Friday, January 16, 2015

Notes from PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2012)

It is now January 16, the anniversary of HWA's death. While PCG members eagerly await to see something meaningful today let us continue surveying the articles within the issues of PCG's Trumpet Weekly.

This is a continuation from previous posts looking through PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2007-8, 2009, 2010 and 2011).

Among the notable themes that may be seen in this post are:

Stephen Flurry insinuating that African Americans are prone to launching riots like the LA riots of 1992 for no rational reason. He seems to think the anger can just happen to African Americans for no apparent reason. (April 28 issue).

Joel Hilliker possibly calling President Obama "a tyrant". (June 23 issue).

PCG's writers whining that President Obama won the presidential election. (November 10 issue.)

PCG's writers criticizing an exhumation for spreading "terror" to Israel. (December 8 issue).

PCG's writers lamenting the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and blaming Obama for it. They never foresaw that just next year the Muslim Brotherhood would fall from power.

PCG's writers stirring up anger and fear about the Roman Catholic Church.

PCG's writers desperate attempts to convince readers that Guttenburg will return to power.

PCG's writers fear mongering that African Americans will soon go on a rampage against European descended Americans.

PCG's writers talking about the terrorist attack in Benghazi in which four Americans were murdered by terrorists and accusing Obama of somehow sympathizing with the terrorists.

PCG's writers predicting that the murderous Assad regime would soon fall and become an ally of Europe.

Let us begin.


January 7. "Goodbye 2011 and Good Riddance" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry says 2011 was a terrible year in order to insist that things will get far worse.

"Iran Wants War. It Is About To Get One." by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker talks of how Iran blocked the Strait of Hormuz for five hours one day. Hilliker condemns this and shrilly declares that Iran is preparing for war and being provocative. Once again Iran is portrayed in the worse possible way just to "prove" that Gerald Flurry is a prophet after he dogmatically declared in 1994 that Iran would be "the king of the South" PCG predicts will rally the Middle East against America and eventually Europe.

"The Dollar Trap Is Sprung" by Robert Morley. Here Morley insists that signs of the American economy improving should be ignored.
One day—perhaps one day soon—America will wake up to find out that it has suddenly become Greece. Beware the dollar trap.
January 14. "'Seals of Jeremiah's Captors Discovered!'" by Stephen Flurry.

"Germany: Guttenburg and Stoiber Both Return?" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser continues to speculate that Guttenburg and Stoiber will return into the halls of power in a desperate attempt to deny that their earlier predictions had failed.

"Detoxify Your Family" by Robert Morley. Here Morley encourages people to not use computers and cell phones so much.

January 21. "The Moral Outrage of Urinating Soldiers" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker minimizes the scandal after a video came out.

"Americans Opt for Caffeine Over Sleep" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry condemns how people are consuming too much caffeine.

January 28. "America Needs New Leadership" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry says America's standing in the world is falling apart and insists that President Obama is in . 
The biggest loser by far in the so-called Arab Spring is clearly the United States of America. U.S. interests in the region have been massively crippled over the past year.
What about all the people who got killed and those who loved them?

"Bible Prophecy Comes Alive in the Strait of Hormuz!" by Brad MacDonald. Imagine that. A sovereign nation trying to protect its borders.

"Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg Plays Hard to Get" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser continues to fantasize that Guttenburg will return to the halls of power in order to distract PCG's followers from seeing that their earlier predictions had failed.

February 4. "Germany's Angela Merkel and the Balkanization of Europe" by Ron Fraser.

"America's Vulture Capitalists" by Robert Morley. Here Morley condemns a hedge fund for destroying a toy company, which is rather unusual for PCG. Usually PCG's leaders tend to sympathize with the rich and powerful.

"A Secret About America's Debt" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker completely confuses the difference between private debt and public debt to inaccurately accuse the US government of being bankrupt.
The federal government collected $2.2 trillion last year—a huge heap of money that is nowhere near the $3.7 trillion it spent.

Imagine a household that makes $4,000 a month sitting down to make a budget, and patting itself on the back for planning to spend $6,500. We’re not talking about impulse buying. We’re talking about planning to go $2,500 deeper into debt every month—$30,000 a year.

I’m guessing you have enough common sense to recognize that to “budget” yourself to go $1.5 trillion deeper into debt each year simply isn’t sustainable. It is lunacy.
But can this household print legally recognized money? Hilliker has gotten this issue completely confused.

The household has private debt using money printed by its government. The US government has public debt which can be paid by just printing more money.

February 11. "Lessons From the Bloodbath in Syria" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns the Obama Administration for not being more forceful in fighting the Assad regime.

"Queen Elizabeth--Diamond Jubilee's True Significance" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser uses the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee to spread inaccurate teaching of British Israelism.

February 18. "President Obama vs. the Catholic Church" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker sides with the Catholic Church in a matter regarding the supply of contraceptives.

"Want War? Then Continue Ignoring Iran" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald condemns those who wish to pursue diplomacy with Iran as collaborators of Iran's rise to power.
To many, Iran is clearly more a geopolitical nuisance, an inconvenience, than a legitimate and deadly threat to regional and even international peace. To Western elites, Tehran is more the harmless schoolyard bully than the terrorist-sponsoring, genocide-inducing, radical Islamist regime its actions clearly reveal it to be.
Why are PCG's leaders so in love with the idea of war?

February 25. "The Stunning Truth Behind Libya's 'Democratic' Revolution" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald uses an article from the National Review to assert that the brave revolutionary protesters who overthrew the Gaddafi regime at such great personal cost are puppets of al Qaeda.

"America Is Looking A Lot Like Rome" by Robert Morley. Strange article that insists that calls to abolish the penny is a sign that America's currency is being somehow debased. Many currencies do not have a penny.

March 3. "Satan The Devil is Making Headlines" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker defends Rick Santorum after he was criticized for mentioning Satan the Devil in a campaign speech.

"A Study in Financial Folly" by Robert Morley. Here Morley fear mongers about student loans and denigrates the importance of getting education in a collage.
Young people are told that the only path to success is through a college education. It is a lie. But the indoctrination is so great that a whole generation of young people have signed away their financial futures to get what often amounts to a worthless piece of paper.
March 10. "Does Israel Need America?" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry condemns President Obama as having "an anti-Israel policy."
Since he moved into the Oval Office in January 2009, Mr. Obama has seized upon every possible opportunity, publicly and privately, to question Israel’s commitment to peace and to upbraid and even humiliate Israeli leaders. He has compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinian refugees to Germany’s extermination of Jews during the Holocaust. He has rejected the legitimacy of Jewish settlements and demanded that Jews stop building in all lands claimed by Palestinians. He called on Israel to apologize to its attackers after the Turkish flotilla incident. And during the so-called Arab Spring last year, President Obama said Israel should return to the indefensible armistice line borders from 1967.
Stephen Flurry speculates that the State of Israel may be tempted to strike at Iran alone.
Israel may try to go it alone for a little while. If Israel does strike Iran, however, we can be certain that it will not be successful in eliminating the Iranian threat. Whether it takes action or not, we can expect Iran to only grow more belligerent and pushier—effectively bringing on a more severe crisis down the road. An Israeli strike may buy the Jews some time—or it may hasten the Islamist push for Jerusalem.
Then why do you and your follow leaders within PCG keep moaning that America cannot go to war with Iran? PCG's leaders often write as though they would like nothing better then to see war with Iran. They speak of war as though it is just a little thing.

"Stratfor vs. Anonymous, WikiLeaks" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser sticks up for Stratfor, an organization PCG goes to for interviews every now and then, against hackers.

