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Reading PCG's Booklet, Micah: God's People Rises Up as His Enemy

Let us now read Gerald Flurry's booklet, Micah: God's People Rise Up as His Enemy. This booklet was first published in 2000. It was later revised in 2010. Once again Flurry uses yet another Book of the Bible to demonize the members of the other COG groups (who are vilified as "Laodiceans") in order to convince the reader that he, Gerald Flurry, is the only legitimate successor to HWA. For this reading I am going through the original 2000 version. You can read the current 2010 version on their website.

In the table of contents this acknowledgement may be found given to the late J. Tim Thompson (who later died in 2005).

J. Tim Thompson helped greatly
in preparing Chapter Two.

This has been removed in the current version. Is Gerald Flurry taking all the credit for himself now? I wonder how J. Tim Thompson's family felt about this move. Were they aware of this? Did they approve?

Chapter 1

Quite early on Flurry insists that (PCG's) God works through one man at a time. Flurry claims Micah to have been like this. Flurry does this so he can claim Micah as a predecessor to HWA and himself in this regard and to reemphasize once again his insistence on having one man rule within PCG with himself as the leader.
This revelation came to ONE MAN. That is the way God does His Work. That man says “hear this” to the whole world (see also Joel 1:2; Amos 3:1; Mic. 3:9). God chooses other deeply converted people to help His chosen leader deliver that message.

Most of God’s own people have rejected God’s method of doing His Work. Herbert W. Armstrong, one man, was used to do the Work of God in this end time. Most of those he taught have rejected the government God established through him.

You will find God’s revelation only in God’s holy temple, or Church. If you are receiving and acting on God’s revealed prophecy, then you are in that holy temple. There is only ONE true Church. That is where God is—IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE ON THIS EARTH! (pp. 2-3.)
Some wonder why so many remain in PCG despite the many problems there. Partly it is because they read statements like these and believe them.

It is all about one man, namely Gerald Flurry. Also Flurry quite bluntly asserts here that his PCG is the "only ... true Church."
When God’s very elect receive revelation from God, they have the sobering responsibility from God to proclaim to the world, “Hear this”! WHEN GOD’S WORD COMES TO US, IT CHANGES OUR WHOLE LIFE! We then “let the Lord God be witness against you.” Once these precious revelations come, God holds everybody accountable for what they hear and do with the message! He holds each one of us responsible. God always works through men who say “hear this” for Him. (p. 3.)
PCG members are required to submit themselves to all kinds of rules and regulations imposed upon them by PCG's leaders. That is the real reason "God's word" (as defined by PCG) changes the reader's whole life.
God’s people have heard such prophecies for years. If we are not careful, it is easy to fall asleep, to fail to grasp their significance. God’s Church must AWAKEN! We don’t want to overemphasize prophecy, but we need to understand what it is like when a nation is under NUCLEAR ATTACK. It is a MIND-PARALYZING NIGHTMARE. (pp. 3-4.)
What blatant double speak here! One moment he pretends that prophecy should not be overemphasized, then he talks about it as a mind-paralyzing nightmare. How can one emphasize anything more if it causes such terror in the reader?

