Monday, September 1, 2014

Is Joel Hilliker a Ghost Writer for Gerald Flurry?

While PCG members are anxiously awaiting the Feast of Tabernacles to read Gerald Flurry's new book and the latest volume of PCG's re-telling of The Bible Story.

PCG has been getting ready to distribute Gerald Flurry's new book and Volume eight of their retelling of The Bible Story.
In early September, freight trucks will pull up to the Mail Processing Center and unload pallets containing 25,000 copies of The Former Prophets; 4,000 Bible Story books; and 2,000 Envoys.
It would appear that Joel Hilliker has played quite an instrumental role in getting Gerald Flurry's new book ready.
“We collected everything Mr. Flurry has said about these books from the beginning of the PCG—every article, every sermon, every Key of David program, every statement that had been transcribed,” Editorial manager Joel Hilliker said. ”The more we worked, the more kept turning up. Once we started compiling it all, we realized we had an epic amount of material on our hands. … I spent a lot of time compiling, combining and editing material over a period of several months.

“It’s exciting because all this revelation, all these golden nuggets that were scattered in so many places, now have a home. … All the material in the Former Prophets book is going to lead people into some fantastic Bible study,” he said.
There had been speculation before that Gerald Flurry uses ghost writers to write his articles and booklets.
Gerald Flurry also clearly uses other people to do his actual writing. This can be seen by comparing his “personals” in the Philadelphia Trumpet with other articles that bear his name. A very clear example can be found in the May/June 2002 RV. Compare his “personal” about the “prayer rock” (his true writing style) with the article by him on pg. 2 – there is no similarity in writing style or proficiency whatsoever! Then compare this same article on pg. 2 by Gerald Flurry, to the article on pg. 13 by Stephen Flurry – the styles and technical writing proficiencies are very similar! I believe Stephen Flurry to be his father’s primary ghost writer today. In any case, it is my opinion that almost all of Gerald Flurry’s articles and booklets are written with a talent that he simply does not possess. While this is of itself not a terribly important issue, it is just one more area where Gerald Flurry is not what he appears. (PCG Information, 2002.)
It would appear that Joel Hilliker fills that role now.

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