Monday, June 18, 2018

Mark Armstrong on North Korea, the IG Report and the Mass Separation of Families

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA has released yet another weekly update (June 15, 2018). Let us see what he has to say this time.

He starts with discussing tensions with Prime Minister Trudeau. Mark Armstrong naturally takes the side of his preferred president.
Greetings from Tyler, 
We left off last week with Trump departing to Singapore for the North Korean summit before the world's economic leaders turned their attention to issues of climate and gender.  That, apparently was a slap in the face to the collection of “globalist” socialists who represent nations with the largest economies.  Canada's Trudeau angered the President's advisors with a press conference held upon Trump's departure.  After making nice in meetings and photo sessions with the President, he went public with claims of Canada having been insulted by the President's posture and boasted that he wouldn't be “pushed around.” 
Mark Armstrong then discusses the recent summit between President Trump and North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. He complains that the mainstream media are downplaying it.
Historic events are unfolding at a pace that most can't possibly keep up with.  If you think there's been dramatic progress with North Korea, you're either not reading the mainstream press or you've dismissed their predictable reactions to everything to do with President Trump.  Whatever agreement was reached with Kim Jong-un amounts to “a flimsy piece of paper” according to a mainstream flagship publication.  It roundly condemns Trump, claims he got nothing and Kim got everything he wanted. 
How dare reporters happen to say things that critical of Mark Armstrong's preferred president.
Kim won, that's how they see it.  He got notoriety and legitimacy, while Trump left the “human rights” issue out of the equation.  He didn't just overlook the issue, he lavished praise on Kim.  He called him smart, worthy, and honorable, in spite of the brutal treatment Kim's regime visits upon his own people.  Then he saluted a Korean military officer.  “What was he thinking?”  He made remarks  about the love and fervor North Koreans have for their leader, and mainstream analysts wonder aloud whether he may want to employ dictatorial measures here, if for no reason other than to get the kind of adulation Kim enjoys.  That's the mainstream take.  For the record, Kim Jong-un did sign a joint declaration that included “commitment to work toward complete de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”  If that promise is no good, we'll know soon enough.
He then talks about Germany to scare monger about immigrants as he so often does.
Angela Merkel is holding crisis meetings, trying to avoid the collapse of her recently formed government.  The Bavarian leader wants the ability to refuse entry to at least some of the throngs of African and Middle Eastern immigrants entering Germany through his district.  But Merkel says no, there must be no actual limits.  Reports on the matter note that the number flooding in has “decreased sharply.”  Only 64,000 came in the month of April, so why would interior Minister Seehofer risk collapsing Merkel's coalition government?  Extrapolate April's figure with much higher ones for preceding months, add it to the million that were admitted two years ago, and you might be a racist.
He then mentions the IG report about the FBI investigation concerning Secretary Clinton's emails. He insists that it shows evidence that the "investigators loved Hillary and hate Trump" even though the report stated that some New York FBI investigators were opposed to Secretary Clinton.
The report everyone's been waiting on (or a fraction of it), came out yesterday.  It will be a while before the nuances contained in 500 pages are sorted out.  But here's the crux of it.  The investigators loved Hillary and hate Trump.  Their many internal communications prove that fact beyond all doubt.  The lead investigator in both the e-mail case and the Russia collusion fiasco promised Trump would never be president saying, “We'll stop it.”  Maybe you've heard, the word retard as a noun is one of hundreds that the politically correct elite have declared banned from utterance.  Yet these fine professionals at the world's premier law enforcement agency called all Trump supporters exactly that.  But that's not all.  They're lower middle-class, undereducated morons, and Trump himself is an idiot.  It was going to be President Hillary, and that was all there was to it.  Full stop.