March 24. "The Race Bomb!" by Stephen Flurry. This article was written shortly after the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Here Stephen Flurry fear mongers that "race war" is coming and that African Americans are on the verge of rioting and going on a rampage against European descended Americans.
But by not applying hate crime laws equally, big media and law enforcement officials are only adding more explosives on top of the powder keg. Whites will only resent the double standard and begin taking matters into their own hands. And blacks will view themselves as the only ethnic group in America that is routinely victimized by racism. 
“This is no light matter to pass over casually,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote way back in October 1963. “Race war is coming! Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning. It will explode into mass violence that will stagger the imagination! It will be whipped into an accelerating crescendo until human blood runs like rivers!” 
Yes, it is coming—to a local neighborhood near you. And it’s not just a local matter, Mr. Armstrong stressed. It’s a WORLDWIDE evil!
PCG's writers have taught since at least 1992 that African Americans will soon launch riots and go on a rampage against European descended Americans. This article continues that shameful tradition of theirs.

"Germany Hasn't Given Up On a United States of Europe" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers that the EU is preparing to split with essentially ten members within it.
The Trumpet has continued Mr. Armstrong’s forecast and explained repeatedly that a closely integrated group of 10 nations, or groups of nations, would emerge out of the 27-member EU behemoth that exists today. We don’t know for certain if the Berlin Club constitutes this group, but it’s possible.
"The New American Pasttime" by Robert Morley. Here Morley moans that young people are spending too much time playing video games.

March 31. "Iran, Radical Islamists Taking Over North Africa" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald insists Iran is taking over North Africa.
Whether it’s because people are too worried by the personal and national crises they face, or too consumed with material infatuations, few take the time to think seriously on what’s happening in Iran or Egypt or Syria, let alone such obscure places as Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia or Sudan. Because of this, most people fail to realize that radical Islamist forces are gaining momentum. Worse still, few stop to think about where radical Islam’s momentum will end.
"The Iranian 'Push' Continues" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker fear mongers that Hezbollah has "hundreds—even thousands" of "agents" who just might launch a terrorist attack. He cites the controversial hearings by Representative Peter King about the supposed radicalization of American Muslims which were widely condemned and criticized as fear mongering against American Muslims. Hilliker makes no mention of how controversial it was and that it was widely condemned as scapegoating innocent people.
King said there may be hundreds—even thousands—of Hezbollah agents in the U.S. capable of launching a terrorist attack. He also spoke of the 84 Iranian diplomats at the United Nations and in Washington who, “it must be presumed, are intelligence officers.” Add to this the fact that Hezbollah is known to be working with the powerful Mexican drug cartels, which are entrenched in cities all over America.
(Ironically Representative King in times past was a vocal sympathizer for the IRA, a terrorist organization that PCG has repeatedly condemned.)

"Will 'Trayvon Martin' Ignite Race Wars?" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry once again fear mongers that protests concerning the killing of Trayvon Martin will incite African Americans to go on a riotous rampage against European descended Americans.
The real significance of the Trayvon Martin case isn’t whether the shooting was racially motivated or not—or if the watchman acted in self-defense. It’s that media outlets, black activists, celebrities and even leaders in government are collectively using this isolated incident—whether they realize it or not—to incite race wars!  
Where is all of this leading? “Race war is coming,” Herbert W. Armstrong warned almost 50 years ago (Plain Truth, October 1963). ... 
That is certainly happening right now on both sides of the Trayvon Martin case. And it may well be the tiny spark that sets off the racist bomb prophesied to explode upon our cities.
Instead of helping to diffuse the situation Stephen Flurry dogmatically proclaims that far worst is about to occur. What an unhelpful way to deal with this situation.

April 7. "Germany--Southern and Eastward Strategy" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser, among other things, once again inaccurately accuses Germany of starting the Yugoslav Wars by a diplomatic act in December 1991.
This strategy for southern and eastward influence started with Germany sparking a security emergency in the Balkan Peninsula by unilateral recognition of Slovenia and Croatia as sovereign states separate from greater Yugoslavia. This was Germany’s first foreign policy initiative following unification of East Germany with its western counterpart. The rest is history, and a rather bloody history at that. The resultant Balkan wars ended with the entire Balkan Peninsula a veritable colony of the German-dominated European Union.
 In fact the wars had started earlier in June 1991, six months earlier.

"Your House Will Never Recover Its Value" by Robert Morley.

"Cyberattacks: America's Achilles Heel" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers about hacking attacks.

This issue quotes an article from Clarion Fund, an organization notorious for demonizing Muslims.

April 14. "The Last Bubble" by Robert Morley. Here Morley once again insists that America is about to go bankrupt. We are still waiting.

"Spend Your Time Wisely" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry encourages readers to spend their time wisely.
Time today is much shorter than it was two or three years ago—or two or three months ago. Because we know the time, we must focus on what really matters—and then MAINTAIN that focus. Satan wants us to get so caught up in the things of this world that we never have time for God. 
In this way Stephen Flurry tells people they need to focus on what PCG's leaders tell them to do.

"Europe Refuses to Deal With Anti-Semitism" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald seems somewhat agitated at how Europeans view the killing of Trayvon Martin and he retaliates rather petulantly by saying they are just as racist as America, except towards Jews. You do it too! he essentially says here. He does this by bringing up a mass shooting against Jews in France.
In America, the death of a single young man was enough to set off a national debate on racism. Meanwhile, in Europe, the massacre of four Jews by a radical Islamic terrorist wasn’t enough to start a serious and widespread discussion about Europe’s problem with anti-Semitism.  
In Europe, dozens of anti-Semitic incidents, including everything from public and private slandering and harassment to destruction of Jewish property and physical beatings, occur every single day. Just this week, a 25-year-old Jewish student leaving his local synagogue in Ukraine had his skull bashed and shattered, most likely by right-wing skinheads who have long threatened Jews in the area.  
Where’s the Continent-wide debate about that?
Is MacDonald admitting that the protesters have a legitimate cause?

April 21. "Will Germany Intervene in Syria?" by Brad MacDonald. This still has not happened.

"So You Want To Understand The Bible?" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry insists that the only way you can understand the Bible is if you do what PCG's leaders tell you to do.
In fact, obedience is a prerequisite for understanding (Psalm 119:100). If we sincerely and wholeheartedly try to obey all that God reveals—if we humbly repent of sins that are exposed by God’s Word, God will open our minds to the depths of His glorious truth. That is an absolute promise from God.  
In other words, you cannot understand the Bible unless you do what we (PCG's leaders) say. If PCG happens to be wrong then anyone who points this out are simply dismissed as not understanding the Bible.

"Understanding the Bible" has been subtly redefined to mean "obey PCG's leaders". This is a practice often committed by authoritarian religious groups called "loading the language".

April 28. "Ten EU Nations and a New 'Super-President'" by Ron Fraser.

"Argentina: Lesson for America" by Robert Morley. Here Morley says that Argentina has fallen apart and blames left wing policies. He never mentions that one reason why Argentina defaulted in 2001 was because its currency was pegged to the US dollar and this made it impossible for them to print more money to handle the debt. The US dollar is not in a similar bind and is not in danger of defaulting.

