Friday, August 1, 2014

Gerald Flurry on Political Changes in Iran and South Africa

At the moment I am writing a post about Gerald Flurry's booklet, Winston S. Churchill: The Watchman (2002 version). Here is a small preview.
It’s as if our press and politicians today have no memory. In 1979, they virtually forced an ally, the Shah of Iran, out of office. Then Iran became the number-one terrorist nation in the world. Our political elite forced a white government and strong ally from South Africa rule [sic] and helped usher in Nelson Mandela. South Africa is now a close friend of Iran and Syria, the greatest terrorist nations in the world. The same story is being played out in Israel. (p. 9.)
Is it not amazing how Flurry, in this section of writing, treats non-white people (Iranians and black South Africans) as though they did not exist? The overthrow of the Shah was caused by Americans, not Iranians, according to Flurry. The overthrow of the racist apartheid regime in South Africa, which maintained its power by denying the majority of the population equal rights and keeping them in a state of oppression, was caused by America's "political elite", not the majority of South Africans, according to Flurry. It is as though Flurry does not notice non-white people. It is bizarre and absurd to pretend the peoples of those nations did not play the instrumental role in those dramatic events, for good or ill.

As for democratic South Africa supposedly being "a close friend of Iran and Syria" this is just demagogic nonsense. If this is true then why did President Obama go to South Africa to speak at Mandela's funeral? More on this topic may be seen in a previous post concerning Ron Fraser's booklet about South Africa.

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