Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Allegation of Sexual Harassment at LCG HQ (Banned by HWA)

Banned by HWA has made a post qouting a person making public an allegation of sexual harassment within LCG headquarters. Considering how many times clergy abuse have occurred in other organizations that claim to be religious I am not surprised to hear of such an allegation. 

Sexual harassment is a terrible crime. If these allegations are true such things are further evidence that indicates that being a member of LCG is not a good idea.

May all those who committed such criminal misconduct face the courts of justice.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Gerald Flurry Compares Getting Fired with the Pearl Harbor Attack

Here's Gerald Flurry absurdly comparing the attack on Pearl Harbor, in which 2,403 Americans were killed, with himself getting fired from Tkach's WCG. 

December 7 is a date etched indelibly into the memories of many Americans. On that day in 1941, the Pacific Fleet of the U.S. Navy was smashed to smithereens in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. America’s response was furious and hard-hitting; its entrance into both theaters of World War II marked a turning point of the war. 

But December 7 marks another, exceedingly more important anniversary for God’s people. On that day in 1989, Satan the devil launched a violent, history-altering spiritual attack on God’s Church. On Dec. 7, 1989, John Amos and I were fired and disfellowshiped from the Worldwide Church of God, and the work of the Philadelphia Church of God essentially began.
This is what happens when you think the few people in your splinter group are the only people know what is really happening in the world.

Flurry is celebrating the anniversary of the founding of his splinter group in 1989 even though PCG teaches its members that it is forbidden for them to celebrate the anniversary of one's birth. This inconsistency is carefully ignored.
This December, the PCG celebrates its 31st anniversary of this event.
How good it is to know that there is no need to live in fear of their predictions of doomsday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

PCG's Alex Harrison Passes Away

Exit and Support Network reports that Alex Harrison, an evangelist for PCG, has died on November 29. Here is the report.

December 2, 2020 

PCG evangelist Alex Harrison has died. We could not find out the details of his death. He was the right hand man of GF and was the cause of many problems in PCG. 

On a photo that was sent it said, “Evangelist Alex Harrison died Sunday morning, a few days after arriving from Australia to Edmond. He had served in the ministry for 34 years as a local elder, pastor, regional director and member of the Council of Elders.”