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Letters to LCG's Tomorrow's World (1999-2001)

LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, features a page of letters sent to them by their readers. They often provide compact accounts of persons bedazzled by what they had read in LCG's recruitment magazine who are often unaware of the problems that exist among the COGs. Most of these letters give little warning that there is anything odd or disquieting about LCG or the COGs in general.

Let's take a look at the letters published by LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World.

During the split within the Global Church of God about 80% of its members left to join Roderick C. Meredith and start up the Living Church of God in late 1998. Their recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, began to be published with its May-June 1999 issue. In the third issue they began to publish some of the letters they received.

October-December 1999

Here's one letter from Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica praising an article that promoted the discredited idea that Germans are the descendants of the ancient Assyrians.
Thank you for the first copy of Tomorrow’s World. I am impressed, not only with the quality but also the content. I was especially enlightened by the article “The Fourth Reich.” May God continue to bless you so that this marvellous work can continue.
Here's one letter from a prisoner in Mississippi. How tragic it is to think of people in such a difficult situation being vulnerable to being recruited in this way.
I watch your Tomorrow’s World telecast every Sunday. It gives me more understanding in Bible prophecy than I get here in prison. Here we have many denominations— they all talk about how we must improve our lives, but do not talk about Bible prophecy. Is one-third of our Holy Bible prophecy? Then why don’t these professing Christians teach us about prophecy? No wonder this world of ours is headed toward destruction. Thank you for opening up my mind, heart, soul and eyes to this most precious understanding of world events and how they coincide with Bible prophecy. Your booklets, magazines and other reading materials have given me true understanding. I can reread these teaching aids along with my Bible and see what God is trying to teach all of us. Thank you so very much for your programs and for the materials you offer on your programs. May God bless you all in your work!
January-February 2000

Here's one letter from Mississippi enthusiastic about the magazine from a person who used to read WCG's recruitment magazine, The Plain Truth.
I am so excited about getting the literature coming to me once again. When I started reading the May–June issue of Tomorrow’s World I could not put it down. It is so much like the Plain Truth I used to get. Keep up the good work!
Here's one letter from Couva, Trinidad and Tobago.
Tomorrow’s World is helping me to build myself up spiritually. May the good Lord show His choicest blessings on each and every one of you all who make Tomorrow’s World possible around the world to help me and people like me.
Here's one letter from Long Island, New York, praising the magazine for speaking out against racism. The letter alludes to what is called "Christian Identity," a virulently racist doctrine which insists that Jews are bodily descendants of Satan the Devil which stemmed from the original British Israelism movement.
Thank you for Roderick C. Meredith’s Personal in the July-September issue. I am so glad to know that your magazine rejects the racism that some associate with the Biblical understanding of the identity of the British descended peoples. Our Savior was a Jew, and we must as Christians have no place in our hearts for anti-Semitism or racism of any kind. Thank you for that inspiring message.
March-April 2000

During the Global Church of God era the editors of their recruitment magazine, The World Ahead, made a point of including one letter that criticized them. In the first few issues of LCG's Tomorrow's World they did not do that. Perhaps the stresses of setting up a new COG group made them reluctant to publish such letters in their recruitment magazine. Starting with this issue they resumed that practice with this letter.
You people are the biblical definition of a fool. I doubt very seriously you will go to heaven, and if you do you will be very low because of the curse Christ spoke of to those who change the word of the Gospel.
Here's one letter from Tyler, Texas from a person who seems to be unaware of how marketing "free" booklets is sustained by anticipating that a critical mass of people will start donating and eventually tithe to LCG. The booklets are sent with the anticipation that donations will be sent in response. They send out the booklets to get more income and members.
I would like to take this time to say “thanks” for all the literature that is presented on the Telecast for FREE! As we all know there are few things FREE in this old world any more. So thanks again!
Here's one letter from Big Sandy, Texas praising the writings of Mark Mendiola. In 2006 Mendiola would leave LCG for Dave Pack's Restored Church of God and later would leave again to join Don Billingsley's Church of God Faithful Flock.
I just want to thank you for adding Mr. Mark Mendiola to your writing staff. His articles are so good—hard-hitting, like Mr. Armstrong’s were. I think it is wonderful to be able to read such powerful articles.
Here's one letter from Williamson, South Carolina from a person involved with the COGs since 1975 praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" as teaching things this long time member had never learned of.
I have been in God’s Church for 25 years, yet I am learning things from the Bible Study Course that I never knew before. I especially appreciate the choice of what seem like the “perfect” scripture verses to answer the particular questions being asked. All of the questions and answers tie in so smoothly to the main topic question of each section; as you look them up, you realize how completely they support and answer the question. It is a very satisfying feeling to be studying such “plain truth” again! I know I am growing in knowledge; I just pray that I will also grow in the application of that knowledge.
May-June 2000

