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Notes from PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2011)

Happy New Year everyone!

Continuing on from previous posts looking through PCG's Trumpet Weekly (2007-8, 2009 and 2010) let us continue surveying the articles within the issues of PCG's Trumpet Weekly.

In 2011 the world witnessed the dramatic events of the Arab Spring. On December 17, 2010 in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi burned himself alive in response to injustice. The people of Tunisia saw his pain in their own lives and went out to the streets. Quickly events escalated, many protesters were murdered by the Ben Ali regime, but after less then a month the people of Tunisia overcame the Ben Ali regime and he fled to Saudi Arabia. Many within the Arab world seeing these heroic deeds were inspired to follow their courageous example.

But instead of seeing hope that the Arab world would become a better place PCG's writers based in Edmond, Oklahoma spread fearful proclamations that these protest movements were an attempt by radical Islamists to seize power, even saying the Muslim Brotherhood would seize power in Egypt and become the puppets of Iran. (They failed to foresee what would happen in 2013.)

PCG's writers even began to portray Hosni Mubarak as being the heroic bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism. His fall was portrayed as being a foolish betrayal of a "friend" by the Western nations, particularly America.

Constantly the revolutionaries were demonized by PCG's writers as Islamic fundamentalists, in league with al Qaeda and a threat to America. The negative attitude of PCG's writers to the protesters are summed up in these words from Robert Morley.
In the Middle East—democracy just takes power from strongmen who work with America and hands it to thugs that want to destroy America. (Robert Morley, February 12 issue, p. 2.)
PCG's leaders have long denigrated democracy, insisting that PCG is to have "one-man rule". Recently Gerald Flurry condemned democracy in a recent book of his. It is unfortunate that PCG's leaders chose to spread a message of despair and fear once these courageous protesters went out to the streets at great personal risk. Many of these brave protesters were murdered and paid the ultimate price for trying to speak out. They were far better people then the 1% who rules PCG and enjoys the fruits of the tithes of PCG's members.


Other notable articles to be mentioned in this post include:

PCG's writers insisting that Ethiopia will soon fall to radical Islamists. We are still waiting for that to happen.

Numerous articles about zu Guttenburg, insinuating that he will be the Dictator who will turn Europe into an unstoppable military superpower which will destroy America and Britain. It is quite hilarious seeing how PCG's writers desperately continue to write of him even after he was dismissed from the halls of power after a scandal, constantly insinuating he will be back.

Fear mongering about riots occasioned by the riots in London.

Fear mongering about how oil is getting more expensive. Today the price of oil is going down.

Fear mongering about the US federal debt that it will somehow cause "economic Armageddon" (Joel Hilliker, August 13 issue) with no acknowledgement that the US had a larger debt during the 1940s per capita because of World War II.

Stephen Flurry boasting that PCG is the one, true church in order to exploit the UCG-COGWA schism then unfolding. (January 1 issue.)

Joel Hilliker moans that some right wingers do not believe that homosexuality is forbidden. (February 2 issue.)

Stephen Flurry moaning that hardly anyone pays attention to him. "And now that many of these very prophecies are being fulfilled, one would think our mail bins would be buried under piles of requests; that our phone lines would light up like Las Vegas; that our Web traffic would crash the servers." (April 2 issue.)

Ron Fraser getting shocked that Al Jazeera have reporters in Washington, DC. (May 14 issue.)

Robert Morley advertising PCG's Imperial Schools. (July 2 issue.)

Ron Fraser blaming just one movie, Blackboard Jungle, for starting rock 'n' roll and inspiring a rise in pregnancies out of wedlock. (July 16 issue.)

Ron Fraser boasting that Oklahoma is blessed with good fortune because PCG's headquarters is based there. (July 23 issue.)

Brad MacDonald portraying the American government as collaborators helping Iran's rise to power. (September 3 issue.)

Brad MacDonald insinuating the State of Israel would fall by 2013. (September 17 issue.)

Ron Fraser saying something quite strange in the October 1 issue. It really deserves its own post.

Robert Morley saying homeless people are richer then 25 per cent of Americans. (December 24 issue.)

Let us now begin.

January 1. "The United Church of God and the Evils of 300-Man Rule" by Stephen Flurry. At the time this issue was released the United Church of God, the largest of the splinter groups derived from HWA's WCG, was going through a severe schism that led to a mass departure from UCG to establish yet another COG splinter group, the Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA). PCG's leadership took this as an opportunity to boast of their own supposed unity and to boast that PCG and PCG alone is the one true church.

The fact that Stephen Flurry wrote such an article on a matter that PCG's leaders would have regarded as so important shows yet again that Stephen Flurry is being prepared to take over PCG.

"Extreme Right Wing Crosses Atlantic" by Ron Fraser. As though PCG is not right wing themselves.

"The Queen Missed an Opportunity" by Brad MacDonald. Although PCG often idolize the British monarchy, promoting the false British Israelist idea that the throne of Britain is the continuation of the throne of David every now and then PCG's writers will bemoan the supposed fallen and decrepit state of the British monarchy. Here MacDonald does this by criticizing the Queen's Message encouraging people to play sports and games.

"'The Year the Earth Struck Back'" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker uses an AP article to baselessly fear monger that natural disasters are becoming more severe.

January 8. "Pope Benedict XVI: Revive the Roman Empire!" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser says Pope Benedict XVI is calling for the revival of the Roman Empire. But the words cited in the article appear to be little more then a call for reform and living up to the ideals of living together with other peoples in peace and harmony.

Even for PCG it is quite a stretch to say this is a call to revive the Roman Empire.

January 15. "It's Hard to Watch Your Country Die" by Joel Hilliker. Hilliker, you don't even vote. That is how concerned he is about the state of America today. And he gets to live in a large house paid by the tithes given by PCG members.

Also how exactly does a country die?

"Guttenburg Gets His Professional Army" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald boasts of a success of Guttenburg's to insinuate that he may be the European dictator HWA and his imitators have insisted will lead a European Empire since the 1930s. Later that year Guttenburg was pushed out of the halls of power.

"Muslim Pedophile Gangs Stalk British Girls" by Ron Fraser and Graig Millar. Here Fraser and Millar cite a story form the Times of London about British police investigating a pedophile ring composed largely of Pakistani men. Alas, PCG's writers have a long history of fear mongering about Muslims and portraying them as dangerous people. This article continues that shameful tradition of theirs.

January 22. "The Hidden Nazi Underground" by Richard Palmer. Here Palmer uses the release of a study of how the German Foreign Ministry was thoroughly corrupted by the crimes of the Nazi regime to fear monger that the Nazis went underground after World War II in order to boast of HWA as being a prophet.

