Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PCG Writes About Suicide

There has been a lot of discussion recently concerning the tragic death by suicide of Janet De Gennaro, a PCG member, which appears to have been caused in part by PCG's no contact policy. (Here is one document from PCG discussing this frightfully cruel practice.)

It would appear that PCG has been paying attention. For September 10 PCG's has posted an article by Karl Lorenz discussing suicide. It links to an article by Dennis Leap that also discusses suicide.

A letter to Exit and Support Network has reported on this.
With regard to the tragic death of Janet De Gennaro, I noticed two Trumpet articles written by the hypocrites at the PCG. The first one is entitled: "Suicide: Every 40 Seconds" and the other one linking to it is: "The Truth About Suicide." Maybe people could post messages to the PCG site about their responsibility in pushing Janet De Gannero to her death.
ESN replies with these comments. 
Comments: Following are a couple of quotes from the 2nd article:
"Suicide is...a weakness of mind and character."
"There is way of life that produces true happiness, peace and lasting success. There is a way of life that teaches us how to face and overcome problems rather than resorting to suicide."
These words are a mockery to anyone who has had to suffer Gerald Flurry's no-contact ruling or tried to live the "way of life" that PCG teaches/enforces.
It is disgusting that an organization which is so troubled would dare to write about such a sensitive topic as this. This organization is very ill suited to talk about this.

For anyone who wants to read about this serious topic I would suggest the following:

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