He then insists that that these investigators are part of some sort of massive conspiracy with the news media.
As you read what they said, it's clear that their hatred of Trump and any who would support him was all consuming.  There are plenty of passages that would lead the casual observer to conclude that indeed they were ready, able and willing to use any and all official powers at their disposal.  The report also proves that top law enforcement officials (at least a dozen) were accepting gifts of tickets to sporting events, golf outings and invites to private gatherings from reporters.  Who would have guessed the mainstream media must have had a cozy relationship with law enforcement people in the business of bringing down the President?  Funny how they had “breaking news” of the most sinister sort just before air time, night after night for over a year.  Nobody is named.  Not the reporters, media organizations or law enforcement agents.  But it might be interesting to know, someday, just exactly how all these coincidences managed to create over a year's worth of fake news.
He insists that these persons are utterly determined to opposed his preferred president.
They're not through.  It's beginning to look as though they'll never be through.  Nobody in the mainstream ever concedes a point, no matter how valid or well stated.  They shake their heads in disgust, squint suspiciously or simply talk over anything they don't want viewers to hear.  No,  deception is at full throttle, along with deflection.
Recently there has been much concern and horror at the mass separation of children from their parents by immigration authorities under the pretext of deterring undocumented immigrants. Already one father, Marco Antonio Munoz, had committed suicide in despair after his child was ripped away from his possession. It is reasonable to assume that more such terrible incidents will occur if this policy is allowed to continue. Meanwhile Mark Armstrong insists this is a distraction to prevent people learning about the IG report.
The latest obfuscation to deflect from thousands of scandalous bombshells contained in the inspector general's report has been practiced in tandem by numerous outlets (makes you wonder how this always happens).  It is, of course, the separation of children from parents who've entered the country illegally.  Anchors and reporters are shouting, sometimes on the brink of tears wondering how a civilized nation like the U. S. could commit such barbaric acts.  The argument that American criminals remanded to detention of whatever kind are always separated from any children they may have, and that's a fact gets nowhere.  Do you think for a minute that an obvious comparison like that would get acknowledgement from an anchorman from the most trusted name in news?  Not a chance. How about, “This is the law as passed by Congress, and unless or until it's changed it will be enforced.”  No dice. 
Mark Armstrong then complains that so many people are citing the Bible to oppose the mass separation of children from their parents and the destruction of families by governmental fiat. Mark Armstrong also indulges in a bit of ablism by describing some of them as "reading [Biblical passages] aloud with the hint of a lisp."
Jeff Sessions (recused attorney general) made the mistake of invoking the Bible in regard to observance of the law.  What a firestorm that lit.  Suddenly people who hate God's Word, reject everything to do with people of faith were snatching quotes that suited them right and left (completely out of context), and reading them aloud with the hint of a lisp.  It's pretty hard to take.  Obvious deception is always pretty hard to take, and it is now the norm.  It's universal throughout the mainstream media, academia, and nearly every big corporation.  They're not ever going to stop the campaign to deceive those who don't know any better.  At the same time, that's what they accuse their opponents of.  Playing to the ignorant with emotion and outrage, trotting out every compromised expert hack to deceive.  It will be a fact of our existence until God straightens it out. This era of world events, in all its complexity, is without doubt one of the most exasperating ever.  
And so we see that Mark Armstrong remains fixed in his views even after the recent revelations of the destruction of numerous families under the pretext of deterring undocumented immigration.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Many American Sailors were Abducted by the British Navy in the Early 1800s