After this Flurry begins to talk about the place of safety (usually said to be Petra, Jordan) and saying only PCG members will get to be there during the Great Tribulation. Flurry compares the place of safety to Adullam, a place where David fled for protection during his time as a fugitive.
David and God’s people came into power shortly after they left the cave. They ruled Israel and the world. That will also happen to the noble group after they are protected in a “cave” today. They will rule the whole world under Jesus Christ—who will be sitting on David’s throne. David will be resurrected and again rule over Israel. What a magnificent future this world is about to experience! (p. 8.)
So Flurry tells PCG members they are just like David and his men. Once they come out of the place of safety PCG members will rule the world as deified immortal God beings.
Why is a CAVE mentioned for God’s very elect in this end time? Doesn’t it likely mean that God will protect His noble flock in an area with caves? If that is not so, then why is the cave of Adullam even mentioned? Remember, this is a prophecy for the end time. (p. 8.)
Flurry is here referring to HWA's teaching of the place of safety, which is usually said to be Petra, Jordan. One reason why PCG members stay there despite the problems there is because they are told by PCG's leaders that they will be cast into the Great Tribulation unless they believe Malachi's Message and stay in PCG. Flurry is quite blunt about this in his 1993 booklet, Lamentations and the End-Time Laodiceans, as seen in a previous post.
Jesus Christ inspired the writing of Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Today! ... Anyone who reads Malachi’s Message and heeds its warnings will be spared from the events of the Great Tribulation. If YOU reject it now—you will have to accept it in the Tribulation or lose YOUR SALVATION! IT IS THAT SERIOUS! All of God’s people will have to recognize that Malachi’s Message came from God (Mal. 2:4). There is still time to repent before the Tribulation. (Gerald Flurry, Lamentations and the End-Time Laodiceans, 1993, p. 35.)
As hard as it is for non-PCG members to understand PCG members actually believe this. And because they believe this they are desperate to stay because they believe disaster will happen to them should they leave or are kicked out.

(Actually it is widely known that many of the ideas within Malachi's Message were plagiarized from The Letter to Laodicea by Jules Dervaes, written December 1986-January 1988. It was sent to 237 WCG ministers including Gerald Flurry and John Amos. In fact on September 26, 1990 Jules Dervaes sent a letter to Gerald Flurry in which he denounces Malachi's Message as "a direct and clear plagiarism" of his work.)
It happens “in that day,” when the Tribulation is here and Christ’s return is imminent. “In that day” there will be total DESTRUCTION! Shouldn’t we live like we believe it? (p. 9.)
Does Flurry live like total destruction is just around the corner? Gerald Flurry led the construction of Armstrong Auditorium, which cost more then PCG's annual income, yet supposedly the Germans will soon come to destroy America.
Micah discusses a specific area where most of God’s people refuse to measure. “Prophesy ye not, say they to them that prophesy: they shall not prophesy to them, that they shall not take shame” (Mic. 2:6). Those who prophesy for God are told not to prophesy!

The Revised Standard Version reads, “one should not preach of such things.” It is addressed specifically to a man. There is a man prophesying from Micah and all the major and minor prophets. Who is he? Where is he? You are reading his message now. (Write for our free book Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Today for more information.)

Remove the voice of one man and you would not find God’s message proclaimed to the world. Spiritually, it would be the blackest of black holes. (p. 9.)
You are not reading some special message from God when reading PCG's writings. Much of what Flurry claims is based on misinformation and nonsense. Flurry claims his authority by claiming to be the successor of HWA. However HWA was not sent by God. HWA made numerous false prophesies from the 1930s until his last book, Mystery of the Ages, therefore God could not have ever been with him.

Also Flurry's assertion that cataclysmic disaster will soon befall the United States and Britain is largely based on the nonsensical dogma of British Israelism. As recently showed British Israelism is built on a foundation of sand. In fact DNA evidence refutes British Israelism. So there is no need to fear if the United States and Britain will fall because PCG's false God says so. This prophecy is based on disproved nonsense.
God’s own people [Flurry here means WCG members and members of the other COG splinter groups] are telling God’s very elect [Flurry here means PCG ministers and members] not to prophesy! They blatantly fight against revealed prophecy from God! The specific prophecy mentioned here is the message in Micah. But it also applies to other prophecies that God revealed before and after the death of Herbert W. Armstrong. The Laodiceans have rejected all of the prophecy revealed since his death! And much of what was revealed to Mr. Armstrong. (p. 10.) 
In fact the other COG splinter groups that split away from Tkach's WCG continue to believe much of what HWA taught. HWA made many false prophecies so it is impossible to believe everything he taught. But these COG splinter groups continue to teach much of what HWA taught. What Flurry really hates them is that they do not submit themselves to Flurry's authority or pay him the three tithes and extra offerings. That is the real reason Flurry vindictively accuses the other COG groups and Tkach's WCG of becoming enemies of (PCG's) God.

