Sunday, February 22, 2015

Report on Anti-Muslim Bigotry Fails to Mention PCG: PCG's Small Impact Upon Society Exposed Once Again

As noted elsewhere PCG has very often indulged in anti-Muslim bigotry in order to get attention from potential recruits. Unfortunately negative ideas about Muslims has been aggressively put forward by various organizations which some have referred to as an "Islamophobia Network" especially after the horrors of 9/11. who have created a market for bigoted ideas about Muslims. PCG shamefully tries to tap into this market to get more tithes paying members and "co-workers" (regular donors not in PCG).

Recently a report from the Center for American Progress has been released that details what this "Islamophobia Network" has been up to recently. It is entitled Fear, Inc. 2.0.

Luckily for PCG they are not mentioned in this report because they are unimportant. All the tithe money they have spent promoting their message has failed to let them be noticed in this report.

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