Friday, December 31, 2010

A Tribute

(Good news regarding the last post. Habbibolah Latifi's execution has been delayed. When people speak out together even dictators can be forced to take notice. Thank you. We now move onto to this new post.)

What we need to do for all those suffering under the abusive behavior of the various Churches of God.

We need to somehow show those who are suffering that we are together in this and we need to reach out each other.

Together we are stronger.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Good Deed You Can Do In A Dreadful Situation

Right now in Iran a man named Habbibolah Latifi, 29, a Kurdish activist, is on the verge of being executed. He seem to be scheduled to be executed on December 26.

In order to make this act as difficult for the Iranian authorities as possible I would encourage you to sign this petition, We want freedom for habib latifi at ( You can sign anonymously.

Perhaps it is too late already, but it would be good to know that we tried to make this as difficult for the Iranian authorities as possible. This is a cause worth raising our voices for.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Uselessness of TSA Terror "Security" Exposed

At San Francisco Airport, while American citizens and visitors are forced to go through demeaning, invasive, liberty destroying "security measures", full body scanners, and those horrific "enhanced pat downs" airport employees simply use a swipe card to enter secure areas. That's their screening.

This only further my point that these measures are useless and should be abandoned today. The Enhanced Pat Downs and the Full Body Scanners need to be banished to the history books. There people will wonder how on earth things got so bad.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Astounding Turmoil in UCG

J has a post detailing the current turmoil in UCG.

For me it is hard to be sympathetic to those responsible for igniting yet another round of turmoil. How many families and friends' relationships will be torn apart from this latest schism?

I am very sorry to the members of UCG because their ministers have once again failed them and are busy tearing each other apart in this vicious power struggle. During these turbulent times the members have been burdened with yet another problem, a most severe split in UCG's history.

I hope the unfortunate members caught up in this turmoil will try to calmly, as much as possible, contemplate whatever decision they are going to make.