HWA claimed the Nazis went underground boasting that they would return to power and create a war mongering European Empire. While it is true that many who compromised themselves during the Nazi regime found their way back into positions of authority within West Germany and that other Nazis covertly fled to other countries they never returned to power. West Germany and the reunified Germany never fell back into an aggressive and militaristic regime. This is yet another of HWA's false prophesies. But PCG's writers continue to repeat these fearful claims in order to keep PCG members fearful.

"Revolt Could Set Region on Fire" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker mentions the beginning of what would later be called the Arab Spring. This is the first time the Trumpet Weekly began to discuss these tumultuous events. This article was written shortly after the fall of the Ben Ali regime, which had been in power since 1987.
Last month, a young Tunisian man protested government injustice by setting himself on fire. His dramatic act inspired a wave of anti-government demonstrations. Within hours, the spooked president had sacked his government and fled on his private jet. Just what will happen next is an open question.
However even in this article Hilliker begins to articulate what would become PCG's line regarding the Arab Spring, that it was an opportunity to fear monger that radical Islamists would seize power and help usher in the military conquest of the United States and Britain.
What really makes this development dangerous is its potential to be exploited by Islamists. Secularist President Ben Ali, despot that he was, did work to keep Islamism in Tunisia in check. Tunisia was actually an ally in the war on terror and considered one of the more stable countries in the region. For it to fall so quickly and unexpectedly is cause for serious alarm.
Hilliker also uses this event to fear monger that the Muslim Brotherhood will seize power in Egypt.
Egypt is the most troubling example. The region’s most populous Arab state, it is particularly vulnerable. Public discontent over the regime of President Hosni Mubarak runs extremely high, and there is no clear plan of succession. The strongest opposition force is the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with strong ideological and logistical ties to Iran. As the Trumpet has long forecast, Egypt is ripe for a radical political shift. The precedent in Tunisia could hasten that change.
Indeed, the Tunisian Revolution would inspire the people of Egypt to stand up against the Mubarak regime. The Muslim Brotherhood even managed to ascend to the Presidency with the election of Morsi as President in 2012. But just one year later the Muslim Brotherhood would be cast out of power and their supporters routed at the cost of at least 638 lives in 2013. Hilliker did not foresee that the Muslim Brotherhood would fall.

"The End of the Dollar System" by Robert Morley. Here Morley fear mongers that the US dollar will lose its position of prime importance within the world. PCG's writers have often claimed this to be the case.

January 29. "Is a Revolution Under Way in Egypt?" by Brad MacDonald. As the revolution began in Egypt MacDonald used this event to fear monger that the Muslim Brotherhood would seize power and portrayed the Muslim Brotherhood as puppets of Iran.
As Mubarak scrambles, the intense political uncertainty and the enraged Arab street seeking representation will benefit Mubarak’s opponents, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. ...

First, the emergence of radical Islam into a position of power in Egypt will significantly empower Iran.

Over the past decade, Tehran has gained decisive influence in Iraq, Syria, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Lebanon, and even Turkey. For Iran’s mullahs, whose primary goal is the destruction of Israel, the transformation of the largest and most important Arab country in the region into an Islamic state would be a colossal victory. In terms of regional politics, a pro-Iranian, Islamic regime in Cairo would give Iran dominance over virtually the entire region.
MacDonald had no idea that the Muslim Brotherhood would be routed from power just two years later.

February 5. "Hosni Mubarak Sealed His Fate in 1981" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry says Mubarak's fate was sealed in 1981 when he decided to continue with his predecessor's policy of alignment with the US. Here Stephen Flurry portrays Mubarak as a fallen hero cast away for trying to save the world from radical Islam. Although in one paragraph he acknowledges Mubarak's flaws it is clear he is portraying him in a most sympathetic light. In this most decisive moment for Egypt PCG's leaders chose to side with Mubarak.

"America's Self-Righteousness Is Destroying Egypt" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald blames the Obama Administration for not doing enough to save Mubarak. Actually America was unable to save Mubarak. The Obama Administration was wise to stay out of the way and wait to see how things developed. There was little they could have done to save Mubarak.

"Will the Muslim Brotherhood Close the Suez Canal?" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker fear mongers that the Muslim Brotherhood will close the Suez Canal. This did not happen. This is yet another false prophecy from PCG.

February 12. "The Spark That Lit Egypt" by Robert Morley. Here Morley tries to blame crops for ethanol production for causing the Egyptian revolution. But while speaking about that Morley reveals an extremely ugly side to how PCG's writers view the peoples of the Middle East.
Food shortages are the stuff of revolutions. Unfortunately, the history of the Middle East shows that, contrary to what President Bush might have hoped, moderate democracies do not result. Instead, it is the radical extremists that get power: The shah is replaced by the Ayatollah; Hezbollah is voted in to take over Lebanon; Hamas wins in Gaza; and now the Muslim Brotherhood will have their chance in Egypt.  
In the Middle East—democracy just takes power from strongmen who work with America and hands it to thugs that want to destroy America.
I find this opinion deeply offensive. These words seem to indicate that Morley thinks that Arabs and Iranians are simply unable to rule themselves and somehow 'need' US approved strongmen (dictators) 'for their own good'. It is as though Morley thinks (dark skinned) Arabs and Iranians are like children who 'need' a (white) parent.

This arrogant attitude has caused so much pain and suffering to so many people all over the world. It is wrong that such bigoted ideas continue to be spread.

It would even seem that someone at PCG, maybe even Morley himself, realized this was too far as the article as presented on the website has been rewritten in a less derogatory way. There the relevant passage in written in a less inflammatory way as may be seen here.
Food shortages are the stuff of revolutions. Unfortunately, the history of the Middle East shows that, contrary to what President Bush might have hoped, moderate democracies do not result. Instead, it is the radical extremists that get power—and that is not good news for America or the little nation of Israel.
"Israel’s Peace Pact With Egypt Was a Mistake" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker frets that because the Muslim Brotherhood might soon gain power in Egypt the State of Israel never should have have its peace treaty with Egypt back in 1979.
Israel’s vulnerability makes plain that Israel never should have made that peace pact to begin with
Remember, before that pact, Egypt repeatedly waged war against Israel—but was never able to prevail. Israel secured awesome, miraculous victories in the wars of 1948, and 1967, and again in 1973. Shortly after that, Israel made a disastrous decision that has been a wound in its flesh ever since: It began negotiating peace with its enemies. 
In September 1978 at Camp David, under heavy pressure from President Carter, Prime Minister Begin agreed to give up the Sinai Peninsula— which Israel had secured in the 1967 war—in exchange for the promise of peace from President Sadat. 
Israel hasn’t won a military victory since.
Hilliker, what do you want the State of Israel to do? Be at war with its neighbors forever? That is a terrible idea.