Here's one letter from Los Angeles, California praising an earlier issue as being the best this author had seen in years.
Wow! Talk about meat in due season! The Tomorrow’s World issue of March-April 2000 really impressed me as to how well each article builds on the others and of how well everything ties in together. Each article stands on its own, and yet they all fit perfectly together. Each one makes a strong case for God, and all together give a powerful witness which cannot be refuted or denied! Never had I seen so much unity and cohesiveness in a magazine since the Plain Truth under Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. You touched on all areas of life which certainly affect each and every one of us. These articles truly keep pace with our world and our lives today. Thank you for your timely issue. My congratulations to Dr. Meredith and all the writers for making this the best magazine in the world!
Here's one letter from Washington, DC praising the magazine. The author expresses sadness about the Tkach changes.
First let me say that I am glad there is someone carrying on Mr. Armstrong’s legacy. I was sad to learn of the tragic results when the Worldwide Church of God changed Mr. Armstrong’s teachings and doctrines. It made me question my faith and the church. Then I saw your television program and learned that my spiritual education was not in vain. Thank you for continuing Mr. Armstrong’s ministry and restoring my faith.
The page also contains an editor's note apologizing for including a photo of a woman reading a Christmas themed children's book in an earlier issue.
Editor’s Note: A photo in the March-April Tomorrow’s World showed a Russian lady reading from a book that appears to have a Christmas theme on its cover. As that issue’s “Holidays or Holy Days?” article explains, Christ’s followers should not observe man-made holidays that conflict with God’s law. The photo was not meant to suggest otherwise, and we apologize for any confusion it may have caused.
July-August 2000

Here's one letter from Montreal praising an article in an earlier issue and stating that it inspired the author to take LCG's "Bible Study Course." LCG teaches that mainstream churches are illegitimate in (LCG's) God's eyes for not worshiping on the seventh day Sabbath.
I just received my first copy of Tomorrow’s World, and read the article “What is True Christianity?” It really got to my heart. The article was refreshing and heart-rending, and I will send in the form for the Bible Study Course. I have been searching and praying to know God’s will for me, and have so far only come up with confusion, and enjoyed the forthrightness and outspokenness of that article. I believe that “belief” means not just saying it, but living as He showed the way. Thank you very much for this very encouraging and courageous magazine.
Here's a letter from Ottawa, Canada praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" and relating that the author shared some of LCG's teaching of British Israelism with a work colleague. British Israelism's teaching that white Americans and British are descended from the lost ten tribes is not true.
I enjoyed very much the first lesson of the Bible Study Course. I believe it is truly up to the high standard set by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. Well done! I had the opportunity to give a copy of the first lesson to a fellow worker of mine who has expressed a sincere desire to know what the Bible teaches. He is very impressed with the content and quality of the first lesson, and he continues to show an eagerness to learn more. When I told him about modern Jacob and what is ahead, he told me it made complete sense to him. We have had a lot of hearty discussion. Keep up the good work!
Here's one letter from Adelaide, Australia enquiring about an article that condemned racism.
I read the January-February 2000 Tomorrow’s World and really enjoyed everything in it. It really encourages me to see there are other people out there who have faith in a God they cannot see. One letter mentioned a Personal in the July-September 1999 issue against racism. Currently, at school, I am doing research on racism relating to religion. I would really appreciate it if you could send me the July-September 1999 issue, because I believe it could really help me.
Here's one letter from Chicago praising LCG's doctrine of the Great White Throne Judgment.
Thank you so much for the article “Is There Life After Death?” by Richard Ames, in the March-April 2000 issue. It is so comforting to see, from the Bible, that my unsaved family is not going to burn in eternal hellfire just because they did not have the chance to hear the true Gospel message. Just as I have had a chance now, they too will have their chance. The article showed from Scripture that our God is fair, loving and merciful.
September-October 2000

