Saturday, February 28, 2015

LCG's Disturbingly Casual Attitude to Disfellowshippings Exposed (Banned by HWA)

Banned by HWA has released a most intriguing post about a person writing to LCG regarding a recent wave of disfellowshippings that has recently occurred. This correspondence reveals the casual attitude LCG's leaders seem to have regarding kicking out members.
The Living Church of God does not arbitrarily disfellowship or mark individuals. These things happen because of individuals not obeying God, or causing division or other disruptions in the Church. It has been our experience that talking with disfellowshipped members will always result in them stating they were unfairly and unjustly put out of the Church. We can assure you that this is not the practice of God’s Church. 
One commenter said the following:
Gotta love the "because of individuals not obeying God" line as a reason for disfellowshipment. Left unsaid: "We are the arbiters of such obedience."
There is also a most fascinating discussion regarding the things that has been going on within LCG. Here's one example of what is said:
Why is Jim Meredith watching NCIS while his father tells members not to watch violent/sexual TV programs?
I can personally testify that Meredith does often tell people not to watch violent or sexual programs. The commenter brings up a valid point.

Alas, things such as LCG's recent reported wave of expulsions are certain to occur again. I see no sign that LCG's leaders are changing their behavior to stop high handed behavior like this. Disfellowshipping LCG members will happen again.

Vintage Azeri Satirical Magazine

BBC News has released a fascinating article about an Azeri satirical magazine Molla Nasreddin that was published from 1906 till it seems to have been taken over by Soviet authorities in the early 1930s. 

How Muslim Azerbaijan had satire years before Charlie Hebdo.

The issues discussed in Molla Nasreddin are still relevant today.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Gerald Flurry Falsely Accuses Germany of Preparing to Destroy Iran

PCG has released a booklet by Gerald Flurry entitled "Germany's Secret Strategy to Destroy Iran".

Of course this is complete nonsense based on Gerald Flurry's false prophecy that Iran is the "King of the South" (which is untrue) and the nonsensical idea that the Germans are descended from the ancient Assyrians and therefore are fated to play a most dire role in future events. All that is nonsense and so are any conclusions based on those inaccurate ideas such as this booklet.

Open Letter Against PCG's Cruel No Contact Policy (and Other PCG Articles)

Dan De Gennaro has released an open letter via Exit and Support Network describing how his daughter, Janet De Gennaro, was ordered to cut off contact with her family as part of Gerald Flurry's no contact policy against "Laodiceans" (Armstrongites unaffiliated with PCG) and how this terrible order appears to have contributed to her suicide.

Recently Rudy Giuliani said President Obama does not love America and he has been widely criticized for this. But he did not say President Obama was "another Antiochus" just like Tkach and the European Dictator. Essentially an antichrist type figure. Gerald Flurry did that. And hardly anyone has criticized him for that because PCG is unimportant. Despite PCG members throwing away so much money to PCG thinking they are needed to deliver some sort of warning message to the world outside of PCG this group is hardly known among the wider American public. 

Callum Wood has recently written a silly article entitled "Lampedusa and the Islamic State's War on Rome" that somehow insinuates that agents of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's group of murderers are plotting to enter Italy among the unauthorized immigrants coming by sea even though hundreds of them died attempting to enter Italy as he himself admits. I think it is absolutely reprehensible to slur these unfortunate and vulnerable people in this way. It is not right to speak of innocent people in such a way.

For anyone who thinks, like apparently PCG's Joel Hilliker, that racism against African Americans is not that big a problem: read and weep this report of racist incidents on Campuses around America.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Notes from PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2014)

Continuing on from previous posts (2007-8, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013) let us continue surveying the articles within the issues of PCG's Trumpet Weekly.

Looking through these issues of The Trumpet Daily I was surprised at how often they talked up Putin and then when the crisis in Iraq erupted with the advances of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys they did not talk about it as much as I had anticipated. They seemed to me more interested in fear mongering about Russia and Putin then in events in Iraq. In early 2014 Gerald Flurry proclaimed Vladimir Putin to be the "Prince of Rosh" so PCG's writers have a motive in fear mongering about Putin in order to "prove" Gerald Flurry is a prophet.

Another thing about these issues is that PCG's writers habitually refer to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys in Iraq and Syria as the "Islamic State". In at least one instance they even changed the name of a cited article leaving no indication that they had changed it (See September 12 issue). It is morally wrong to refer to those people as the "Islamic State". It is also factually wrong to do so because the vast majority of Muslims have nothing to do with them and most of the victims of that infamous regime are other Muslims. This habit also plays into the big lie Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys say which is that the only true Muslims are those who work and fight for them. Why on Earth do PCG's writers wish to insinuate that this big lie just might be true? It is not good that PCG's writers do this.

Also several articles insinuate that 2014 is just like 1914. Now that it is 2015 and no World War has occurred. Therefore this insinuation must also be judged to be yet another false prophecy by PCG.

Among the notable articles here are:

Jeremiah Jacques writing of a fictional Xi Jinping who is strangely portrayed as though he was Japanese. Jacques may not know this but Chinese and Japanese are quite different and Jacques lets slip the fact that he is not very clear in his mind on this issue. (April 4 issue.)

Timothy Oostendarp shrilly insisting that Russia and China wish to "wish to DOMINATE the WORLD" and insinuates that he will cause the death of a third of humanity. (May 30 issue.)

Joel Hilliker condemning Mahmoud Abbas for transforming "the entire Palestinian Authority into a terrorist entity". (June 13 issue.)

Richard Palmer admitting how some may view it as "churlish" to exploit Germany's victory in the FIFA World Cup to insinuate that Germany will soon conquer America. They think that because it is. (July 25 issue.)

PCG's writers exploiting the deadly Ebola epidemic to promote their ban on eating unclean meats. (August 1 issue.)

Joel Hilliker talking about the mid-term elections and saying there is no hope from either the Republican Party or the Democratic Party and talking about discussions with a certain Congressman a year earlier. (November 7 issue.)

Joel Hilliker condemning President Obama for citing the Bible to justify a decision he made. (November 21 issue.)

Callum Wood admitting he had never heard of the term "lone-wolf" even though the term has been in use since the 1990s. (November 28 issue.)

Anthony Chibarirwe portraying the slain Michael Brown in a negative way. (December 5 issue.)

Let us begin.


January 3. This issue talks about Iran in the Geneva negotiations in an alarmist way saying Iran is scary (Callum Wood).

"If You Are Muslim Brotherhood, You Are A Terrorist" by Callum Wood. Here Wood notes how the Egyptian authorities banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. The Muslim Brotherhood's fall from power and violent suppression was a development PCG completely failed to foresee.

"Ukraine Crisis Prophesied" (p. 4). In this little advertising for a Key of David episode presents a picture insinuating that Gerald Flurry prophesied the mass protests in Ukraine against the Yanukovych regime.

"It's 1914 All Over Again" (p. 8). This advertising for a Trumpet Daily episode insinuates that 2014 is just like 1914.
One hundred years after the outbreak of world war, history is repeating itself.
It is now 2015. No World War erupted in 2014. This is yet another false prophecy.

January 10. "Battle of the Titans" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald tries to insinuate that Guttenburg will be the European dictator destined to conquer America.
There it is, as expected and right on cue: A strongman from Europe, Germany to be precise, has responded with eloquence and force to the dramatic and belligerent antics of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strongman and a king of the east. Although the well-crafted riposte, delivered in the form of an opinion article at Time (“Putin Is Basking in an ‘Astonishing Leadership Vacuum’”), was polite and prudent, it was also uncompromising, candid and forceful. There was also an undeniable spirit of confrontation.

Time will tell, but this article could mark the opening bell of a dramatic—and prophetically significant—battle between two heavyweight world leaders.
"Where Americans Died in Vain" (p. 2). This advertising for a Trumpet Weekly episode. This Trumpet Weekly episode was discussed in a previous post.

"Most Insane Obama Appointment Yet" by Robert Morley. Here Morley says the subprime mortgage crisis was caused by "politically correct" policies by government legislators forcing banks to give loans to ethnic minorities. This ignores the fact that it was predatory lenders who coerced people into signing mortgages.

"Are Women Fit For Combat Roles in the Military?" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe criticizes women serving in the US military by saying that exercise standards are being weakened.

January 17. "France Surrenders EU Leadership to Germany" by Richard Palmer. How many times have PCG's writers said things like this about Germany?

"The Vatican in Britain" by Gareth Fraser. Here Fraser interviews Rodney Atkinson, a Euroskeptic activist based in Britain who has maintained personal contact with PCG's leaders since coming into contact with them during the time of the Kosovo War in 1999. The article also promotes a new book of Atkinson's.

January 24. "Saudi Arabia's $3 Billion Bid for Lebanon" by Brent Nagtegaal. Here Nagtegaal asserts that Saudi Arabia will get Lebanon to be part of an anti-Iran alliance of Arab nations that PCG calls the Psalm 83 Nations.

"The UN Shows Its Anti-Israel Bias--Again" by Callum Wood. Here Wood condemns how some pro-Palestinian activists convinced UNESCO to cancel an exhibition in UNESCO's headquarters in Paris.

