Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Good Deed You Can Do In A Dreadful Situation

Right now in Iran a man named Habbibolah Latifi, 29, a Kurdish activist, is on the verge of being executed. He seem to be scheduled to be executed on December 26.

In order to make this act as difficult for the Iranian authorities as possible I would encourage you to sign this petition, We want freedom for habib latifi at ( You can sign anonymously.

Perhaps it is too late already, but it would be good to know that we tried to make this as difficult for the Iranian authorities as possible. This is a cause worth raising our voices for.


  1. If they execute him they will pay for his death! they can kill so much they want but we will never give up for our freedom! Iranian Islam Bastards!

  2. Diese dreckigen Islamisten!!!
    Nur weil er für Menschenrechte kämpft soll er umberacht werden. Die welt kuckt zu und keiner macht was.
    Ich fordere die Stoppung der Hinrichtung und Folterung im Iran und Türkei!
    Hoch lebe die internationale Solidarität!!

    This fucking Terrorists have no feelings like love or feeling for the mankind. The Government of Iran musst be Destroyed.
    Stopped killing the kurds in iran, turkiye, syria and iraq