Thursday, September 18, 2014

Overview of the September-October 2014 Issue of Tomorrow's World

LCG has released the latest issue of their recruitment magazine, Tomorrow's World. Let us see what LCG's leaders have to say.

Richard Ames has a Personal article saying that if the United States and Britain wish to avoid the Great Tribulation then there must be a national repentance or else.

Roderick C. Meredith has an article insist the Jesus Christ as taught by his LCG is the only real Christ so unless you join LCG and pay their leaders three tithes and extra offerings you are doomed.

Winston Gosse has a little article bemoaning that Canada is less connected with Britain then was previously the case. He also brings up the disproven nonsense of British Israelism. has shown that British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism.

William Bowmer has a little article condemning ecumenism as a wicked plot by the Vatican to seize control of the Protestant churches.

Dexter Wakefield has an article insisting that only Armstrongites are true Christians and that throughout history the true Christians have been subjected to the most vicious and blood thirsty persecution by the Pope. He even has a picture of Waldensians (who are claimed as noble predecessors by the COGs) being murdered by blood thirsty Catholic hordes. It is all nonsense, though. Armstrongism is actually an offshoot of the Millerites of the 1830s - 1840s. And the Waldensians did not observe the seventh day Sabbath by the way. It is nonsense how LCG and the other COG groups claim to be descended from the Waldensians. Bruce Renehan proved that the seven church eras as taught in Armstrongism is nonsense.

Seth Forrestier has a little article saying that humanity must work and that it is good to do so.

John Meakin has a little article extolling observance of the seventh day Sabbath.

Richard Ames has an article insisting that LCG members must pay attention to what is happening in the Middle East. 

Questions and Answers talks about the Armstrongite dogma of the Great White Throne Judgment.

Douglas Winnail has a little article telling LCG members to be really scared that disease epidemics are just about to occur, as these Armstrongites have been saying constantly since the 1930s. Douglas Winnail often makes these silly little articles.

Phil Sena has a little article about the youth. Says they has too many choices. Tells them not to live with their significant other until marriage. Says life is hard. Says one must be really dedicated to follow (LCG's God).

Wallace Smith has a little article talking about the great complexity of the human brain.

There are letters as well. One of which comes from Pakistan.
We enjoy the Tomorrow’s World magazine so very much and have found it very enlightening. Sir! I would like to tell you that your magazine is the most interesting source of knowledge I have ever read in my life. It covers many things and I can’t put it down until I have read the whole thing in one go. I cannot praise it enough. Truly amazing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such an exciting magazine. God bless you in your continuing endeavor.
As if Pakistan did not have enough problems already.

There is also a letter from a person who has embraced Sabbatarianism because of LCG.
Your magazine came to me a few years ago and ever since then I have been very grateful for its arrival. It has answered many questions I have had for years. I am especially thankful for the Truth about the Sabbath. To think that for most of my life I worshipped our Lord on the wrong day. You, at Tomorrow’s World, set me straight. Today is Sunday and I am cleaning my house and such. It was not that long ago that I would have spent Saturday doing this sort of thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for shining light on the day that is the real Sabbath of God.
Very likely this person has no idea of how Roderick Meredith and others perverted the Sabbath into a great burden. Very likely this person does not know the full story about this.

And so once again we see LCG's leaders continuing to perpetuate the heresies of Armstrongism in order to continue persuading LCG lay members to pay three tithes and extra offerings to LCG.


  1. Don't you find it so amazing that Armstrongist leaders have to lie to continue their rubbish?

    But it's worse than that: They know they are lying.

    I keep wondering just how they can live with themselves telling all those lies.

  2. Flurry often likes to say "the Laodiceans" know they are wrong for not being in PCG. Whenever he says that I cannot help but wonder if he is projecting his own feelings onto them.

  3. Those who preach to others sometimes preach about their own hang-ups. I remember one minister who used to go on and on about how human nature causes us to "...want what we want when we want it." I was a bit baffled as to why he stayed on that theme until I realized he was simply talking about himself. Another problem with preaching is that ministers essentially just say the same thing over and over. It's just a matter of packaging things differently. Past a certain point in the church I rarely heard a sermon or read an article where I really learned something new. Another problem with preaching is that a lot of people just aren't very good at it. A good speaker can take well-worn material and make it sound interesting. That was Garner Ted Armstrong's talent: he could read the phone book and hold your attention. Most ministers cannot do that. And one of the problems with old WCG and current WCG-offshoot ministers is that they love to do long sermons. They seem to be in love with the sound of their own voices. I guess that came from HWA; apparently he liked long sermons. A man should be able to say what he wants to say in no more than 30 minutes. Eyes start to glaze over after that. Blog comments should be brief too, so I guess I better shut up.