Saturday, February 7, 2015

PCG Blaming President Obama For Diplomatic Problem with Netanyahu

So the Speaker of the House Boehner invites Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress without telling President Obama thus causing President Obama to be somewhat offended that such a diplomatic move was made without his knowledge and reacts against an attempt to undermine him. So of course this is all President Obama's fault. At least in the eyes of PCG's writers. This may be seen in the article "President Obama Splitting Apart U.S.-Israel Alliance" by Kiall Lorenz. (February 9, 2015).

Since at least 2001 PCG's writers have insisted that the American government will somehow lose the confidence of the government of the State of Israel causing the State of Israel to look for a new ally in Germany but they will simply be betrayed, conquered and enslaved by a frenzied European Empire.

Naturally PCG's writers exploit this diplomatic problem by insisting that this proves their prophecy that the State of Israel will ally itself with Europe is about to occur very soon.

Let us see what Lorenz has to say.
President Barack Obama won’t meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his trip to the United States in March. Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House John Boehner to address Congress on March 3. President Obama and high-ranking White House officials are upset by the invitation.
This just might have something to do with the House Speaker inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu without President Obama's knowledge as is obliquely admitted in this article as seen above.
Netanyahu’s decision to address Congress, even after the president’s displeasure, sends a strong signal about Obama-Netanyahu relations. You don’t defy the president of the United States unless the situation is desperate or relations are beyond healing.
Once again only President Obama is portrayed as being at fault.
It has been reported that President Obama’s officials are currently in Israel trying to undermine Netanyahu’s attempt at reelection.
Lorenz never states in this article who reported this occurring.

PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, teaches that President Obama is a Man of Sin just like Tkach and the supposedly soon coming European dictator fated to destroy America and Britain. Consequently PCG's writers have a strong motive to insist that President Obama is at fault on this matter and whatever other matter they wish to blame on him.


  1. Gerald Flurry claims that he is 'That Prophet' in living color and literally an incarnation of the physical presence of Jesus Christ.

    It's not clear to me what other titles he may claim. Elijah perhaps?

    It doesn't matter, for there is one title he should try to claim, although I doubt that The One who holds the title would be very pleased:

    Satan the Devil.

    You never know though, Satan might actually be pleased with the arrangement, given that Flurry represents the Devil quite well....

  2. What is so cool about this, is we now know the exact opposite of what is actually going to happen, courtesy of the PCG.

    I can't imagine how they fail to notice that the minute they foretell an event, somehow that jinxes them, and something completely different happens.