"The L.A. Riots: Twenty Years Later" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry fear mongers again that riots are coming and that African Americans are about to go on a rampage against European descended Americans.
Of course, if you’ve followed the Trumpet over the years, you are well familiar with what the Bible prophesies about race wars coming to the streets of our biggest cities. As we wrote back in 1992, Los Angeles was only the beginning. “These strong emotions will lead to more riots; more U.S. cities are going to burn! … As the economy grows worse, the rioters are going to burn more and more because God’s wrath is upon us!” (Trumpet, June 1992). …
Stephen Flurry then implies that African Americans are irrational and prone to violence. He seems to think African Americans can cause a riot like Los Angeles in 1992 at any time for no apparent reason.
In a recent interview, he [a rioter who was caught severely beating up a random man] said, “You know, honestly, it was something that just happened, man. I never even knew Reginald Denny. Just the anger and the rage just took hold to where I nor anyone who was out there that day was in their right frame of mind.”  
It just happened. The spirit of anger and rage just grabbed hold of them, and it resulted in the tragic deaths of 53 fellow Americans. 
That same spirit of hatred and violence is about to explode on America’s streets once again!
"Obama Embraces Islam" (Washington Times). This non-PCG article condemns the Obama Administration for viewing the raise of Islamist parties through non-violent processes as a good thing.

The Washington Times was instrumental in spreading the false allegation that President Obama was a Muslim.

Considering who owns The Washington Times I find it quite fitting that PCG's writers should quote from them.

May 5. This issue spends a lot of time fear mongering that Germany is just about to arise as an unstoppable power.

May 12. "Merkel and Monti Revive Old Berlin-Rome Axis" by Ron Fraser. once again Fraser invokes the painful memory of World War II in order to demonize European leaders such as Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Monti in order to scare PCG members that Europe will soon arise to power and destroy America.

This issue spends a lot of time fear mongering about Germany.

May 19. "Hate Groups Grow as Tipping Point Changes Demographics" (ABC News). This non-PCG article relates a warning from the Southern Poverty Law Center about the proliferation of extremist right wing hate groups since the start of the Obama Administration. This is a rare acknowledgement by PCG's writers of the problem of extremist right wing groups within America.

May 26. "How to Fix the Welfare State" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker gives advice on how to "fix" the welfare state.
The scriptural command is that if someone doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Giving someone unmerited welfare may look righteous, but it inevitably turns into more of a curse than a blessing. It feeds a shiftless mob while bankrupting our nations. ...

Moreover, these laws provide for the poor without government subsidies or welfare programs, keeping the burden of welfare off the state. This creates a much healthier situation—for the poor, for the wealthy, and for the government.
Hilliker, you live off of the welfare provided by PCG members to you. A bunch of people are told it is "God's law" to pay three tithes to PCG in order to be saved. That is where you get your money from. Hilliker is a well fare recipient of members' tithes money.

"Has a Race War Already Begun?" by Dennis Leap. PCG's writers constantly portray African Americans as violent and ready to launch riots against European descended Americans. They have done this since at least 1992. Dennis Leap continues that shameful tradition with this article.
Episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people are happening, yet are not being reported by the news media. ...

Some thinkers believe that a race war is being censored to avoid white backlash.
"Pastor in Prison for Teaching That Parents Should Spank" (American Dream). Non-PCG article which notes how one Christian pastor was arrested for teaching parishioners to spank their children with wooden spoons.
But Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi was absolutely horrified that some parents would actually use a wooden spoon to spank their little children when they misbehaved. … Instead of going after the parents who were doing the spanking, prosecutors chose to go after the pastor instead. They claimed that Caminiti was “the spoke in the wheel of this conspiracy.”  
Even after Caminiti leaves prison, he will be forbidden from having any contact with his old church. … Caminiti will be on extended supervision for six years after his release from prison. Despite objections on constitutional grounds by Caminiti’s lawyers, Sumi ordered that he not have any contact with the Aleitheia Bible Church and have no leadership role in any church.
Shamefully HWA's WCG widely encouraged their parents to discipline children in a severe manner. This practice has done incalculable harm to the families within WCG and its related offshoots. Considering that fact it is no wonder that PCG's writers should mention this. Could it be they are fearful that something like this may happen to them?

June 9. "Elizabeth II, Queen of the World" by Brad MacDonald.

June 16. "South Africa gets ready for more rage" (, Anonymous). This little article fear mongers that South Africa will fall apart. It mentions protests caused by frustration at the lack of social services.
The Trumpet has long predicted that social stability would deteriorate in South Africa and all of Britain’s former colonies as God withdraws His blessings from modern-day Israel. Watch for the rioting to get much worse.
Of course like any wave of (supposed) rioting it faded away and has not caused South Africa to collapse. Once again another failed prophecy by PCG.

"Bath Salts Do Not Turn People Into Flesh-Eating Zombies" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker exploits concerns regarding the use of bath salts as a high inducing drug to fear monger about demons.

"Never Again?" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry exploits his visit to Yad Vashem in order to fear monger that something worst then the Holocaust is about to take place any moment now.
But as hard as it is to think about, the Bible says mankind will bring upon itself such horrors as these again. ...

But most people—even as earthshaking military alliances form, as totalitarian regimes devour whole nations, as the spirit of hatred and racism explodes in front of us and as the protectors of freedom and democracy enter into full-scale retreat—will simply refuse to believe that anything this catastrophic could ever happen again
June 23. "Egypt in Chaos" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry fear mongers about the election of Mohamad Morsi as President of Egypt. Little did he know that just a year later Morsi would be arrested and the Muslim Brotherhood bloodily suppressed at the cost of 638 lives and labelled a terrorist organization.

"President Obama Sidesteps Congress" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns an act by President Obama designed to make life easier for some illegal immigrants.
Serious problems are emerging from America’s lax approach to illegal immigration. But what is of even graver concern is the president’s dangerous approach to the Constitution. 
America’s founders fought and died in order to build a nation on godly principles and to prevent a tyrant from ruling over them. The Constitution was expressly written to safeguard those principles and protect the future of the nation.
Did Hilliker just call President Obama "a tyrant"?

Quotes Washington Times. How appropriate.

June 30. "Egypt is Lost" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry waxes mournful at the election of Muhammad Morsi as President of Egypt.
What a dramatic and shocking transformation we have witnessed! A radical Islamist now presides over the biggest and most powerful state in the Arab world. Of course, Mohammed Morsi’s election represents a tremendous victory for democracy—so say the fantasists. But these fantasies will soon be exposed by a brutal reality. ... 
In other words, Egypt is now lost. Whether these radical steps are taken quickly and overtly or slowly and subtly, the outcome is inevitable.
Just over a year later Morsi was deposed and arrested. Also the Muslim Brotherhood which he spent so much time demonizing were suppressed by the authorities with the loss of at least 638 lives and banned as a terrorist organization. That is what happened contrary to the supposedly inevitable outcome Stephen Flurry claimed was the case.

"How to Decide What News to Read" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker tells people how to read the news.

"America's Crash of 2013?" by Robert Morley. Too late, Morley. This is yet another false prophecy.

July 7. "Will Germany Exploit Britain's Banking Scandal?" by Brad MacDonald. Two and a half years later it is probably safe to say, No.

"Syria in Civil War" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits the assassination of a Hamas official in Syria to insist that an anti-Iranian alliance, which PCG calls the Psalm 83 Nations, is about to arise.

"Vatican Pressures Yad Vashem to Revise Pius XII History" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry once again stokes up anti-Catholic feelings among PCG members by recalling what happened during World War II.

"Militarizing Japan scares allies" (p. 7). PCG constantly demonize Japan and insist it is plotting to make nuclear weapons and build up a military force. They have so constantly since at least 1993 as may be seen in Gerald Flurry's original Jeremiah booklet.

July 14. "Bankrupt U.S. Cities Indicate Nation's Future" by Jeremiah Jacques.

