Friday, October 21, 2016

Gerald Flurry Admits PCG has Just 6000 Members (2008)

Back in October 2008 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, wrote an article promoting PCG's observance of their Feast of Tabernacles which has just been recently posted on While insisting that (PCG's) God bestows spectacular favor upon his PCG, even implying that his PCG is the only true church on Earth, he admits that his organization only has about 6,000 members.
If people in this world would only look closely at God’s Feast of Tabernacles, they would see their fabulous future. But most people cannot see history as being truly important when it is comprised of only 6,000 people! Still, this Work is THEIR ONLY HOPE. (Gerald Flurry, History of God's Feast of Tabernacles, October 2008.)
It is worth bearing in mind that, as noted in a previous post, back in August 1997 his son, the heir apparent, Stephen Flurry, admitted that PCG had less than 7,000 members.
Just look at what the right priorities have done for the Philadelphia Church of God. Each month, you can receive the Trumpet magazine at no cost to you. Furthermore, our television program, The Key of David, seen around the world, never solicits contributions. And television and publishing are only two departments of this worldwide work. Yet the Philadelphia Church of God has less than 7,000 members! Many people are astonished at that figure. (Stephen Flurry, Don't Waste Your Time, August 1997, p. 2.)
In 1997 Stephen Flurry said PCG had "less than 7,000 members" and eleven years later Gerald Flurry stated that PCG was "comprised of only 6,000 people". If anything it sounds as though PCG's number of members had declined between 1997 and 2008. One can only wonder what has happened to PCG's membership numbers since 2008.

PCG's leaders are notoriously secretive about their organization which necessitates reading between the lines.

US Presidential Election is Fair and Not Rigged

It has been concerning to hear that Trump has been claiming that the presidential election is somehow rigged. It is not. If he loses he would have lost the election fair and square.

Monday, October 17, 2016

ICG's Mark Armstrong: European Cultures "Obliterated" by Arrival of Refugees

Did you hear that European culture has "been obliterated" by refugees coming into Europe? Intercontinental Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, seems to state that such a thing has happened in his October 7, 2016 weekly update.
We've heard regularly that the whole atmosphere has changed in many European nations, and that the indigenous cultures have been obliterated as people try to go about their business without becoming an unreported statistic in the Muslim crime wave sweeping Europe.
What a ridiculous thing to say. What a bitter and vicious thing to say.

Furthermore he insists on viewing the current refugee crisis in an Islamophobic manner by stereotyping them as Muslims instead of seeing them as people trying to find safety, often from the ongoing cataclysmic war in Syria.

A major reason why so many refugees have been arriving in Europe is because of the ongoing conflict in Syria that has afflicted that land since 2011. Many of the refugees Mark Armstrong talks about are people fleeing from this deadly conflict looking for safety. And yet he would have us believe that these desperate people have already somehow "obliterated" the cultures of European peoples. (Whatever that means.)

By the way, is Mark Armstrong talking about a partial obliteration or a complete obliteration? Either way there is no such thing happening. It is nonsense to insinuate that European cultures have been somehow "obliterated" with the arrival of refugees.

What nonsense.

ICG's Mark Armstrong Ridicules Warnings About Hurricane Matthew

In his October 7, 2016 weekly update, Intercontinetal Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, chides weathermen and the news media warning Americans to evacuate their homes because of Hurricane Matthew. Even though 46 Americans were killed by Hurricane Matthew he insinuates that America was spared the scale of destruction it inflicted on Haiti because of the prayers of his followers.
Maybe it's too soon to relax, but it looks as though the predictions of death and devastation by hurricane may have been a bit premature.  When it became clear that the east coast of Florida was in line to be raked, if not plastered by the first major hurricane to threaten landfall there in ages, we knew there would be prayers going up by the millions.  There is no doubt that a great many of those who were ordered to evacuate their homes on relatively short notice were very concerned that they might lose everything.  The over-wrought predictions by some “reporters” and forecasters led us all to expect something far more devastating than what has actually transpired.

Looking at some of the scenes from Haiti, where the hurricane swept across the island killing hundreds, certainly made it look like the southeast coast would be in for a major disaster.  But it seems that the news media may have hyped these concerns out of all proportion to reality.  Haiti is largely without the kind of sturdy construction that can protect people from a storm of such magnitude.  Much of the flimsy make-shift housing was likely reduced to flying debris and contributed to the mounting death toll, currently reported at nearly [900] now.

