Friday, August 8, 2014

Overview of the September 2014 Philadelphia Trumpet

PCG has released the latest issue of their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. Let us see what PCG's leaders have to say.

The circulation for this issue is 317,863. This is only slightly higher then their circulation in November 2003 (313,400). As stated previously the magazine's circulation figures are stagnant. If anything the magazine's circulation has appeared to be declining since July 2013, which had a circulation of 335,797.

Gerald Flurry has a from the Editor article bemoaning the state of modern education in America today in order to glorify and praise the education in his college, Herbert W. Armstrong College. Clearly this is to encourage PCG members to go to HWA College. Is it accredited?

Anthony Chibarirwe has an article detailing the rise of the so-called "Islamic State" in the territory of Iraq and Syria. Why is this man working for a group that forbids interracial marriage? The fact that PCG teaches interracial marriage to be sinful is mentioned here, here and here. Forbidding interracial marriage is racist.

Richard Palmer (he who belittled the Srebrenica Massacre as just "a crime of passion") has a side article nonsensically claiming that the leaders of the so-called "Islamic State" are plotting to go to war against Europe and conquer Rome. Somehow I suspect they are more concerned about the forces of the Iraqi government, the Kurds, Free Syrians, and the murderous Assad regime then they are about the Pope.

Robert Morley has an article condemning various policies regarding the supply and distribution of water in Detroit.

Dennis Leap has an article bemoaning how many American families are no longer living together the way he thinks they should.

Stephen Flurry has an article complaining about illegal immigration.

Gerald Flurry has an article insisting that Vladimir Putin in the Prince of Rosh mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39. Gerald Flurry seems to believe that Putin will continue to rule Russia until several years after Christ's return.

Phillip Nice has a very intriguing article which gives an outline of the state of PCG today. It mentions the ministerial conference that was held at their main headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma. "After the conference, ministers took the instruction and insight and began applying it in 147 congregations in 52 countries."

It includes the following information:

United States:
73 congregations
37 ministers

Latin America/Caribbean:
18 congregations
4 ministers

20 congregations
4 ministers

7 congregations
3 ministers

12 congregations
4 ministers

17 congregations
11 ministers

The Worldwatch section has several articles. One article fear mongers that the Pope wants people to not work on Sunday. It seems to be a deeply inherited trait of Sabbatarianism to continuously fear monger that the Pope is trying to impose observing Sunday as a Sabbath. This is just manipulative nonsense.

It also claims that Britain is very close to getting out of the European Union.

It also claims Japan is preparing to move away from their pacifist stance. PCG has long demonized Japan.

It also claims that relations are warming up between India and China. The implication being that they are preparing to wage war against America and Britain. This is fear mongering nonsense.

Stephen Flurry has a little article encouraging people to read.

There is also a letters section and a society watch section. In the letters section there a little dialog between Richard Palmer and a writer talking about far-right parties in Ukraine. 

Callum Wood has an article fear mongering how devastating a nuclear war would be. This ignores the fact that nuclear war is now quite a remote possibility. PCG's leaders are simply trying to keep their followers in a state of fear regarding the world outside of PCG so that PCG members continue to pay three tithes and extra offerings.

So we see PCG's leaders offering more of the same in order to persuade people that they need to send three tithes and extra offerings to PCG or be cast into the Great Tribulation.

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  1. Gerald Flurry seems to believe that Putin will continue to rule Russia until several years after Christ's return.

    Mr. Putin should live so long.

    Dennis Leap has an article bemoaning how many American families are no longer living together the way he thinks they should.


    Didn't the man with the disabled child do what Leap told him to do and drop off the disabled child in a shopping mall so someone else could take care of it?!!!

    That's bad!

    If the man didn't do it, then he won't have the extra time and money to spend on the PCG!!!!

    Pay money or be cast into the Great Tribulation?

    Where I come from, that's called extortion.

    It is usually illegal.

    But not this time (??!!!???!!).