Friday, January 30, 2015

PCG's Ron Fraser and Hip Hop

Back in July 2011 Ron Fraser mentioned his low regard for hip-hop.
With the release of the film Blackboard Jungle during the ’50s it suddenly became apparent that rebellion against parents and teachers by teenage youth in American society had become part of the developing postwar culture. That film started the rock ’n‘ roll phenomenon that has since devolved to the gutter “music” of hip-hop. (Ron Fraser, Trumpet Weekly, July 16, 2011 issue, p. 10.)
(For whatever reason the article as presented on their website has removed the negative reference to hip hop. But these words can still be seen in its Trumpet Weekly issue. The article is still quite strange though.)

Well, if Ron Fraser did listen to some hip-hop music he might have learned that many African Americans still remember the Iran-Contra scandal and use it to remember that.

And another thing: Hip hop is everywhere.

It is an art form that has been eagerly embraced by people all over the world, including, but not limited to, Russia, China, Iran, Vietnam, Peru, Montenegro, etc.

And Fraser would have us believe it is simply "gutter “music”". And blame a 1950s movie for it as well.

Actually that article of Fraser's is quite strange. Fraser also blames rock ’n‘ roll for causing a rise in pregnancies out of wedlock. (What about our naturally occurring hormones?)

The late Ron Fraser sure had a way with words. And a very narrow outlook on art. Quite sad to see, really.


  1. Personal opinions raised to the level of doctrine.

    Nothing new there.