"Egypt's New Direction" by Robert Morley. Here Morley fear mongers about Muhammad Morsi, portraying him as plotting to radicalize Egypt and accusing the US government of engineering his rise.
Morsi’s move was a direct challenge to the former military rulers. It shows his strength. But more importantly, it shows the direction Morsi wants to take Egypt—away from the more secular constitution and into a fundamentalist Islamic future. 
Astoundingly, America doesn’t seem concerned. ... 
Most recently, Iran’s state-controlled Fars news agency published an interview with Mohammed Morsi in which he reportedly said he would “reconsider the Camp David Accord” (peace treaty) with Israel and that he wants closer relations with Iran. Reportedly, he also said that closer relations with Iran will create a “balance” of power in the region, “and this is part of my program.” Following international outrage, a spokesman for Morsi denied that he gave the Fars interview. 
This is America’s new ally. This is the man whom America helped put in power. This is the man who is taking Egypt toward radicalism.
A year later President Morsi was overthrown and his movement suppressed at the cost of at least 638 lives.

"Teddy Kollek and His Friend" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry boasts of meting with Kollek's daughter in a desperate attempt to boast that PCG is the sole legitimate continuation of WCG. He wants PCG members to ignore the fact that UCG and LCG are larger then LCG. He wants PCG members to ignore the fact that only one WCG minister decided to join Flurry's following. He wants PCG members to ignore the fact that PCG has altered HWA's writings.

"Is the Mayan End of the World Prophesy Accurate?" by Joel Hilliker.

July 21. "Epic Failure: America's Muslim Outreach" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry moans again. He accuses President Obama of letting Egypt become radicalized.
Another remarkable prediction my father made back in 2009 was regarding the imminent radicalization of Egypt. While then President Hosni Mubarak was not present for Obama’s speech, he noted, the Muslim Brotherhood was. “Egypt is about to experience a radical change!” he wrote emphatically. “No doubt the Muslim Brotherhood is going to gain control of Egypt. Its invitation to hear that speech from the leader of the free world absolutely strengthens its cause!”  
Who else was saying that in 2009—when Hosni Mubarak supposedly still had a firm grip on the Muslim Brotherhood and President Obama was healing the rift between America and Islam?  
“How much did America’s president help the terrorist cause? Probably far more than we imagine,” he said. “It all gets back to Iran, Iran and Iran! Yet our president will hardly talk about the brutal king of terrorism.” ... 
These are the undeniable fruits that have come from the policy of appeasement America kicked off three years ago in Cairo. What a TURNING POINT that speech has turned out to be.
Little did he know how drastically things would change just a year later.

"Iran and the End of Days" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers about Iran after noting various predictions of the end of the world from some prominent Iranians. Considering how often PCG's leaders like to prophesy and speculate that the Great Tribulation and the Second Coming are coming any moment now this is so hypocritical. Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

"The LIBOR Lie" by Robert Morley.
The LIBOR scandal may very well be the lie that breaks confidence in America and Britain.
Two and a half years later we can say the answer is, No.

"Why Dress Your Daughter Like a Skank?" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker gets on his high horse about other people letting their young daughter dress in ways he disapproves of.

The issue contains this quote from a Key of David episode.
“We’ve all heard about the Columbine High School killing in 1999. … That was the worst example of a school killing in our history. … So, do we want solutions? Do we want solutions to our problems? … Train up a young person the way he should go, and when he’s old he won’t depart from it. You can train children. You can teach them, and you ought to, if you love them. You must do that. … But we have to look beyond the teen, and get to the cause. What is it that produces generals and bishops and statesmen and outstanding leaders? What is it that produces them? It’s not just happenstance. It isn’t coincidence.” —Gerald Flurry, Key of David, 1999
July 28. "Psalm 83 Is Making Headlines" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry insists that his father's prophecy which was unveiled the year before that the Middle East would divide into two separate blocs, one led by Iran (the king of the South) and one opposed to Iran (the Psalm 83 Nations). He quotes Brad MacDonald to "prove" this assertion.

"Iran to Let Go of Syria" (p. 3.) A little article that predicts that the Assad regime would fall to be replaced by an anti-Iran government.
Syrian and Iranian interests and loyalties have been wed together for decades. But all of that is about to change—particularly now that we are witnessing the last days of Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship.

As early as 1994, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry expounded on a prophecy in Psalm 83 that reveals that Syria would ally itself with Germany. This is why we have long known about the forthcoming divorce between Syria and Iran. It’s not a matter of if— only when.
Although I myself would have much preferred for the murderous Assad regime to have been deposed this development has not occurred.

"Teaching Children--The Old Way!" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser waxes nostalgic about a teacher in Australia getting ideas from a 1922 syllabus. Fraser then uses this to advertise Imperial School.
At Imperial Academy, our elementary school here in Edmond, Oklahoma, we are striving to return to a truly visionary education of children. We are implementing an education system based on the biblically revealed laws of education.
"Ignoring the Race Riots Won't Make The Disappear" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker insists that African Americans are prone to launching mass attacks and riots against whites. Hilliker cites a book published by WorldNetDaily to support this assertion. PCG has a long history of fear mongering that African Americans are just a moment away from launching violent mobs to attack white Americans. This articles continues that shameful tradition.

August 11. "Why Isn't This Olympian Flying the EU Flag?" by Brad MacDonald. Hilarious article in which MacDonald proves that there will be no EU superstate. He takes note of a German athlete holding a German flag after winning the gold medal in the Olympic Games.
More than any other event, the Olympic Games is a celebration of pure, untarnished, unchecked, NATIONALISM. 
And this is why the EU doesn’t work. 
The EU is struggling for the same reason European athletes never proudly fly the EU flag: because the citizens of Europe’s nation-states are unwilling to surrender sovereignty to the EU!
Which is exactly why Armstrongism's insistence that the European Union will arise as a military superpower fated to destroy America is complete nonsense. Why doesn't MacDonald ever stop to ask himself why he continues to promote this idea if it is so difficult for Europeans to follow?

"The Descent of the Anglo-Saxon Male" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser quotes an article from The Washington Times (how appropriate) to say that European descended men are being vilified by society.

August 18. "'Egypt is an Islamic State'" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald once again fear mongers that the Muslim Brotherhood will radicalize Egypt and ally with Iran. He had no idea that just a year later the Muslim Brotherhood would be deposed and bloodily suppressed.

"7 Reasons This Election Doesn't Matter" by Robert Morley. Here Morley insists that it did not matter whether Obama or Romney won the election. HWA banned his followers from voting and PCG continues this tradition. Morley insists that the problems America faced are unsolvable.

The insinuation unstated here is that current problems cannot be solved or managed so we should just give up, join PCG, pay them three tithes until the Great Tribulation come and run away to a place of safety.

August 25. "When Push Comes to Shove" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry once again fear mongers about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
“Watch for Cairo to distance itself from America,” my father wrote in early 2006. “Should the MB ever take control, there is no doubt that a strong alliance between Iran and Egypt will be built.”  
That prophecy has been fulfilled, which is why Egypt is now pushing hard against Israel in the Sinai.
The following year the Muslim Brotherhood was suppressed with the loss of at least 638 lives.

"The Shockingly Rapid Radicalization of Egypt" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker once again fear mongers that the Muslim Brotherhood will seize control of Egypt and make Egypt an enemy of America. He had no idea that the Muslim Brotherhood would soon fall.

"Why You Should Pay Attention to Yemen" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald exploits the turbulent situation in Yemen to accuse Iran of trying to seize control Yemen.

"South Africa Is a Time Bomb" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits the massacre of thirty four striking miners at Marikana mine to say that South Africa has no hope.
As the Guardian reported, had this massacre happened under the old apartheid regime, there would have been sustained furor around the world. As it is, the world just sees this recent violence as typical Africa. It’s just another case of incomprehensible black-on-black lawlessness and vicious violence.

