them still show up, but seen only by those who know of them.

It is also stated in 'Symbolic Meaning', referring to unified Italy and Germany that 'one is' means that 'God's Church' has understanding of what happened. This statement about God's Church understanding this prophecy in the end time deceptively hides the truth that HWA labeled Mussolini, and then Hitler, as the Beast who will fight Christ at his coming. Hiding the fact that HWA is a false prophet.

Also notice the quote placed in 1814. It cites 'Willis West's Modern History' and gives a page reference. This book is not properly referenced. The unsuspecting reader is not told what this book is.

So I went looking around and the book is Modern History: Europe from Charlemagne to the Present Time by Willis Mason West. It was made way back in 1903 and published by Allyn & Bacon. It may now be read at Google Books and It was digitized on June 27, 2007. It is my understanding that the Beast of Revelation was first published by the Global Church of God, and the Living Church of God only started publishing it in 2000. So when it first first published it would have been very difficult to find this book.

Interestingly this is the very same book cited by HWA back in the 1930s. Just look at the November 1939 Plain Truth, p. 7. The very same quote is used in HWA's prophetic chart. Just like Meredith's recycled words John Ogwyn has just monotonously copied their idol (HWA) in this particular quote.

However not everything is the same. One will also note in the Plain Truth that it is unified Italy alone that is identified as the 'sixth head'. But in Ogwyn's account it is both Italy and Germany that are included as the 'sixth head'. This reflects the fact that HWA would later identify Hitler as the Beast.

I have also written more about that booklet in a previous post.

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