Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Vintage Tale of Escape from Armstrongism Before the 1970s

The bibliography of the 1984 edition of Walter Martin's Kingdom of the Cults contained the following source.
Leyendecker, Ruth and Wayne, with Roger F. Campbell. "We Escaped from Armstrongism." In James R. Adair and Ted Miller, eds. We Found Our Way Out. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1965.
Thanks to Banned by HWA this resource is now online.

We Found Our Way Out (1964, 1975) by Ruth and Wayne Leyendecker, with Roger F. Campbell.

When I looked at Walter Martin's bibliography the one thing I wanted to see most was this one, because it is set before the turmoil began within WCG in the early 1970s.

I am sorry I did not comment on this before. This is a humble attempt to correct my omission.

Monday, November 26, 2012

HWA and the Kennedy Assassination

You want to know how dependent I was on Herbert W. Armstrong? I was reading this, The Other Shooter: The Saddest and Most Expensive 26 Seconds of Amateur Film Ever Made, discussing the Kennedy assassination. (Warning: Contains graphic content.)

I remember when I was reading his book, The Missing Dimension in Sex, and at one point in Chapter 12 HWA discusses the assassination.
WHY did Lee Oswald shoot and kill President Kennedy? Frustrated VANITY! He sought status. He sought it the wrong way. America turned him down. Russia turned him back. He was a little man, incapable of greatness, yet he desperately craved to do something that would make him stand out in history -- make the world take notice of him! Even the Warren Commission could find no other motive!
In times past I had been exposed to theories that other people were involved in the Kennedy assassination. Now HWA simply mentioned this and immediately I dismissed any contrary opinion.

Today I happen to believe that the Kennedy assassination was actually a murder committed by just one man, but I believe this using my own reasoning, not blindly believing what some man from Pasadena believes.  

The great reverence one is taught to give to this man will lead people to act in this way.

I know that HWA's defenders will blame me and say that I am unfairly blaming HWA for my own decisions. Such persons hide the fact that the old Worldwide Church of God and their imitators are designed to make people believe that their leaders are extraordinarily wise and one can trust their judgement. HWA, Flurry, Meredith, Pack, Weinland, etc, are revered so excessively that it becomes impossible to question them and one is persuaded to let them decide for you.

I and many others have discovered that this trust we gave them have been horribly and viciously betrayed by HWA and his imitators who have lied to us about many things and deceptively persuaded us to support them under false pretenses.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Personal Catch Up

I have not been following developments in the COG universe lately because life is beautiful and the sight of ravenous shepherds living off of a deceived and eternally fleeced flock gets boring after awhile. So I've been looking at Banned by HWA to see what has happened.

Meredith and Bob Thiel have been arguing over the Great Falling Away. I am not surprised at all. It was only a matter of time before they would clash in this manner. With guys having egos that large it they were bound to start contending with each other. I find it hard to be sympathetic to either Meredith or Thiel.
Dave Pack Also Speaking Out Against Bob Thiel
Bob Thiel on "Persecution" Another Embarassment For LCG. Very good post. Highlights true persecution of actual Christians around the world. (Warning: Contains graphic images at the end.)
Did Bob Thiel Rock the Boat at LCG HQ and Now Paying For It?
Meredith Letter on LCG Member Page
Bob Thiel SURPRISED That Rod Meredith Has Concerns About His Books
Rod Meredith Responds to LCG Members Concerns About Bob Thiel
Bob Thiel Comments About Meredith's Concerns

Dave Pack's group have remodeled their website. I doubt it will change anything.

Love this headline: Apostle Malm and Prophet Thiel: Despisers of the Cross.

What a sorry excuse for a human being:Arthur Ferdig (HWA Assistant) and His Angel Metatron Rip Off Investors

 Tragic Life In Armstrongism Made Good. Beautiful story of a woman who has moved on away from the darkness of Armstrongism.

How fittingly ironic. Rod Meredith and Those Damned Crosses! A newspaper places a picture of crosses in an article written by Meredith.