Flurry says "The Laodiceans have rejected ... much of what was revealed to Mr. Armstrong." While it is true that Tkach's WCG has rejected much of what HWA taught the other COG groups, who are also demonized as "Laodiceans", continue to believe much of what HWA taught. But Flurry makes a loud fuss over differences in order to make PCG members think and believe that in order to be truly faithful to HWA's teaching they must stay in PCG and pay them three tithes and extra offerings.

Also it is not true that HWA taught things that was "revealed" to him by God. HWA just made up his own religion, taking a lot of teachings from the various Adventists such as G. G. Rupert, British Israelism and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

It also needs to be mentioned that the whole idea that there are Philadelphians (PCG members) and Laodiceans (members of the other COG groups, and in Flurry's jargon this includes Tkach's WCG even though they no longer teach most of what HWA taught) is entirely based on the idea that there are seven "church eras" stretching from Apostolic times to today. This is nonsense as has been decisively proven in Bruce Renehan's book, Daughter of Babylon.

One thing revealed in this book is that HWA acquired the idea of seven church eras from G. G. Rupert, a Church of God (Seventh Day) minister who developed various ideas of his own, quite a few of which HWA adopted for himself. Rupert also taught there were seven church eras.
Rupert also had a particularly interesting view of prophecy. He believed that the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 were none other than seven church "eras". The dates did not all correspond with those of the Worldwide Church of God. Sardis, he felt, began in 1798. Philadelphia was the period of William Miller: 1833 to 1844. Laodicea had begun in 1844 and would last until the end time. (Bruce Renehan, Daughter of Babylon, Chapter 13.)
Later HWA took this doctrine and manipulated it to glorify himself and his following, the Radio Church of God, which in 1968 renamed the Worldwide Church of God. But even in HWA's WCG there was a general understanding that it was not really possible to determine who was Philadelphian or Laodicean until the worthy WCG members (the Philadelphians) escaped to the place of safety, which was often said to be Petra, Jordan. David Robinson revealed that when Garner Ted Armstrong was cast out of WCG and started up the Church of God International some of the leaders of WCG thought he was starting up the Laodicean Church.

Even Gerald Flurry himself admits that previously HWA's WCG had taught that "the Laodicean Church begins when the Tribulation begins". (Gerald Flurry, Malachi's Message, current 2008 version, Chapter 3, pp. 34-35.) These words were mentioned in a previous post.

But Flurry has viciously manipulated and changed this doctrine for his self interest in order to scare PCG members into believing that one can only be saved by joining PCG. And he does that yet again in this booklet.
“Even of late my people is risen up as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely as men averse from war” (v. 8). GOD’S OWN CHURCH HAS BECOME HIS ENEMY! And it happened “of late.” The Hebrew reads yesterday—that is, in this very recent end time. They were loyal to God and then became an enemy in the latter days. (p. 10.)
The real reason Flurry claims the other COG groups are enemies of (PCG's) God is because he wants all the three tithes and extra offerings for his own group and no other. He does not want such people giving their three tithes to others.

Page 12 contains a photo credited to one Gerald Chericoff of some of HWA's writings. One of the books displayed is The Incredible Human Potential. In that book Herbert W. Armstrong says that dinosaurs did not reproduce.
In Micah 3:1-3, God compares the way people do business today to cannibalism. They “eat you alive” if you aren’t careful! You have to continually WATCH OUT for yourself or they will prey on you and get everything you have! It is considered “good business” today to make money and not worry about how you got it. We live in times of terrible evil! (pp. 12-13.)
And so Flurry demonizes the non-PCG world in order to persuade readers that associations outside PCG are of lesser value and they must treasure being in PCG more then anything else. This attitude causes people to become terribly dependent upon PCG and thus makes it easier for them to exploited by those above them within PCG.