HWA insisted over and over again for decades that when the northern kingdom of Israel fell to the Assyrians in around 721-18 BC this was the beginning of a period of 2,520 years during which the people of Israel would be denied their birthright by (HWA's) God, namely the possession of vast material wealth and land. HWA insistently proclaimed that this 2,520 year period ended around 1800 and from this point onward Great Britain and the United States of America began to the accumulate vast tracts of land and fabulous wealth in order to fulfill (HWA's) God's promise to Abraham. This was part of his spin on the nonsensical idea of British Israelism.

And yet it escaped HWA's notice that back in 1800 relations between the United States and Great Britain were far from ideal or brotherly. In the early years of the 19th Century the British navy abducted many American sailors and forced them to fight in the war against Napoleonic France. The following in related in John F. Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize winning book, Profiles in Courage. Which was written with the assistance of Ted Sorenson.
As our relations with Great Britain worsened, our ships were seized, our cargoes were confiscated, and our seamen were "impressed" by British cruisers and compelled to serve--as alleged British subjects--in the King's navy. Thousands of American seamen were taken on a organized basis, ships were lost at sea for want of men, and even though able to "prove" American citizenship were frequently refused permission to return. (John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage, Chapter 2.)
Later the Leopard, a British war ship, fired on the Chesapeake killing and injuring several Americans. In response to these provocations America retaliated by imposing an economic blockade on Britain. These tensions would later explode giving birth to the War of 1812. At one point the forces of the British Empire burnt down the White House. What terrible days those must have been. The White House burnt to the ground because the nation dared to tell Britain to leave their sea faring citizens in peace.

These events are highlighted to note that this tensions occurred precisely at the moment HWA insisted that (HWA's) God began to withdraw the withholding of national blessings promised to Abraham. This occurred precisely at the time that things were supposed to get better for America and Britain.

Clearly HWA had a very poor grasp of history. But, alas, thousands continue to promote HWA as a great man of God but he was only a false prophet.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mark Armstrong on G7 Summit

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released yet another weekly update (June 8, 2018). Let us see what he has to say this time.