Kay Hawkins Writes About Life In House of Yahweh Cult. A window into one of the darkest cults within the USA, the infamous cult led by Yisrael Hawkins.

Close To 1000 People Show Up For GCI Minister Funeral. Sad to hear of Jessup Bahinting's passing. I never knew of him till his tragic death but clearly he a good man whose passing is deeply regretted.

HWA Films Preserved Forever In Library of Congress. I am not sure what to feel after hearing about that.

More Doom, Gloom and Sex From Rod Meredith
Samuel Martin on the Feminine Voice In Scripture. Proverbs 31:1-10 is an abecedian poem. The link explains all.

M John Allen: Passive Aggressive Prophet Calls It Quits (Again). I remember that guy. He was one of the first other COGs I encountered on the Internet. Also the only place that bothers to have Stanley Rader's book online.

Rod McQueen: Former Evolutionist? Critic Says "What A Load of Crap."

The Master. Sounds like a good movie.

Is Your Salvation At Risk If You Use Gel Caps? This sort of superstition will probably kill people.

McFlurry and Jr. McFlurry Want Your Money! PCG's overloads trying to get members to send them money.

Totally Demolished

Demolition of AC Library Pasadena, Where It All Started

Living Church of God Humiliates Dave Pack

Bob Thiel: Pretending To Be Catholic In Order To Sell Books?

Church of God Eternal: Satanic Ministers On The Loose in COG's

Your Guardian Angel Is Actually YOU Who Has Come Back In Time To Protect Yourself

Ron Weinland: Certain Salutations Are Restricted To Ministers Only

UCG's Latest Creepy Video. Critique of a promotional video for the Feat of Tabernacles produced by UCG.

A Fine Example On How The Church of God Regarded It's Members. Tale of a WCG minister's inheritance being seized by the cult after his death.

The Rats Are Jumping Off Ron Weinland's Felonious Ship. Pack boasting of getting a few converts from New Zealand after Weinland's conviction.

Mormons Excited About UCG's Drift Towards LDS Teachings. Exposes Joe Kovacs as a fellow traveler of Armstrongism.

Flurry Cult Archeology Dig. Others are starting to note PCG's involvement in archeological excavations in the Holy Land.

Ex-COG Street Musician Says: “The paradigm stopped working for me.” Inspiring story of ex-WCG member.

Rod Meredith on Whether You Should Vote For A Mormon Or A REAL Christian (LCG of Course)
Meredith once again telling people not to vote.

Conservative Christian Ministry Calls Out Joe Kovacs For His Armstrongite Heresies. Good on them.

Facebook and the Feast of Tabernacles

Another Splinter Cult COG Leader Who Says He No Longer Sins. Another crazy Armstrongite cult.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Halloween

God Lowers Gas Prices So LCG Members Can Travel To The Feast

Feast of Tabernacles: Desperately Trying To Relive The Glory Days?

Rod Meredith Says He Is Commanded By God To Correct You

Craig White Says: " Massacre and Butchery Unimaginable Soon To Be Unleashed on US, Australia and New Zealand"

Bricket Wood, England Campus For Sale (Again)

Ron Weinland Court Documents. Weinland's corrupt spending habits exposed.

Terrace Villa On Pasadena Campus Soon to Go Up For Sale

Is Imitation the Best Form of Flattery?

Chinese Buy Ambassador College Pasadena Hall of Ad With 2 Day Escrow. Why does this news amuse me?

God Punishes U.S. For LCG's Arrogance

Is An Expose About Abuse in Armstrongism Soon to Hit Syndicated TV? Hopes this works out and sees the light of day.

Dave Pack: "My Life and Ministry—Rumors and Lies vs. Facts and Truth". The arrogance of this man is astounding, even by COG standards.

UCG Money Problems Curtail HQ Travel

COGWA Kicks Out Elder Who Said Church Was Too Lax On Sabbath Requirements

Living in Fear With the Living Church of God

Is It Wise For Foreign COG Members To Invest In U.S. Properties Before It's Soon Coming Destruction?