Monday, March 22, 2021

PCG Stirring Up Transphobia Again

PCG's Joel Hilliker has posted an article complaining about a transgender woman, Dr. Rachel Levine, getting nominated by President Biden to be assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. 

In this article Hilliker uses many words designed to stir up fear and animosity towards transgender people. At one point Hilliker condemns what he calls "transgenderism" as a "bizarre new idea about gender" as may be seen below.

This [a proposed law to extend certain protections to transgender people] is a weapon against anyone who does not fully embrace this bizarre new idea about gender, which goes against biology, science and the functioning of family and society that almost all human beings have understood for all of human history. (Joel Hilliker, Transgenderism: Attack on Truth, Attack on Children, March 3, 2021.)

Even if one were to believe that being transgender was somehow contrary to one religion or another Hilliker is still wrong to claim that transgender people are somehow "new." In the Indian subcontinent there is the hijra community which has existed since antiquity. In Samoa there is the fa’afafine community. Transgender people have always been around. Since Hilliker is wrong about transgender people somehow being a new thing what else is he wrong about?

Also Hilliker refers to Dr. Levine numerous times with masculine pronouns refusing to respect how Dr. Levine would wish to be addressed.

Alas, some people are inclined to portray transgender people as a threat to the predominant family structure. But how can this be? Look at India. In many ways it is a more socially conservative society than America. And the hijra community has lived within this society for centuries. 

Transgender people are not a threat to your dreams and aspirations. We should not be afraid of the trangender community.

Monday, March 8, 2021

PCG Promoted Dubious Idea that COVID-19 Originated in a Chinese Lab

Back in March 2020 PCG posted an article putting forward the dubious idea that COVID-19 originated from a lab in China.

What they have found is alarming but not altogether surprising: COVID-19 appears to be a designer virus, a new breed of Franken-gene unleashed on an unsuspecting public. It appears to be a test-tube, made-in-lab pandemic. ...

Did the COVID-19 virus walk out of the lab in the form of an animal that researchers had tested on and later sold for cash on the black market? It’s happened before in China. Could it have walked out another way—perhaps in patient zero? (Timothy Oostendarp, China’s Test-tube Pandemic, March 26, 2020)

(Some readers may have encountered the author's name before. The previous link addresses a certain tragic issue.)

However the scientific consensus is that the virus that causes COVID-19 originated from nature and was not artificially created by human beings. This has been clear since at least March 2020 when a study noted that it was not similar to the other coronaviruses that were previously known and that it resembled viruses for bats and pangolins instead of the previous coronaviruses that can infect humans.

When America was heading into the catastrophe of a pandemic PCG promoted the unfounded idea that COVID-19 originated from a lab contrary to the studied conclusion of most scientists that this virus arose in nature. It is shameful that this organization that tells its followers that they know what is really happening should provide such a ill founded claim to their readers during this most severe crisis.

(Update: March 8, 2021: An additional sentence in the paragraph after the quote has been added.)