"EU to launch military mission to Central African Republic" (p. 5). It was actually France that led intervention in the Central African Republic caused by the civil war there. In fact France often intervenes in its former colonies but PCG does not explain that fact.

"Serbia begins EU membership negotiations" (p. 5). Since 1999 PCG's writers have constantly portrayed Serbia as the victim of bullying by Germany in order to bizarrely portray the horrors of the Yugoslav Wars as evidence of Germany rising to power.

"Trust in Government Hits All-Time Low" by Robert Morley. Here Morley promotes a booklet that accuse Obama of being a Man of Sin just like Tkach and the supposedly soon coming European dictator.

January 31. "Tomorrow's Wonderful World Economy" by Phillip Nice.

February 7. "Germany's Dramatic and Alarming Foreign Policy Pivot" by Brad MacDonald. How many times have they said this?

"Sectarian violence in the Central African Republic" (p. 7). This little article mentioned the appalling lynching of a soldier accused of being a former collaborator of the recently fallen regime which occurred just after the new President had been sworn into office. Sadly PCG's writers used this atrocity to baselessly write of Muslims as if they all the same and fear monger that "Muslims will hit back".
You can be sure that Muslims will hit back, as they often do. And this religious conflict in the region will certainly not escape Europe’s attention. Already the EU has sent troops to CAR. European troops are prophesied to sweep through many Muslim nations and exterminate radical Islam—right before the return of Jesus Christ.
Do PCG's writers mean just Muslims in the Central African Republic or just all Muslims everywhere? There is a difference.

"2008 Economic Earthquake Only Half Over" by Robert Morley. Even though the Dow Jones just kept going up and even though the US federal debt was actually higher per capita in the 1940s Morley is in denial of these facts and continues to fear monger that economic calamity will soon afflict America.

February 14. In this issue Morley once again fear monger about President Obama and continues to condemn deficit spending without understanding that the Federal government can afford it and that for a government to spend more money during a recession is actually the right and smart thing to do in a recession.

"Assad The Fearless" by Callum Wood. Here Wood fear mongers about the infamous Assad regime apparently failing to meet some sort of deadline regarding the removal and destruction of chemical weapons. This is done in order to portray America as a government continuously bested and outwitted by its rivals and as a sign that America will soon be destroyed (by Germany).

"The Sick Middle East" by Daniel Pipes (National Review Online). Daniel Pipes is a man notorious for vilifying Muslims.

"Did Germany Just Destroy The Euro?" by Callum Wood.

February 21. "Prophecy Comes Alive in Sochi" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald exploits the Sochi Winter Olympics to promote Gerald Flurry's false prophecy that President Putin is a King of the East fated to invade the Holy Land after Christ's return.

"Will Venezuela's Protests Bring Good News for the Vatican?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits the opposition protests in Venezuela to fear monger that the protesters are preparing the way for the Pope to assume greater power within Latin America. Now that Chavez is gone PCG's writers seem unsure how to portray Venezuela and so appear to have simply decided to use it for their traditional anti-Catholic fear mongering

February 28. "Ukraine Crisis: Russia Displays Its Power" by Richard Palmer. In line with Gerald Flurry's bizarre prophecy that Putin will last until several years after Christ's return the crisis in Ukraine is exploited by PCG's writers to fear monger that Putin is so very powerful.

"Is Iran The Enemy?" by Callum Wood. Here Wood essentially complains that Americans are not so scared of Iran anymore now that Ahmadinejad was pushed out by Supreme Leader Khamenei.

"Spend, Spend, Spend--Except on the Military" (Trumpet Daily, p. 11). Here Stephen Flurry moans that the government is spending more money on food stamps.
As spending on food stamps more than doubles, the Obama administration prepares to make devastating cuts in military spending.
 Would Stephen Flurry prefer the poor to starve?

March 7. "Putin, Obama and the Desperately Wicked Human Heart" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald portrays President Obama as hopelessly bested at every turn by President Putin in the crisis in Ukraine.

"Egypt Bans Hamas" by Brent Nagtegaal. Here Nagtegaal exploits a court decision in Egypt to ban Hamas in order to fear monger that Hamas will join forces with Turkey and Qatar and become a part of what PCG calls "the Psalm 83 nations", a pro-German alliance within the Middle East said to be opposed to Iran (PCG's King of the South).
This ruling will likely push Hamas further into the arms of Turkey and its moderate Arab friends in Qatar.
Psalm 83 discusses a mysterious alliance whereby the Gazan region—former territory of the ancient Philistines and now occupied by Hamas—allies itself not with Iran and Egypt, but rather with Turkey and the Arabs located in the Gulf states.
It is no surprise that at the same time we witness the severing of Hamas’s relationship with Egypt, we notice warming relations with Qatar and Turkey.
In fact, the only reason the Gaza Strip has not collapsed is because of the new source of help Hamas has received from Turkey and Qatar.
Gerald Flurry made this doctrinal change in 2011.

"Middle East Replaces America With Russia" by Callum Wood. What nonsense! This is just fact free, manipulative fear mongering.

"Islamophobia Multiplies in Germany" (Der Spiegel). Is it not amazing how PCG's leaders condemning some Germans for doing what they themselves do: being intolerant of Muslims. They fear monger that Germany is becoming more intolerant of Muslims yet at the same time PCG's leaders constantly indulge in vilifying and demonizing Muslims, even portraying their children as being raised up to hate Jews. Even their children are tainted in the sick imagination of PCG's leaders.

An article by Guttenburg is cited in this issue. PCG has long speculated that Guttenburg will be the European dictator who will destroy America and this article is used to once again stir up that fear.

March 14. "Don't Worry, Putin, Asia Has Your Back" by Jeremiah Jacques.

This issue quotes The Washington Times. How appropriate.

March 21. "Iran: Russia's Trump Card" by Brad MacDonald. Since at least 1994 PCG has dogmatically insisted that Iran will arise to power within the Middle East and constantly portray Iran in the worst possible light whether the facts warrant it or not.

"Russia Threatens to Crash the Dollar" by Robert Morley. Russia is very powerful, but not that powerful.

"Putin Takes Crimea, Mocks America" (Trumpet Daily, p. 9). Here Stephen Flurry once again insinuates that 2014 is just like 1914. 
One hundred years on from World War I, the situation between Russia, Europe and the West looks startlingly familiar.
It is now 2015. No World War erupted in 2014. Stephen Flurry was wrong to insinuate that World War would erupt in 2014 in this way.

March 28. "Up, Down, Up! Putin Revives Soviet-Era Military Prep Fitness Program" by Jeremiah Jacques.

"History According to an Ayatollah" by Callum Wood. Here Wood tells his readers to give up any hope that there will be peace with Iran by saying the Supreme Leader is a holocaust denier.

April 4. "A Special Thank You" by Jeremiah Jacques. In this bizarre article Jacques pens an imaginary letter by China's leaders praising President Putin for standing up against the West.

Strangely Jacques keeps confusing Chinese culture with the Japanese culture with his imaginary Xi Jinping bizarrely alluding to Japanese culture, not Chinese culture.
China couldn’t be more grateful to you for proving what many here in Beijing have long suspected: That America has become a paper tiger. And that under pressure, it will fold like origami.
Origami originates from Japan, not China.
Thank you for drawing back the silken curtain on Washington’s broken will—for you and I, our governments, our peoples, America’s allies and the whole world to see. The kanji script is on the wall.
Kanji is a part of the Japanese writing system, not Chinese writing. Why would the Chinese President talk about Japanese writing in a letter like this?
But to have a real effect on the global power balance, China, Russia and other Asian nations must all contribute firewood, and present a unified front. And the Chinese will let you be the shogun to lead that front.
The shogun was a Japanese office that was abolished in the 1860s. The Chinese never had a shogun.

It appears as though Chinese and Japanese cultures are the same in Jacques' eyes.

"Burned With Fire" by Brent Nagtegaal. Here Nagtegaal talks about the severe refugee crisis in Lebanon as many Syrians flee the violence caused by the murderous Assad regime's determination to cower the Syrian people into mute submission.

April 11. "Lithuanian Ambassador: 'Putin is Not Finished'" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques gets a telephone interview with the Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States in order to portray as a legitimate news organization. This was mentioned in a previous post.

"Is Iran Setting Up for An Attack?" by Don Jacques. Here Don Jacques insinuates that Iran is setting itself up to attack Europe.
It is possible that Europe’s soft stance is fueled by naivete, but it could also be a calculated tactic. Either way, the result may prove instrumental in deploying a German-led European army on the world stage....

Whether wittingly or not, Europe may be setting itself up for a spectacular betrayal by Iran . When that happens, with America out of the picture and with a fanatical regime aiming nukes at the Continent, Europe would suddenly feel an urgent need to take military action.
"Pity the Palestinians?" by Norman Podhoretz (Wall Street Journal). Podhoretz is notorious as being one of the architects of the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

"Australia's Housing Bubble Will Pop" by Robert Morley. Of course Morley knows this will happen considering he is a Canadian living in Edmond, Oklahoma.