On pages 13-14 Flurry quotes from an article by Tkach Jr. stating some of the changes that had been introduced. Flurry just notes it came from the Christian Research Institute, which played such a pivotal role in getting Tkach's WCG accepted by the evangelical churches, but none of that is mentioned in this booklet. It is actually an article entitled "A Church Reborn",and it was published in 1996 but one would not know of such details from this booklet. For reference's sake here is Tkach Jr.'s article cited in this booklet, A Church Reborn
Spiritually, the members of that church have been skinned and had the flesh ripped from their bones! Their leaders have no more true love for them than a butcher has for a piece of meat (v. 3). Our job is to warn the leaders of God’s people about the extent of this unparalleled disaster. God specifically tells us to warn the “heads” (v. 1). Nobody is exempt! (p. 14.)
What a sick mind this Flurry has. Flurry is annoyed that other followers of HWA do not need him and do not give money to him so Flurry vindictively demonizes them of being "spiritually" (whatever that means) of being skinned alive. While I do not recommend joining any COG group it must be said that they do not need Flurry in their lives and Flurry's petulant curses will not change this.
“But truly [Micah says] I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord, and of judgment...” (Mic. 3:8). Notice, mercy is not mentioned here. The point has been reached where there isn’t going to be any mercy—only JUDGMENT—it is too late for most people to repent! Micah is saying that he comes with the power of God, and he is bringing a message of JUDGMENT to the Laodicean Church (Zion) and the nations of Israel. He is not talking about the mercy of God. This time it is only a hard message about the soon-coming JUDGMENT and fall of our nations because of their SINS! (pp. 14-15.)
This is particularly disgusting. Here Flurry is saying that God (actually PCG's God) will now no longer show any mercy. This is just a crude attempt to frighten people and keep PCG members in a state of mental guilt and anguish in order to control them more effectively.

Also it has been fourteen years since this booklet was published. That is 5110 days. In all that time the members of the other COG groups have been perfectly able to join PCG. Also the Great Tribulation has not yet occurred.

In another sense this could also be viewed as a pessimistic acknowledgement that most people in the other COG groups and most Americans will not join PCG. But Flurry covers this admission within a lot of fear mongering in order to make PCG members fearful that the Great Tribulation is just around the corner. 
Micah declared this warning because he was filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Our urgency in this Work of God will directly relate to how close we are to God. (p. 15.)
So unless one is crazed out of his or her mind about the supposed catastrophes Flurry so loves to talk about then one is not close to (PCG's) God.
God says if the Laodicean ministers decide to keep their nice salaries instead of obeying and following Christ, then they are teaching for hire!

These ministers make a very good salary. There is nothing wrong with that, and it should not be condemned. But if they reach a point where they won’t follow God because of money, or substance, or a family member, then they have a serious PROBLEM—they are NOT WALKING BY FAITH. God takes that personally! He says, “As a minister, you are supposed to walk by faith, not preach for hire!” God is saying that He is their sustainer and provider. Many Laodicean ministers will have to answer to this prophecy! (pp. 15-16.)
So Flurry condemns the ministers of Tkach's WCG for just saying whatever they have to just to get paid by WCG. Flurry also applies this to all the other COG groups that emerged from WCG, either under HWA or afterwards.
God is no longer calling upon the nations of Israel to repent. He simply says there will be JUDGMENT, they will be CONDEMNED, and they are going into the TRIBULATION! (p. 16.)
If this is really the case why continue publishing The Philadelphia Trumpet or distributing The Key of David telecast?

It is now fourteen years since this booklet was published. How can Flurry say all during this time there is no chance to repent. This is fear mongering of the worst sort.
Most of the Laodicean Christians may have already waited too long. They are not responding to Malachi’s Message the way they should. It is the REVELATION of God! People who are responding and coming into the Philadelphia Church know that Malachi’s Message is NOT from Gerald Flurry. They are not looking to a man—they are looking to God and HIS revelation!

