Friday, March 27, 2015

PCG's Art Department Glorifying PCG

PCG has released an article about their Art Department.
Officially, the art department began in the summer of 2012. According to editorial manager Joel Hilliker, the department was needed because Pastor General Gerald Flurry wanted biblical figures and depictions brought to life. Initially, Mr. Hilliker worked with Gary Dorning, a professional artist who lived in the Pacific Northwest, sending sketches back and forth of illustrations like the Daniel 2 image, the Revelation 13 image, and the cover of the April 2013 Trumpet magazine. Soon after, Mr. Flurry approved the formation of the art department, and Mr. Dorning moved to headquarters. You have seen his handiwork on many recent Trumpet covers and illustrations.
(For whatever reason there is no mention of Steve Wilkins in this article.)

Alas, these pieces of art are used to glorify and promote a group that is well known to have many severe problems.

PCG promotes HWA's anti-medicine superstition which has caused so many people to die before their time. It even appears to have played a role in the death of Garth MacDonald in 2006. (The late Garth MacDonald's brother, Brad MacDonald, is one of the main leaders of PCG.)

PCG forbids PCG members from meeting with members of other COG groups who are demonized as "Laodiceans" who must be shunned as part of PCG's infamous No Contact policy.

PCG promotes all kinds of inaccurate ideas such as British Israelism. As has shown British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.

PCG promotes paranoid and hateful ideas, unusually inaccurate, to vilify people they do not like. PCG even says that President Obama is some sort of Antichrist like figure ("another Antiochus").

These pictures do nothing to solve these problems but rather keep PCG members believing that PCG is the one true church which they must stay in despite the many problems within it.

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