And notice how Hilliker blatantly ignored the events of 1956. During the Suez crisis that year the State of Israel seized control of Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula at the cost of 231 Israeli lives. But due to US pressure just a few days later, despite the loss of 231 Israeli lives, the State of Israel had to give up its territorial gains. The State of Israel lost battles before 1978 contrary to what Hilliker here implies.

"Will Libya Be The Next Arab Domino to Fall?" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques insinuates that the mass protests in Tunisia and Egypt will spread to Libya. One can well imagine how this article could be used to "prove" that PCG's leaders can see the future. But at the same time they also started saying that Ethiopia, a predominantly Christian country, would fall under the rule of radical Islamists. Three years later that still has not happened. PCG's writers do not see the future.

"America The Invisible" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry frets that America is helpless to influence events in Egypt or save Mubarak from his own people. The truth is America was wise to stay out of events in Egypt and let events take their course. If America had tried to force the Egyptian people to simply remain under Mubarak's rule the Egyptian people would have been embittered against America. Letting the Egyptian people sort out their own affairs was the wisest course of action to take.

February 19. "Why Germany Wants to Buy the NYSE" by Robert Morley. Here Morley frets that the New York Stock Exchange is about to be taken over by Germans, specifically Deutsche Börse.
It will be a day that will go down in infamy. The biggest symbol of America’s economic might—the preeminent institution of Anglo-Saxon financial domination—is about to be sold. 
And to a German rival. 
What is happening to America? Has it really lost so much economic strength that a company from a nation once bombed to rubble is now purchasing the institution that helped raise the funds to make America’s war effort possible? It should be the New York Stock Exchange doing the taking over, not being taken over. ...

In Germany it’s being reported as a takeover through and through. The “merger of equals” stuff is window dressing to keep Americans happy. Sixty percent of the new merged company will be composed of shareholders of Deutsche Börse—giving them the voting power.
Actually the year after the European Commission blocked the proposed merger fearing it would becoming a monopoly and the merger was scrapped.
On February 15, 2011 NYSE and Deutsche Börse announced their merger to form a new company, as yet unnamed, wherein Deutsche Börse shareholders will have 60% ownership of the new entity, and NYSE Euronext shareholders will have 40%. 
On February 1, 2012, the European Commission blocked the merger of NYSE with Deutsche Börse, after commissioner Joaquin Almunia stated that the merger "would have led to a near-monopoly in European financial derivatives worldwide". Instead, Deutsche Börse and NYSE will have to sell either their Eurex derivatives or LIFFE shares in order to not create a monopoly. On February 2, 2012, NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse agreed to scrap the merger. (Wikipedia.)
Yet another false prophesy from PCG.

"Egypt May Have Already Found Its Khomeini" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry fear mongers that a spiritual adviser for the Muslim Brotherhood may be Egypt's Khomeini. Little did Stephen Flurry know that just two years later the Muslim Brotherhood would be bloodily suppressed with the loss of at least 638 lives.

"Amazing What's 'Conservative' Today" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns the presence of a organization representing homosexuals within CPAC. Hilliker seems really petulant about it.
“The whole idea about conservatism is about individual freedom, individual liberty,” said Matt Hissey, a 22-year-old college student, at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Really? The dictionary says conservative means holding fast to traditional norms, customs and values. Sadly, more and more American “conservatives” agree with Hissey.  
Hissey volunteered for an organization attending CPAC for the first time: GOProud, which “represents gay conservatives and their allies.” CPAC organizers wanted to show how the tent for “conservatives” has grown to include proud homosexuals. Right-wing luminaries such as Sarah Palin, Andrew Breitbart and Ann Coulter supported GOProud’s presence.
Hilliker, you don't even vote. PCG members are required not to vote. Of course PCG, like many other COGs, denounces homosexuality as sinful and forbidden.

February 26. "Libya Convulses--Watch Europe!" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker speculates that the turmoil in Libya will provoke Europe to act and awaken the sleeping giant of Europe. Actually it was America that was at the forefront leading international intervention against the murderous Gaddafi regime.

"'To Jerusalem We Go...'" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald once again fear mongers about a spiritual adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

"Iran Wins Big in the Middle East" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry fantasizes that PCG is right and can see the future.
When I read Wednesday’s front-page story in the New York Times, “As Arab World Shakes, Iran’s Influence Grows,” I thought of at least a dozen Trumpet articles we’ve written over the past two decades. 
Over and over again, from the very beginning of the Trumpet’s existence, we have repeatedly highlighted THE PIVOTAL PROPHECY that is actually driving the earthshaking jolts that are now rocking the Middle East—Daniel 11.
Even after the revolt in Tunisia set the region on fire in January, Mr. Flurry taped a Key of David program just two days into the Egyptian protests, focusing on verse Daniel 11:43, where it identifies Libya and Ethiopia as two more nations that will join the radical Islamist camp.
For the first time I serious wonder if Stephen Flurry actually believe his own writings.

Did Ethiopia fall into the hands of radical Islamsts? We are still waiting.

"The Real War in Wisconsin" by Robert Morley. Here Morley says workers' unions are wrong and demonizes them as greedy. Of course PCG's writers should view ordinary men and women working together for their own interests as a bad thing. They worry that PCG's members might start getting ideas of their own while being in a workers' union.

March 5. "Germany Calls For Guttenburg's Return" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser is in denial that Guttenburg was taken out of power and insists that Germans want him reinstated. Such support failed and Guttenburg is still out of power.

"Saudi Arabia's 'Egypt Moment'?" by Robert Morley. Here Morley uses PCG dogma to predict that there will be no severe trouble within Saudi Arabia.

"Oil Shock Is Coming" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker fear mongers that oil will be too expensive.
You are paying 20 cents a gallon more for gas today than you were a week ago. And $1.70 per gallon more than you were just 26 months ago. 
Better get used to it. Of the 89.1 million barrels of oil the world uses every day, about 35 percent come from North Africa and the Middle East. Instability there has put oil supplies in serious jeopardy. As a result, the first two months of this year saw the price of oil leap about $20 a barrel. That translates into 50 cents more per gallon.
Today the price of oil has fallen partly due to the (highly controversial) use of fracking which has allowed the extraction of previously unobtainable oil.