This time Mark Armstrong decides to exult in his preferred president's strength by defying the other nations of the G7. He slams French President Macron as an insincere flatterer.
Greetings from Tyler,    
It looks like all the traded compliments amid the pomp and circumstance of the formal State visit accorded French President Macron were less than sincere.  Macron staked his claim to the resuscitation of the Paris Climate Accords, from which President Trump had already withdrawn on behalf of the United States.  Macron pretended his statements of historic friendship and unbreakable alliance might be enough to soften up the Trump administration and convince the President to spare Europe the embarrassment of their little sham (to have been financed by the American taxpayer) going up in smoke.
Mark Armstrong insists that widespread concerns about climate change are a plot to get American tax payers to pay money to other nations.
As you all know, it didn't work.  The French president and his wife returned home, having been honored and treated royally, but without the capitulation they hoped could be achieved.  Neither President Trump nor his supporters are the least bit interested in any plans to redistribute American wealth around the world under the pretense of changing the course of the world's climate or paying reparations to nations that have failed for reasons having nothing to do with the United States or climate.
He praises his preferred president for not getting along with fellow NAFTA partners.
Today members of the G-7 are meeting in Quebec, Canada.  The subject of trade imbalances favoring every partner, but the United States was a key focus of the Trump campaign.  He's let the whole world, including Mexico and Canada, know that the days of taking advantage of unfair trade relations were over.  If it meant scrapping NAFTA over a lack of willingness to negotiate on the part of contiguous countries, oh well…
He states that his preferred president wishes to renegotiate everything.
President Trump has threatened tariffs on trade partners who refuse to revise trade policies that freeze out American companies and farmers.  You've heard it on the news, everything from aluminum and steel to dairy products to cars are on the President's agenda.  You've also heard the wailing and caterwauling here at home about Trump not respecting “free trade,” from all sides of the aisle.  How dare this president treat our allies like this, showing a willingness to pull the rug out from under lucrative arrangements with long-term allies?
He states that President Macron and Prime Minister Trudeau have threatened to economically isoate the United States.
Both Macron and Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau issued a joint statement where they “lashed out” at the president, declaring his intentions to tax their exports of aluminum and steel “an illegal economic assault on their countries.”  They threaten to isolate the United States and enter into a six-nation agreement, apparently trading among themselves and leaving the American market.  That's a bluff that will probably be called.
Mark Armstrong insists a mutually beneficial deal is possible. Then he seems to dismiss the French and Canadian governments, and possibly the other nations of the G7, as "smaller players" compared with his own nation state.
Maybe they haven't noticed, but tough talk and aggressive positioning are essential to this President's strategy of negotiating.  Chances are some compromise, benefiting all involved can be reached.  But maybe not if the smaller players decide to get huffy.
He mocks the European Union as having pretty much collapsed in his view.
President Trump must be really nervous and frightened now that Angela Merkel is quoted calling for a “new world order,” led by Europe and underpinned by the so-called “values” invoked by Macron and Trudeau.  There's only one problem.  Well, actually several problems.  Europe has all but destroyed its central government experiment (known as the EU) with refugees and ill-advised lending.  Merkel is calling upon all of Europe to speak with “one voice,” But that's not about to happen.  Many of the Eastern partners, now to include Italy, have seen all they need to see in terms of the mass importation of refugees, dictated by Germany and the EU.  They've also had their fill of “austerity.” All the talk of diversity lending to strength rings hollow to the point that Europe is incapable of “speaking with one voice,” no matter how many times Frau Merkel mouths the words.
He praises his preferred president's statement calling for Russia to participate in the summit and seems to portray it that statement as being made just to annoy his supposed opponents in the media. 
Then, just today we heard that President Trump intends to stay in Quebec only for the trade sessions and economic discussions.  He's off to Singapore for the summit no one could have predicted only a matter of weeks ago, to try to talk North Korea back from the precipice of real war.  It seems he won't be staying for additional sessions on gender identity and global warming.  Then, as if to light a fire in the hair of news anchors most everywhere, he suggested that Russia should be a part of the economic summit.  Oh boy, that almost proves the accusation of Russian Collusion, doesn't it?  You can watch heads explode tonight if you have the stomach for a lot of manufactured outrage.  Putin may or may not even want to participate in the annual Summit, but Trump's purpose has been served.
He seems to condemn Trudeau, Macron and Merkel for not immediately agreeing with what Mark Armstrong's preferred president should happen to say in regards to trade issues.
Trade is going to happen, whether directly through allies with agreements, or through third parties on the world market.  Trudeau, Macron and Merkel and all the rest can lament that the post WWII order is being disrupted, and maybe it is.  If they wish to be defiant, let them reap the rewards of their warped, politically correct “values.”  Our economy is on fire (in a good way), and they're trying to figure out how to save theirs.  God bless and preserve America.  May the rest of the world get a clue.   
It seems as though seeing his preferred president get into disagreements with fellow G7 nations has made Mark Armstrong quite happy. But whatever happens at the G7 or afterward nothing will change the fact that the founder of what is sometimes called Armstrongism, Herbert Armstrong, made many inaccurate predictions which prove that he was never sent by God to predict the future. Herbert Armstrong was merely a false prophet and so are his imitators. There is no need to fear their predictions of doom and gloom or to send such persons any money.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

PCG's Andrew Müller: "Deep State" Cabal is Waging "Civil War" on President Trump

PCG's resident McCarthyite, Andrew Müller, shrilly insists that the legal problems facing their beloved president, Donald Trump, constitutes some sort of "civil war" against PCG's preferred president.
Bureaucrats in Washington are waging a civil war against the Trump administration. He said he wanted to “drain the swamp,” but the swamp is fighting back. Many commentators are saying that something called the “deep state” is trying to exert its control over the United States government to the point of forcing President Trump from office. (Andrew Müller, Is the ‘Deep State’ Real?, July 2018.)
The possibility that President Trump just might have some part in causing his current legal issues is casually ignored.

One subheading in Müller's article is entitled, "Deep State Coup d’état" even though Müller's preferred president is still in the White House and holds the vast power of the presidency. It is not a coup d’état until the leader is removed.

Furthermore the impeachment process is not a coup d’état at all but a constitutional law that allows the Congress and the Senate to remove the President if there are enough votes to make the removal occur. And since Republicans currently hold the majority of both Congress and the Senate it seems at present unlikely that they will let such a process occur. (Of course that might change after the midterm elections but that is what happens in a democracy. The people are allowed to vote out the incumbent Representative or Senator.)