April 18. "Russia's Euros-for-Oil Threatens Dollar's Reserve Currency Status" by Robert Morley. Morley constantly says the US dollar is about to lose its reserve currency status to insinuate that America will soon be destroyed.

"The EU's Covert Military Satellite Program" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the launch of satellite imaging satellites from Europe to insinuate that it might be used for military purposes.
We should remember that any system designed to study the Earth in detail for scientific reasons is also very useful militarily. The publicity for these launches focuses on the environment, global warming and disaster response, but the EU admits, in the small print, that these satellites have “intelligence” and even “military” applications. ...

The EU will, of course, use its new satellites for environmental monitoring. But they are also vital intelligence resources that will be used in planning and carrying out military missions. In assembling this constellation of satellites, the EU is quietly extending its military power and diminishing its reliance on the U.S. for accurate satellite data. Copernicus is just one of many satellite projects underway within the EU.
"Ukrainian Oligarch Offers $10k for Captured Russian Invaders" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques insinuates that Russia will increase in power.
Despite some isolated victories and despite concerted efforts by such Ukrainian leaders as Filatov, the overall push by the Ukrainian military appears to be losing momentum against Russian might. The situation is fraught with tension, and the 1 million- ruble question remains: Will Mr. Putin go further, officially annexing more territory in Ukraine or other parts of Eastern Europe?
April 25. "How Judo Shapes Putin's Foreign Policy" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques compares Putin's handling of the crisis in Ukraine to judo.

And Jacques also indulges in exploiting the Yugoslav Wars to fear monger that Germany will soon conquer America as PCG has done since 1999.
Perhaps the most blundering geopolitical lunge in the modern era was in the 1990s and 2000s when the U.S. bombed the Serbs to rubble so Kosovo and other states could break away from Yugoslavia. For Germany—who orchestrated the bloody maneuver from behind the scenes—it was anything but blundering, but it still set a dangerous precedent.
"Iran Undermines Nuke Deal, Yet Funds Released Anyway" by Callum Wood. Unsurprisingly diplomatic moves with Iran are portrayed in the worst possible light here. The real reason for PCG's demonization of Iran is to convince readers that Gerald Flurry is a prophet.

"Why Russia Needs Eastern Europe" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer speculates that Putin's actions regarding the crisis in Ukraine is because Putin is determined to maintained a buffer zone lest another Napoleon or Hitler should arise and try to conquer Russia.
Napoleon began his invasion 550 miles away from Moscow and 420 miles away from St. Petersburg. Hitler began his invasion from a similar distance. Would Russia have survived if these invasions had been launched from Ukraine, which is under 300 miles from Moscow, or Estonia, which is under 100 miles from St. Petersburg?
Hence Russia’s actions in Ukraine today. Putin is not panicking. He does not see a Napoleon in Europe, but he knows the potential is there. You cannot defend a nation just by hoping the bleakest parts of your nation’s history never happen again. So Putin is making sure Europe is kept away from his borders. This means Russia’s push east will not easily be turned aside: It is a matter of Russia’s survival.
May 2. "The Bundy Ranch Showdown: Why It Deserves Your Attention" by Robert Morley. Here Morley recounts the Bundy Ranch showdown.

"The U.S. Way or the Apartheid Highway" by Callum Wood. Here Wood condemns Secretary Kerry as being a bully towards the State of Israel by making "thinly-veiled threats", engaging in "borderline political blackmail" and using "bullying tactics" against the government of the State of Israel.

"Charles Krauthammer on Benghazi E-mail" (Politico). The report by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was released on November 21, 2014. It revealed that there was no malicious attempt to deceive the American people regarding the terrorist attack by the Obama Administration.

May 9. "Lithuanian Foreign Vice-Minister: 'We View Military Activity in Kaliningrad With Concern'" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques once again interviews a Lithuanian official to make appear to be more of a legitimate news organization further obscuring the fact that its main purpose is to get more converts for PCG.

"Syrian Rebels Detonate Colossal Tunnel Bomb" by Callum Wood. Here Wood describes a tunnel bomb by anti-Assad fighters. Wood also describes how Homs was evacuated by anti-Assad fighters but that the war would continue. PCG's leaders teach that the murderous Assad regime would fall and Syria would ally itself with an alliance of pro-German nations that PCG calls the Psalm 83 Nations.

May 16. "The State Must Redistribute Wealth, Pope Tells UN" by Richard Palmer. PCG's leaders teach that the final Pope will be a religious leader who will help to unite Europe under as a military superpower which will destroy America and Britain. So naturally the Pope is constantly portrayed in the worst possible light by PCG's writers.

"European Court of Justice OKs EU Attack on City of London" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer condemns the attempt to implement a new tax on financial transactions in the EU.

"Russian Train Bearing Soviet Symbols Halted in Lithuania" by Jeremiah Jacques.

"Arming the Agricultural Department" by Callum Wood. Here Wood fear mongers about the Department of Agriculture acquiring machine guns. Recently PCG's leaders have started fear mongering that the US government yearns to take guns away from people while arming themselves. This idea has long been used by some to stir up anger and hatred against the federal government.

"#GoGetOurGirls" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer discusses the widespread protests and expressions of solidarity with the victims of the mass abduction of girls in Chibok by Boko Haram terrorists. Palmer exploits this monstrous crime to say that America and Britain are powerless to effect change in this situation in order insinuate that America and Britain will soon be destroyed.
That’s not to say that America should go to war in Nigeria. It wouldn’t be easy, and effectively dealing with the problem would require a significant military operation— much more than the meager surveillance help the U.S. is currently offering. But what is the point of America’s leaders making protests and saying something should be done? If they feel that way, they are the ones best placed to do something. Or are these tweets merely a way of saying we care about these kidnapped girls in Nigeria, but not enough to actually do anything about it? It may make America look more compassionate, but it also makes America look weak—like it wants to solve the problem, but can’t.
May 23. "Largest Election in Human History Advance Asian Ties" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in India to insinuate that India will turn away from the West.

"Khamenei Calls for More Ballistic Missiles" by Callum Wood. Here Wood fear mongers about Iran yet again.
For decades Khamenei has spouted anti-Western sentiment. It is only recently that he has had to learn the art of walking the line between appeasing the West—that is, letting Rouhani do the talking—and persuading the hard- liners that he hasn’t given up on hastening the coming of the 12th imam. The Islamic world believes this “savior” will come to save his people and bring judgment on the world. More than simply praying for his arrival five times a day, some believe that bringing violence and destruction—primarily to Israel and the West—will hasten that return.
"Is Anti-Semitism Extinct?" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer cites a survey to say that anti-Semitism is very widespread outside of English speaking countries.

"Homeless: Foreclosure Crisis Returns" by Robert Morley.

May 30. "Angry Voters Reject Mainstream Parties in EU Elections" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the rise of eurosceptic parties to insinuate that PCG's prophecies will soon come true.
But the biggest takeway from these elections is a warning. Europe’s financial crisis has rocked its political structure. That structure has not fallen, though it has developed some major cracks. 
And that crisis is not over. It’s currently in intermission. The fundamental causes of that crisis have not been addressed. Europe’s traditional political system is struggling. How will it survive when things get even worse? 
By voting for these fringe parties, Europe is taking a similar path to the one it took in the 1930s.
"The Danger in U.S. Support of the Gulf Cooperation Council" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe condemns attempts by the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council to work among themselves together as a Trojan Horse which will betray America by working with Europe. Armstrongism has been shrilly insisting that Europe will soon destroy America since the 1930s and this prediction has always failed.

"Prince Charles: Putin Behaving Like Hitler" by Timothy Oostendarp. Here Oostendarp insinuates that Putin will soon destroy a third of all humanity.
The law of history and Bible prophecy explain the type of thinking the Commentator is advancing trivializes Putin’s potential for further evil! It is the kind of thinking that leads to major tragedies. ...

A Russian leader is prophesied to come on the scene to lead a group of Asian powers with an army of 200 million men in war against Europe. This “prince of Rosh” is going to cause the death of one third of all mankind— hundreds of millions, possibly even a few billion.

Prophecy shows Prince Charles is right.
Gerald Flurry had earlier declared that Putin is the Prince of Rosh.

"Russia and China: The Chaos Strategy" by Timothy Oostendarp. Here Oostendarp indulges in paranoid rhetoric saying that increasing militancy by Russia and China are part of a plot to take over the world.
Is there a connection between Russia’s aggressive behavior and the aggressive posturing of China? The timing is more than coincidence. Russia and China are purposely trying to create chaos, and it is a fairly recent and noticeable trend! ...

Line up Russia and China’s chaos sowing behavior with America’s flaccid response and it looks like America is stuck in childish decision paralysis. The paralysis telegraphs WEAKNESS. And weakness attracts attack.
Many analysts speak of China’s desire for a multipolar world, or Russia’s desire for the same. This is a mistake. Russia and China are not the least bit interested in a multipolar world. They wish to DOMINATE the WORLD.
This sounds like something from a kids' TV show.

"President Obama's West Point Speech: America Has Rarely Been Stronger" (Trumpet Daily, p.11). PCG's leaders have often indulged in condemning President Obama as one hopelessly out of touch with reality. As though a bunch of people living off of millions in tithes money would understand normal people who cannot rely on such a plentiful source of income.