"Economic Warfare" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry quotes an article in The Washington Times (how appropriate) which quotes a Pentagon official to say that the Global Financial Crisis was a plot by "the Chinese and radical jihadis". I find it sad how this article suggests that foreigners are to blame for creating an economic crisis within America.

March 19. This issue was made after the earthquake in Japan. Most articles by PCG's writers here are about the earthquake or at least refers to it.

March 26. "Iran Closes In On Jerusalem" by Stephen Flurry. Three years we are still waiting for Iran to arise as PCG's writers said it would.

"Yet Another Mideast Country On The Edge" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker refers to the mass protests in Yemen and insinuates that Iran may seize control there.
Another long-standing Middle Eastern government— a key American ally in the fight against al Qaeda—looks ready to fall. This is big. The implications are dramatic. This event, in addition to being a blow to America and a potential boon to terrorists, would likely challenge the region’s balance of power by pitting its two biggest powers—Saudi Arabia and Iran—against each other all the more. 
The country is Yemen.
Later in the following year Yemen's President was indeed overthrown by the organized will of the Yemeni people. But they did not join Al Qaeda as Hilliker seemed to think would happen in this article.

April 2. "It's High Time To Wake Up!" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry alludes to the real reason for The Trumpet Weekly and the other writings PCG produces: gain more triple tithes paying members for PCG.
Also Stephen Flurry moans that hardly anyone pays attention to him and PCG.
We’ve been trumpeting these prophecies for over two decades, following in the footsteps of Herbert W. Armstrong, who prophesied before us for more than 50 years. And now that many of these very prophecies are being fulfilled, one would think our mail bins would be buried under piles of requests; that our phone lines would light up like Las Vegas; that our Web traffic would crash the servers.  
Instead, it’s more like a steady trickle of interest—one from a city, two from a family, as the Prophet Jeremiah said. God’s work is still getting done. His warning message of LOVE is still going out to this world.  
But the support for that worldwide work is coming from such a tiny group of dedicated families.  
Most do not make time for Christ or His good news message of the soon-coming Kingdom of God. They are too busy attending to the cares of this world. As the Apostle Paul said about the perilous times of these “last days,” men would love themselves and pleasure-seeking MORE THAN GOD (2 Timothy 3:1-4). This doesn’t apply to every single individual, of course—but it certainly describes our society in general. ...

Can’t we put some time-consuming, energetic devotion into our love and service to God and His great work?
Do not listen to Stephen Flurry. God is not with PCG. PCG often make inaccurate and false predictions.

April 9. "Post-Mubarak Egypt Moves Toward Radical Islamist Camp" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is plotting to align Egypt with Iran. Just two years later the Muslim Brotherhood would be suppressed with the loss of at least 638 lives.

This issue also quotes Pamela Geller, a person notorious for vilifying Muslims.

This issue also quotes Oliver North.

"Is America The Next Portugal?". Non-PCG article that completely ignores the fact that unlike Portugal the US controls its own currency and that it is impossible for a state to be forced to default on debt denominated in its own currency.

April 16. For whatever reason this issue has less articles by PCG's writers. Perhaps PCG's passover had something to do with this.

"Imperial Britain Was A Blessing, Not A Curse" by Brad MacDonald.

April 23. "Have You Noticed? The Nations Are Shaking" by Joel Hilliker. In this particularly silly article Hilliker portrays the dramatic events of the Arab Spring as signs that Gerald Flurry can see the future in a crass attempt to advertise a recently published booklet (which is actually largely a revision of an earlier 1996 booklet).
Last September, we at the Trumpet knew the world was entering a time of increased danger and urgency in world events. Our editor in chief, had written a landmark booklet, called Haggai: God Has Begun to Shake the Nations, based on a biblical prophecy. “And I will SHAKE ALL NATIONS,” God says in Haggai 2:7.

“God shakes the nations—physically,” Gerald Flurry wrote. “Though the primary shaking is physical, it also shakes all nations mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually—and it keeps intensifying right down to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

The beginning of that shaking was tied to a specific sign, a sign that became far more vivid and obvious last September. In that booklet, Mr. Flurry called it “a dreadful warning sign to the world,” and “a sign of world upheaval.”

I recommend you read the booklet. Because looking at world events since then, there is no refuting the accuracy of the prediction. The accelerated—and still quickening— pace of nation-shaking events is shocking.
May 7. "Introducing 'The Trumpet Daily'" by Stephen Flurry. As part of attempts to rear Stephen Flurry to be the next leader of PCG he was given his own telecast on the Internet.

If PCG's leaders really believe that Christ will soon return within ten to fifteen years or less then why is Stephen Flurry being trained to take over?

"Does The Death Of Bin Laden Really Change Anything?" Non-PCG article included in this issue discussing the death of the terrorist Osama bin Laden. PCG has a message of doom that society will collapse and only membership in PCG will save you. So when something occur that may give hope to people and see that things are improving PCG's writers try to steer their followers away from any sense of hope outside of PCG. That is why they chose this article discussing the death of Osama bin Laden.

May 14. "Europe's Financial Crisis--a World Changer!" by Brad MacDonald. How different articles like this are from PCG's dire predictions in 2008 that America would collapse and Europe would arise in power. However the course of events forced PCG to change their story. 

"Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C." by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser is shocked that Al Jazeera is broadcasting from Washington, DC. He learned this while visiting a Museum in Washington, DC.
However, we were denied access as the studio was closed to the public, being prepared to host a new client. When I queried who that broadcaster was, the reply was “Al Jazeera”!

I was a little taken aback.

Here, broadcasting from America’s capital city, was the Arabic news channel that once, before an apparent falling out with the master of jihad, was always the first to somehow get hold of Osama bin Laden’s hateful video messages to air them to the world.
Fraser, Al Jazeera is a news organization that needs to find news. A lot of news occurs in America. Washington is the capital. So of course they are going to go where the news is. They are not going to wait for Fraser's permission to broadcast there. 

Also Qatar, where Al Jazeera is based, is an ally of the US, even hosting a US military base there. A fact which Fraser never mentions in his eagerness to demonize Al Jazeera. Fraser seems to be completely ignorant of Qatar's good relations with America.

May 21. "Hitler, the Palestinians and the West" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald discusses a speech by President Obama about the Middle East. MacDonald interprets it as a sign that "radical Islam" is winning.
For radical Islam, and especially the Palestinians, the speech was confirmation that they are on course for victory over Israel, and that all they need to do is hold fast to their current strategy. That strategy is simple: It involves bringing about the genocide of Israel by waging SIMULTANEOUS campaigns of aggression and of feigned peace, designed to force concessions and buy time.
Three years later the State of Israel bombarded Hamas ruled Gaza. Maybe MacDonald should tell the Hamas operatives in Gaza that "they are on course for victory over Israel" just after being bombarded by the State of Israel earlier this year.

