Thursday, March 12, 2015

PCG Ignored in 2006 Book About the Religious Right: PCG's Failure to "Warn Israel" Exposed Once Again

Back in 2006 Chris Hedges published a book entitled American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America. It is a left wing critique of the religious right in the United States.

But the purpose of this post is not to talk about what he said in this book but to note that in Chapter 2 of this book Christ Hedges cited a 2006 article by PCG's Robert Morley. That is the only oblique mention of PCG's activities in this book.

Here Chris Hedges seeks to explain the rise of the religious right in the United States since the late 1970s. One factor he cites is the loss of manufacturing jobs in America in recent times. While making this argument he cites Morley's article. (This is quoted from a 2008 paperback edition.)
The loss of manufacturing jobs has dealt a body blow to the American middle class. Manufacturing jobs accounted for 53 percent of the economy in 1965; by 1988, they accounted for 39 percent. By 2004 they accounted for 9 percent. This is the first time since the industrial revolution that less than 10 percent of the American workforce is employed in manufacturing. (Chris Hedges, American Fascists, Chapter 2: The Culture of Despair, p. 45.)
 Here is the footnote.
Robert Morley, "The Death of American Manufacturing," Trumpet, February 2006, (Hedges, p. 217.)
Here is the section of Morley's article alluded to by Hedges.
However, manufacturing as a share of the economy has been plummeting. In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent. (Robert Morley, "The Death of American Manufacturing," The Philadelphia Trumpet, February 2006, p. 28.)
In case anyone is confused this is not plagiarism because Hedges clearly states where he got this information in a footnote. He acknowledged his source unlike some others in Armstrongism.

PCG members send in so much money to PCG (PCG's income was about $19.5 million in 2012). They are told it is given in order to warn the world and tell people PCG's teachings. And yet when Chris Hedges writes a whole book about the religious right he never even mentions PCG's teachings or ideas. He just cites one of their articles to support a point he makes about the loss of employment by many Americans. 

The reason why Chris Hedges ignores PCG is because PCG is unimportant. Hardly anyone cares about PCG's bizarre ideas. Other religious groups have been far more successful in spreading their ideas. But PCG has failed miserably to even be noticed despite the vast amounts of money given to PCG.

It is clearly proven. PCG has miserably failed to "warn Israel". Sending money to PCG is a waste of money and has little effect in helping to spread PCG's (largely false) teachings.

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  1. Yes, war on America: The PCG would like very much to see the United States fall so they could install their own oppressive dystopian dictatorship where they commit murder, abuse their subjects, make them poor, take all they have, enslave them and make them miserable.

    They are hoping they can make it eternal....