Monday, March 16, 2015

PCG's Andrew Müller Scapegoating Communists for Ferguson Troubles

Recently PCG's Andrew Müller wrote an article entitled "Communist Agitators Inflamed Ferguson Riots".
As people around the world watched news footage of rioting and looting in Ferguson last summer, most overlooked one disturbing detail: Many protesters carried signs and banners with the web address of the Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A. The majority of mainstream news outlets may have ignored the fact.... 
Forget the fact that 93 percent of arrests by the Ferguson Police Department were of African Americans while they merely compose 67 percent of the population.

Forget the fact that 85 percent of vehicle stops by the Ferguson Police Department were against African Americans.

Forget the fact that fines have been used to extract revenue and this money has been mainly taken from African Americans.

Forget the evidence that there some within the Ferguson Police Department have sexually harassed female employees.

Forget all those horrifying facts recently revealed in a report by the Department of Justice which details numerous failings of the Ferguson Police Department. The problem PCG's leaders wish to bring to our attention are Communists.

Now from what little I have heard of this political party they sound like nothing I would want to associate with but it is factually bizarre to blame this marginal political party for the current turbulent situation in Ferguson. 
While it would be exaggerating to claim that the Ferguson protests were masterminded by Communist activists, it is certainly true that the Revolutionary Communist Party has played a role in further inflaming tensions. Renowned educator Herbert W. Armstrong proclaimed for decades, based on Bible prophecies, that race war is coming to America. This war, however, would not be the result of any inherent superiority of one race over another. Instead, it would be deliberately stirred up by the organized planning of political leaders. 
Here is PCG once again making their bizarre claim that African Americans are plotting to riot against the white majority. This is clearly designed to make the predominantly European descended membership of PCG in fear of sinister forces from outside PCG instead of addressing the problems within PCG.

Whenever race relations in America or even Britain have gone through tensions such as this PCG has claimed that this is a sign that the end will soon occur. They have done so since Chapter 5 of Gerald Flurry's 1992 booklet, The Ezekiel Watchman, which exploited the deadly Los Angeles riots of 1992 in this way.

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