Saturday, February 28, 2015

LCG's Disturbingly Casual Attitude to Disfellowshippings Exposed (Banned by HWA)

Banned by HWA has released a most intriguing post about a person writing to LCG regarding a recent wave of disfellowshippings that has recently occurred. This correspondence reveals the casual attitude LCG's leaders seem to have regarding kicking out members.
The Living Church of God does not arbitrarily disfellowship or mark individuals. These things happen because of individuals not obeying God, or causing division or other disruptions in the Church. It has been our experience that talking with disfellowshipped members will always result in them stating they were unfairly and unjustly put out of the Church. We can assure you that this is not the practice of God’s Church. 
One commenter said the following:
Gotta love the "because of individuals not obeying God" line as a reason for disfellowshipment. Left unsaid: "We are the arbiters of such obedience."
There is also a most fascinating discussion regarding the things that has been going on within LCG. Here's one example of what is said:
Why is Jim Meredith watching NCIS while his father tells members not to watch violent/sexual TV programs?
I can personally testify that Meredith does often tell people not to watch violent or sexual programs. The commenter brings up a valid point.

Alas, things such as LCG's recent reported wave of expulsions are certain to occur again. I see no sign that LCG's leaders are changing their behavior to stop high handed behavior like this. Disfellowshipping LCG members will happen again.


  1. It really seems as if these ACOGs are programmed to self-destruct. I personally believe that if management of a splinter group uses the law they preach to hurt, confuse, or domineer over members and their finances, those leaders will lose whatever reward they anticipate receiving from Father God. They are modern day Pharisees. Also, such behavior will curse their ministries, preventing them from being blessed, or growing. Certainly, nobody should be wasting their tithes on a cursed evangelistic effort. It would be better to use them on one's own personal ministry, like helping the homeless, assisting battered women, and getting teenaged prostitutes into a better lifestyle.

    Armstrongism is gradually falling prey to its own pathologies, and consequently, the more this produces bad results, the more heavy-handedly they apply their unworkable methodology. It is another part of the squeeze play, coupled with continued failure of their prophecies and falling income due to their graying demographic.


  2. Yes, Byker Bob, these days you can go to an ACoG service and see 50 shades of gray heads.

  3. Byker Bob,

    That was a brilliant comment. You are so right. Truly they are cursed works.

    Black Ops Mikey,

    That was a good pun.