Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PCG's Ron Fraser's Demonization of Muslims After 9/11 (2001)

Following the horrors of 9/11 PCG's writers decided it was a good time to vilify Muslims. This may be seen in the following article by Ron Fraser, "The Battle Lines Broaden", published in the November 2001 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet.

Here Fraser conspiratorially claims that Americans are being lied to about Muslims.
Americans, in their extreme penchant for even-handedness, have been selling themselves the lie that most Muslims are peaceful folks. If this be the case, why is it that America’s own media continue to throw up perpetual video images of hundreds, even thousands, in Iraq and Pakistan, demonstrating against the U.S. and baying for the blood of American men, women and children?
What a facile statement. Astoundingly Fraser cites news stories to scare people into ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are simply law abiding citizens who wish to have lives of peace like anyone else.

Also Fraser was not in Iraq or Pakistan back in 2001. He was living in Edmond, Oklahoma. And he came from Australia.

This disgusting statement also misleads people by obscuring the fact that the 9/11 terrorist attacks was a criminal conspiracy planned in secret. Only those responsible are to be blamed. It is wrong to try and slur innocent people into thinking ill of them because of what a few murderous social deviants did.
Granted, the terrorists themselves represent the extreme of violent Islamic hatred. Writing for the British Spectator magazine, [a non-PCG writer] indicates that the militant Islamic sect from which the terrorists hailed is the Wahhabi, dating from the very establishment of Islam in the seventh century.
This is ridiculously incorrect statement. As noted in a previous post Wahhabism actually started in the 1700s, about eleven centuries after "the very establishment of Islam in the seventh century."

So after bringing Wahhabism without even bothering to correctly note when it started he then says many Muslims within America are Wahhabis in a viciously cruel attempt to get people scared of innocent people who had nothing to do with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Among the 10 million-strong Islamic community in America, the Wahhabi doctrine is rampant—as it is among over 2 million Muslims in Britain and over 1 million in Australia. It is estimated that over 80 percent of the mosques in the U.S. are under the influence, if not control, of Wahhabi imams (leaders), daily preaching extremism within the very nation which has given them freedoms and blessings they could never experience in their home countries.
So says the man who didn't even bother to research the fact that Wahhabism started in the 1700s.

This is complete nonsense. The terrorists are social deviants. It is a terrible thing to slur innocent people who had nothing to do with acts of terror or to vilify them. It only serves to empower the extremists. The extremists only represent themselves. They fantasize that they are the hollowed representatives of all Muslims but this is only a big lie. If Fraser was responsible he would have said something like that, but he does not.

If some people choose to say that these terrorists are genuine representatives of all Muslims then the terrorists can just say to potential recruits, Even the unbelievers know we are the true Muslims and you need to follow us. Talk like this empowers the terrorists. They should not be given what they want.

We continue with Fraser's article.
Although its adherents will not agree, Islam, by its very nature, is inherently extreme. In its purest form, it tolerates no accord with those who do not submit to its claims. They are collectively regarded as “the infidel.” 
Although he will not agree, what Fraser actually means here is that he is going to create a straw man about what "Islam" actually is and disregard any evidence that he might be wrong.

Also it is very strange that Fraser should condemn (his straw man fantasy of) Islam "tolerates no accord with those who do not submit to its claims" considering the well documented practice of PCG shunning ex-members and encouraging PCG members to shun the members of other COG groups who are falsely demonized as "Laodiceans".

It is wrong and shameful that following the monstrous catastrophe on 9/11 Fraser chose to stir up fear and anger by scare mongering that many American Muslims are somehow just like Al Qaeda. This is a terrible false accusation. What a terrible thing this slur this article is.

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