In the Laodicean churches of God, the people are looking to men. And their leaders act very righteous as they spiritually tear the flesh from the members’ bones! (p. 16.)
What a grotesque way to demonize those who do not send money to Flurry. That is the real reason why Flurry demonizes and vilifies the other COG groups and Tkach's WCG so much.

On page 17 is a picture of Britain during World War II. Flurry says similar destruction will befall Tkach's WCG and the other COG groups who do not pay the three tithes and extra offerings to Flurry's PCG.

Chapter 2

This is the chapter the late J. Tim Thompson helped write.

This chapter begins with the following words.
DID GOD PROPHESY OVER 2,700 YEARS AGO THAT HE would raise up an end-time leader who would be forced to “break away” in order to follow Jesus Christ’s leadership? Was that leader and the little group which followed him prophesied to separate themselves from the main body of the Church of God in order to continue preaching the truth as God had revealed it through the late Herbert W. Armstrong? (p. 18.)
As Dr. Phil would say, These are not questions, but statements disguised as questions. In the rest of this chapter Flurry proceeds to "prove" these assertions and claim that he is personally spoken of within the Book of Micah. Flurry claims he is the "breaker", called by God to lead WCG members out of WCG and to join his following, PCG (and get three tithes and extra offerings). This is part of Gerald Flurry's declaration that he is "That Prophet", a doctrine he unveiled in the Ministerial Conference of 1999. It is all self serving nonsense, of course.

Page 20 contains pictures of Malachi's Message, which was discussed in previous posts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4), the February 1999 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet and Flurry's booklet, Daniel: Revelation and War, which was later renamed Daniel: Unsealed At Last!, which was also discussed in a previous post. They are shown as evidence of PCG's "warning the Laodiceans", in other words desperately condemning the legitimacy of the other COG groups, some of which have much closer ties and stronger links of continuity to HWA's WCG then Gerald Flurry and his PCG can hope to have.
In Micah 2:11, the subject returns to the enemy Church of God. (p. 23.)
Flurry teaches that the other COG groups are enemies and he perverts certain writings in Micah to claim this is the case. This is done to indoctrinate PCG members to hate the members of the other COG groups in order to keep PCG members to remain in PCG.
Isn’t God saying that a human leader would be separated or “broken away” from the Laodicean Church before the faithful sheep of God’s flock are taken to a spiritual place of safety? That this leader, the “breaker,” would lead the way out of spiritual confusion, and that the people who follow the breaker shall escape through a gate and avoid captivity and destruction? (p. 23.)
As Dr. Phil would say, These are not questions, but statements disguised as questions. That is exactly what Flurry wants PCG members to believe so that they are ecstatic to join PCG and to remain in PCG despite the many problems present in there.
The Laodiceans are not getting counsel from God, because they don’t have one-man rule—they don’t have God’s government—the family government which was so successfully established under Mr. Armstrong for 57 years and down through the ages in God’s Church prior to him! The Laodiceans don’t have a king or leader who has God as his Head! (p. 25.)
As he likes to do so often Flurry accuses the other COG groups (the "Laodiceans") of not having one man rule, but in fact many COG groups operate in exactly this way. Also "God's Government" is viewed as the same as "one-man rule" in form but Flurry defines "God's Government" as only existing within HWA's WCG until December 1989 and then was mystically transferred to PCG in December 1989. Flurry often talks as though every other COG group had renounced one man rule but in fact this is not true at all. Why does Flurry say untrue things?
The Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) broke away because the Laodiceans would not follow their Head, Jesus Christ (Col. 2:19; Eph. 4:15). God sent a breaker (a king or leader) to lead the way so His faithful remnant sheep could know where God was working. God then gave His tiny remnant the little book—Malachi’s Message to God’s Church Today—so they could understand what had occurred and what He was commissioning the breaker and the little group to do (Rev. 10:1-10). The loyal sheep “broke away” in order to follow their Head. (p. 25.)
The "a breaker (a king or leader)" refers to Gerald Flurry himself.
The PCG is the ONLY Church through which Jesus Christ is doing His Work today. The Laodicean Church is truly groping like BLIND MEN, confounded by SPIRITUAL DARKNESS, without Jesus Christ leading them. (p. 26.)
Flurry hates the fact that his claim to succeed HWA is contested by the many other COG groups and that the members of these other groups do not pay Flurry the three tithes and extra offerings. So Flurry demonizes the members of the other COG groups ceaselessly. It also gives PCG members a sense of elitism at being better then the other COG groups. This attitude also encourages PCG members to feel thankful that they joined PCG as opposed to any other COG group.

