Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mueller Report Suggests Trump Obstructed Justice

Just finished reading the Mueller report. What a stunning read. While much contained in the report has been reported before it is still mesmerizing to it all detailed in one report.

Most memorable is the introduction to Volume 2 (pp.1-2. PDF pp. 213-4.) which explained that, to put it in laymen's terms, if Trump was not President he would have been indicted for obstruction of justice.

Mueller chose to abide by a policy of the Office of Legal Counsel to not charge the President. Because of this policy Mueller could not indict the President. So he never accuses the President of obstructing justice in the report. Nevertheless to those who read the report it is quite evident that the Special Counsel appears to be persuaded that the President obstructed justice.

The report also seems to propose that, since Mueller cannot charge the President, therefore Congress must address this criminal matter since it is a separate branch of government which is responsible for writing the laws of the United States of America.