It is very telling of the deteriorating state of the country today. South Africa never used to be that way.  
"South Africa never used to be that way"? What about the Soweto Uprising in 1976? About 176 people died in during attempts by the police to suppress the protest.

What about the Sharpville massacre in 1960? Sixty nine protesters were killed by police. Once again we see how PCG minimizes the horrific problems of apartheid South Africa and view the democratic transfer of power to the majority of the population in the worst possible way.

Morley continues:
Some people blame the trigger-happy police. But it is hard to blame them too much: Just days earlier, mine workers had brutally hacked two police officers to death and burned two security guards alive. Other people blame violence between the unions.  
But the signs that South Africa is a time bomb getting ready to explode are becoming hard to miss.
But as we have just seen there have been even worse incidents of violence during the apartheid era. It is well known that South Africa has a lot of problems but this does not necessarily mean that South Africa is about to collapse.

September 1. "Putting the Solomonic Era on the Map" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry boasts of archaeological discoveries that PCG has aided. PCG's participating in this archaeological excavation is used to persuade PCG members that PCG is the sole legitimate continuation of HWA's WCG.

"What's Mohammad Morsi Doing in China" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers that Morsi's visit to China is a sign that catastrophe is about to erupt upon America and Israel. He had no idea that Morsi would fall so soon afterwards.

"The New York Times Most Idiotic Attack on Men Ever" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns an article in The New York Times which (he says) details how one scientist speculate that men are unnecessary with the rearing up of children.

September 8. "Is the EU About to Enforce Sunday Worship in Greece?" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer fear mongers that the EU will soon force people to worship on Sunday. This is a delusion inherited from earlier forms of Sabbatarian Adventism which has constantly fear mongered that Sunday worship will soon be enforced upon society since the 1800s.

"A 'Nation of Takers'" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer fear mongers that the US government is paying too much money simply to help people out.

September 15. This was the first issue of The Trumpet Weekly produced after the terrorist attack against the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Just four days after the deadly terrorist attacks PCG's writers discuss it as though they know all and see all.

"America Pays a Horrific Price for 'Liberating' Egypt and Libya" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry dwells at great length upon the violent death of dictator Gaddafi, specifically the sodomy imposed on him.

He also condemns massacres by the revolutionaries against the Gaddafi regime. He does not bother to here condemn the numerous atrocities committed by those who supported the Gaddafi dictatorship.
Western media couldn’t be bothered with such trivialities—not when Mitt Romney had the audacity to criticize the State Department for apologizing to terrorists.

That’s the real story: Mitt Romney “politicizing” this tragedy.
Mitt Romney did politicize the attack. Many other terrorist attacks were launched against US Embassies and Consulates during the previous Bush Administration. Have PCG's writers paid as much attention to any of these attacks as they have to the terrorist attack in Benghazi?
June 14, 2002, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan
Suicide bomber kills 12 and injures 51.
February 20, 2003, international diplomatic compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Truck bomb kills 17.
February 28, 2003, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan
Gunmen on motorcycles killed two consulate guards.
July 30, 2004, U.S. embassy in Taskkent [sic], Uzbekistan
Suicide bomber kills two.
December 6, 2004, U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Militants stormed and occupied perimeter wall. Five killed, 10 wounded.
March 2, 2006, U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan
Suicide car bomber killed four, including a U.S. diplomate [sic] directly targeted by the assailants.
September 12, 2006, U.S. embassy in Damascus, Syria
Gunmen attacked embassy with grenades, automatic weapons, and a car bomb (though second truck bomb failed to detonate). One killed and 13 wounded.

January 12, 2007, U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece
A rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the embassy building. No one was injured.
July 9, 2008, U.S. consulate in Istanbul, Turkey
Armed men attacked consulate with pistols and shotguns. Three policemen killed.
March 18, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana'a, Yemen
Mortar attack misses embassy, hits nearby girls' school instead.
September 17, 2008, U.S. embassy in Sana'a, Yemen
Militants dressed as policemen attacked the embassy with RPGs, rifles, grenades and car bombs. Six Yemeni soldiers and seven civilians were killed. Sixteen more were injured. (Daily Kos.) 
Also note the terrorist attacks that occurred during the Reagan Administration. (Please note the following quote is presented as it was written.)
April 18 1983 Beirut Islamic Jihad car bomb destroys Embassy  63 killed
December 12 1983 Kuwait City al-Dawa truck bomb outside embassy 6 killed.
September 20 1984 Beirut Hezbollah truck bomb outside embassy  24 killed
November 1984 Bogotá Car bomb outside Embassy planted by drug cartel  1 killed
February 1986 Lisbon Popular Forces of 25 April car bomb outside Embassy
May 14 1986 Jakarta Japanese Red Army mortar barrage none
June 9 1987 Rome Japanese Red Army mortar barrage
That's 94 dead. (Source.)
Why is the Benghazi terrorist attack so often talked about by PCG's writers and not any of these other terrorist attacks? What is going on here?

When all the other terrorist attacks were launched against US embassies and consulates both parties rallied together and supported each other. They did not exploit these incidents to play politics against their rivals. Mitt Romney broke with this tradition and tried to use this terrorist attack to allege that President Obama somehow sympathized with the terrorists by not being sufficiently combative against the terrorists. Others decided to follow his lead. More on this later.

And now back to Stephen Flurry's article. He cites how the US Embassy in Cairo tried to placate Muslims who had been enraged by the Innocence of Muslims "film trailer" that had been shown on an Egyptian TV show.
Even still, if somebody needs to step up and apologize for this stupid YouTube video, why shouldn’t it be the United States government?

On Tuesday, after an Egyptian Salafist television station had screened the offensive movie in order to incite anti-American violence in the lead up to the anniversary of 9/11, America’s hair-triggered response was this: “The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.”
It was later revealed that the press release in question was released without the approval of the State Department and that the Cairo Embassy was "disowned" by the State Department for being too placatory to the demonstrators. This is what is stated in chapter one of the book, The Benghazi Hoax.
"The statement by Embassy Cairo was not cleared by Washington and does not reflect the views of the United States government," an administration official told POLITICO. (Politico).
This fact is not mentioned in Stephen Flurry's article.

We now continue with Stephen Flurry's article.
How about the fact that it happened on 9/11? The attacks in Cairo and Benghazi were both premeditated strikes, coordinated by radical Islam and specifically planned for delivery on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.
Do the Libyans even use our calendar over there? Muslims have used their own calendar which dates events from AD 622.

"Attacks in Libya, Egypt Confirm Link With Iran" by Joel Hilliker.
The Islamic Revolution of 1979 empowered the Iranian regime that the Trumpet has repeatedly pointed to as fulfilling the role of “king of the south,” prophesied of in the biblical book of Daniel.
Why does Hilliker call it the Islamic Revolution? That is what the leaders in Tehran call it. Why would Hilliker play in their hands? The vast majority of Muslims do not live in Iran and are not Iranian. Don't you know that, Hilliker?

September 22. "Making Sense of America's Bungled Response to Muslim Rage" by Stephen Flurry.

This article is dated September 21, just ten days after the terrorist attack.

Here Stephen Flurry recites some of the functions President Obama attended attempting to portray President Obama as careless about the terrorist attack.
Yet, despite the prospect of widespread protests last Friday, it was business as usual in the Oval Office. President Obama met with the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic teams on the South Lawn, was interviewed by an entertainment magazine, participated in a photo shoot with a Spanish photographer and attended a campaign fundraising dinner that night. Meanwhile, his spokesman was desperately trying to convince Americans that these attacks were merely spontaneous demonstrations that had nothing at all to do with anti-Americanism.