The impeachment process is not a civil war or a coup d’état. Shouldn't Müller and the editors of PCG's recruitment magazine, namely Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad Macdonald, Richard Palmer, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Phillip Nice, be ashamed of promoting this alarmist misunderstanding?

Müller insists that the people are ultimately to blame for the "deep state's" sinister plot to overthrow PCG's preferred president (to replace him with Vice President Pence apparently).
It is not a coincidence that the deep state has risen as the morality of the nation has fallen. Blasphemy, corruption, covetousness, family breakdown, hatred, idolatry, murder, sexual sins and thievery have consumed America. People have abandoned personal responsibility and biblical morality. They have embraced selfish individualism, social welfare and materialism. As a result, they look to the government to provide, instead of relying on God. By delegating more and more power to the central authority of a human-run government, American citizens have created an administrative state with the power to confiscate the freedoms of those who oppose it. 
Well, at least when one is aided by the government it is a decision made by a government blessed with democracy and popular support. Meanwhile PCG's 1% live off of the tithes and offerings of PCG lay members and co-workers. PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, once boasted of PCG having an income of "around $19.5 million annually as of 2012" and that income is how PCG's 1% rule over the lay members of PCG.

Müller insists that social tensions will become so severe and terrible "that the whole country will be laid desolate, and its cities will burn with fire." What absurd and blatant scare mongering.
While millions of Americans may now be waking up to the threat this sprawling network of deep-state departments presents to the nation, their populist revolution does not address the root causes behind this crisis. Corruption and bitter division in America today is leading to a conflict so devastating that the whole country will be laid desolate, and its cities will burn with fire. These serious problems are not caused by one man or a group of government officials. Ultimately, they are caused by the sins of the American people as a whole. Only the repentance of the people can prevent the sickness in America’s government from escalating into full-scale revolution and war.
Armstrongism has been constantly promoting doom and gloom to anyone who will listen since the 1930s. Armstrongism gets people upset and scared that disaster will occur but they insist that they have the answer to avoiding this disasters while all the outsiders, unbelievers and infidels (in their eyes) are to endure the horrors of nuclear World War III. Just convert and join their organization and listen to what the 1% of the organization tell you to do for the rest of your life to get that ticket to the place of safety while the world of the outsiders (in their eyes) burn. What a rotten system Armstrongism is.

May their efforts to gain more converts fail. May their efforts to get more tithes payers fail.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

PCG's Stephen Flurry Says Satan is Cause of President Trump's Troubles

So there is a lot of press coverage about various troubles concerning the office of the presidency under President Trump.

PCG's heir apparent, Stephen Flurry, implies that the real cause of these problem is that Satan the Devil is attacking his preferred president. He also implies that this alleged attack by Satan against President Trump is quite similar to the Tkach changes in WCG after HWA's death.
In [a certain PCG booklet], my father boldly states that the power behind this assault comes from Satan the devil! 
Satan is very real, and he is the source of the spirit, the ideology and the hate that somehow unites Communists, statists, anarchists, extremists, sexual deviants and other elements of the radical left. He is the one uniting them against a common enemy: the last remaining Bible-based principles of the past. He is also the source of the weakness, the blindness and the apathy of those who aren’t as radical. And he is the source of a movement within the government itself to destroy the government. 
My father brings out that we at the Trumpet have seen this before. The United States is part of the physical descendants of Israel. [That idea is known as British Israelism which happens to be completely wrong.] God’s Church is spiritual Israel. After the human leader of God’s Church (Herbert W. Armstrong) died in 1986, Satan attacked the Church. How did he do it? With a new ideology, with hatred for the past, with powerful leaders at the top, with apathy and confusion among the people. He did it slowly and subtly. He did it by leaders boldly proclaiming that they were loyal to the principles of the past while they knowingly destroyed those principles. He did it by portraying as backward, oppressive and, yes, racist, those who continued to believe and live the way they had always believed and lived. He did it by people ignoring, belittling and forcing out those who didn’t adopt their liberal ideology. 
Does this sound familiar? You will be shocked to see how closely the ongoing attack on the United States government matches the attack on God’s Church. (Stephen Flurry, The U.S. Government Is at War With Itself, The Philadelphia Trumpet, July 2018, p. 14.)
Firing FBI Director Comey while there was this suspicion that it was to stop the investigation into alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russian individuals is not the problem according to this idea promoted by Stephen Flurry. It is Satan's fault that his preferred president faces an investigation by a special counsel.