May 28. "Notes From in the Path of a Tornado" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker discusses the deadly tornado that devastated Joplin.

"Breaking The Brotherhood" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers that the Obama Administration is preparing to betray the State of Israel. He uses this to recite a prophecy by Gerald Flurry that the State of Israel will be left alone by the US.
Continue to watch the U.S.-Israel relationship closely. The way this relationship is going, we could soon witness the prophesied breaking of the historic brotherhood between America and the Jewish state. You can read the prophecy in Zechariah 11:14. About this prophecy, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote back in 2004: “This could be a prophecy of a rift between these two countries—one that would leave Judah very alone …” (Royal Vision, March/April 2004). And what does Bible prophecy say will happen when America abandons Israel? Mr. Flurry continued: “If the brotherhood between superpower America and the Jewish state is broken, that is probably when half of Jerusalem would be taken.”
June 4. "Greece--The German Solution" by Ron Fraser. Here the dire situation in Greece is once again used by one of PCG's writers to demonize Germany and hysterically claim that they are all powerful. The situation in Greece is truly terrible but it does not mean that Germany will soon conquer America. That is nonsense.

"The Battle for Bahrain" by Robert Morley. Here Morley discusses the situation in Bahrain. PCG's writers decided to cast the brave protesters as puppets of Iran, a highly inflammatory accusation which was actually used by Bahrain's authorities to justify the violent suppression of the protests.

"Egypt Is Well On Its Way To Becoming The Next Iran" (Jerusalem Post). Non-PCG article that speculated that Egypt would change into an Islamic fundamentalist state like Iran. That did not happen. Instead the Muslim Brotherhood was bloodily suppressed at the cost of at least 638 lives. PCG do not know the future.

"What's Worse Then Rising Food Costs" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker foretells that famines are about to strike America any moment now. HWA and his imitators have been making this fear inducing prediction for decades now.

June 11. "The Pope, Croatia and the Rising Beast" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits a speech by Pope Benedict XVI advocating for Croatia to join the European Union to accuse Germany and the Papacy of igniting civil war in Yugoslavia by recognizing Croatia and Slovenia as independent states.

In fact Slovenia had already expelled federal forces out of its territory after armed conflict in June-July 1991 and Serbia and Croatia were already in the midst of the most severe fighting before December 1991. But despite these facts that the war was well under way long before December 1991 Morley insists on falsely claiming that an act of diplomatic recognition caused the war bearing false witness against Germany and the Papacy.
In 1991, Germany recognized the Yugoslav breakaway states of Croatia and Slovenia. Almost immediately, the Vatican likewise recognized these states. Germany and the Vatican did this despite the stated opposition of the United States, Britain, France, most of Europe and the United Nations—and knowing full well that it would mean the outbreak of a full-scale civil war and the disintegration of the nation of Yugoslavia.

Germany and the Vatican were opposed by virtually the whole world—yet they went ahead and ignited a civil war. Why would they do such a thing? It all goes back to World War II.
This article also contains an amusing grammatical error.
The pope then went on to give Croatia a mission. He told the nation of 89 percent Catholics [sic] to reverse the tide of secularism washing across the continent.
Morley then goes on to fear monger that this act proves that Germany and the Papacy are unstoppable. If that is really the case then why couldn't Germany and the very same Pope persuade the United States not to invade Iraq in 2003? Both governments publicly voiced opposition to it before the invasion but they could not stop it.

"South Africa--'The Mouth' Speaks" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser mocks Muhammad Ali.
They used to call him The Mouth. Big, black, superbly physically fit, the quintessential athlete—but a dud at human relations. That was Muhammad Ali, world champion boxer of a bygone era.
Afterwards Fraser compares Muhammad Ali to Julius Malema in a remarkably random way.

Fraser then proceeds to condemn Julius Malema, who was then a leader within the African National Congress in South Africa.
This man, Malema, has done more to undermine any prospect of advancement in post-apartheid race relations in South Africa than any single one of his political compatriots.

He has gone out of his way to threaten white farmers with words inciting black youth to take over their farms at the end of a gun. Arraigned before the courts multiple times for his racist hate speech designed to create tension between black and white communities in South Africa, the failure of the courts to obtain a conviction is testimony to the corruption of the nation’s legal system. Charges laid against him have included allegedly deliberately inciting racial hatred against whites, specifically his singing in public of the African National Congress (ANC) militant hymn, “Kill the Boer.”
Don't you think, Fraser, that keeping the white minority in a position of social superiority for so long during the apartheid era just might have something to do with these problems?

June 18. "The Biggest Threat to America's National Security" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker once again fear mongers about the US federal debt. Hilliker seems to be unaware that the US, with inflation taken into account, actually had a larger debt during the 1940s because of World War II.

"Strategic Implications of the Coming Oil Shortage" by Ron Fraser. This article is quite hilarious knowing that oil has now declined in cost due to the (highly controversial) practice of fracking.

June 25. "And the Earth Was Filled With Violence" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry relates several horrific incidents of violence to insinuate that the end (nuclear World War III, conquest by Germany, etc) is just around the corner.

"Debt--The Moral Issue" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser somehow equates not having debt with morality while once again fear mongering about the national debt (which is actually less per capita then what it was during the 1940s).

July 2. "The Real Ramifications of the Unraveling NATO Alliance" by Jeremiah Jacques. Here Jacques insinuates that NATO's intervention in Libya will cause NATO to fracture allowing Germany to arise as a great power in its own right. Three and a half years later we are still waiting for this to occur.

"Found! King Solomon's Wall" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald boasts of a discovery by archaeologists in Jerusalem. PCG sponsors this archaeology in order to impress their followers that God is with PCG alone. This conveniently makes them forget and/or ignore the problems within PCG. 

"Teach Your Children to Handle Money" by Robert Morley. Here Morley advertises PCG's Imperial Academy. As if three tithes were not enough for PCG.
At Imperial Academy—a grade school and secondary school run by the Philadelphia Church of God, which publishes the Trumpet magazine—grade 11 and 12 students take a personal finance class. One of the assignments they receive is to interview someone from a previous generation about their money habits.
July 9. For whatever reason PCG's writers seemed to decide to demonize homosexuals in this issue with both Stephen Flurry and Ron Fraser demonizing them in this issue. PCG's leaders demonize homosexuals in order to distract PCG members from the problems within PCG.

