Saturday, December 3, 2016

Who Will Save Israeli Jews from PCG? PCG Makes Website Directed at Israeli Jews

This is the 2000th post for the Living Armstrongism blog. I wish to thank you, the readers, for inspiring me to carry on with this blog.


PCG has started up another radio show entitled Watch Jerusalem which is hosted by Brent Nagtegaal. PCG has also made an accompanying website. It is will attempt to target Israeli Jews in particular and will refrain from mentioning certain passages in the New Testament to make sure that this audience will not be turned off by a message perceived as Christian thus obscuring the fact that they teach doctrines that are contrary to the Jewish faith. They are also planning of doing some advertising in Israel to promote it and to translate some of their articles into Hebrew.

As if Israeli Jews do not have enough problems already.

This development was discussed by Joel Hilliker and Brent Nagtegaal in a recent broadcast of Trumpet Hour (November 23, 2016).
Nagtegaal: This website has more of an Israeli audience in mind as opposed to which is definitely for everyone across the planet. Watch Jerusalem is as well. And yet we're deliberately going to be targeting and looking for an Israeli audience more than anything else. Just because they themselves are very unaware, it seems, both of the prophetic significance, a lot of events that take place in Jerusalem and the Middle East, but then also they're unaware of the archaeological discoveries that are happening underneath their noses.  
And like I'm in contact with people on the street. I've got some friends. I basketball with people. I meet up with people that aren't in the archaeological world, everyday Israelis, and they wouldn't have a clue what's going on...  
Hilliker: That's amazing. 
Nagtegaal: ...what's being found. And, or even religious people might not know what's being found and what can be really something that can strengthen their faith. And so the direction of this website is definitely tending towards that audience most of all. 
We are gonna try not to use terms and different passages even in the New Testament to try and make sure that a Jewish audience, Israeli audience, reading an article, wouldn't be put off just by what seems a Christian message. We just want to show the facts. We just want to show the facts from their own Bible and the facts of the Biblical discoveries that are being confirmed from their Bible in their own country as well. 
There is an audience out there, I think, that would be captivated by this but there is no real news organization that focuses on it. Yes. You'll have a discovery and then the news people, they would put out a story, but then two days later it's gone. And yet this is something that's really important that should stay in peoples' memory for far longer. And that is what we are going to attempt to do. (Trumpet Hour, November 23, 2016, 6-8 minutes.)
So this website is to target Israeli Jews in particular and to do so PCG is going to avoid mentioning the New Testament in this website and radio broadcast which obscures the fact that PCG teaches doctrines that are contrary to the Jewish faith.

It is mentioned that Gerald Flurry has been wanting to have a website catering for Israeli Jews for years and that he has been working on this website for about six or seven months. One of his directions seems to be to not offend the audience by mentioning the New Testament. This obscures the fact that PCG teaches doctrines that are contrary to the Jewish faith. Why would they try to hide who they are to their desired Israeli Jewish audience?

Also noteworthy is the allusion to PCG's Islamophobic attitudes towards Muslims.
Nagtegaal: From the very beginning, it's been years now that Gerald Flurry has asked for and has been thinking about a website that specifically tailored to the Jewish nation over here. And it's just one of those things where we've been trying to get the resources to do it and there's been different priorities that has taken place or taken the priority of where we've needed to direct our limited resources to. And yet once I came over here it seemed like that we had somebody that could be more dedicated to ensuring that we had a website now that we've got somebody here.  
So for the past six or seven months he's been heavily involved and consulted about exactly what's on the site. What shouldn't be on the site as well.  He's very happy that we have this two pronged focus both on archaeology, history and then also prophecy as well. Because they really do go together. There are end time prophesies which concern the discovery of things in Israel as well. So they ,,, he's been involved very much in that. He knows exactly what's going up. Well. The layout of the site and how it should look.  
And, yeah. He's ... I would say that he's just, he's super careful to not offend anybody. To not, to put anything up on there that would, somebody would look on the site and say, Well I'm not going to read that article because of this, that and another reason. He really wants people to just see the message that God has for the Jews and for Israel and to remove any obstacles that they might have before they would even read it. But we have to understand that for a Jewish audience, they see things from the New Testament and/or New Testament chronology or even the word New Testament and to them it is like the Koran for a Christian. It is that much of an anathema. They do not, they wouldn't even read it. 
So we're just trying to. We're not telling any... We're telling truths from the Bible but we've decided to use, as per Gerald Flurry's direction, the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, looking at He[brew] ... Jewish artifacts, to really just show them what's underneath their noses as much as possible. 
And even today, I mean, it's, just before I got here I took a look at the analytics page and we had somebody from Haifa, here in Israel, looking at the site. So that was a good sign. It's a small beginning and we hope to do some advertising here in Israel in the future to try and promote the site so that they know it's there. But really that's the main audience we're going after and that has followed the direction straight from Gerald Flurry. (8-11 minutes.) 
It is intriguing how Nagtegaal talks of Christians, presumably meaning PCG members, viewing the Koran as anathema. Shgamefully PCG has a long history of vilifying Muslims in general and of presenting them in a sensationalist and threatening manner thus promoting Islamophobia. This hostility is evident even in the comment above.