On Tuesday, President Obama flew to New York for an interview with comedian David Letterman and to attend a ritzy fundraising event with hip-hop artists Beyonce and Jay Z.
No mention is made here of the fact that President Obama was in the Oval Office during the terrorist attack and paid attention to the attack during its occurrence. Also the day after President Obama made an address about the terrorist attack it in which he called it an act of terror.

"The 'Alternative Universe' of America's Leaders" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker accuses the Obama Administration of being sympathetic to the terrorists.
In other words, We’re on the same side as the protesters. We all agree:  This video is reprehensible and disgusting.
This idea that Obama somehow sympathized with the terrorists or the protesters claiming about that film is similar in that it is another way to portray Obama as being somehow "un-American" and "not like us". Accusing President Obama of somehow sympathizing or siding with the terrorists was an attempt to bring down President Obama during the election campaign by some Republican Party members. It somehow seems to escape Hilliker's notice that President Obama in fact referred to this as a terrorist attack in an address the day after it.

Left unacknowledged in any 2012 issue of The Trumpet Weekly is the fact that many Libyans were highly upset and disgusted at those foul murders and rallied to show their disgust. But PCG's writers do not seem to care about these facts. They are not mentioned in any of The Trumpet Weekly issues of 2012.

Just a few days later the Libyan people rose up and cast out a militia there widely suspected of involvement in this act. Some of those brave Libyans died in that heroic endeavor. But sad to say PCG's writers do not seem to care about those brave and noble people. He certainly did not mention it here. These acts of courage are not mentioned in any of The Trumpet Weekly issues of 2012.

[Incorrectly observed Feast of Tabernacles break.]

One consequence of PCG observing the Feast of Tabernacles at this time is that The Trumpet Weekly does not discuss the second Presidential candidate debate. In that debate President Obama mentioned the terrorist attack and called it a terrorist act. Romney sensed an opportunity and said that this was the first time President Obama had called it a terrorist attack. Obama then pointed out he had called it a terrorist attack the day after the attack. The CNN moderator confirmed that Obama was right. Romney had tried to accuse President Obama of being sympathetic to the terrorists but it proved to be a dud. The accusation failed and put Romney in a bad situation of his own creation.

October 13. "As American Support Falters, Israel Looks to Europe" by Richard Palmer.

"America Needs a President Who Won't Lie" by Robert Morley. Morley constantly insists that America's economy is about to collapse. So when evidence comes suggesting that maybe the situation is not quite that dire he goes into a state of denial. He even insinuates that President Obama is lying as is done in the title of this article.

"Thoughts on the Vice Presidential Debate" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker discusses the vice-presidential candidate debate and portrays the debate as folly.
He [Biden] said Iran was on the ascendancy when President Obama took office, whereas now it is more isolated than ever, and far less powerful. He is obviously looking at a completely different set of criteria than I am.
If things were bad for Iran then look at things now. Syria is still stuck in its cataclysmic civil war because President Assad and those with him decided to do anything and everything to protect his power and privilege. Hezbollah got sucked into that war and they are busy fighting and dying to protect Assad's power and privilege. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi's lackeys have risen in power and those strange people hate Iran. Iran has even launched air strikes against them. Hamas is now isolated within Gaza after the Egyptian military seized power in Egypt in 2013. It does not look very good for Iran nowadays.
He [Biden] said the American and Israeli military and intelligence communities are in perfect agreement that Iran is “a good way away” from getting a nuclear weapon. Is Benjamin Netanyahu aware of this? Why then has he been traveling around talking about a “red line,” complaining about America’s lack of concern over this existential threat to his country, and turning to Germany for help?
I am struck by how trusting Hilliker seems to be of Netanyahu here.
He said of President Obama, “This is a guy who’s repaired our alliances so the rest of the world follows us again.” Which alliances is he talking about? Britain? Israel? Pakistan? Egypt? Russia? China? Mexico? Maybe Venezuela? And did you know that the rest of the world is following America’s lead again? This is news to me.
And I don't know why Hilliker thinks America is not leading the world.
I do think Joe Biden got one thing right, and that was to expose the weakness in the Romney/ Ryan foreign policy. He pressed the issue on what exactly a Romney administration would do against Iran, and against Syria—would it actually go to war against those countries? Governor Romney strongly criticizes the present administration, but in the end, I’m not convinced he would do anything substantially different. America is simply in no mood for another war in the Middle East. ...
 Hilliker says that like it's a bad thing. Why wouldn't people not want to go to war?
With the possible exception of Governor Romney’s willingness to be openly friendly to Israel, it seems that most of what we’re getting from him foreign policy-wise amounts to a difference in rhetoric more than of substance.
Well if even Hilliker felt this disquiet in regards to Romney no wonder he lost.

Hilliker also shares this anecdote.
It’s always hard watching these debates because it feels like the truth is given so little respect. I feel like I’m listening to my children explaining an incident where I’m getting contradictory stories because each child is shading the facts in order to put themselves in the best possible light while making the other look as guilty as possible. That is, if they’re not simply outright lying.
Why did Hilliker bring his children into this?

"The Discrediting of U.S. Military Power" (Tom Engelhardt, Real Clear Politics). Non-PCG article from Tom Engelhardt. It is unusual to see PCG's writings quoting a writer like him. Tom Engelhardt is quite left wing and writes in great detail condemning military policies of the US.

"Mass Media Corruption" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser insists that the media cannot be trusted and says that they are in the pay of foreign dictatorships. This is done partly to make readers distrust mainstream media stories so that they will instead believe what PCG's writers tell them to believe.

In this article Fraser quotes journalist Glenn Greenwald, a left wing journalist. It is unusual to see PCG's writers quoting such a left wing source.

Fraser's article ends with these words.
The need for objective, unbiased analysis of current events was never greater than in today’s world in its increasing state of great global disruption.  
That is where the Trumpet comes into the picture. 
What the Trumpet gives you is the unsanitized, plain truth about global events of true significance to you and your loved ones. It supplies you with the worthy material that allows you to “watch and pray” to the Creator in a practical, down-to-earth manner for His continuing guidance in your life within the context of the specific events leading to Christ’s return and the unmatched future that awaits all mankind.
This is nonsense. They are just trying to get your money.

October 20. In this issue both Brad MacDonald and Richard Palmer have articles insisting that Britain will soon leave the EU.

Robert Morley insinuates that Egypt will instigate a civil war in Ethiopia in a dispute over a dam.

Stephen Flurry fear mongers about "scary Muslims" plotting to seize Jerusalem.

October 27. Stephen Flurry insists that America is falling apart and failing at whatever it tries to do. In this issue he talks that idea and apply to the war in Afghanistan insisting that America will lose.

This issue cites two articles concerning the terrorist attack at Benghazi. One is from Reuters, the other from Fox News. The Fox News article discusses an alleged stand down order that was supposedly sent to soldiers during the attack. Is this true?

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released a report on November 21, 2014, which concluded that there was no stand down order.
Appropriate U.S. personnel made reasonable tactical decisions that night, and the Committee found no evidence that there was either a stand down order or a denial of available air support. (p. 1.)
The stand down order is a myth.

Robert Morley has an article insisting that America is just like Lance Armstrong taking drugs to win.

"Guttenburg Plays Hard To Get" by Ron Fraser. PCG's writers are still in denial that they were wrong about Guttenburg rising to power in Germany. Long after his fall from power Fraser is here still insisting it is only a matter of time before he assumes power in Germany.

"Germany's Mali Mission" by Brad MacDonald. Even though it was France that was at the forefront of intervention against extremists in Mali MacDonald here insists that Germany is the one to watch. Mali used to be a colony of France and ever since decolonization France has often intervened in the affairs of its former colonies, including Mali. Doesn't PCG's writers know that?