Here's one letter from Jackson, Mississippi praising LCG's doctrine of the Great White Throne Judgment as providing comfort to her after her husband of sixty-five years had passed away.
Thank you for Tomorrow’s World. I have read “Is There Life After Death?” three times. I lost my husband after 65 years of marriage. I can’t let go, but the reading of that helps. I want to know more about the word of God. I used not to like the Old Testament, but now I love it so much. There is so much history. It was not real to me, but now I see real people, and know God is real. God is revealing more to me. Your publications help me to understand more. I look up all the scriptures in the Bible. Please pray that I can understand the Word and know what God wants me to do. Thank you.
Here's one letter from Etobicoke, Canada praising LCG's magazine.
I want to thank you for all the booklets and the Tomorrow’s World magazine I have received. I have also been watching your program on VISION television. It certainly opened my eyes to all the Truth about the Word of God in the Bible. With your careful and diligent research, explanations and hard work on the content of all the articles, it really amazed me. When I read an article and find it to be true after referring to my Bible, I feel the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Here's a letter from Toronto praising LCG's magazine as a continuation of WCG's Plain Truth.
In today’s world, it is good to see the things written about in Tomorrow’s World. Thank you for carrying on from where the Worldwide Church of God left prior to Mr. Armstrong’s death. Your articles and booklets are not only timely but also a source of inspiration for unlearning the false ways of this world under Satan, and learning the true ways of God. Your ministry helps one and all see the real light. Keep shining!
Here's one letter from Melvin, Kentucky, stating that the author used LCG's "Bible Study Course" in the author's church since they did not have any more study materials. This indicates that this church is not aligned with HWA's teachings. One wonders how quickly it will become apparent to those people that they teach things contrary to what is taught in most Christian churches.
I love all the magazines you send me. They are so spiritually uplifting. I would like to have your Bible Study Course. I am a member of a Bible study group, but they ran out of lessons and they have desperately tried to find some at Bible bookstores, but to no avail. After I read all of your material, I give it to our pastor and he reads it and leaves it in the church for the congregation to read. I hope you will continue sending me anything on the Word of God.
November-December 2000

Here's one letter from Baltimore condemning religion influenced by feminism.
I was so happy to read in your July-August 2000 issue the article “Have You Been Sold a Different Gospel?” by Douglas S. Winnail. In my “quest” during the ‘90s, I had heard about feminists saying that the Bible had been written by men and that a feminine godly being was really the true power. I was almost persuaded then. How naïve I was! It says in the Bible that “lack of knowledge” will destroy a nation. My lack of knowledge almost destroyed me! Thank you for sharing this knowledge to help others.
Here's one letter from Toronto praising Meredith's booklet which insists that weather related disasters are the wrath of LCG's God.
I read and reread the Who Controls the Weather? booklet. It is so timely, and sobering as we see the disruptions and suffering all around the United States and elsewhere around the world. Your booklet makes it plain why mankind is suffering so badly from these weather calamities. Thank you for your teaching!
Here's one letter praising a booklet by Meredith for insisting that Christians must worship on Saturday.
Thank you so much for your booklet Which Day Is the Christian Sabbath? My wife and I have discussed this for years, and your booklet explained the Bible truth so clearly. We are so happy to receive your magazine and other literature.
January-February 2001