June 6. "Russia Tells President Obama to Go Rent a Trampoline" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits tensions regarding the International Space Station caused by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine in order to portray America as continuously bested by its rivals (in this instance Russia) to fear monger that America will soon be conquered (by Europe).

"South Africans worst at math and science" (p. 8).
South Africa once enjoyed rich blessings directly from God through His promise to Abraham. Now, before God restores it to its former glory, and more, it is a basket case...
No suggestion is made that this pitiable state just might be the sad legacy of discriminatory apartheid policies which were designed to force the African majority to be in a state of degrading subservience to the white minority.

"Elliot Rodger and the Recurring Nightmare of Mass Murder" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald discusses the mass murder rampage of Elliot Rodger and insinuates that the parents were responsible for his dysfunctional mental state.
Elliot Rodger was mentally ill and a longtime sufferer of Asperger’s disease. Elliot Rodger was depressed and emotionally unstable. Elliot Rodger was socially inept and resented humanity. Elliot Rodger was a misogynist, a volcano of pent-up hatred against women, mostly because his sexual ambitions went unfulfilled.
I would to state here that there is no link with autism spectrum conditions and violence.
Elliot Rodger had a deeply twisted view of sex. He was raised in a culture that worships sex of every shape and sort, and as an adolescent was taught to view sex as a right, an expectation, a need like food and water. Rodger’s view of sex and women was shaped by pornography, which had rewired his mind and distorted his understanding of females. (His father, a Hollywood director and photographer, owns a semi-pornographic website.)...
I find it concerning how MacDonald mentions the father's activities as though this somehow contributed to Elliot Rodger's decision to go on a mass murder rampage. I think it is wise to be very careful about speculations such as this.
He did not receive adequate parental education about sex and relationships—about life.

Elliot Rodger had a deep disdain for women. “Women are like a plague. ... Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such,” he wrote. He fantasized about locking all women in “concentration camps” and starving them to death. “Women’s rejection of me is a declaration of war.” These feelings are largely the result of unmet expectations and repeated disappointment.
And how does MacDonald know that Elliot Rodger's attitude was derived from "unmet expectations and repeated disappointment" from his perch in Britain?
Elliot Rodger was a recluse. Worse still, cut off from society and overcome with frustration and bitterness, he developed an intense hatred for humanity. This social ineptitude, by his own admission, was largely the result of a childhood without meaning and direction. From boyhood he was raised on horror movies and gratuitously violent video games. (His father was a director of The Hunger Games, a Hollywood blockbuster in which teenagers stalk and kill each other.) Elliot Rodger himself admitted to the role of video games, not just in spurring his imagination, but in creating his social dysfunction.
Personally I would be very careful about discussing Elliot Rodger's personal mental state. I find it strange and worrying how MacDonald brings up the father's career in things MacDonald disapproves of as though this somehow contributed to the mass murder. I would try to not insinuate that the parents were responsible unless I had very specific information to support such an assertion, far more then what MacDonald presents here.

June 13. "What to Make of the Pope's Prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem?" by Joel Hilliker. Of course PCG's writers portray this act by Pope Francis in the worst possible light.

And Hilliker also exploits this incident to fear monger about Palestinians.
Abbas, by uniting his Fatah political party with the intractably violent Hamas, has exposed his true colors for all to see—and essentially turned the entire Palestinian Authority into a terrorist entity. ...

Despite the pope’s pronouncements, all evidence proves that any efforts to restart the peace process with a Palestinian government led by Mahmoud Abbas will produce the same bloody results that past efforts have. It is impossible that the pope is blind to this glaring reality.
The "evidence" being Gerald Flurry's dogmatic proclamation back in 1996 that the peace process itself is a deadly wound which will destroy the State of Israel. Consequently any attempt to make peace with the Palestinians are condemned in the strongest terms by PCG's leaders.

"Iran Needs More Time" by Callum Wood. Here Wood exploits the delay in progress in the Geneva negotiations to portray Iran as a most cunning rival and to portray the Western nations as hopelessly befuddled to properly deal with Iran. Wood ends the article by fear mongering about Iran yet again.
The nuclear negotiations-mobile will eventually start up again. It will not take the course the P5+1 traffic controllers had hoped; nuclear Iran will not drive down a path to peace. Instead, it will take the diametrically opposite route that leads to one outcome: nuclear war.
"Is Libya 'a Thousand Times Worse'?" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe exploits the chaotic situation in Libya to insinuate that Iran is plotting to somehow seize power in Libya.

"China, India Ready for Final Settlement in Border Disputes" by Jeremiah Jacques. Personally if this matter is resolved I fail to see how anyone could possibly object to this. Peace between India and China is good and should be encouraged.

"Illegal Immigration and the Transformation of America" (Trumpet Daily, p. 11).

June 20. "UN Asks German Military for More Help" by Richard Palmer. It contains a graph showing German military presence. But unless you compare this with other nations this reveals very little.

June 27. "Why Britain Is Closer Than Ever to Quitting The EU" by Richard Palmer. Armstrongism has long insisted that Britain would somehow leave the European Union.

"Algeria Now Top Destination for German Weapons" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits some arms transactions to fear monger about Arab World and Germany.

"Does Putin Have God on His Side Regarding Ukraine?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Because PCG's leaders so often use their religion to justify what they themselves do they cannot help but project this tendency upon other people they view as may be seen here.
History teaches that there is no more potent or dangerous force to sway populations toward a geopolitical aim than religion. And this remains true in the modern world: Religion is the main factor motivating Iran’s provocative foreign policy, and is the major coalescing force behind the seemingly secular European Union. It should come as no surprise, then, that Russia is taking steps to harness the deluding persuasiveness of religion in order to promote its geopolitical agenda.
July 5. "Does Japan's Historic Constitutional Change Mean Its Military Secret Will Soon Come Out?" by Jeremiah Jacques. PCG's leaders have constantly demonized Japan and accused Japan of plotting to rise up as a military power and get nuclear weapons despite Japan's most painful history with nuclear warfare.

"ISIS Declaration of Caliphate: Strategy or Blunder?" by Anthony Chibarirwe. This is the first article in The Trumpet Weekly by PCG's writers which discusses the advances of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys within Iraq. PCG's writers had confidently insisted that Iran would gain the most in Iraq following the war's start in 2003. But suddenly PCG's writers saw this prediction fall apart as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys, who are quite hostile to Iran and other Shiite Muslims, expanded their territory within Iraq.

July 11. "Pope Rewrites Catholic History" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits some words Pope Francis said about Pope Pius XII in order to once again demonize the Papacy as PCG often does. Armstrongism has long taught that the final Pope would be a major leader of the European Empire fated to conquer America and Britain.

"Pope: No One Should Work on Sunday" by Richard Palmer. Armstrongism teaches that the future European Empire will impose a mandatory Sunday rest and is nonsensically taught to be the dreaded Mark of the Beast. This is a doctrine inherited from the old Seventh Day Adventists.

"The Immigration Crisis, Obama and the Truth" (Trumpet Daily, p. 7). Once again we see PCG's leaders trying to exploit widespread anxiety and xenophobia regarding immigration into America.

July 18. "Flight MH17: 'Europeans Have to be the Ones to Take the Lead on This'" by Richard Palmer. So when a airline flight got shot down by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine PCG's writers' reaction to this monstrous event is to fear monger that Europe will use this crisis to rise to power.

"Radical Islam's New Top Target: Rome" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits some whacky statements by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys about conquering Rome to insinuate that there will be some grand clash of civilizations between the Roman Catholic Church and Islam. There is no attempt to assess how likely such grandiose statements actually are.

"Germany May Switch to Typewriters to Prevent U.S. Spying" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits a spying scandal to fear monger that relations between the United States and Germany are falling apart insinuating that Germany will soon conquer America.

"German Spy Caper Will Shake World" by Timothy Oostendarp. Here Oostendarp insinuates that the spying scandal between America and Germany will open the way for PCG's dire prophecies to finally be fulfilled.
This latest U.S. spy scandal will shake Germany from America’s orbit—then it will shake the world. Once Germany is fully unhinged from America, watch for the Vatican to seize its opportunity to finally bind Germany and Europe to itself, and proceed to infuse Germany with a confidence prophesied to violently shake the world.
"Paris Jews Narrowly Avoid Catastrophe" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits clashes in Paris to insinuate that Europe will soon change into a blood thirsty superpower which will conquer America, Britain and the State of Israel.

"Putin Works to Rekindle USSR" by Tyrel Schlote. Here Schlote exploits diplomatic moves between Russia and Cuba to fear monger about Russia.

"'You Can Conquer Vast Territories Without Big Armies'" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer once again fear mongers about Russia.

July 25. "ISIS Attacks Christians in Mosul" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the persecution of Iraqi Christians by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys to insinuate that Europe will soon conquer the Middle East.