There's no question that some of the reporters went way over the top with their scary rhetoric this time.  Fox News' Shepard Smith has been widely lampooned for his comments to the effect that, should the storm turn 20 miles to the west, “ and everybody you know will be dead.”  And he went on from there.  There is this lingering suspicion that the situation may have been exploited for the sake of ratings, and it makes you wonder whether anyone will listen the next time authorities believe widespread evacuation is warranted.  Then again, a lot of prayers may have been answered.
Our nation and our way of life is under ominous threats from more directions than we care to contemplate all at once.  You can see the gathering threat from within, and read plenty about everything from the onslaught of illegals, to the economic bubble, from Russia's provocations to Iran and North Korea's development of nuclear missiles.  The prayers of an entire nation need to go up with the same urgency and immediacy with which we reacted to the dire reports of the approaching hurricane.  The storm may not have been quite as bad as reports indicated, but any one of the other threats routinely downplayed by the media will be far worse.  May God protect you and yours whatever the immediate future holds. 
It is terribly dangerous advice to imply that weather watchers are somehow untrustworthy and should not be listened to. A lot of work goes into determining how to predict the paths of hurricanes. We need to be smart and protect ourselves from threats such as hurricanes.

I dearly hope no one chooses to ignore the warnings of authorities concerning severe weather because of Mark Armstrong's weekly update.

Battle for Mosul Begins

Haider al-Abadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, has declared that the battle to regain Mosul, which has been ruled by the infamous criminal network called ISIL since July 2014, will now begin.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Documentary About Armstrongism Being Prepared

Banned by HWA has brought attention to a Kickstarter account raising money to produce a documentary about the truth about Armstrongism. It is entitled Splintered By The WCG.

It is certainly to be hoped for that this documentary will help open peoples' eyes on this topic.

Friday, October 14, 2016

PCG Preparing for the Feast with Crude Scare Mongering

Even when PCG's Gary Rethford writes an article telling PCG lay members to rejoice in the (Armstrongite) Feast of Tabernacles he writes this bizarrely cruel passage fantacizing about what will supposedly soon occur in the Great Tribulation.
Looming just ahead of us is a time in which this earth and all humanity will suffer the most excruciating, gut-wrenching horror ever endured. Remember that Christ said it would be a time in which all humanity would be mercilessly destroyed unless supernaturally stopped! (Matt. 24). Only a fraction of all the people on earth will survive this coming holocaust. ... 
This rejoicing spoken of in the Psalms is of a people who have been spared. Consider the plight of these individuals: They have been starved, lived with the pain of loved ones perishing, perhaps witnessed the raping of their own precious daughters, the murder of their defenseless babies—treated like cattle by a beast power who considered them sub-human. Most, if not all of them, might have begged for death because they just could not stand to see, or endure, that existence; and now, the Kingdom of God has arrived, and THEY REJOICE! (Gary Rethford, Rejoice at the Feast!, published 1998, posted October 11, 2016.)
It really shows how fixated on death and destruction this group is when one of their leaders should talk about such ghastly things while telling PCG lay members to rejoice at the yearly, eight day conference that often takes place far from home.

Did the people reading that article in 1998 expect for things to still remain as they are eighteen years later?

The Feast of Tabernacles described in the Bible gave instructions on how to observe that festival at home. It is a beautiful and joyous festival that is celebrated at home, not in some site far from home decided by the leadership of an Armstrongite group as is the case in the COGs. The Jews build sukkot on their property to remember the wandering of the Israelites. It does not disrupt the children's education in the way that the Armstrongite feast does.

But HWA exploited this joyous Jewish festival and appropriated it for his own syncretic religion. Having his followers celebrate it at home with family and friends did not advance his interests. He probably had little understanding of this Feast. So he ordered his followers to assemble at a place he chose for an eight day indoctrination session and yearly conference.

Many churches hold a yearly conference. Usually they are only held over a weekend over two or three days. But HWA had his yearly conference last for eight days.

It is terrible how HWA twisted a beautiful and joyous Jewish festival into a burdensome, eight day indoctrination session that bears little resemblance to the festival described in the Bible.