Here's one letter from Ripton, Vermont that praises an article by Meredith that called for people to not vote in the presidential election.
Thank you for the cover story in the NovemberDecember issue of Tomorrow’s World—“How Would Jesus Vote for President?” It is just so clear and to the point. The cover itself is an eye-catcher, for the eyes of our country. Most anyone who looks at it will have to be moved off confusion and onto the Truth.
Here's one letter from Naples, Maine, criticizing LCG's ban on voting.
I just received the newest issue of Tomorrows World magazine; and I am deeply disappointed in your stance [in “How Would Jesus Vote for President?”] concerning voting. We were instructed by Jesus to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s” and certain laws made by man, which you advise us to follow, can only be changed by man. It is not accurate to say it does not matter which candidate gets elected, as there is an obvious choice between blatant evil and concerned good. Your advice to fellow Christians not to bother voting is like voting for the blatant evil, as you do not make a stand for the good. Currently, like it or not, we are citizens of this country; and accountable for how we handle this stewardship.
This ban on voting is designed to make followers less invested in dealing with public affairs and redirect their attention to the group and withdraw their attention from public affairs.

Here's one letter from Downers Grove, Illinois praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" for enlightening him and providing conversations with his brother.
I just wanted to write a short note to tell you how much I am enjoying the Bible Study Course. I have been in many Bible classes throughout my lifetime, but this study goes into the deeper things of the Bible, and I love it. My brother is also enrolled in this same study, and we compare our thoughts and have long conversations about what we are learning. Than you again for this study; I’m sure that when I have finished all these lessons I will have much more knowledge.
March-April 2001

Here's one letter from New Haven, Michigan stating that the author's family will no longer keep "pagan holidays" after reading LCG's condemnation of such festivals. HWA and many of the COGs ban many traditional holidays which has the effect of making people socially dependent upon the group for participating in celebrations approved by HWA and his imitators.
I must say that I am stirred up after reading “What Is Hidden by the Holidays?” (in the November-December 2000 Tomorrow’s World). My family will no longer be keeping pagan holidays. I find your magazine wonderful!
Here's one letter from Los Angeles praising LCG as a continuation of HWA's WCG. Although the author talks of the "demise" of WCG and the Plain Truth they were both still operating but no longer taught Armstrongism.
I was encouraged to see your program on the air this past week. I wasn’t sure if anyone was continuing to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom since the demise of the WCG and the Plain Truth magazine. When I came across your program Tomorrow’s World, I was happy to see that the true Gospel was still being taught.
Here's one letter from LCG headquarters' hometown at the time, San Diego.
I needed that November issue of Tomorrow’s World. That was one of the best written articles on the holidays, and how Satan has tricked this country and a big portion of the church on how Christmas came about. Don’t ever get weary of doing good—you are making a difference.
May-June 2001

Here's one letter from Sunland, California praising LCG for publishing a virulently anti-Catholic article which denounced the Roman Catholic Church as being the great whore of Revelation 17. Promoting this idea that has been taught for centuries in certain churches is here praised as courageous.
Your article on “The Harlot of Revelation 17” was AWESOME! Thank you for your courage.
Here's one letter from Beach Park, Illnois praising LCG for printing an article condemning abortion even though many other churches also condemn abortion. The author of that article, Fred Dattolo, would leave LCG to join PCG later that year.
Thank you for the excellent article “Is Abortion Murder?” in the March-April 2001 issue of Tomorrow’s World. Of all the articles I have read by religious authors, yours is the best by far, for showing that there is life in the blood, there is a spirit in the human and there is a dual principle of spiritual and physical birth.
Here's one letter from a devotee of Wicca condemning LCG's condemnation of the occult.
I recently had the misfortune to stumble across one of your articles. I have studied the occult since I was five and I have been an active Wiccan since I was 16. All in all, I’m a normal, happy teen, who just happens to have a different religion. I do not worship Satan or any form of evil! No true pagan would! All we say is that perhaps God is a bit different from what the Bible says. We are a peaceful, understanding, nature loving, and tolerant religion. All we ask is freedom to practice our beliefs and understanding. I don’t hate you, though your misguided attempt to shove your ideas down people’s throats is what makes the world the sad place it is today. I pity you. You people are worse than any plague or disaster that could come along, because you had the ability to stop yourselves.
Here's one letter from Paris, France praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" which teaches people to view the Bible the way LCG's leaders teach.
I find your Bible Study Course very inspiring, for clarity of expression and trueness of the text, for topics discussed and counsel given. Your Bible Study Course has opened my spiritual eyes to understanding God’s Plan, and helped me to understand the future events that will concern mankind. May Jesus Christ and the love of God be with you!
Here's one letter from Wilson, Louisiana praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" as enlightening to the author even though the author had been involved with the COGs since about 1976.
I have been in God’s Church close to 25 years. I have heard many sermons on the material covered in the first four Bible Study Course lessons. I have performed personal research and many personal Bible studies on that material; still, I found the first four lessons very interesting and fruitful. We should all pray for all God’s people to study this course.
July-August 2001