"Reflections on German World Cup Victory" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits Germany's victory in the FIFA World Cup to fear monger that Germany will soon conquer America and Britain. Most unusually even he seems somewhat defensive about making this absurd assertion yet again.
That’s what the Trumpet has been saying for years. Germany easily has the power to be one of the world’s leading nations, but it lacks a “team coach” to give the nation the vision of what to do with that power. ...

It seems churlish to say it, especially after so much well-deserved praise for Germany, but there are some major reasons to be cautious, as Trumpet columnist Brad Macdonald noted in [an article]. By all accounts, right now, Germany is a wonderful nation. It sets a better example than Britain and the United States in so many areas. But, as Mr. Macdonald warns, we cannot be “mesmerized by the moment.”
Look at what even Palmer admits to be the case with Germany today and yet PCG's leaders continue to spread the absurd idea that Germany will soon turn violent and conquer America and Britain.

"'Kill Jews' in Canada" (Free Beacon). This article was later discussed by Robert Morley in the August 7 issue as is seen below.

August 1. "EU Slaps Tough Sanctions on Russia" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the tense situation with Russia to insinuate it somehow aligns with the dire prophecies Armstrongism have been preaching for decades that are never fulfilled.

"Iran Rallies Muslims to Arm Hamas" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Once again PCG's writers exploit a turbulent political situation to demonize Iran simply to "prove" that their leader, Gerald Flurry, is a Prophet.

"Russia's Proxy War on Ukraine Becoming Open War" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits the continuing crisis in Ukraine to advertise PCG's dogma that Putin is the "Prince of Rosh".

"Malema: We Will Shut Down Johannesburg" ( Once again PCG's writers decide to condemn Julius Malema in South Africa and fear monger about him.

"Do Ebola-infected bats threaten the world?" (p. 9). Here the harrowing Ebola epidemic which has killed thousands is exploited to justify following PCG's restrictions on eating certain kinds of meat.

August 7. "Israel Calls for German Help in Solving Gaza Conflict" by Brad MacDonald. For many years PCG's writers have insisted that the State of Israel would somehow lose confidence in the United States and go to Germany to try and resolve problems with the Palestinians. This article continues that tradition of theirs.

"Israel Finds Unlikely Allies in Arab States" by Tyrel Schlote. If PCG's writers were really paying attention to what was actually happening in the Middle East they would not be surprised as many Arab governments are hostile and suspicious towards Hamas due to its Islamist nature.

"Are We on the Brink of Another War on Russia's Borders?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits deadly armed clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan to fear monger that the political situation is getting worse.

"Revival of a Soviet-era Song Contest" by Jeremiah Jacques. My word! PCG's writers even exploit something as mundane and harmless as a song contest to get their readers panicking about Russia.

"'Kill the Jews' in Canada" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits a brawl between pro-Palestinian protesters and pro-Israel protestors regarding the situation in Gaza to indulge in some all too familiar xenophobia.
Canada’s social experiment of importing millions of immigrants from nations whose cultures differ so dramatically from traditional Western heritage is backfiring—horribly.

How long before Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Tamil Tigers, Babbar Khalsa, Mojahedin-e-Khalq and other radical groups’ family members introduce jihad to Canada? Shiite versus Sunni; Arab versus Israeli; Ethiopian versus Somali; Croat versus Serb; Armenians versus Turks; Turks versus Kurds—how long of a list do you want?
August 15. "How Long Until the Euro Crisis Flares Up Again?" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the continuing financial instability of the eurozone to fear monger that this crisis will finally create the European superpower Armstrongism has been preaching about since the 1930s.
Europe’s economy is awash with problems. So far, its leaders have responded to the euro crisis with temporary fixes, which have bought a few quiet months. ...

But the euro is still fundamentally flawed. A block of countries cannot successfully share a single currency in the long term without a single government. The euro was designed to force European nations to come together into a superstate. Economic crises will keep exploding until these nations are forced to unify under a single government.
"U.S. Returns to Iraq--Again" by David Vejil. Here Vejil comments on America launching air strikes against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys.

"Riots--Coming to a City Near You" by Daryle Hochstetler. Just a few days earlier Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer. Instead of talking about the problem of racial discrimination against African Americans the tense situation was exploited by PCG's writers to absurdly fear monger that African Americans are on the verge of launching a violent rampage against whites.
Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson were reportedly on their way home, walking down the middle of Canfield Drive, when a police officer ordered them to walk on the sidewalk.
According to county Police Chief Jon Belmar, when the officer got out of his car, “Brown pushed the officer back into his car and ‘assaulted’ him in the vehicle.” One shot was fired in the car. The officer then got out of his car and fired at Brown, killing him in the street. Reports say Brown had his hands up, indicating he was unarmed, but was still shot. Many details of what led to the 18-year-old’s death are still unknown.
The community held a vigil for Brown Sunday afternoon, attracting large numbers of people.
Hours later, the looting started. With darkness descending, a QuikTrip convenience store was looted and set ablaze. The looting spread as multiple hundreds of people broke into stores, stealing merchandise, shattering windows and spraying graffiti. At least 15 stores were vandalized.
Eventually, armored police with batons and shields, accompanied by attack dogs, arrived to stop the chaos.
For three nights in a row, people continued to riot!
"Is America Embracing Socialism?" by Kiall Lorenz. What a leading question.

August 22. "Where the Vatican's Call for Military Intervention in Iraq is Headed" by Timothy Oostendarp. Here Oostendarp exploits the current crisis concerning Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys to insinuate that the final Pope will propel Europe to go to war against America.

"Syrian Chemical Weapons Destroyed: A Victory for America?" by Callum Wood. Here Wood insists on viewing President Obama forcing the murderer Assad to destroy vast stockpiles of chemical weapons as a sign of American failure.

"The Islamic State Threatens the United States--Again" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe comments on the execution of James Foley by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys.

August 29. "Putin Will Survive" by Jeremiah Jacques. Since Gerald Flurry proclaimed Putin to be the Prince of Rosh early in 2014 PCG's writers have been insisting that Putin will long survive.

"Iran Quietly Arming in the Strait of Hormuz" by Callum Wood. Imagine that! A nation trying to secure its borders just like any other nation. Yet PCG's writers would have us scared of such a thing.

"Pope Francis Is An Islamic State Target" (Huffington Post). It is unusual when PCG's writers quote a left wing news source such as the Huffington Post but it does happen from time to time.

"The U.S. Southern Border Crisis Prophesied" (Key of David). Here we see once again PCG's leaders exploiting anxiety regarding immigration issues to get more attention.

"Calif. Earthquake Self-Inflicted" by Daryle Hochstetler. PCG has long taught that California is cursed to endure natural disasters because Tkach's WCG is based in that State.

September 5. "Rotherham: The Town Where Gang Rape Is 'a Usual Part of Growing Up'" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer discusses the exposure of rampant rapes within Rotherdam. However this is not a sign that Britain will soon be conquered by a German-led superpower.

"Pool Party for Militants at U.S. Embassy in Libya" by Anthony Chibarirwe. The evacuation and subsequent seizure of the US Embassy in Tripoli has been used by PCG's writers to fear monger that America's standing among the international community is falling apart as "evidence" (if one may abuse the term) that America will soon be destroyed by Europe.

"The Return of Europe's Sleepwalkers" by Karl-Theodor zu Guttenburg (Wall Street Journal). PCG's leaders have long insinuated that Guttenburg will unite Europe into a military superpower which will destroy America and Britain.

"Asian Military Co-Operation on the Rise" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques fear mongers about close relations between Russia and China.

"Germany plans to train and arm the Kurds" (p. 6). Here Germany sending aid to Kurds fighting against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys is exploited by PCG's writers as a sign that Germany is about to arise as an unstoppable military power.

"Nigeria: Boko Haram Declares Caliphate" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer discusses some declaration made by the infamous terrorist group, Boko Haram.

September 12. "The End of Britain Is Nigh" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the campaign for an independent Scotland as a sign that Britain is falling apart.
The idea is that independence will turn Scotland into a socialist utopia. The country that gave the world Adam Smith wants to swap him for Karl Marx.
The “Yes” campaign’s argument is basically this: Those evil English won’t let Scotland have access to the magic money tree. Declare independence, and we can take as much money as we want and give it out to everyone. Insert “north sea oil” instead of “magic money tree” and that’s almost literally the “Yes” campaign’s argument—even to the point of inventing a conspiracy theory where the British government, oil companies and the Shetland Islanders have a secret oil field they won’t tell the Scots about. ...

Scotland may ultimately vote “No” on September 18, but that hate and division will remain—a sense of vision and purpose will not. With a “No” vote, Britain will narrowly avoid catastrophe, but these faults will remain.
"How Stable Is Nuclear Armed Pakistan?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques exploits tensions within Pakistan to once again scare PCG members.

"Tough on the Islamic State? Iran Senses Weakness" (Commentary). The original name of this article is "Tough on ISIS? Iran Senses U.S. Weakness". PCG seems to prefer to call Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's armed lackeys as the "Islamic State". It is not good for PCG's writers to give those murderers this false sense of legitimacy. We should not meekly call them what they want to be called.

