Friday, February 27, 2015

Open Letter Against PCG's Cruel No Contact Policy (and Other PCG Articles)

Dan De Gennaro has released an open letter via Exit and Support Network describing how his daughter, Janet De Gennaro, was ordered to cut off contact with her family as part of Gerald Flurry's no contact policy against "Laodiceans" (Armstrongites unaffiliated with PCG) and how this terrible order appears to have contributed to her suicide.

Recently Rudy Giuliani said President Obama does not love America and he has been widely criticized for this. But he did not say President Obama was "another Antiochus" just like Tkach and the European Dictator. Essentially an antichrist type figure. Gerald Flurry did that. And hardly anyone has criticized him for that because PCG is unimportant. Despite PCG members throwing away so much money to PCG thinking they are needed to deliver some sort of warning message to the world outside of PCG this group is hardly known among the wider American public. 

Callum Wood has recently written a silly article entitled "Lampedusa and the Islamic State's War on Rome" that somehow insinuates that agents of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's group of murderers are plotting to enter Italy among the unauthorized immigrants coming by sea even though hundreds of them died attempting to enter Italy as he himself admits. I think it is absolutely reprehensible to slur these unfortunate and vulnerable people in this way. It is not right to speak of innocent people in such a way.

For anyone who thinks, like apparently PCG's Joel Hilliker, that racism against African Americans is not that big a problem: read and weep this report of racist incidents on Campuses around America.

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