Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inspiring Ex-PCG Testimony

Exit and Support Network has released a letter (September 20, 2014) relating a testimony about leaving PCG that I thought was quite beautifully expressed and quite inspiring about how life seems to be going well for because they got out of PCG. Banned by HWA has also posted this testimony.
God Has Set Us Free:

September 20, 2014

Soon it will be the one year anniversary of our official resignation from the PCG cult. Flurry and his henchmen always told us that God would curse us or kill us if we ever stopped "supporting the Work" (i. e., putting money in their bank accounts so they can live in luxury). Or if we ever stopped attending services or keeping the Mosaic Sabbath law, God would kill us or strike us down horribly.
When I read the writings of Meredith's LCG they persuaded me that if I ever stopped believing in what they taught some monstrous calamity would occur to me, I would lose salvation, I would be blinded by Satan and forget "the truth".
None of this has happened. In fact, God has blessed me with a state job that has full time hours, a future and paid benefits. In three weeks I will graduate from the academy and become a sworn Peace Officer. This is God himself setting me free from the obsolete Mosaic Law that so many are still enslaved to by those gangsters in Edmond.

If I would have stayed in the PCG cult, I would probably be homeless and on government assistance section 8 housing. Keeping the Mosaic Holy Days and Sabbaths destroyed every good job opportunity I ever had. Gerry Flurry always told me that giving him money would ensure my salvation, health and prosperity. Instead, giving him the money I needed to live my life almost cost me everything I had.
It is so terrible that so many people are reduced to such desperation because of what they been indoctrinated to believe and to do for PCG and the other COG groups.
Thanks to my good friend [name removed] who told me about ESN I was able to conquer the fear that the Flurrys, Turgeons, Malones, and Culpepoers used to keep me sending them my hard earned money to keep my salvation. Realizing from ESN that Gerald Flurry plagiarized most of Malachi's Message and was arrested for being drunk on the Sabbath disillusioned me from the adoration I had for that fake prophet from Oklahoma.
That friend is a very good friend. It is so good you got out.

There follows an impression of how the leaders in PCG appear to behave.
The hardest thing now is to not be overcome with resentment and anger towards those men in Edmond who deceived me into giving them my limited resources so they could live in elegant homes, drive luxury cars, and travel all over the world in comfort. When I went out to Edmond OK and saw the wealth and extravagance that these people surround themselves with I was shocked. Then it was the snobbish arrogance and pride of these Edmond elites that sickened me to the core. Here are a bunch of individuals living off of the hard work, sweat, and tithes of others and they act like it was all owed to them.
As early as 1995 Gerald Flurry was boasting that PCG had an annual income of "multiple millions".

In 2012 PCG gained $19.5 million in income. Is that where the money is going?

Recently Andrew Locher released an article (discussed in a previous post) that appeared that state about $2 million is spent on buying airtime for The Key of David telecast. And yet he admits that in 1999 "just over $4 million" was spent on buying airtime for The Key of David when it was about half of "the total income". (I presume he means half of "the total income" of PCG in 1999, which would make it $8 million.) Combining his words with the information that PCG got $19.5 million in 2012 it appeared to me that Locher was admitting PCG's income was like the following:
PCG Income in 1999                                       $8 million
(Implied in Locher's article)

PCG buying airtime for KOD in 1999        $4 million
(Stated in Locher's article)

PCG Income in 2012                                       $19.5 million
(Stated by Gerald Flurry in his Colossians booklet)

PCG buying airtime for KOD in 2014        $2 million
(Implied in Locher's article)
Locher tried to minimize this clear reduction in spending on distributing The Key of David by claiming they got more responses at less expense.

Really? Then why is The Philadelphia Trumpet's circulation about the same as 2003? It has been stuck at 300,000 since 2000. (Actually from March 2008 till January 2011 it was below 300,000.)

If these figures are inaccurate perhaps PCG should be a little more transparent about such things to avoid possible confusion, at least for the sake of PCG's lay members and non-PCG contributors (co-workers).

So that would seem to be where the money is going.
The final straw was when a "minister of God" told me that God would kill my baby girl if I did not follow his instructions.
 That is just horrifying. He has no right to behave in such a frightful manner.
We left and never looked back. Someone in Edmond like Brian Davis would read this letter and laugh and mock. But we are free now and for the first time we have the blessings Flurry always promised but never delivered.

God bless you all. --Brett and Carmen Streutker
And God bless you as well. What an inspiring account of triumph over adversity. I wish you well. I hope things go well for you. You deserve it.

I must say your has moved me. Thank you for your brave and courageous decision to share it.


  1. Yisrael Hawkins and the House of Yahwey are covered periodically on Dr. Phil.

    It's time for Flurry and the PCG to be exposed on Dr. Phil as well.

    Or maybe Jerry Springer.

  2. What would really be fun would be to see Rachel Maddow expose. Female, gay, liberal: she represents everything that makes PCGers apoplectic.

  3. Please pray for these misguided ministers.