Sunday, March 1, 2015

PCG's Joel Hilliker Condemns Erotic Film Fifty Shades of Grey

Yes. They went there. PCG's Joel Hilliker has released an article condemning Fifty Shades of Grey. ("Seduced by Fifty Shades of Grey", February 18, 2015.)

And so we see once again how a leader of Armstrongism is once again trying to control peoples' sexuality.

Considering how PCG and Armstrongism in general tend to be very negative regarding popular movies and books this condemnation is perfectly predictable.

Printed in large letters to the side of the article are the following words.
Released in time for Valentine’s Day—as if it was the perfect date movie—it raked in more than $94 million in the United States alone over the four-day weekend.
In other words the movie made nearly five times as much money in four days as PCG does in a year ($19.5 million in 2012).


There are also comments posted by people who seem to take this article seriously. Here is one of them.
I remember reading harlequin romances… these were just the start of wrongful thinking… being dissatisfied, thinking that this type of fantasy was what one should want.
Fifty Shades of Grey is what those type of novels lead to. Satan works on us a little at a time to twist our thinking.
Thank God that He opens our minds, shows us what wrongful thinking is, how to avoid it and that He will heal our minds if we yield to Him and put forth our best effort. 
This comment got twelve likes.

(I emphasize again this is a comment. It is entirely possible this person has nothing to do with PCG besides reading their stuff and being somewhat sympathetic to -- at least some of -- what they say.)

So even those "harlequin romances" are (apparently) the work of Satan according to this reader of PCG's writings.

This is a sad attitude to have. There are better ways to view feelings related to sexuality and the yearning to have a better life.

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  1. Critics didn't much like it either but for reasons unrelated to the morally ambiguous Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia -- it was boring. Things were looking Grimm, Bob Grimm, that is, as critic for

    "The Fifty Shades phenomenon has been impossible to avoid, and that virus has now spread to movie screens. While I managed to avoid the book as if it were an ill-tempered grizzly bear infected with Ebola and brandishing a shotgun, the cinema now beckons, so off to the Red Room of Pain I go."

    "When people aren’t having sex in this movie, which is quite often as things turn out, they talk in a somber, slow, irritatingly elongated manner. Everybody in this movie is a mopey, sodden sop. I love Seattle, but watching how residents behave and communicate in this movie makes me never want to visit the city again, even if the Mariners make the playoffs."

    As near as I can tell, it's a bad movie which made buckets of money. After all that's said and done, that's all that matters in measuring a movie's success.

    PCG condemnation proceeds not from moral outrage but from a texted script with no real emotion behind it: They have to be against it because that is their marketing stance.

    Speaking of which, it's not too surprising, since grandma is their demographic.

    Still... it does seem to have been a terrible movie: Two hours of boredom, but then, it's not a moral question -- certainly not one of the expansiveness of the idolatry of the PCG, caught in the decline of entropy accelerating at the time Flurry announced he was Christ in the flesh as 'that prophet'. Maybe he is. 'That [damned] prophet' -- the false one.