Chapter 3
How can anyone justify not keeping God’s law? Keeping that law will solve all the problems of this whole world very soon. It isn’t the knowledge of this world that we need. We must become experts in applying God’s law today, or we can’t be used by God to rule with Him in the beautiful world just ahead. This is the ONLY way to bring peace into our individual lives—as well as into our families and our nations! (p. 28.)
There has been a lot of turmoil within PCG. Many PCG members and those associated with them have endured all kinds of troubles and pains because of troubles caused by following PCG's teachings. PCG cannot even bring peace to themselves, there is no way they could hope to bring peace to the rest of the world.

Page 30 contains an illustration of a man sitting under a fig tree by Steve Wilkins. It has since been removed from the current 2010 version.
The firstfruits are being discussed here (Mic. 4:5). A little logic should help us see why God is calling us today. We can be on the highest level of God’s future government IF we submit to Him today. We have the potential to be the wife of Christ—not on the child level in God’s family! What a magnificent reward God gives the firstfruits—those called out today. (p. 31.)
Since at least the 1950s COG members have been told that by being in "God's Church" (which according to PCG constitutes WCG until December 1989 and then PCG after that) not only will they become immortal God beings but they will be of a higher rank then the rest of humanity who will only be called after Christ's return. All will not be equal in the God Family. Even as an immortal God being as fully God as God is God you are still inferior in rank if you entered the God Family after Christ's return.

Flurry has added his own distinctive twist to this teaching by saying that even the fifty percent of "Laodiceans" who do repent and become immortal God beings will live with the disgrace that they were not in PCG before the Great Tribulation began.
Their leadership has lost the clear vision of being born into God’s family. The Laodiceans are taken prisoner by Babylon—the Holy Roman Empire. It is THERE that they must die in faith or lose their eternal lives! It is there that they must repent. God has to send the Laodiceans into Babylon physically because they have already gone there spiritually! Then they will know that there is no hope except in God. (p. 32.)
Here Flurry is talking about the other COG groups. Flurry hates the fact that they do not submit themselves to Flurry's authority and pay him the three tithes and extra offerings so he petulantly claims they are doomed to endure the Great Tribulation while PCG members will be untouched.
When we know that the Laodicean era is PROPHESIED for this end time, HOW CAN GOD’S PEOPLE DARE RELAX ABOUT GOD’S TRUTH AND PROPHECY? (p. 33.) 
Once again Flurry portrays PCG as being the most important activity of work in the entire world. Flurry artificially builds up a sense of elitism among PCG members. Flurry brings PCG members into a state of panicked urgency at outside threats so that they do not notice or ignore the problems within PCG. 

Page 35 contains an illustration of David credited to the Sacred Pageant Society. It has since been removed in the current 2010 version.
The rebellious Laodiceans will have to suffer indescribably in the Tribulation to qualify to be sons for all eternity! Because they become God’s enemy, 50 percent of them die forever. (p. 36.)
Once again Flurry tries to induce a paranoid fear among PCG members.

On pages 36-37 Flurry once again begins to fear monger that the Germans are just a heartbeat away  from destroying America and Britain and the other COG groups that Flurry hates so much.
He [PCG's God] has brought us out of the evil ways of this world and shown us His precious TRUTH. He is about to give us the very HIGHEST positions in the World Tomorrow!

