Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PCG's Ron Fraser Falsely Blaming Sexual Promiscuity for "Giving Birth" to AIDS

Back in the May 1999 issue of PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, Ron Fraser wrote an article (What's Behind The Crisis in Foreign Relations?) once again bemoaning Western leaders in America and Britain as hopelessly befuddled and leading those nations into catastrophe to be destroyed by Germany.

While writing in this vein Fraser incorrectly asserted that sexual promiscuity must bear responsibility for "giving birth" to AIDS.
The current generation of foreign policy formulators and administrators in the West, particularly in the present British and American administrations, is the product of a left-wing, socialist-engineered education system that had its genesis in the 1960s (though its true origins may be traced to the Marxist-Leninist thought engendered by the fathers of socialism in the early 1900s). Socialist philosophy has always had particular appeal to the intelligentsia. Often described as the “baby-boom generation,” the post-World War II generation, which had their minds bent by German rationalist thought, tends to predicate all analyses, judgments and conclusions on godless evolutionary theory, based on the overall assumption that there are no absolutes.

In general terms, to this generation all of the values, mores, honorable traditions—even documented history of past events—are held up to question. This approach to subjective analysis is fundamentally sourced at a basic and false assumption—that the theory of relativity applies not just in the arena of physical sciences. By extension it is assumed that it generally may be applied to human behavior—religion, moral standards, ethics and human values. Thus we have the concept of “moral relativity,” which spawned the “new morality” of the 1960s, giving birth to a new and uncontrollable communicable disease—AIDS.
Sexual promiscuity had nothing to do with "giving birth" to AIDS. What actually happened was that a disease that previously infected apes developed a strain that could infect humans as well. The first infections occurred in Africa. However it was not until 1981 when scientists in America and France proved that this was a new disease that had not previously infected humans.

Sexual promiscuity had nothing to do with "giving birth" to AIDS. Fraser is wrong.

How is it that Fraser can say such nonsensical things and get away with it? PCG keeps saying only they have the truth but people like Fraser say untrue things like this.


  1. It's because it is a religion -- a social framework of social interaction: Relationships are established within the framework and after that, facts don't matter because only the social context and contact does.

    Therefore, the 'leaders' can say and do anything they want to as long as it does not break the ties of people within the social order.

    It's sick, but that's how these things work.

  2. Thank you for your insight on this matter.

    I suspected it would be something like that. But it is still sad to see such well organized and insulated ignorance being fed and nurtured.