Here's one letter from Guyana in which the author expresses a reluctance of continuing to celebrate Easter. LCG and many of the COGs forbid the celebration of Easter and other traditional festivals such as Christmas and birthdays.
The Tomorrow’s World television program has been a blessing. I have been celebrating Easter for a very long time, but after the inspiring program I saw on Sunday, April 15, 2001, I realize that I need to know more. Don’t ever get weary of doing good—you are making a difference. Thank you also for the March-April 2001 issue of your magazine; I find it wonderful and am truly enjoying it.
Here's a letter from Montgomery, Alabama praising an article by John Ogwyn that condemned the doctrine of the rapture.
The Tomorrow’s World telecasts are great! I especially enjoyed “Secret Rapture or Place of Safety?” My prayer is that you will continue to “cry aloud and spare not.” Keep up the good work.
Here's a letter from Johore, Malaysia praising the magazine and stating that the author reads LCG's writings every Sabbath. Here we see the seventh day Sabbath being turned into a weekly indoctrination session into learning about Armstrongism.
It is a joy, I must gladly say, to receive your truthful and informative magazine, Tomorrow’s World. There are many times I have been surprised and intrigued by the topics in your many articles— one can truly feel the Truth through and through, and I read your issues over and over, each Sabbath.
Here's a letter from Hempstead, New York praising LCG as a continuation of HWA's WCG.
Thank you for my subscription to Tomorrow’s World. I was a Plain Truth subscriber for a good many years. Since the death of Mr. Armstrong, I have felt that somewhere the true Gospel must be being preached today. May God bless you all who are involved in this great Work.
Here's a letter from San Diego agreeing with LCG's pessimistic view of changes in society.
I have received the March-April 2001 issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine, and I feel truly blessed to be on your mailing list. My heart was really lifted after reading “Families in Flux” by John Ogwyn. The article touched perfectly on the family structure in America. I enjoy reading the materials you send to me, and I am learning a lot. Thanks a bunch for helping me find my way.
Here's a letter from Morrisville, Vermont praising LCG's condemnation of all churches outside of the COGs. The author also states that a virulently anti-Catholic article by Roderick C. Meredith "should wake people up".
I have just read your new booklet Restoring Apostolic Christianity. It was excellent in showing people the true Church—that follows all of God’s ways and His government. It also exposed the false reformers of pagan Christianity. I also just finished reading the article “Who Is the Harlot of Revelation 17?” [in the January-February 2001 issue]. It should wake people up who are willing to acknowledge the truth.
September-October 2001

