Friday, April 28, 2017

PCG Says Iran is Most Concerning Rogue State

Currently the whole world is very concerned about the dire and tense situation regarding North Korea. But what about PCG's 1%? They still insist to their audience that "Iran is the rogue state we should be concerned about the most" even though North Korea, unlike Iran. actually has nuclear weapons.
On the campaign trail, Donald Trump called the Iran nuclear deal disastrous and catastrophic. He said one of his top priorities if he became president would be to dismantle the agreement. This week, however, his administration was happy to announce that Iran was complying with the terms of the agreement. President Trump’s administration has come out strong against North Korea and Syria but hasn’t moved beyond pinprick sanctions when it comes to confronting Iran. On today’s program, we discuss why Iran is the rogue state we should be concerned about the most. (The Invisible Superpower and the World’s Most Dangerous Rogue State, The Trumpet Daily, April 19, 2017.)
Before World War II HWA taught that Ethiopia was be the King of the South until it was conquered by Fascist Italy and he continued to promote this idea in his booklet, The Middle East in Prophecy (1948, 1954, 1972). But from the 1960s onward some within HWA's organizations such as Garner Ted Armstrong and Keith Stump taught that there would be a future King of the South who would arise from among the Arabs. Then came the Tkach changes and the mass splintering of Armstrongism into hundreds of groups, one of which was Gerald Flurry's Philadelphia Church of God, which was founded in 1989.

Back in 1994 PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, proclaimed that Iran would be the King of the South fated to be defeated by the future European Empire in the time just before Christ's return. Even though Iran is east, not south, of the Holy Land PCG has taught this doctrine to this day. This idea is unusual compared with the other COGs which tend to assume the King of the South will arise from among the Arabs. PCG vilifies Iran to "prove" that their leader can see the future,


  1. Iran and North Korea are visible. The rogue state to be worried about is whatever unknown one might arise from nowhere with a sudden and unexpected bang.