September 19. "Without Scotland There Is No Great Britain" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald condemns the attempt to create an independent Scotland. Here is MacDonald imagining how a British man would have described himself and the British Empire back during the height of the British Empire.
He’d have told you that being British meant being Christian, or in the very least subscribing to Christian mores and values. Being British meant possessing a clear sense of right and wrong; it meant having a morality that was a function of Britain’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Being British meant loyalty to God, King and country. Being British meant being the world’s chief proprietor of the English language, of the rule of law and democracy.

One hundred years ago, being British meant being an enthusiastic and unapologetic child of a globe-girdling empire. This empire wasn’t perfect (what human empire is?), but it was far more benevolent than others and was a force for great good and civility in the world.
"September 11 in Benghazi, Libya" (The Trumpet Weekly). Despite numerous other deadly attacks targeted at US Embassies and Consulates over the years once again PCG's leaders try to use that murderous terrorist attack in Benghazi in 2012 to insinuate that America is weak and falling apart.

"German politics shaken by new right-wing party" (p. 7). PCG has long fear mongered that Germany would become a blood thirsty super power. This little article continues this tradition.

September 26. "Germany's Identity Crisis" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald exploits debate in Germany regarding the decision for Germany to aid Kurds resisting Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys to insinuate that Germany will rise to power once America falls from its current powerful position.

"Al Qaeda Attempts to Seize Pakistani Frigate" by Daryle Hochstetler. Here Hochstetler exploits a armed clash in Pakistan to once again scare readers.

"Iran May Work with the U.S. Against Islamic State" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe fear mongers about Iran. Once again we see how PCG's writers call Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys what they want to be called. Why play into their hands in this way?

October 3. "Karl-Theodor zu Guttenburg: Positioned for a Comeback?" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald once again tries to stir up fear that Guttenburg might be the European dictator who will destroy America. This post was discussed in a previous post.

"Syria Is Ready to Explode" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe discusses the decision to arm some of the Syrian rebels to fight against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys.

"Islamic State Recruiting Young Teens" by Sam Livingston. Here Livingston discusses how authorities in Britain and Germany are trying to manage the problem of young people being recruited to fight for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys.

[Incorrectly observed Feast of Tabernacles break.]

October 24. "The British Constitution is a Mess--and It's About to Get Worse" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits political debate within Britain to fear monger that Britain is falling apart.

"Iran Strengthens Military Cooperation with Iraq" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe exploits co-operation between Iran and Iraq to fear monger about Iran.

"Immigrants Transform Society" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz fear mongers that too many immigrants in America and Britain do not speak English.

"The New Gender-Inclusive Schools" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz condemns a school in Nebraska for adopting somewhat unorthodox instructions to teachers regarding how to address students.

"Lesson from Atlantic City" by Sam Livingston. Here Livingston talks about gambling in Atlantic City and bemoans gambling as leading to Atlantic City's troubles.

October 31: "Opposition to the EU Reaches New Heights" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer exploits the rise of the UK Independence Party to insinuate that Britain will soon leave the EU.

For whatever reason this issue only has one article written by one of PCG's writers.

November 7. "Is Republican Optimism Really Justified?" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker discusses the Republican victory in the mid-term elections.

When it comes to politics PCG's leaders lean to the right. However because they teach that America will soon be conquered by a German led European superpower Hilliker dismissively says the Republicans have no hope of leading America out of its problems.
But it takes real naivety to expect solutions to come out of these elections. ...

Set aside the fact that opposition to the president is not a solution. Disregard that Republicans have nothing approaching consensus on how to address the economic, domestic and international problems facing America.
And because PCG's leaders are right wing they tend to blame whatever problems America has on the Democratic Party's legislators and the Obama Administration as may be seen in the following words.
The real issue is this: We have no reason to expect this president to take any correction from these elections. This administration views virtually everything it has done over the last six years as a terrific success. ...

Rather than acknowledge failure and fire guilty officials, the administration has consistently deflected blame and doubled down.
Now, in light of tough Democratic election losses, why should anyone think it will be any different?
Hilliker then appears to discuss what a Congressman said to PCG's writers in a meeting the year before as noted in a previous post (See discussion regarding the November 9, 2013 issue of The Trumpet Weekly).
About a year ago, Oklahoma Congressman [X] participated in talks with the president on a the government shutdown. He told the Trumpet staff that the two sides appeared close to an agreement. Rumors of a deal emerged. The stock market rose. However, the next day, immediately after the stock market closed for the holiday weekend, the White House said, All deals are off, I’m not going to negotiate on anything. My way or no way at all. [The Congressman] said, “All of us that were sitting there said, what was that? What just happened?”

“Speaker Boehner has told us over and over again, every negotiation he’s had with the president has been that way,” [the Congressman] said. “He’ll sit down one-on-one and talk through stuff, but within 24 hours, all the rules change ....”
The people who are optimistic, hoping the elections will “begin to save this country,” simply have no evidence to support their confidence. Frankly, they do not know who they are dealing with.
And who are the Republicans dealing with? Why "another Antiochus" just like Tkach and the future European dictator of course. At least that is what Gerald Flurry says.

Also maybe one reason why President Obama may have been annoyed at the Republican legislators in this instance is that it was the Republican legislators who decided to politicize the debt ceiling. Before Republican legislators decided to use the debt ceiling in this way raising the debt ceiling was a procedure as mundane as turning off the light switch when leaving the room. It had never been used to get the better of legislative rivals before. Maybe it was President Obama who could not understand why he had to deal with this issue because before raising the debt ceiling was a mundane procedure.

Now I have nothing personal against the Congressman mentioned here in regards to the politicization of the debt ceiling since I have no idea what role in this maneuver he had. But even if he thought it was a terrible idea and behind closed doors did all he could to persuade Republican legislators not to do this that still does not change the fact that it was Republican legislators who chose to politicize the debt ceiling. Politicizing the debt ceiling was a deliberate act, circumstances did not force them to do this.

"Why Boko Haram Won't #BringBackOurGirls" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe discusses a dreadfully venomous announcement by Boko Haram that the girls abducted from Chibok have been married off.

November 14. "A Third Intifada in Jerusalem--Happening Now?" by Daryle Hochstatler. Here Hochstatler exploits the tensions regarding Al Aqsa Mosque to fear monger that a third intifada may soon occur.

"Israel-Jordan Relations in Trouble" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker also comments regarding the shooting and talks about Jordan's condemnation of Israel restricting access to Al Aqsa Mosque.

"Putin Says Nothing Was Wrong With the Stalin-Hitler Pact" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques comments upon some words President Putin said regarding the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939.

"Russia Infiltrates Vital U.S. Computer Networks" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz brings up two hacking incidents against US government computer networks to fear monger that something like that will help speed America's fall.

November 21. "The Legal Problems of Illegal Immigration Amnesty" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns President Obama's Executive Order to integrate many illegal immigrants residing and working in America.

Hilliker portrays President Obama as a man out of control and determined to do whatever he wants.
But this is hardly the only such “emergency” the president has encountered that necessitates unilateral executive action. When Congress did not pass cap-and-trade, the president instead gave the power to enforce this unpassed law to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is under his executive control. When Congress did not pass gun control, the president signed 23 executive orders. He took similar steps in order to pass health-care reform, one of the most sweeping laws in American history. He abandoned the Defense of Marriage Act by simply ordering the executive branch to stop enforcing it. In order to sidestep needing congressional approval for a controversial executive appointment, he declared that Congress was in recess. He bypassed the legislature in order to join the NATO mission in Libya. He applied a decade-old war power to justify military action in Syria without legislative approval.
No mention is made of the fact that Republican legislators have followed a strategy of unprecedented obstruction against Democratic legislators, using the filibuster many times in the Senate for instance, which might just explain why President Obama felt compelled to do things this way.

Hypocritically Hilliker also objects to President Obama doing what Hilliker and Co. so often love to do, using the Bible to justify an opinion they have.
He always finds justification to do what he wants. Thursday night, President Obama invoked the authority of a higher law than that of the Constitution. He quoted the law of Moses—which says, “[T]hou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 23:9).

But just as he is doing with the Constitution, the president is applying this law in a highly selective way—not to govern or even to inform his decision, but merely to rationalize it once he has made it.
One would have thought PCG's writers would see this as a sign that many Americans still believe in Christianity but because they do not like President Obama they just moan instead.

"Jews Murdered in Jerusalem Attack" by Brent Nagtegaal. Here Nagtegaal discusses the murder of four Jews in a synagogue in Jerusalem.

"Khamenei Gives Nine Reasons Why Iran Is Not Moderate" by Callum Wood. Here Wood exploits words by the Iranian Supreme Leader to insist that Iran must be hated and despised as before. With Ahmadinejad no longer in charge PCG's writers know it is harder to stir up fear of Iran in their readers with that man no out of power.

"German Hooligans Declare War on Islam" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz discusses some football hooligans saying some inflammatory words in order to insinuate that Germany will soon turn into a blood thirsty super power.
A yearning is growing in Germany for someone to stand up to Islam. Germans want protection from the perceived Islamic threat. Far-right extremists get support because they promise to provide that protection.

While right-wing extremists are a minority of the German population, this violent protest shows how quickly people can come together when confronted with a common enemy.
Armstrongism has been insisting this will occur for decades and it has never happened.