Here's a letter from High Point, North Carolina, that praises LCG as a continuation of HWA's WCG.
I wanted to let you know how moved I am by your program Tomorrow’s World, and how your intelligent interpretation of Bible verses and Bible prophecy has touched my mind and made so many things clear that I was never able to understand before. Many years ago, I watched a program with Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong called The World Tomorrow, and his teachings were very clear and concise also. I remember Richard Ames from that program, and always enjoyed his speaking on the Bible.
Here's a letter from San Salvador, El Salvador praising LCG's "Bible Study Course" and mentions the author's first test on it.
I watched the television program today, on “The Seven Laws of Success.” I am a subscriber to Tomorrow’s World magazine and to the Bible Study Course. I just took my first test, on the first four lessons of the course. Thank you very much; the Bible Study Course is edifying, the magazine is great and the television program is also excellent. May God really bless you!
Here's a letter from Auckland, New Zealand praising the magazine and the "Bible Study Course."
I am writing to you to say “thank you very much” for sending me the Tomorrow’s World magazine and the free Bible Study Course. It is an awesome message that I have learned from these lessons, and it is a big encouragement for me to seek God and read my Bible.
Here's a letter from Roadtown, British Virgin Islands.
It has been my question for a very long time: “Where will Heaven be?” Please allow me to thank you for the eye-opening and revealing article in your May-June 2001 issue, “The Reality of Christ’s Coming Kingdom.” Now I don’t have to guess anymore!
Here's a letter from Beach Park, Illinois praising an article by Winnail for explaining to the author's sister why the author refrained from shellfish and pork. There is no need for Christians to observe those rules.
This last weekend I was visiting my sister. She happened to see the May-June 2001 issue of the Tomorrow’s World magazine, and read your article “Bible Principles of Health.” Her comments to me were most interesting. For many years she knew that I do not eat shellfish or pork. She thought I had adopted Jewish laws for health and diet. My explanations have not helped her understand, until she read your article. She said that the article was excellent and very educational, and that she learned a lot from it. She said she now understands the driving force behind my practice. Thank you for your wonderful article.
November-December 2001

Here's one letter from Libreville, Gabon from a person who had started observing the Sabbath after reading LCG's writings.
Thanks so much for your continuing to send the life-changing magazine Tomorrow’s World. It has built me up in my search for perfection. Since we accepted the Sabbath teachings and you started mailing us the magazine, our lives have never been the same again. We have learned much and we are growing.
Here's a letter from Madison Heights, Michigan from an eighty-two year old person doing LCG's "Bible Study Course."
I am on Lesson Nine in the Bible Study Course. This is my first Bible study course, and at 82 years old it hasn’t been that easy for me, but I’m learning. My eyes have been opened now to see many things that I never knew. Maybe by the time I finish the Bible Study Course, I will understand so many things that have been a mystery to me. I thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.
Here's a letter from Valley City, North Dakota praising a booklet by Meredith which insists that most churches are illegitimate.
I have just finished reading your booklet Restoring Apostolic Christianity. It was very well done. what made it so educational was the fact that you quote so many respected historians. For many years I have believed that faith based on historical fact is the foundation to sustaining one’s faith. Very well done; this booklet is a must for anyone searching for the truth.
Little does the author know that the quotations are largely camouflage obscuring the fact that Meredith's ideas largely come from one man who is not even named in that booklet, namely Herbert Armstrong.

With these letters we can see the exuberance of those who believe they had found something wonderful reading LCG's writings. But many who have journeyed into the world of Armstrongism have regretfully seen that the doctrines of Armstrongism as has been taught by HWA and his imitators within the COGs have been terribly flawed and at times exploitative. Sadly many of those reading LCG's recruitment magazine will be unaware of the various problems with LCG's teachings.

To be continued...


  1. This is exactly how I got sucked into the cult. The reactionary replies are from ignorant people with a good heart and short on brains. Just like I was.......

  2. It's so sad to see naïve people being conned as we once were.

  3. The naive ones are in their honeymoon period, enjoying the Kool Aid, with no downward effects as of yet. In a way, it is diffucult for me to understand that feeling of rapture that my parents quite possibly felt. As a child, my quality of life and sense of well being immediately deteriorated even as those parents seemed to enter their early state of beatific vision. The deeper they delved into the legalism and rituals, the more aberrant the lives of myself and my siblings became. And then, at a certain age, one is expected to experience a sort of beatific vision oneself, becoming a committed part of it all, repeating the drill into the next generation.

    We had the disappointment of 1975 (kind of the WCG version of the Kennedy assassination) to wake us up, but I had realized long before that point that something was dreadfully wrong. I believe the church today has found paths to adjust to and to deal with failed prophecy in some ways. Some struggle on, and there will always be some personality types that can practice self-delusion, and maintain a constant level of enthusiasm even for a failed cause. Something has to snap in order to bring these folks back to reality.


  4. I cannot help but think of how I was when I first encountered LCG's writings as being just like these letters. But this was before learning that much of what they say is nonsense.