"Irrelevant America" by Joel Hilliker. Here, discussing the third Presidential candidate debate, Hilliker haughtily dismiss them as both promising the same thing to Americans.
This is an astounding time for America to be losing interest in the world. Serious threats are growing, while America’s influence is shrinking—dramatically.

The time of American superpower is past; the world has lurched toward multipolarity. Authority and influence is bleeding out in several directions, toward powers unpredictable, unstable and troubling. The proliferation of factors that could lead to devastating conflicts in this post-American world can numb the mind.
If Hilliker is so frightened by present events that his mind is numb maybe he should let someone who is not so fearful make decisions about these matters.
As far as the rest of the world is concerned, the results of this election don’t matter. They are confident that whomever America elects, he will oversee the continued contraction of the nation’s international influence and power. America is becoming irrelevant.
In actual fact, outside of America, most people in the world wanted Obama to win.

November 3. "What No One Is Saying About Sandy" by Gerald Flurry. Here Gerald Flurry decides to make a rare article for The Trumpet Weekly to insist that Superstorm Sandy is a curse from (PCG's) God. Robert Morley also has article along these lines in this issue.

"NYC Policeman Plots Cannibalism". This article advertizes an article by Joel Hilliker which fear mongers about demons.

November 10. "The Promise of Real Hope and Change" by Gerald Flurry. Here Gerald Flurry announces how PCG's leaders view Obama's re-election to power.
Tuesday’s American elections have left a lot of people profoundly depressed. But a lot of other people around the world are feeling deep discouragement as well. 
Apparently more people wanted Obama to be President then those who wanted Romney. There is no thought in this article about the fact that more people were happy at Obama's re-election then those who wanted Romney to win.

Gerald Flurry then states that after the Great Tribulation Christ will return. HWA and his imitators have been saying this continuously since at least the 1930s.

Brad MacDonald insists that Britain will leave the EU.

"Thoughts On Four More Years" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker moans that Americans re-elected Obama as President. Although PCG does not vote, a fact unmentioned in The Trumpet Weekly, their positions on various issues makes them politically inclined towards the Republican Party. So naturally they were not happy to see Obama win.
America re-elected the president after ... four years of rising inflation, gas prices, grocery bills and so on.
And two more years of Obama gave us lower gas prices. Today gas prices are coming down. This is yet another statement PCG's writers made that has been proven to be woefully wrong.
America re-elected this man after the Fast and Furious debacle; after his public support of same- sex marriage; after his party erased God from its platform and then awkwardly jammed a mention of Him back in; after it became painfully clear that a black man’s presence in the White House has not eased race problems, but if anything has made them even more volatile. 
Let's break this paragraph down a bit.

"after the Fast and Furious debacle". In regards to the Fast and Furious scandal I recommend this article from Fortune

"after his public support of same-sex marriage". PCG's writers have often stirred fear and anger against homosexuals in order to distract PCG members from the problems within PCG.

"a black man’s presence in the White House has not eased race problems, but if anything has made them even more volatile." This really means that a minority of right wingers decided to behave badly because they were offended that an African-American was elected President.
Exit polls showed that the president had a 23 per-centage point advantage among voters who were most concerned about foreign policy. Voters chose the incumbent after the spectacular failure of his outreach to Muslims; after four years of fecklessness with Iran; after losing Egypt and Libya; after the increased radicalization of the Middle East and North Africa; after Benghazi.
"after losing Egypt and Libya". Egypt and Libya are independent, sovereign states so they do not belong to America. Talking like this makes it sound like Egypt and Libya are America's to lose. They are not. Also less then a year later the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt.

"after Benghazi." And to think that Hilliker condemned those who pointed out that Romney had politicized the terrorist attack. And even though there were many more such attacks during President Bush's time as seen above Hilliker decides to use that attack against Obama.

As others have noted, the politicization of that terrorist attack in Benghazi was originally designed to bring President Obama down during the election campaign. When that did not work it was simply used against Clinton or Susan Rice. It was a tool used to bring down Democratic Party officials. Usually it did not work but nevertheless it continues to be used by rightists, not to bring people properly into account for it, but to try and bring down high ranking Democratic Party officials.
Vladimir Putin took a “very positive view” of Mr. Obama’s victory. I should think so, considering President Obama’s pledge that he would have “more flexibility” to work with Russia after this election. Other happy leaders: Ahmadinejad, Chavez, the Muslim Brotherhood. Not so happy: Netanyahu.
Today Ahmadinejad is out of power, Chavez has died, the Muslim Brotherhood was brutally suppressed at the cost of at least 638 lives the year after, and Putin has entangled himself into a brutal war in eastern Ukraine just as the price of oil goes down. Hilliker tries to make us scared of them but look at what has happened to them now. We must not live in fear. There are many problems in the world but they can be solved.

Actually, outside of America, just about every country wanted Obama to win.

"'They Can Print Money'" by Robert Morley. Here Morley is stunned to hear an official state the simple fact that the US Federal Government has the power to print money. That is where all US currency come from. But Morley thinks this is a bad thing.

This issue quotes The Washington Times. How appropriate.

November 17. "Afghanistan--Guess Who's Not Leaving" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser fear mongers that Germany will remain in Afghanistan after America withdraws. This is done to insinuate that Germany will soon turn against America and be in a stronger position against America.

Stephen Flurry discusses armed conflict between the State of Israel and the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

Robert Morley proclaims that people are forgetting about World War I. Really? Is this really true? It is very doubtful.

The issue quotes a Newsbusters article which states that David Petraeus was blackmailed to toe the Obama Administration's line concerning the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

Is this true? This idea seems to be nonsense.

Also worth considering is the fact that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence report,(November 21, 2014) gives no indication that anyone tried to withhold testimony from the Congressional Committee.
Finally, the Committee found no evidence that any officer was intimidated, wrongly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement or otherwise kept from speaking to Congress, or polygraphed because of their presence in Benghazi. (p. 2.) 
So it would appear this is a myth.

"New Archbishop of Canterbury: The man to bring Anglicans to Rome?" (p. 10.) Once again PCG insinuates that Protestantism will soon merge and be dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. This is just fear inducing nonsense.

November 24. "Pope: Christ Was Not a Prophet" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser once again stirs up anger and hatred among PCG members against the Papacy.

"Egypt's President Grants Himself Extraordinary Power" (p. 2). This article by PCG's writers fear mongers about President Morsi granting to himself more power. PCG's writers claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood's rise would lead to Egypt becoming radicalized in the same way as Iran.
America pushed Mubarak out of office. Now an Islamist leader is setting himself up as a dictator in Mubarak’s place, and the U.S. is doing nothing. 
Actually it was the Egyptian people who deposed Mubarak.

Less then a year later Morsi would be arrested and the Muslim Brotherhood bloodily suppressed. PCG failed to see that happen.

"U.S. to Israel: That's Enough" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry moans that America tried to stop the conflict between the State of Israel and Hamas controlled Gaza. PCG dogmatically teaches that the State of Israel will lose the support of America and turn to Europe for help only to be betrayed. This article reinforces that dogma.

December 1. "Germany Key Player in the Middle East" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald insists that Germany will emerge as the dominant influence upon the State of Israel.
Give Germany credit. As America unwisely abdicates its leadership role in the Middle East, Berlin is quietly and steadily positioning itself to play a decisive role in the future of this important region. Right now, German foreign policy in the Middle East isn’t controversial, overtly dramatic or eye-catching. Especially not compared to events in Egypt, Gaza, Syria and Iran.