Allegedly sending out a press release about Donald Trump, Jr.'s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya which was soon discredited was not the problem according to this idea promoted by Stephen Flurry. It is Satan's fault that his preferred president faces an investigation by a special counsel and that it the possibility of removal from office before his term expires seems so likely to so many.

Somehow the fact that Vice President Pence would have to succeed Trump if he was removed from office is left unstated. If PCG's 1% are so worried that the removal of their preferred president under the process of impeachment will somehow cause the United States to become more left wing but if Vice President Pence were to be made president he would surely work against that outcome. Why is it that PCG's 1% seem so set on ignoring that fact?

HWA on the Illustrations of "1975 in Prophecy"

The illustrations be Basil Wolverton which were used in HWA's infamous booklet, 1975 in Prophecy, were first published for a series of articles by HWA which were printed in the following issues of his recruitment magazine, The Plain Truth.
In the first issue it was entitled "Catastrophic Events Soon to Bring End of the World!" In the second issue the title was ever so slightly changed to "Catastrophic Events Soon to Bring End of This Age!" In the latter two issues it was entitled "Now Revealed—The Book of Revelation." It was sometimes referred to as "Key to Revelation" in the later two issues. The narrative was later published in 1956 as a separate booklet entitled, "1975 in Prophecy."

After publishing those articles he wrote another article entitled "Yes, I Know These Pictures are Terrifying!" in the February-March 1955 issue of his recruitment magazine (pp. 3-4, 13-14). He says the following words praising the graphic nature of Basil Wolverton's illustrations.
When America’s large-circulation national magazines wish to portray the most gruesome pictures, they call on Basil Wolverton to produce them. He has contributed and sold his work to more than fifty national magazines. Life Magazine has devoted, in different issues, whole sections to his pictures. Pageant has, on many occasions, published several-page sections of his work. Time has written him up and reproduced his work. 
Basil Wolverton is one of many hundreds converted as a result of The WORLD TOMORROW broadcast. So, in this life-and-death emergency, I asked him to collaborate with me in proclaiming God’s warning in such a manner that people will really SEE what is now coming on the world. Mr. Wolverton has given understanding of these sure prophecies. [Sic.] He has responded to my request with his whole heart. God has given him great skill in portraying God’s prophecies in almost living REALISM in all their literal horror. 
Never before has Basil Wolverton produced MASTERPIECES such as he has created for The PLAIN TRUTH. He has devoted far more time and zealous effort, brought out more vivid detail, in these pictures than any produced for the great popular magazines of this world. And in sending the first original sketches to us, his attached note said: “After contributing and selling to more than fifty different national magazines in past years, I’m proud to have something published in The PLAIN TRUTH. Looks as though I had all that practice and experience just for this.” Yes, God prepares His servants, in advance, for the work to which He calls them! 
So that is how these outstanding pictures came about. They have been appealing, now, for several months in The PLAIN TRUTH. (pp. 4, 13.)
At the time of its initial publication some readers complained about the illustrations. HWA was not interested in such complaints. HWA got in a huff about it.
Some few have written me gripes and criticisms. Some few have not wanted to SEE such realistic pictures of WHAT’S COMING IN REAL LIFE! Some few have threatened to stop reading The PLAIN TRUTH, unless I stop publishing such realistic pictures! Some don’t want their children to see such pictures!  
Yes, I KNOW these pictures are terrifying-revolting!  
THAT’S WHY WE ARE PUBLISHING THEM! Better show your children what’s coming-better WAKE THEM up-and teach them how to SEEK GOD and His divine protection. Better explain to them that these horrible conditions NEED NOT ever strike them-that they MAY be taken on a flight to a place of SAFETY, where they need never SEE such terrifying scenes in real life. (p. 14.)
It is seen that HWA seemed utterly unconcerned with parents wanting to protect their children from seeing something distressing in his recruitment magazine.