"China Flaunts Stolen American Technology" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz discusses the unveiling of a Chinese fighter plane to bemoan America's supposed weakness.
For China to showcase this jet during U.S. President Barack Obama’s summit was a slap in America’s face. While America’s president calls for a halt on cyberattacks, China flaunts the fruits of its cyberhandiwork. ...

China’s ongoing theft of American trade and military secrets exposes America’s cyberweakness.
"Boom to Bust: Australia's Housing Bubble Crisis" by Callum Wood. As though PCG's leaders know what is happening there from their perch in Edmond, Oklahoma.

"U.S.-China Emissions Deal: The Media Got It Wrong" (pp. 8-9). Here widespread media attention at an agreement between America and China regarding climate change is dismissed as an over hyped story.

November 28. "No Indictment--And Toxic Racial Thinking in Ferguson" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker insinuates with no evidence that African Americans saying that they are brutalized by the police in a discriminatory way is just a delusion in their heads. A previous post discussed Joel Hilliker's article.

"Iran: Sultan of the Red Sea" by Brent Nagtegaal. Here Nagtegaal exploits the armed conflict in Yemen to say that Iran is getting ready to rise up as a great power.

"Lone-Wolf Attacks in Israel?" by Callum Wood. In this ignorant article Wood insists that the media labeling a wave of attacks by Palestinian individuals against Israelis as lone-wolf attacks proves that the media are trying to protect the Palestinian Authority which he blames as the real instigators of the attacks. As though Wood would know this from his perch in Edmond, Oklahoma.

And astoundingly Wood reveals that he never previously heard of the phrase "lone wolf".
The latest spike in violence in Israel has garnered a new name from the left-wing media: “lone-wolf ” attacks. Further peddling the agenda of the biased media, this term is deceitful at best, murderous at worst.
This is categorically untrue. The phrase lone wolf attack has been often used by journalists to describe terrorist attacks that are committed by individuals. According to Wikipedia the term dates back to the 1990s. Why is Wood making a demonstrably inaccurate statement like this?

But that's not all. Wood condemns describing those terrorist attacks as lone wolf attacks because, in his opinion, this protects the real people responsible for these terrorist attacks, namely the Palestinian Authority.
Using the term “lone wolf ” creates a scapegoat out of the murderers, alleviating blame from the shoulders of those it should rightly be placed upon: the Palestinian leadership.

The term “lone wolf ” has been peddled constantly by the news media in the latest violence in Israel. It works to avoid the subject of Palestinian extremists within the very organizations the United States and other Western nations are attempting to work with. The U.S., in particular, has been pushing for a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. To acknowledge that the latest attacks are anything but “lone-wolf ” attacks would be to admit that the PA and similar groups are not interested in peaceful negotiations—just the destruction of Israel.
As though someone who did not even bother to note that the phrase "lone wolf" had been used for a long time before that wave of murderous violence would know what is really going on.

"Thoughts on the P5+1 Negotiations With Tehran" (Daniel Pipes). Daniel Pipes is a man notorious for vilifying Muslims.

"Russia Takes Key Step Toward Annexing Slice of Georgia" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques fear mongers about an agreement between Russia and Abkhazia. In fact Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia way back in 1992 and has existed outside of Georgia's control ever since. Very few countries recognize Abkhazia as independent and the vast majority of countries view Abkhazia as rightfully belonging to Georgia.

December 5. "Ferguson Is Only the Beginning If Loretta Lynch Replaces Eric Holder" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe fear mongers about the Obama Administration's nomination of Loretta Lynch to become the new Attorney General.
Is it any wonder then that protesters in Ferguson overlook Michael Brown’s marijuana use, aggressive behavior and disobedience to law enforcement officials, and instead focus only on how he was denied a chance to go to a technical college?
The real wonder is that Chibarirwe seems to overlook the fact that Michael Brown was not just "denied a chance to go to a technical college" but he died. He is not around with family and friends anymore.

"Dutch Repatriate 122 Tons of Gold" by Callum Wood. Here Wood fear mongers how the Netherlands has chosen to relocate their gold placed in America and take it back to be stored in the Netherlands.

"Obamacare Encourages Businesses to Hire Illegals" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz continues PCG's fear mongering about illegal immigration this time linking it with a condemnation of health care reform designed to get more people having health insurance.

"Rioting and Isaiah's Introduction" (Key of David). This episode exploits the controversy regarding the killing of Michael Brown to fear monger that African Americans will soon riot against the white majority.

"How Christ's Gospel was Suppressed" (Trumpet Daily). HWA taught that the true gospel was suppressed immediately after the time of the Apostles. This is complete nonsense. This false claim was largely based on a book was simply made stuff up.

December 12. "Iran Air Strikes: Dramatic Change in Tactics" by Callum Wood. Here Wood exploits Iran launching air strikes against Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys to once again fear monger that Iran is rising up as a great power.

"Pope Francis Unifying Church and State" by Kiall Lorenz. Here Lorenz fear mongers that the Pope will help turn Europe into a blood thirsty military superpower to destroy America and Britain. Armstrongism has long indulged in spreading nonsense that the Pope will somehow unite Europe as a superpower and it has never happened.

"America's $18 Trillion Black Friday Present" by Robert Morley. Here Morley once again fear mongers about the US federal debt. No mention is made of the fact that, per capita, the federal debt was bigger compared to US GDP back in the 1940s because of World War II.

"The Unknown Prophet" (Key of David). From 1999 onwards Gerald Flurry taught that he himself was "That Prophet". This episode appears to be alluding to this false doctrine.

"25 Years of Spiritual Warfare" (Trumpet Weekly). This episode seems to be made in commemoration of PCG's founding in December 1989.

December 19. "Sydney Terrorist Attack Proves Australia is Radicalizing" by Callum Wood. The incident was caused by just one man acting alone. It proves nothing.It is irresponsible for PCG to exploit this terrible incident to fear monger about ethnic minorities.

"The Failed 'War on Drugs'" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques fear mongers about deaths caused by the use of illegal drugs.

"Minneapolis Principals Not Allowed to Suspend Black Students" by Robert Morley. Here Morley condemns a reform in Minneapolis to lower the rate of suspensions and expulsions of African American students as an act of racism the white and Asian students. Considering that PCG condemns interracial marriage as sinful (as may be seen in a booklet by Ron Fraser and in a booklet by Gerald Flurry and Dennis Leap) how can anyone take PCG seriously as anti-racist?

Morley also mentions Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two men who were killed by police officers.
Does teaching students that the law doesn’t apply to them make them more or less likely to be the next Michael Brown or Eric Garner?
And how does Morley know that was the problem in those violent deaths?

December 26. "Can the Russians Endure the Faltering Rubble?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques fear mongers that Russians are remarkably resilient and able to endure suffering.

"Germany Wants European Army" by Kiall Lorenz. Armstrongism has long peddled alarmist claims along these lines. Lorenz's article continues that long tradition.

"Russian-Led Economic Union Rising" by David Vejil. Here Vejil fear mongers about Russia leading the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

"With a Friend Like China, Who Needs the IMF?" by Anthony Chibarirwe. Here Chibarirwe fear mongers that China is becoming more powerful.


And so 2015 begins. But this post ends here.

Report on Anti-Muslim Bigotry Fails to Mention PCG: PCG's Small Impact Upon Society Exposed Once Again

As noted elsewhere PCG has very often indulged in anti-Muslim bigotry in order to get attention from potential recruits. Unfortunately negative ideas about Muslims has been aggressively put forward by various organizations which some have referred to as an "Islamophobia Network" especially after the horrors of 9/11. who have created a market for bigoted ideas about Muslims. PCG shamefully tries to tap into this market to get more tithes paying members and "co-workers" (regular donors not in PCG).

Recently a report from the Center for American Progress has been released that details what this "Islamophobia Network" has been up to recently. It is entitled Fear, Inc. 2.0.

Luckily for PCG they are not mentioned in this report because they are unimportant. All the tithe money they have spent promoting their message has failed to let them be noticed in this report.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

PCG's Mark Jenkins Forbids Military Service (2002)

Very often PCG's leaders condemn America's leaders as being hopelessly bested by various international rivals and these events are presented in an alarmist way as evidence that America is falling apart on the international stage and a sign that America will soon be destroyed by Europe.

Their writings at time are so strident in condemning and negatively portraying those they view as America's rivals that one unaware of PCG's background could be quite surprised to learn that PCG actually forbids their followers from serving in the armed forces. Recently has posted a May 2002 article by Mark Jenkins that restates PCG's ban on serving in the armed forces. It is entitled "Should a Christian Fight?" Jenkins is really talking about PCG members who are taught by PCG to be the only true Christians in all the world.
The PCG frequently comments on American military weakness. Does this mean we support military action? ...

The Philadelphia Church of God’s newsmagazine, the Philadelphia Trumpet, frequently comments on American military weakness. This is, however, not because we support military action—we do not! This military weakness of the United States and Britain demonstrates the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy—that the pride of their power has been broken (Leviticus 26:19). In writing on this lack of military strength, the intent of the Trumpet is simply to show the extent to which God’s prophecies are being fulfilled in the U.S. and Britain. Because of disobedience, God has broken the pride of the their power and appointed terror over them (verses 15-16). ...