But you watch: Germany is about to emerge as the key player in the Middle East.
PCG has been monotonously saying this same thing for years.

"Berlin and Moscow Wage Proxy War" by Andrew Miller. Here Miller exploits the war in Syria to claim that Germany is arising to power. Previously PCG had taught that Germany and Russia would make a peace agreement allowing Germany to conquer America.

December 8. "Arafat, still terrorizing Israel" (p. 4). In this bizarre little article PCG's writers portray the exhumation of Yasser Arafat's body to determine if he was poisoned as an act of terror against the State of Israel committed for sinister purposes.
Are authorities really trying to discover if he was assassinated, or is this just a stunt designed to stir up hatred toward Israel? Speculation that Arafat was assassinated has swirled for years, even though conclusive evidence has never been discovered. The results of the tests will not be known for another three to four months, but already, the Palestinians have indicated their intent to take those found responsible to the International Criminal Court. This indicates the investigation might just be part of a plan to take Israel before the International Criminal Court for Arafat’s death rather than a search for justice. The exhuming of Yasser Arafat is a stark reminder: Even from the grave, the former Palestinian leader is still bringing terror upon Israel.
Even I am shocked at this portrayal of events from PCG's writers.

To insinuate that a legal exhumation made to determine if murder had occurred is an act of terror makes words like terrorism practically meaningless.

PCG's writers always portray the Palestinians in the worst possible light. Even when discussing an exhumation to determine if a murder had occurred it is portrayed as an act of terrorism.

"Benghazi killers: When will they be brought to justice?" (p. 5). Here PCG's writers moan that the terrorists have not been caught. Did they ever bother to think about how difficult it must be to operate in a country like Libya in which the vast majority of people speak Arabic?

It discusses the appointment of Thomas Pickering to head an Accountability Review Board to investigate the terrorist attack.
On October 4, Thomas Pickering was appointed by President Obama to head up the “Accountability Review Board” that is responsible for investigating the Benghazi attack. Pickering has been involved with pro-Islamist organizations for years and has referred to America as “a seething hotbed for ‘Islamophobia,’” It doesn’t make sense to place him at the head of an investigation trying to uncover the truth about the day four Americans died at the hands of radical Islamists.
The ARB released a report on December 18, 2012. It criticized four State Department officials for various failings. But not everyone was happy about that it did not blame Obama or Clinton.
It was not a politically motivated document, nor did it leave blame on the doorsteps of the president or secretary of state. For this reason alone, it came from under attack from conservatives who sought to discredit it, convinced that it had to be a whitewash. (The Benghazi Hoax, chapter 11.) 
What about Pickering?
Pickering's service extended through five presidencies, during which he served as ambassador to Jordan, Nigeria, El Salvador, Israel, the United Nations, India, and Russia, as well as undersecretary of state for political affairs. (The Benghazi Hoax, chapter 11.)
He sounds far more qualified and experienced then PCG's leaders.

"President Obama demands debt ceiling raised again" (p. 10.) This is a terribly misleading way to present this event. In times past raising the debt ceiling was an act as mundane and routine as turning on the light when you enter the room at night. It was done all the time without hardly any bother. But recently Republican legislators decided to politicize it in an attempt to weaken the Democratic Party's legislators and the Obama Administration. These facts are hidden when PCG's writers fear monger about this later occurrence which is actually a most mundane affair.

The article also fails to note that US Federal debt was actually higher per capita in the 1940s because of World War II.

December 15. "Cyprus Surrenders to Europe" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer fear mongers that Germany is about to arise to power by citing Cyprus being forced by circumstances to accept bailout funds.

"Peres: 'We Have To Forget The Past'" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry moans that "many" Israeli Jews are not as hateful of compromise and negotiations with the Palestinians as he is.
Wow. That’s dangerous, nation-destroying thinking. It was almost 2,000 years ago that Jerusalem was besieged by Gentile armies—and finally destroyed. But that couldn’t happen again today, could it? ... there is ... a widening divide among Israelis: one side wants to hold on to its history while the other side wants to let it go.

Many Israelis are turning their back on their heritage. ...

Israel’s enemies have always believed the Jews don’t belong in the Promised Land. By denying their past, many Jews are essentially saying the same thing.
PCG's writers often boast of supporting the State of Israel but in fact their support is quite selective. PCG's writers appear to hold contempt for Israeli Jews who would prefer peace with the Palestinians rather then war.

"Sharia will win in Egypt" (p. 4). This little article insists that Egypt will radicalize in the same manner as Iran. Less then a year later Morsi would fall.

December 22. "Germany--Filling the Gap" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser repeats the false accusation that Germany sparked the Yugoslav Wars by recognizing Slovenia and Croatia as independent states in December 1991. (Armed conflict actually began six months earlier in June 1991.)
All that now stands between this deployment of German military strength and its marching a peace-keeping force into Jerusalem is the dislocating nation of Syria. The whole process began with Berlin stimulating the Balkan wars of the 1990s by unilateral recognition of Croatia and Slovenia as sovereign states separate from greater Yugoslavia. The Vatican quickly seconded that move. Thus began the revival of the old Rome/Berlin axis which had caused so much bloodshed in the past, most especially in the form of the Holy Roman Empire.
Who has ever talked about "greater Yugoslavia"? There was a lot of talk about a "greater Serbia" in discussions regarding the Yugoslav Wars but never of a "greater Yugoslavia".

It must be stated that this accusation is false.

"Obama to Troops: Don't Insult the Taliban" (Investors Business Daily).

December 29."Christianity to 'Disappear' From Middle East" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer cites various instances of persecution of Christians within the Middle East in order to fear monger that Europe and the Middle East will soon go to war.
Twal [Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem] also dedicated a large portion of his speech to “ecumenism,” which to the Catholic Church means gathering all other Christian groups under Rome.
Actually that is what Armstrongism has claimed ecumenism is. PCG's writers are reading their dogma regarding ecumenism into what this man said. The idea that the Roman Catholic Church is about to seize control of the Protestant churches is a nonsensical and paranoid delusion.

"Michael Moore links mass shootings to racism" (p. 11). Here PCG's writers condemn Michael Moore saying racism against African Americans is a reason for so many mass shootings in America.
While race relations in America are very tense, a primary factor is radical activists who engage in race-baiting for political ends. As Herbert W. Armstrong predicted in the October 1963 issue of the Plain Truth magazine, “Racial tensions, passions and hatreds are being deliberately stirred by organized planning.”
This issue quotes The Washington Times. How appropriate.


And so 2013 begins. But this post ends here.


  1. What is this fetish that right wing nuts have with race war? I've seen it prophesied many times, and I can only conclude it is code for racism.

  2. Whenever I see that phrase "race war" I keep thinking to myself, Don't they communal clashes?

    It is a very strange term nowadays. I wonder if PCG's writers realize how strange and backwards they sound when they use that phrase?

  3. Are these people going to get the help they need by being committed to a mental health facility?

    Or are they just boozing alcoholics ranting about whatever boozing alcoholics rant about?

  4. Boy, you'd think Proverbs 10:14 would occur to those on the editorial staff of the Trumpet!

    I would hate to be required to believe all of this garbage in order to maintain Philadelphia remnant status. Their followers are really getting jacked around!


  5. Black Ops Mikey,

    You are right. PCG's writers need help to learn to read outside their comfort zone and stop assuming that they know what's "really" going on.

    Byker Bob,

    Yes. It would be frustrating having to believe these things just because PCG's leaders say it is so.

  6. Just read Gerald Flurry's 2013 booklet, America Under Attack. What silly drivel.

    I could tell Flurry did not like Obama very much. But I didn't quite know how much until I read that silly booklet.