There is a difference between simply choosing not to join a certain religion and choosing to be hostile and bitter toward members of that different religion. Sadly PCG tends to choose the latter option regarding Muslims.

It is unfortunate that this attitude is projected onto Jews. As is well known there are long standing religious differences between Jews and Christians and such differences need to be viewed in a respectful manner. Historically these differences were even used as a pretext to impose shameful discrimination and hostility against Jews. We need to be careful to never allow terrible things such as anti-Semitism to arise again.

They then discuss efforts underway to translate PCG articles into Hebrew to reach Israeli Jews who do not know English.
One thing that Gerald Flurry did say is that he really wanted it out in Hebrew as well. A Hebrew version of the site. Because they, while a lot of Israelis do speak English it's not their preference and there are definitely some that don't speak English. Especially some of the more Zionist ones that believe in Israel's right to this land. A lot of them, you know, that do live in the settlements in the West Bank and such, they don't really have a good, they havn't really mastered English that well. (11-12 minutes.)
Is this an indication that they wish to target the settlers in particular?

It is mentioned that professional translators, presumably from outside of PCG, will be hired and their work will be checked by Christopher Eames who is learning Hebrew at present.

They hope to make a Hebrew website available in less than six months, possibly as early as three to four months from now.
Nagtegaal: So we are investing a lot of time, resources, money into making the Hebrew site. The Hebrew site, I would say right now, would only be, it would be less than six months away. Hopefully three or four months away before we have that. So it's going to be here really soon. (12-13 minutes.)
Nagtegaal then discuss some of the sources he will consult to provide content for the radio broadcast. While discussing one media source Nagtegaal reveals how far to the right PCG's leaders view themselves in regard to political affairs.
Nagtegaal: They have press conferences with different speakers that comes and gives you first hand accounts and some that might not get published by some of the more left wing English language newspapers here. (14 minutes.)
And so it is now evident that PCG is now trying to reach Israeli Jews through this new website of theirs. Israeli Jews deserve to be spared getting mixed up with PCG, a non-Jewish organization which has a bad reputation for authoritarian tendencies among the COGs and those knowledgeable about the COGs. May this attempt by PCG to reach out toward Israeli Jews and make some of them come under their influence, whether though conversion or any other way, fail miserably.


  1. Based on a New Testament scripture which states that Jesus will return when His people cry out for him, mainstream Christians have been evangelizing the Jews in Israel for years by focussing on the commonalities between Judaism and Christianity. Many, many Christians have visited the Holy land both to learn more by being present where Jesus did His earthly work, and to reach out to the Jews. This has been so intense, that it has caused a certain amount of resentment in some circles. The moneys from tourism and cooperative projects have of course been appreciated in Israel, and it is perhaps that money which speaks most eloquently.

    I don't know how all of this will pan out for PCG. We know that the mainstream Christians do not attempt to hide or conceal parts of their beliefs as Armstrongism always has. However, Synagogue has always been a place where differences are tolerated and even encouraged. Still, I can't help but feel that a more honest approach is the best way to "reach" a targeted audience with a message, so that they can be fully informed for the purpose of decision making. Hopefully, anyone considering a radical lifestyle change during our contemporary times will do an internet study as part of their due diligence. Accurate information is what is rendering ACOG evangelism impotent.

    Congratulations on your 2,000th post! You present information and ideas here that are not available on other blogs, and I personally find that unique flavor stimulating.


    1. I doubt this venture will lead to many converts for them but it is simply saddening to imagine that some may fall for what they say.

    2. From what I've heard, about 90% of the Jews who 'convert' to Christianity were basically secular, non-religious Jews. The kind of background a lot of people who joined the old WCG had.

  2. Congratulations on your 2,000 postings so far. Most of them are so comprehensive and well-documented that it is frankly difficult to comment on them -- you've done a most excellent job. Do not take a lack of posting as an indication of a commentary on how well you've done. It's just that, well, it's all been so well said that what can be added?

    As for the PCG attempting to set up a website appealing to Jews in Israel to induce them to join their mind-numbing spurious Draconian cult that even Dr. Stanley Schmidt commented on in an Analog editorial as being appalling, just how long do you think it will take any of them that even see this abomination to figure out that it's total kook bunk? The Jews are a really smart people.

    With any luck at all, the word will spread among those in Israel and in the end, the PCG will have done themselves more harm than good as the Israelis find out about British Israelism (hijacking their Israelite legacy attributing it to Gentiles).

    Let us all hope that the PCG shoots itself in the foot on this one, although some of us may wish that the shot fired hits a bit higher....

  3. I wonder what the possibility is to contact the Israeli Internet Association and getting banned from the Internet?

  4. Oh, heck:

    email To:

    I am a private citizen of the United States who is concerned about cults because of my experience with them.

    I note with interest that you have approved for the Philadelphia Church of God (Edmonds, Oklahoma, USA).