Consider: The Apostle Peter drew his sword in defense of the living Christ and was told to put it away. God does not condone violence.
How many readers of The Philadelphia Trumpet would misunderstand PCG's writings and assume that PCG supported war? PCG's writers have written many articles that sound as though PCG was calling for war as may be seen in the following examples.

Just a few months before Jenkins wrote this article Ron Fraser wrote the following words in a Philadelphia Trumpet article.
Surprisingly, German President Johannes Rau publicly stated that this horrific terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland gave no reason for the U.S. to go to war! He preferred a civil action against the perpetrators. (Ron Fraser, The Battle Lines Broaden, Philadelphia Trumpet, November 2001.)
So it would seem that Fraser condemned the idea that the US should not go to war over 9/11. How does that opinion show PCG's writers' intent "is simply to show the extent to which God’s prophecies are being fulfilled in the U.S. and Britain" as Jenkins put it?

Also note this particularly inflammatory article by Joel Hilliker which, citing a lawsuit, accuses Iran of having a role in preparing 9/11. This is a part of PCG's continuous demonization of Iran which they have been indulging in since 1994.
Today, some families of 9/11 victims are still seeking justice—but the rest of the country has moved on. All people want is some kind of end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. As clean and tidy as possible, sure—but if not, what can you do? We’ve already spent 7,500 lives and a trillion dollars.

Clearly, there is nary a soul with a mind to actually attack Iranare you kidding? ...

Proof abounds of Iran waging direct war against American troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq—arming and training insurgents and so on.
Iran has been waging war against America for ten years! (Or we could go back much further—1979.) It helped kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11. It has helped in killing thousands more on the battlefield since. It is bloodying America’s nose, trashing its reputation, burning its honor, and draining its treasury.
And America does nothing. Like a whipped dog. (Joel Hilliker, Iran Helped Plan 9/11, September 14, 2011. For more on this topic here is a previous post discussing Joel Hilliker's article.)
With words like these how in the world are readers supposed to know that PCG's leaders forbid their following from going to war? How on Earth are readers supposed to note that PCG's writers' intent "is simply to show the extent to which God’s prophecies are being fulfilled in the U.S. and Britain" as Jenkins euphemistically portray PCG's writings on this topic?

(A note to any Iranian readers who may read this: PCG is a small and marginal group. They only have about 5000 members. They are not important in America. Many people who read their Philadelphia Trumpet publication do not fully understand the nature of PCG. PCG is not important in America.)

We now return to Jenkins' article.

Jenkins also states that PCG's members allegiance is to (PCG's) God not the nation you live in.
Also, consider where your allegiance lies. As a citizen of the United States of America, you would not fight for any other country; to do so would be considered treason. When you visit another country, you are a guest. You cannot participate in any aspect of its government, military or otherwise. The question, then, is this: Where is your citizenship? Are you a part of one of this world’s kingdoms? Or are you a citizen of the Kingdom of God? ...

If you are led by a government that is fighting a war, then you can fight for it. But if you are led by God, He gives the following command: “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13). If we were to participate in any of this world’s military organizations, we would be demonstrating our lack of obedience to our Father and, at the same time, our willingness to fight against a terror that has been appointed by God (Leviticus 26:19).
Then why do PCG members pay taxes? Some of those taxes are used to fund military expenditure. Why are they required to obey legal decisions by the government they live under? These words are just facile rhetoric designed to convince readers to obey the will of PCG's leaders.

It is also worth noting how Jenkins describes Al Qaeda as "a terror that has been appointed by God" and thus is not to be fought against by PCG members serving in the armed forces. Isn't that what Osama bin Laden liked to imagine about himself? Such talk regarding the murderers of innocent civilians, including innocent Muslims, is sickening.
Terrorism and war are appalling evils, and will be stamped out by Jesus Christ at His return. We, however, simply do not have the right to go work for another government or kingdom—one being punished by God for its sins—simply because we believe its cause to be righteous. ...

Until that time, God expects us to serve Him, not one of man’s military organizations.
While at least PCG's members are spared the ordeal of war because of this teaching it is irresponsible for PCG's leaders to talk as though it is a good idea to go to war with a nation they do not like considering that they themselves and PCG members refuse to join the armed forces and thus do not directly bear the consequences of any decision to go to war.

PCG's Stephen Flurry Obliquely Quoted in Book About Islamophobia: PCG's Small Impact Upon Society Exposed

It has been seen in previous posts that PCG's writers have often indulged in saying mean spirited and nasty things about Muslims and constantly portray them in a terrible light. Here are a few examples.
  • They constantly demonize Iran whether the facts support such condemnation or not in a bizarre attempt to "prove" their leader, Gerald Flurry, is a prophet. They have done this since 1994.
  • In 2001, shortly after 9/11, the late Ron Fraser spoke of Americans as "selling themselves the lie that most Muslims are peaceful folks." That is a ridiculous and deluded statement regarding the Muslim community within America. It is a disgusting and shameful thing for Ron Fraser to say.
  • In 2008 the late Ron Fraser demonized Bosnia as being founded as a "terrorist entity" for the advance of "Pan-Islam" into Europe. (What on Earth is he talking about?) In fact it was Bosnians who were the main victims of the horrors unleashed during the Yugoslav Wars and suffered the most in those terrible times.
  • In 2011, shortly after the anniversary of 9/11, Joel Hilliker indulged in some woefully irresponsible rhetoric implying that Iran deserved to be invaded, seemingly heedless of the terrible suffering such an act would inflict upon all concerned. 
  • In 2014 Gerald Flurry also indulged in shamefully demonizing Muslims in his latest book, The Former Prophets: How to Become a King. It appears that Joel Hilliker helped in the writing of that book.
  • More on what PCG's writers say about Muslims may seen in previous posts about The Trumpet Weekly (2007-8, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013).
So those are some of the terrible and irresponsible things PCG's writers have said about Muslims. But how many people pay attention to this? Have PCG been effective in promoting this aspect of their "warning" message to the public?

One piece of evidence towards answering that question may be seen in the 2011 book by Associate Professor Stephen Sheehi entitled Islamophobia: The Ideological Campaign Against Muslims. It is a staunchly strident polemic arguing that large sections of American politics, including the Obama Administration, are strongly infused with prejudice towards Muslims.

(I have not read this book properly so I will refrain from commenting about the book itself in this post. It is not the purpose of this post to discuss the book itself.)

There is one thing about it that will be of interest to those currently or formerly associated with the COGs. It quotes a 2008 article by PCG's Stephen Flurry. Here is the relevant quote from Chapter 6 which is entitled "Islamophobia in the Age of Obama".

Here Professor Sheehi discusses negative perceptions regarding then candidate Obama during the 2008 Presidential campaign. Among these negative perceptions cited by Professor Sheehi was the following opinion criticizing how then Senator Obama viewed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Obama's road for Middle East peace was interpreted by Zionist Americans, such as Michael Orens--who was later appointed as Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations--as "the road to Baghdad and Tehran [that] runs through Bethlehem and Nablus." (Sheehi.)
Here is the footnote regarding that quote.
Stephen Flurry, "Is Obama the Change Israel Can Believe In?" The Trumpet, July 25, 2008; found at (Sheehi.)
Here the section of Stephen Flurry's article alluded to by Professor Sheehi.
Michael Oren, a senior fellow at the Shalem Center and author of Power, Faith and Fantasy, has conducted an exhaustive review of the many public statements and positions of both presidential candidates [Obama and McCain] over the past year and a half. At a press briefing in Jerusalem this past week [in July 2008], Oren said there were “deep and profound differences” between the positions of both senators.

John McCain, for example, told the Atlantic in May “that if the Israeli-Palestinian issue were decided tomorrow, we would still face the enormous threat of radical Islamic extremism.” Obama, on the other hand, referred to the Israeli-Palestinian divide as a “constant sore” that infects America’s foreign policy and gives jihadists an “excuse” for their anti-Americanism.

With Obama, Oren said on Monday, “the road to Baghdad and Tehran runs through Bethlehem and Nablus.” (Stephen Flurry.)
And that is it. Professor Sheehi never even bothers to talk about PCG in his book all about Islamophobia because PCG are not important.

The fact that Professor Sheehi makes no mention of PCG even when writing a book all about Islamophobia simply proves how -- despite the $19.5 million in annual income PCG gets (2012) and the many bigoted and grotesque things PCG's writers have said about Muslims -- PCG is quite marginal and practically unnoticed outside those who happen to be affected by them.

I am not criticizing this book for not discussing PCG, rather, Professor Sheehi's lack of attention to PCG simply proves yet again how marginal and unimportant PCG is despite all their wealth. 

Clearly PCG have been ineffective in promoting this aspect of their "warning" message to the public. PCG's shameful "warning message" against Muslims clearly is not getting much attention outside PCG's circle of members and sympathetic readers.

Where is that money of theirs going? Why have they been so ineffective at getting noticed despite the $19.5 million in annual income PCG got 2012?