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Mark Mendiola's Articles for LCG's Tomorrow's World

One writer whose name often appeared in the early issues of Living Church of God's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, was one Mark Mendiola. Here follows a list and brief summary of his articles.

After the GCG-LCG split of 1998 Meredith's new group, LCG, began to produce their recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World. The first issue was the May-June 1999 issue.


May-June: "Generations in Crisis." (pp. 18-21.) Here he bemoans that younger generations are far more flawed than the generation which went through the Great Depression and World War II.

July-September: "Who's Winning the Culture Wars?" (pp. 24-28.) Here he bemoans the younger generations for drifting astray from how he thinks society should operate.

October-December: "Marriage vs. Immorality." (pp. 22-25, 30.) Here he condemns attempts to allow same sex marriages.


January-February: "America's Shocking Military Decline." (pp. 16-20.) Here he exploits problems within the American military during the Kosovo War to insist that the US military was falling apart.

March-April: "Is Time Running Out for the US Economy?" (pp. 24-28.) Here he insists that the US economy will soon collapse.

May-June: "The Ten Commandments: A Sacred Law for All Nations." (pp. 14-18.) Here he condemns restrictions regarding the display of the Ten Commandments in US law courts.

July-August: "A Crude Awakening?" (pp. 14-18.) Here he scare mongers about high oil prices.

November-December: "Watch and Warn." (pp. 20-24, 30.) Here he insists that the dramatic events connected with LCG's prophetic scenarios will soon happen.


January-February: "The Scourge of Pornography." (pp. 24-28.) Here he condemns the pornography industry even insisting that the 1994 Northridge earthquake was cause by (LCG's) God to condemn pornography.

May-June: "Allies or Adversaries? A Unique Alliance Imperiled." (pp. 20-24.) Here he discusses the alliance between the United States and Britain.

July-August: "A Powerless America?" (pp. 20-24.) Here he scare mongers about energy resources running out in America.

September-October: "The Bible: A Book for All Time." (pp. 16-19.) Here he praises the Bible.

Starting with the November-December 2001 issue LCG's writers introduced a little one page article. After that Mendiola's articles began to appear less frequently.


January-February: "The Coming Food Crisis." (pp. 20-23.) Here he scare mongers that the harvest will soon run out.

May-June: "Nations in Distress." (pp. 18-20, 28.) Here he scare mongers about world events to insist that soon it will end with Christ's return as his predecessors in the COGs have been continuously insisting since the 1930s.

November-December: "The Embattled Jews." (pp. 16-19.) This article is accompanied with a heart breaking photo of a Jewish man laying to rest a body wrapped in a shroud. Here Mendiola comments on the turmoil, violence and negative effects of the Second Intifada then raging in the Holy Land. There is no discussion of any of the deaths of Palestinians even though they endured a 450% higher number of fatalities in those dreadful days of violence from 2000 till 2005. May peace soon come to the Holy Land.

Mendiola also insists that Jews will be converted to his religion after Christ returns.
Although the Jews have rejected Him as their Messiah, Jesus Christ will rescue them from genocide worse than the Nazi-era Holocaust. ... The Jewish people will finally recognize Jesus Christ as their Messiah, who will halt military conflict in the Middle East, and anti-Semitism around the world, once and for all, establishing a kingdom ensuring peace, harmony and love among all nations! (p. 19.)

March-April: "Will the Dominant Dollar Decline?" (pp. 24-27.) Here he scare mongers that the US dollar is fated to soon fail somehow.


May-June: "God's Perfect Law of Liberty." (pp. 10-14.) Here he condemns attempts to remove references to religious beliefs in public buildings.

In September 2006 Mendiola left LCG and joined Dave Pack's Restored Church of God. Around 2008 he left RCG and joined Don Billingsley's Church of God-Faithful Flock.

[Update: May 1.] Mark Mendiola's articles in Living Church News are mentioned in another post.

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  1. I have to be careful here to be excruciatingly precise. I cannot call Mark Mendiola nor Don Billingsly idiots.

    Around 75% of those in the United States do not have structural visualization. This means that three-fourths of the population may use technology but they have no idea how it works and are completely in the dark about STEM.

    Therefore, this has to be rendered that Mark Mendiola and Don Billingsly are scientific idiots.

    Anyone who has read Don Billingsly's ads in The Journal should intuitively recognize the truth of that statement.