HWA knew that most people who read his recruitment magazine would not be converted to join his following. This simple fact is hysterically portrayed as heartbreaking.
Finally, let’s be realistic! I know that regardless of HOW PLAIN I can make it, most people will never take the warning seriously. Heartbreaking as the realization is, it just simply isn’t in my power to save ALL of you. That knowledge makes me heartsick! (p. 14.)
Some of Basil Wolverton's illustrations that were later used for HWA's booklet, 1975 in Prophecy, also appear in the following issues.
In 1956 Basil Wolverton's illustrations were included in HWA's booklet, 1975 in Prophecy. The narrative in that booklets is quite different from the articles that the illustrations were originally placed in.

At the time this booklet was a major recruitment tool used by HWA's organization. Although he presented no "reasoning" to justify believing that Christ would return in 1975 in that booklet other writings by himself and Herman Hoeh show that he began teaching that Christ would return in 1975 from 1953 onward. Today it is an embarrassing piece of evidence that HWA was but a false prophet. There is no need to fear the dire predictions of HWA or any of his imitators.

(Incidentally PCG often cites this booklet in their writings but often refuse to mention the booklet by name. Instead they often euphemistically state that HWA wrote those quoted words in 1956. There are a few exceptions but they are just exceptions that prove the rule. If HWA's predictions are so sure and reliable why are PCG's leaders so embarrassed at his booklet's title?)

(Update: June 5: This post has been rewritten to reflect the fact that the text of "1975 in Prophecy" is quite different from the articles that the illustrations first appeared in. Also the title of the second article in the October 1954 issue has been added in.)

PCG's Joel Hilliker Implies Attempted Turkish Military Coup was an Inside Job

Back in July 2016 certain elements of the Turkish military tried launch a military coup to overthrow the government led by President Erdoğan. Such an act often risks setting off violence on a mass scale and indeed, in this attempt coup, violence did erupt in the course of trying to accomplish the coup. However the coup did not succeed and by the time the fighting ended over 300 people had been killed in this tragic conflict.

Recently PCG has published an article by Joel Hilliker discussing recent events in Turkey. PCG's Joel Hilliker implies the entire military conflict was an elaborate inside job either allowed to occur or orchestrated by President Erdoğan.
The next summer was when the blood started flowing. On July 15, 2016, a faction within the Turkish armed forces attempted to seize several key sites in the capital and elsewhere. Turks highly respect their military, and since 1960, military leaders have overthrown four duly elected governments for being too religious, in order to protect Turkey’s status as a secular country. For a moment, it looked like time might finally be up for Erdoğan’s regime. But within hours, the effort collapsed. Forces loyal to the president violently repelled the anti-regime soldiers. In the conflict, more than 2,100 people were injured and more than 300 were killed. ... 
President Erdoğan’s first public statement about the coup was telling: He called it “a gift from God.” And that is how he treated it: Seizing the opportunity to eliminate the last remaining opposition to his rule, he had people arrested and fired by the tens of thousands. Critics have compared it to the Reichstag fire that Adolf Hitler used as a pretense to purge his enemies and crush civil liberties within Germany. The results in Turkey were so beneficial for Erdoğan that many believe he may have allowed or even staged the coup himselfWhether or not that is true, Erdoğan certainly emerged as a far stronger strongman. (Source.)
Even though Hilliker insists that "many believe" this allegation he fails to note even one person who says so.

Also PCG teaches elsewhere that Turks are fated to destroyed by PCG's God.