"The March of the Brotherhood" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald fear mongers that the Muslim Brotherhood would seize power in Egypt. Little did he know that just two years later the Muslim Brotherhood would be cast out of power and suppressed with great violence which caused the loss of at least 638 lives.

"Supreme Court Undermines Parents" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker condemns a decision by the Supreme Court concerning the sale of video games to minors.

July 16. "South Sudan--Future EU Vassal State?" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser insinuates that South Sudan is fated to be somehow controlled by the EU.

"The Shame of Single Motherhood" by Ron Fraser. In this particularly bizarre article Fraser vilifies single mothers as causing society to disintegrate.
There’s the nub of the problem! When we took away shame from conceiving children out of wedlock, we denigrated marriage as an institution—often even reversing the God-given roles within marriage and putting the moms to work back in the workplace instead of the home—the whole system that had underpinned Anglo- Saxon society for millennia simply broke down. Now we reap the whirlwind: the rapid destruction of the very fabric that has held our society together for so long.
He also bizarrely blames rock music for causing pregnancies out of wedlock to increase.
With the release of the film Blackboard Jungle during the ’50s it suddenly became apparent that rebellion against parents and teachers by teenage youth in American society had become part of the developing postwar culture. That film started the rock ’n‘ roll phenomenon that has since devolved to the gutter “music” of hip-hop.
Wow. Fraser has such contempt for African Americans. It is quite noticeable.

It is astoundingly narrow minded for Fraser to think that just one movie started a whole genre of music.

July 23. "Second Collapse Coming Soon" ( This article quotes a businessman as saying "late 2012 or early 2013 is going to be another very difficult period". The article then says:
The world is heading toward another Lehman moment. Epoch-changing events are in motion—especially in Europe.
It is now near the end of 2014. Thankfully this prediction failed. Why did PCG not foresee that?

"Oklahoma--You're Kidding!" by Ron Fraser. In this bizarre article Fraser boasts that Oklahoma is blessed by avoiding the worse effect of the recession because PCG's headquarters is based there.
Place is important to God. It always has been. He makes that evident by showering His blessings on the location of His choice as He moves the earthly headquarters of His work to suit the times we are living through in any given generation.

Today that place is Edmond, Oklahoma. There is a very direct link between the blessings currently flowing in the state of Oklahoma amid national recession in America and the work of God emanating from the city of Edmond. Though few indeed will see this connection or even admit to it if they do, it is undeniable to those who truly understand God and His ways.

God chose to transfer those blessings to the place where His lampstand moved.
What madness!

July 30. "Unstoppable Spending Hits Immovable Ceiling" by Robert Morley. Here Morley gets himself caught up in condemning the Democrats and President Obama for trying to raise the debt ceiling. Morley seems unaware of the fact that normally Congress raises the debt ceiling as a simple and mundane procedure. Before this incident raising the debt ceiling was as mundane as turning on the light switch when it gets dark.

Morley also seems unaware that the US federal debt was actually higher per capita back in the 1940s due to World War II.

"Israel's Gravitation Toward Europe" by Brad MacDonald. Here, as PCG's writers often do, MacDonald insinuates that the State of Israel is aligning itself with the EU. PCG teaches that the EU will betray the State of Israel in the last days just before Christ's return.

August 6. "The Battle for Syria" by Robert Morley. Here Morley predicts that Syria will ally itself with Turkey and Saudi Arabia and insinuates that the Assad regime would fall. Although I so wished the Assad regime had fallen sooner that has not yet happened.

"Armstrong's Iron Bridge to Israel" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald tells of Gerald Flurry meeting with an Israeli archaeologist. The article ends with these words.
Most importantly, the divinely inspired and led life and work of Herbert Armstrong in Jerusalem is today being perpetuated by Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God.
And so we see that PCG's sponsorship of archaeological excavations is for the purpose of aggrandizing Gerald Flurry and his PCG.

August 13. "Why London Went Up in Flames" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry exploits the London riots to fear monger that devastating race riots are just around the corner.
Add the racial component to our family breakdown and it makes for a deadly mixture that’s just waiting to explode at a city near you, like it did in London.

“I am so angry, so ashamed, so utterly dismayed,” writes the London schoolteacher. “The vast majority of these criminals are black. No one will say it. I hang my head in shame, both as a black person and as a teacher.” At least this woman—a black woman—has the courage to say something. No one else will—certainly no one among the leading voices in the white community. ...
But God also says our major cities will soon explode with race riots and violence, just like what happened in London—only far worse—which is why we must warn you about what’s coming.
Stephen Flurry knows many people hate racism and bigotry so he muddles his negative attitude towards people of African descent by criticizing whites as well, not for violence, but for refusing to crack down on rioting by people of African descent that attracts his ire.
Those responsible for LEADING our peoples—most of them white—simply do not have the heart or strength to confront evil, even when it threatens to destroy our cities. ...

Now we don’t take sides with one race over another—whether it’s with weak-kneed white leaders who are afraid to uphold the rule of law or rebellious black youths intent on bringing down the government.
"'We'll Always Be a Triple-A Country'" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker fear mongers that Standard & Poor's degrading of US bonds (which occurred as a direct result of Republican legislators playing politics with the debt ceiling, which Morley seemed to view as a rational idea, also he was quite vague about it) is a sign that the US is on the way to "economic Armageddon" and uses this opportunity to condemn President Obama giving assurances to the American people after that act.
After several wild stock market swings and S&P’s downgrading of America’s credit rating, anxiety about America’s financial future is understandable. Some analysts correctly recognize the S & P downgrade as another mile marker on the road to economic Armageddon.
Hilliker actually means he thinks it is a sign for "economic Armageddon". By the way, what on Earth does Hilliker mean when he talks about "economic Armageddon"?

August 20. "'Welcome to the Fourth Reich'" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald uses a column from a British newspaper to say "the fourth Reich" is here.

This article contains this hilarious example of MacDonald moaning about PCG's writers being criticized by other people for what they say and do.
The Trumpet has often been criticized for highlighting the many Bible passages prophesying the end-time emergence of a German-dominated United States of Europe. ...

No, the article didn’t come from our archives. Nor was it the handiwork of an obscure blogger or some fringe website operating on the margins of the Internet.
Did MacDonald just admit that quoting previous PCG articles does not prove anything? Did MacDonald just admit that he does not trust the news sources they normally use?

First of all it is misleading to insinuate that this writer is saying the same thing as PCG because he does not believe that some former advertising man unlocked the secrets of the Bible that no one else saw, nor that the inaccurate dogma of British Israelism is true.

