Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thoughts About The Terrorist Massacre in Paris

What a monstrous atrocity! May those who committed this most heinous mass murder soon face justice and the full force of the law. The murderers seem to claim that they are "fighting" for "Islam". How can this be true considering that one of the slain was a Muslim who was a police officer?

The purpose of terrorism such as this is to polarize society in order for the terrorists to gain new recruits to their cause. It does not matter whether the terrorists are right wing, left wing, nationalist, religious or whatever. The purpose is the same: get new recruits.

In this instance the murderers know that the vast majority of Muslims in France are not interested in joining the murderers' cause. That is why they have done this thing. They want the people of France to polarize society by alienating Muslims. The murderers want people to lash out at Muslims so that the murderers will have a more receptive audience and scare more people into joining their sinister cause.

We must not lash out at the innocent Muslims because of this massacre. We must not bear hatred against innocent people. It is what the terrorists want. We must not give them the polarized society they want. It's what they want. So must not give it to them.

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  1. France has no death penalty. One suspect is in custody. The best outcome would be the remaining two being killed or killing themselves.