Friday, April 14, 2017

PCG Gets Gulfstream G450 Jet for "That Prophet" Gerald Flurry

Banned by HWA has noted that PCG has gone ahead and purchased a Gulfstream G450 jet for the use of their leader, Gerald Flurry. It is sad to see that the money sent to PCG has been used in such a way. It is sad to see the many problems within PCG has led to this.

While one may hope that the money used to maintain the jet is money that will not be used to recruit more people to join PCG it is still saddening to see the trust of PCG lay members being used to make a purchase like this which the vast majority of them will not benefit from.

What a disgraceful spectacle.


  1. And he'll still need money for Steuben crystal, and humanitarian projects to buy the audience of (third) world leaders. He could start off cheaply by buying a ticket to the movies in London and claim he and the Queen would be hosting it.
    On the other hand, Dave Pack was expecting "dignitaries" to come to him - or at least that was stated when his Wadsworth wonderland was being assembled.

  2. Perhaps some day as he is flying along in his jet, drinking, he'll feel a need for fresh air and go for a walk... sort of like that outer limits episode with the woman from the future appearing to the presidential candidate.

    1. Or the Twilight Zone, when William Shatner saw a creature land on the wing of the jet and started tearing it open...