Saturday, March 7, 2015

PCG's Gerald Flurry and Brad MacDonald Once Again Demonizing Germany and Guttenburg

PCG has released a new booklet by Gerald Flurry and Brad MacDonald, A Strong German Leader is Immanent, once again inaccurately fear mongering that some sort of Hitler like figure will soon arise from Germany to destroy America and Britain.

Armstrongites since the 1930s have continuously insisted that Europe will soon arise as a superpower and destroy America. At first HWA said Mussolini would fulfill this dire task. Then HWA changed this doctrine to say it would be Hitler who would destroy America. Then after Nazi Germany was crushed by the Allies HWA alleged that Germany would revive only to destroy America. At one time HWA said this would happen in 1972. Armstrongites constantly insisted this would soon occur but it has never happened.

This booklet once again insinuates that Karl Theodor zu Guttenburg "might" by the German dictator fated to destroy America. PCG's leaders have been proclaiming this absurd idea to their followers since 2009 as noted in a previous post.
October 24 [2009] ... "Zu Guttenburg's Rise" by Ron Fraser. PCG tried to portray Zu Guttenburg as a man who could potentially become the European dictator that HWA and his imitators have been claiming will soon arise since the 1930s.
This is a false prophecy sure to fail.

God is not with PCG.

There is no need to fear PCG's leaders.

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  1. I'm really scared about these prophecies. I mean, just because they haven't happened doesn't mean they won't happen (is that too many negatives in one sentence?). What if they do happen? That means our cities will be blown up and we'll all have pimples on our bodies. And which is worse: a blown-up city or pimples all over your body? Seriously, this is scary stuff, but I don't know who to fear. Should I fear Gerald Flurry, or Dave Pack, or Rod Meredith, or Ron Weinland, or someone else? They would tell me I should fear God, but which one is God's representative on Earth? Doesn't my fear of God have to filtered through His human representative? That's the only way I know where to send money, since there is no mail delivery to heaven (as far as I know). And maybe God's representative on Earth is Billy Graham or Franklin Graham or R.C. Sproul or J. Vernon McGee (he's dead, but his voice lives on via the radio) or some other dude. So, yes, I'm confused and I'm scared.