Saturday, March 14, 2015

Brookfield Massacre Left Unmentioned in LCG's Tommorrow's World Magazine in 2005

I remember that when the massacre at LCG's congregation in  Brookfield happened in 2005 I was somewhat surprised to note that afterwards LCG's recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World, made absolutely no mention of the massacre at all.

Take a look for yourself.

March-April 2005 issue.

This issue has articles condemning abortion and Easter.

May-June 2005 issue.

This issue condemns evolution, promotes the God family dogma and bemoans Britain supposedly becoming irreligious.

Meredith's personal article mentions the tsunami of December 26, 2004. 

July-August 2005 issue.

This issue has an article by Richard Ames entitled "Is Sex Sin?", fear mongers about resource wars and talks about the dangers of nuclear weapons.

Meredith's personal article boasts that LCG is devoted to "restoring Apostolic Christianity". 

September-October 2005 issue.

This issue talks about the United Nations, poverty and media bias.

Meredith's personal article insists that catastrophe will soon occur.
The world will experience shocking events over the next five to ten years [2005-2015], yet most people are not even remotely prepared. The vast majority of Americans and Canadians—even most professing Christian ministers—will be profoundly affected and deeply hurt by what is to come.


Because the God of the Bible is unreal to them, and the inspired prophecies of the Bible are either unheeded or totally misunderstood. 
The massacre is never mentioned in the Tomorrow's World magazine.

Now the massacre was mentioned in Living Church News and their Weekly Updates but hardly anyone gets that, certainly far less than Tomorrow's World.

Back then I was a deceptively recruited believer who incorrectly thought God was with LCG. I was somewhat surprised that this catastrophe was left unmentioned in the Tomorrow's World magazine.

Anyone reading Tomorrow's World magazine would have had no idea that this catastrophe had occurred and that LCG was going through its darkest days.

I only knew about it because I read (the current false prophet) Bob Theil's blog. Otherwise I would have had no idea that the group I loved so much at the time had seven of their members murdered.

What is to be made of this refusal by LCG's leaders to mention the massacre in their flagship publication?

The fact that the Tomorrow's World magazine made no mention of the massacre in their midst shows clearly that the real purpose of the Tomorrow's World magazine is to get more people into joining LCG. And amazingly they won't even let a massacre of seven of their own members get in the way of that.


  1. Does anyone else find the name 'Living' ironic?

  2. Just to illustrate how pernicious the apocalyptic aspects of the Adventist movement (including Armstrongism) are, there are still active Branch Davidians, awaiting the fall of the US, war in the Middle East, and the resurrection of David Koresh. At this point, we are over twenty years past that tragedy, which took many more lives. Koresh's sexual sins were allegedly greater than those of HWA and GTA combined, and his arsenal much larger than that of Terry Ratzmann.

    In many cases, death is the only thing that can separate one from "he was right". And, in the interim, the end justifies the means. There is not a heck of a lot of difference between that mentality and that of suicide/homicide bombers.