Two and a half years later we are still waiting for Germany to arise and conquer America.

"London Riots Will Engulf America" by Robert Morley. PCG has been fear mongering that racial minorities will go on a riotous rampage since at least 1992. One would think after twenty-two years of blaring out the same story they might get tired of it.

August 27. In this issue Stephen Flurry demonizes psychiatrists as inventing mental disorders out of thin air. 
And since that time [1994], to no one’s surprise, the “experts” have discovered a WHOLE HOST of new mental illnesses, including behavioral “sicknesses” that are particularly common among young people.
Armstrongism has a long history of demonizing and denigrating medical science.

"China Supports the Palestinians' UN Statehood bid" (p. 6). The problem with this argument is that currently about 130 UN member states supports Palestine being recognized as a state by the UN. PCG's writers really should find a better reason to criticize China then that.

"There Shall Be Famines" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker exploits the famine in Somalia to say that famine will soon afflict America. What nonsense!

This issue quotes Washington Times. (How appropriate.)

September 3. "Libya: Qadhafi's Gone--Now What?" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald chooses to demonize the victorious revolution in Libya by vilifying the brave revolutionaries as being jihadis and accusing them of preparing to ally themselves with Iran.

MacDonald's article is also noticeable for the way in which he condemns America's leaders as collaborators working towards Iran's rise.
The most important contributor to Iran’s rise has been the United States and its Western partners. Our record is impressive.

In spring 2003, we invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein, whose regime pretty much single-handedly kept Iran in check for two decades. In 2005, we endorsed Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution, which ultimately gave rise to the current Hezbollah-dominated government. This February, America and its Western allies proudly supported the removal of Hosni Mubarak, the man responsible for keeping the lid on radical Islam in Egypt and forging Cairo as a regional counterweight to Iran. Right now in Yemen, America is endorsing the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which would place another feather in the cap of Iran, since it has supplied money and weapons both to Shiite al Houthi forces and to al Qaeda cells there in order to foment chaos in the Gulf state and to distance it from Saudi Arabia.

Now, thanks largely to Western brawn, Libyan strongman Muammar Qadhafi is gone.
"Iran said it aided Libyan rebels" (p. 2). This is an attempt to demonize the brave revolutionaries of Libya as puppets of Iran. Since 1994 PCG has dogmatically insisted that Iran will be "the king of the South" and that the Middle East will rally around Iran. It is shameful that PCG's writers exploited the events in Libya to demonize Iran simply to "prove" that false prophecy.

"The Ratzinger Youth" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser insinuates that Pope Benedict XVI is just like the Nazis. Little did he know less then two years later Pope Benedict XVI would resign.

"Merkel Tells Serbia to Give Up Kosovo" ( Her words failed. Serbia to this day not recognize the Republic of Kosovo.

Also this issue fear mongers a lot about events in South Africa.

This issue also quotes an article from Press TV, a media outlet sponsored by Iran.

September 10. "9/11 and the Last Hour" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry recites Gerald Flurry's false prophecy that the 9/11 terrorist attacks represented the beginning of 'the last hour'.

"Do You Realize How Soon the World Could End?" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker exploits the tumultuous events of the Arab Spring to insinuate that the Great Tribulation could occur very quickly or suddenly. A more important question to ask is, What if PCG's writers are wrong and the world is not going to end?

"America: Why Race Riots Are Inevitable" by Brad MacDonald. Once again one of PCG's writers fear mongers that race riots are about to occur any moment now, as they have often done since 1992.

September 17. "Israel Enters Nightmare Scenario" by Brad MacDonald. Here MacDonald insinuates that the State of Israel might collapse by 2013.
Netanyahu sees that right now vast tracts of the Middle East, territorially, politically and strategically, belong to Iran and radical Islam. Soon now, this Iran-led radical Islamic mob will descend on Israel with overwhelming numbers and force. Like its embassy in Cairo last week, the Jewish state has a defensive wall, a top-notch military, crack intelligence and state-of-the-art anti-missile defense systems. That wall might hold for a while longer. But with each passing month, its ability to protect and defend will diminish, one missile, one terrorist attack at a time.

Soon, perhaps in a few months or maybe next year [2012] or the year after [2013], the weight of the Islamic mob will cause the wall to crumble and collapse. What will happen then?
Nothing. It is now 2014 and the State of Israel is still here. Clearly MacDonald cannot see the future.

"Iran Helped Plan 9/11" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker accuses Iran of collaborating with al Qaeda in committing the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This article was discussed in a previous post.

"The Great Islamic Awakening" by Stephen Flurry. Once again Stephen Flurry demonizes the brave protesters of the Arab Spring as Islamists and puppets of Iran.

October 1. "Pope Covers All Bases in Germany" by Ron Fraser. Here's yet another false prophecy in which Fraser boasts at how powerful Pope Benedict was.

Also note the bizarre way Fraser characterizes the courageous people working for justice in regard to pedophilia within the Catholic priesthood as "lobbyists for a financial return for real or imagined sexual predation". I find this statement very strange, even for Fraser.
You have to hand it to Pope Benedict. There’s not one group that has questioned his papacy which was not confronted and bluntly faced down by him in his numerous public statements in Germany.

The Catholic dissidents, the secularists, the lobbyists for a financial return for real or imagined sexual predation, the homosexuals, pro-choicers, the Protestants, the Jews and the Islamists— Benedict XVI had a specific message for them all.

Very clearly the message was, I’m not moving. You move back to where you need to be in order to be fully under Rome’s wings.
Little did Fraser know that less then two years later Pope Benedict XVI would resign.

October 8. "Three Men To Watch" by Ron Fraser. Here Fraser lets his Germanophobia get the better of him and he fear mongers that three Germans are waiting to lead Germany's rise to power.
What is it about these three Bavarians—Ratzinger, Stoiber and Guttenberg? ...

There is a reason why we watch these three Bavarians—Ratzinger, Stoiber and Guttenberg. They all share a common vision. It is the vision propounded by Stoiber’s mentor, Franz Josef Strauss, which matched that of the recently deceased Otto von Habsburg. It’s a Holy Roman imperial vision—a vision that has Rome as the spiritual glue that will hold together a revival, a literal resurrection, of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.
Fraser, it's not them, it's you. You keep insisting that HWA was right and that he could foresee future events when he could not. That you keep making ridiculous statements like that. Today all three men are out of the halls of power. Clearly this is yet another false prophecy.

