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PCG's Ron Fraser Demonizing Bosnia as a "Terrorist Enclave" (2008)

National Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2008 the late Ron Fraser wrote an article discussing the arrest of Radovan Karadžić. It is entitled "The Demonizing of a Nation", the nation in question being Serbia. Being from PCG naturally Fraser sympathizes with Karadžić and portrays his upcoming trial as part of a wicked plot by the Germans to "conquer" Serbia by letting it join the European Union (which PCG portrays as just a puppet for the Germans).
That atrocities were committed by all sides in the Balkan wars is a given. Ample documented evidence exists to prove that. Atrocities are simply part of the nature of war.
Yet the fact that similar atrocities, involving mass murder, mass rape and attempts at genocide, were being perpetrated in a number of other countries before, during and after those committed in the Balkan wars is also a given. Witness Rwanda, Somalia, the Congo, Sudan, China, et al.
Why is holding people to account for murder so wrong for you, Fraser? What is wrong with holding people to account for war crimes? Should massacres and atrocities simply be covered up? Should the victims be ordered to simply remain silent and let the perpetrators go free? It is good that people are being held to account for abuses that occurred during those turbulent times. Such things should not be covered up.

Why was Karadžić arrested? According to Fraser it was because of Serbia's attempts to join the EU.
It’s simple. It all fits an overarching agenda to which the greater public remains oblivious. It’s revealed in one short sentence in Holbrooke’s Post article: “Karadzic’s arrest is no mere historical footnote .… It also moves Serbia closer to European Union membership” (emphasis mine throughout). Holbrooke is right on the button with that statement.
Never mind all the civilians killed by the forces of the Republika Srpska. Pay no attention to them. Instead get yourself worried and upset by Fraser saying it is part of a plot for Germany's benefit.

But there is also another angle to this situation that Fraser wants to mention
What needs to be added is that the outcome of Karadzic’s trial has the potential to accelerate the coming clash between Catholic Europe and pan-Islam.
What on Earth is Fraser talking about? Pan-Islam? What is that? Fraser had a real gift for coining wacky phrases. Pan-Islam is just another one. Another sick imagining from this strange white man who xenophobic viewed all other non-white people as being strange.
Both EU and Muslim interests coaxed Washington to endorse and even underwrite efforts to have NATO forces fight the Serbs on their behalf—the former to aid its colonizing of the whole Balkan Peninsula, the latter to consolidate Islam’s terrorist enclave on European soil.
That's disgusting! What a sick, disturbed, unbalanced thing to say. The Bosnians had lived in the territory of the former Yugoslavia for hundreds of years. What a frightening and horrible thing to say: to accuse Bosnia and Herzegovina, a nation born after the most frightful struggle, of being some sort of "terrorist enclave" (whatever that means). I am shocked. Maybe I am being naive but this honestly shocks me.
Thus is Serbia set to be further demonized and beaten into submission, ultimately to be colonized by EU diktat, with the willing support of the brainwashed international community. In EU terms, Bosnian Muslims (a hotbed of Islamist terrorist training) will then be encircled by the EU. 
What a mean spirited xenophobe! How dare Fraser demonize a whole people so casually. Frankly as far as I understand it the Bosnian Muslims have no interest in the sort of extremism propagated by the likes of Al Qaeda. Name me one terrorist extremist from Bosnia. Fraser certainly never even bothers to do so in this disgusting and xenophobic article.
[Quoting John Laughland: "]The Bosnian Serbs claim that they were combatants (although that is certainly not an excuse for killing them) but the point is that an army bent on genocide would precisely not have singled out men for execution but would have killed women too” (ibid.).

So the Karadzic show trial will be yet another public demonization of the unfortunate Serbs. 
Fraser, didn't you just notice Laughland noting that a massacre did occur. Oh that's right. Fraser just stated earlier that massacres and atrocities are just a fact of life in a war. Based on this quote it sounds as though Laughland is disputing that the Srebrenica Massacre should be labelled a genocide but acknowledges that there was a massive massacre. It also needs to be stated that the Srebrenica Massacre was legally judged to be an act of genocide contrary to international law by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 2004.

It is well established that about 8000 Bosniaks were murdered by the forces led by Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić. Holding people to account for this most dastardly deed is not demonizing people.

But claiming that Bosnia and Herzegovina is some sort of "terrorist enclave" and claiming that the Bosnian Muslims are "a hotbed of Islamist terrorist training" with no evidence is demonizing a people.

How ironic. Fraser writes an article saying Serbia is being demonized, then he accuses Bosnia of such terrible things with no evidence. What Ron Fraser wrote in this article is disgusting and shameful. It is a terrible thing and people need to know that is what he has said.


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  1. And the LCG with Roderick Meredith have been terrorizing members and competing groups for years now. One member commented on conditions in the LCG, "Horrible, just horrible," he said (direct quote). I asked him why he didn't obey Scripture that says, "From such turn away". He had no answer but hasn't talked to me again and it's been years now.

    Anyone remember 2005? Oh, you know: A disgruntled member came to services and shot and killed the minister and several other members.

    One might say that... LCG is a "Terrorist Enclave". I know it's a stretch, but if they can do it to Bosnia, can't others do it to them?

  2. Thanks for your encouraging comment, Black Ops Mikey.

    I will say again I was shocked to see Fraser so casually demonize a whole nation as a "terrorist enclave" (whatever that means) especially towards a nation whose people has suffered so terribly within living memory.