    You should be aware that the Philadelphia Church of God is a cult religion based on British Israelism -- the proposition that the United States and British Commonwealth are descended from the lost tribes of Israel and that they will be center to the Kingdom of God on earth at the return of Jesus Christ.

    Moreover, this cult has been exposed along with its leaders as using extortion to drain finances from their membership, breaking up families by having parents eject their teen children from their homes because they do not believe in the cult madness and promote older men to 'date' teenage girls to force them into a relationship with them.

    Our concern is that the PCG and its leaders Gerald Flurry and Stephen Flurry is trying to proselytize Israelis to join as members of their cult -- which has had a record of ruining the lives of many people as has been thoroughly documented on any number of websites.

    It should be noted that the PCG is also participating in an archeological expedition in Israel [hoping to dig up support for their kooky beliefs].

    One would hope that you would seriously consider if this is the sort of organization you want to have registered for an .il domain.

    1. Congratulations on telling them what's going on. I was not aware of that organization.

  5. As A Jew from Israel, I can assure you no Jewish people will be joining the PCG or any similar organizations. Their propaganda can only work on people with a Christian background, but without much knowledge of Bible and History. To a Jew (or any other non-Christian), the COG claims are non relevant ("The True Church" stuff, New Testament stuff which Jews don't even believe). Moreover, all Israeli Jews learn the Hebrew Bible ("Old Testament")[in its' original language!] either from a religious perspective, with rabbinic interpretations, or a secular perspective, with bible criticism, history and archaeology. Even the stuff about "holy days" will be weird for a Jew - those we have been observing for millennia and have our own traditions and explanations, from our own history, that have nothing to do with any church stuff. No to mention the British Israelism... So, in short, no need to worry, and no one in Israel even heard about those cults, I may be one of the few...

    1. That is comforting. We knew the Israelis are really smart.

      Now we only hope that the Israelis will kick the PCG off the archeological dig with the caveat that the PCG is an offshoot of the cult which spawned Denis Michael Rohan who nearly created an international incident and Chuck Hoover a.k.a. David Ben[t] Ariel.

      I suppose it would be too much to hope that PCG would meet with unhappy Mossad Agents in a dark alley somewhere at midnight....

      Hey, it's a joke... sort of -- think of the terrible harm these people have done to their members and their children.

    2. Thanks for your optimistic comment, D. It is good to know that you found this post helpful. I hope PCG's efforts in this matter will fail miserably.

  6. When the Jews learn about the Messianic titles Gerald Flurry gave himself, PCG's Israeli fling will be over.

    1. It would be a wonderful thing if PCG failed in their endeavors there.

    2. Clearing the way for Dave Pack to launch his delusional plan to convert the Jews. They never learn from their mistakes, let alone the mistakes of others. More bad money after bad.

  7. As bad as the off shoots are and I am completely with Mikey, I would like to draw a distinction or attention to the fact that real people or kids (also from American Universities) are working in Israel under sometimes less than favorable circumstance in terms of safety. So I don't like the joke very much.

    Now, to continue in nkian fashion as is my usp. It is a recorded fact that Israeli diplomacy has targeted American Christians since this powerful constituency sees their country in favorable light. I could make a case that their support for hwa was founded somewhat in hwa's BI. What safer strategy to not be the exception but turn the rest of the world (or at least) the most powerful nations into israelis.


  8. When I mentioned unhappy Mossad Agents I was specifically thinking of the PCG top 1% and certainly not the bottom 1% slaving for the PCG to assist in the aggrandizement of the particularly corrupt PCG administrators at the top of the heap.

    I would that all those working in the PCG archeology project in Israel leave the PCG and Israel. No kidding, Israel is a wondrous and magnificent place with brilliant accomplished people, but it is extremely dangerous.

    An acquaintance of mine (in the New Life Church of God Seventy Day) lived in Jerusalem for many years. He was to go to a meeting, but something delayed him and by the time he got there, a terrorist had blown up the place.

    Of course, the Israelis don't have a corner on dangerous places. Northern Ireland springs to mind as does certain places in downtown Boston.

  9. Another clarification (and an apology for the lack of clarity): When I envisioned the dark alley, it was not in Israel, I had in mind Edmonds, Oklahoma.

  10. If we listen to the lesson from the Sopranos, we know that therapy doesn't work on sociopaths. The Sociopaths simply use the therapy process in such a manner as to become more effectively functional sociopaths. Also, the 12 step AA-NA process does not work for an individual esconced in a criminal activity. Do we have a direct connection there to certain leaders and a certain organization which have been compared to the Mafia?

  11. Wow, what a story about New Life. Interesting you mentioned Northern Ireland. In a time far far away..... SEP was my first contact with white kids living and going to church in a war zone. (belfast)

    Israel. Yes a wondrous place. I was walking along the wall at a friday around christmas. Church bells chimed, the mullah called for prayer while the city fell silent and the jews flocked for their sabbath rituals. While the Hannukah lights were lit. And I well I was a lost ex Armstrongite a jew unto the jews and a greek unto the greek.


  12. It is quite interesting that they never considered translating into Arabic. None of the offshots of Armstrongism have ever considered that - as far as I know. :-)