Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peoples' Casual Encounters with PCG

Thankfully most people who watch The Key of David telecast or even get a subscription and read The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine do not take the plunge and try to join PCG.

(Please note: I do not necessarily agree with what these websites say. They are merely mentioned because they discuss PCG's writings.)


Here is one account by a person (January 25, 2006) who came upon PCG's Key of David telecast and looked into what this outfit really was.


Here is one article posted on Freedom's Phoenix (October 27, 2009), some kind of right wing website which reproduces a 2009 article by Gerald Flurry claiming that leftists are waging "war" on the US Constitution.


Here is one post from an anti-Muslim website (January 2, 2014) which notes some of the many articles PCG produced demonizing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and fear mongering that they would gain power in Egypt. The author appears unaware that PCG predicted that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over Egypt and that this prediction had failed miserably. At least the post has pretty pictures.


Here is one post from a Serbian website (March 8, 2008) which reproduces a chapter from Gerald Flurry's booklet, The Rising Beast, which accuses Germany of conspiring to cripple Serbia during the Kosovo War in 1999. 

At the bottom are two comments. After looking through Google Translate it appears that both of them disagree with Flurry's assertion that Germany was the main instigator. Instead they blame America.

That booklet was discussed elsewhere on this blog. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).


Here is one Facebook post (April 13, 2014) from a Facebook account which promotes Islam. This post talks about the August 2001 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet.
Final Crusade (holy war against Muslims) started on 9/11 (september 11, 2001).

The Philadelphia Trumpet has clearly stated about final crusade in it's last edition before 9/11.
The PHILADELPHIA TRUMPET is a monthly news and prophecy magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God (PCG).
(Actually the last issue before 9/11 was the September 2001 issue. That was printed before 9/11. It was not until the November-December 2001 issue that they talked about 9/11.)

Now that is scary. Seeing how Gerald Flurry's ravings about a last crusade are needlessly causing some Muslims to be fearful. No good can come from this. Oh what bitter fruit this is. This disturbing trend was noted in a previous post.

No doubt there are many other such instances.

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