"The Riots Are Getting Closer" by Robert Morley. Here Morley exploits the Occupy movement protesters to claim riots are about to erupt in America any moment now. This is a false prophecy PCG's writers have been monotonously blaring out since at least 1992.

[Incorrectly observed Feast of Tabernacles break.]

October 29. "Why You Need To Pay Heed to the Trumpet" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker bluntly tries to get readers to take what he and his follow writers are saying seriously.
[O]ur editor in chief wrote about revolutionized Egypt and Libya joining the radical Islamic camp led by Iran. The last two weeks have seen stunning advancements in this trend in both countries. ...

All these shocking events are unfolding in line with what the Trumpet has said would happen—in some cases to the detail, and in some for nearly two decades! There has never been such powerful proof of why you need to pay attention to the Trumpet and the words of our editor in chief as what has emerged from the Arab Spring over this past year!
Just two years later the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was routed at the cost of at least 638 lives.

"The Great American Contraction" by Robert Morley. Here Morley once again fear mongers that the American economy is about to collapse.

Quotes Washington Times.(How appropriate.)

November 5. "Is This the Time of the End?" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry insists once again that World War III, nuclear destruction and slavery are about to occur to America any moment now as PCG has been shrilly insisting since 1989.

For whatever reason in this issue both Ron Fraser and Brad MacDonald feel compelled to defend the British monarchy, as though it needed some little doomsday sect based in Edmond to defend them.

"One Shocking Way Drug Smugglers Get Their Guns" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker tries to jump on the band wagon to exploit the Fast and Furious scandal in order to make his readers lose hope that anything will go well outside of PCG.

November 12. "Look! Germany is Conquering Europe!" by Brad MacDonald. How often does MacDonald have to say this before he becomes tired of saying the same thing over and over again.

This issue also quotes an article from Counterpunch, a left wing leaning media website. Considering how PCG's writers tend to lean to the right in regards to politics this is somewhat unusual.

November 19. "Germany Is About To Shock The World Again" by Stephen Flurry. PCG's writers are like a skipping record player saying the same thing again and again.

Quotes Washington Times. (How appropriate.)

November 26. "Radical Islamists Plot to Turn Ethiopia Into Islamist State" by Andrew Miller. Here Miller insists that Ethiopia is about to be turned into a radical Islamist state like Iran. Three years later we are still waiting.

"Muslim Brotherhood on the rise in Egypt and Libya" (p. 2). Little did PCG's writers know that just two years later the Muslim Brotherhood would be violently suppressed with the loss of at least 638 lives.

"Guttenburg Case Dropped" and "Guttenburg is Back" by Ron Fraser. Even though zu Guttenburg was taken out of the halls of power Fraser desperately tries to keep his memory ever present within the minds of PCG members. Fraser does not want them to notice that he had made yet another false prophecy.

"Plugging Our Own Economy" by Robert Morley. Here Morley makes, what is in hindsight, an amusing statement fantasizing about America discovering a new source of oil.
What if America discovered it had a Saudi Arabia worth of oil under its own soil? Guess what? We found that oil—rather, the Canadians did. It just needs a way to get to market. But strangely, America doesn’t know if it wants it or not.
Little did Morley know that later America would indeed discover a large, previously untapped source of oil. This was achieved by using the highly controversial practice of fracking in order to extract previously unobtainable deposits of oil. That is why oil has now lowered in price.

December 3. "Germany Mulls War With Iran" by Ron Fraser. Once again Fraser shows the world how desperate he is to prove that his paymaster is a prophet.

"America's Decade of Defeat" by Stephen Flurry. Here Stephen Flurry exploits the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq to fear monger that Iran is winning and will soon arise to power within the Muslim world.

It is amazing how utterly wrong he is in this article. In 2014 Iraq once again became a matter of concern but this was because of the rise of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's lackeys, not the supposed rise of Iran PCG has been insisting will occur for so long. In fact Iran hates Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's lackeys so much they have even launched air strikes against them.

December 10. "Big Banks Breaking America" by Robert Morley.

December 17. "You Need To Read This Booklet" by Joel Hilliker. Here Hilliker advertises for the latest version of Gerald Flurry's booklet about the Yugoslav Wars which blames Germany and the Papacy for sparking those wars. However as noted elsewhere his booklet is largely based on a false accusation against Germany and the Papacy.

December 24. "Eat The Rich" by Robert Morley. Here Morley shares with the world has this stunning statement.
You might be shocked to learn that the typical homeless person standing on a street corner begging for money in Los Angeles is richer than the bottom 25 percent of Americans too. In fact, anyone who has a couple of dollars in his pocket and no debt has a greater net worth than one quarter of all Americans. That’s pretty sad.
I am shocked. Shocked to learn that Morley would minimize poverty in such a way.

December 31. "Smartphones and Disconnected Families" by Robert Morley. Here Morley tells us how surprised he was that so many people have smartphones while visiting a cafe.
Okay, I admit. I don’t get out as much as I should. But I was shocked by how many people have smartphones. Honestly, I thought that waiting room was a miniature Bizzaro World. Aren’t restaurants places where people come to eat and talk to each other? We sat on a bench across from a family of four. Nicely dressed. Looked successful. Two elementary school children. And not a single word spoken. Just silent tapping and touching of screens. Not one of them appeared to be happy.

Another family of four trudged past and dropped down into some chairs to the left. Out came the iPhones. Down went the eyes. Closed went the mouths. Silence. Then a family of three. They chose to remain standing while they used theirs. I counted up the techno junkies. Besides us, there were 18 others, 15 of whom were using various electronic devices.
"Not one of them appeared to be happy." But they are not trying to impress you, Morley. Why would you expect them to?

Why are you looking at what other people are doing and judging them? It is their own affair. Let them manage their own lives. Relax.


And so 2012 begins. But this post ends here.


  1. HWA claimed the Nazis went underground boasting that they would return to power and create a war mongering European Empire.

    Let's say, best case scenario that the Nazis in question were 20 years old in 1945. This is an unreasonable best case scenario. That means that today, they would be 89 years old. Can't you just see these Nazis leading a spirited Germany in their walkers and wheel chairs, maybe from their hospital beds?

    Muslim Pedophile Gangs Stalk British Girls?

    How about Church of God pedophile stalks daughter? How would that set with church members? Shouldn't they get excited about that?

    Just two reasons you need to ignore the Trumpet.

    It's bad. It's really bad. And just plain wrong! I mean, don't get me wrong, I like science fiction, but this version of alternative worlds science fiction I don't like -- it's too much like a boring version of Sabbath keeping Scientologists.

  2. You are right. PCG's portrayal of world events is a bad parody of reality.