We need to realize what a BLESSED people we are. There is NOBODY on this earth blessed as we are! God truly pours out blessings on His people when they please Him. We ought to be thanking and praising God DAILY for what He has done for us! (p. 37.)
Flurry tells PCG members that they are special. That no one in the entire world is as important as they are. Flurry says this because he needs PCG members to remain in PCG so that his PCG can continue to enjoy an annual income of $19.5 million as they enjoyed in 2012.

Page 40 contains an illustration of a watchman by Steve Wilkins, the same illustration used on the cover of Flurry's 1992 booklet, The Ezekiel Watchman. It has since been removed in the current 2010 version.
The Assyrians will shut their mouths when they see that God GAVE them all that power. They will understand that He opened the door by taking the communists out of the way after 40 years. They will see that God made it all possible, and they were so dangerously ARROGANT! They’ll see that it was GOD doing those things, NOT the Assyrians, because the only real POWER is God. Then they’ll begin to REPENT and turn to God like everyone else. (p. 41.) 
Here is another change to HWA's teachings. HWA taught that the Communists would outlast the US and Britain and only fall several years after the return of Christ, which was supposed to occur in 1975.

Also the Germans are not Assyrians. The ancient Assyrians spoke a Hamito-Semitic language related to Akkadian, Hebrew and Arabic. The Germans speak an Indo-European language, which is totally different from those languages.
We as God’s people now need ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET TO DECLARE THE REVELATION THAT GOD IS GIVING US. Then you will be involved in the greatest miracle of all—helping people into the God family! Help us to say “hear this” from the all-powerful God! (pp. 41-42.)
Once again Flurry claims the activities of PCG and attempting to convert more people to join PCG is portrayed as the greatest and most glorious endeavor humanly possible. This is self serving nonsense. These are just words designed to make PCG members fiercely and fanatically loyal to Flurry and the PCG he leads so that they will simply ignore the problems within PCG and remain in it paying three tithes and extra offerings. The vast majority of the world do not even know PCG exists.

But there are a few people who do regard gaining more converts for PCG as the most important thing in the world and the entire universe: Flurry and his collaborates who live on the tithes money given to them by PCG members.

Flurry ends this booklet with these words.
In verse 20 of the Living Bible, Micah says to God, “You will bless us as you promised Jacob long ago. You will set your love upon us, as you promised our father Abraham.” Micah is right. How GREAT is the Eternal God who deserves our love, respect and awe! All of these tragic catastrophes will be used by God to help usher in the glorious World Tomorrow. WHO IS A GOD LIKE UNTO OUR GOD? (p. 42.)
Just remember Flurry is actually talking about PCG's God, not the God worshiped all over the world by the many Christians all over the world today, or even the God Family worshiped by the other COG groups.

And so we come to the end of this booklet.

In this booklet Flurry says
  • that the members of the other COG groups are being "spiritually" skinned alive for not believing that Flurry is the legitimate successor to HWA and paying him three tithes and extra offerings.
  • that for most people in the other COG groups (the so-called "Laodiceans") and for most Americans repentance is no longer possible and is not possible until the Great Tribulation comes. "The point has been reached where there isn’t going to be any mercy—only JUDGMENT—it is too late for most people to repent!" (p. 15.) So much for grace and mercy.
  • that Flurry claims to have been spoken of personally in the Book of Micah as the Breaker. On page 25 he refers to himself as "a breaker (a king or leader)" who would lead members out of Tkach's WCG and the other COG groups into what he says is the only true church, his PCG (and get their three tithes and extra offerings).
What sickening madness this booklet teaches. Reading this booklet it is no surprise that the organization that produces this booklet, the Philadelphia Church of God, has such a terrible reputation.


  1. Great to mention Dr. Phil.

    Dr. Phil has featured Ysrael Hawkins on his show.

    It's about time Dr. Phil features Gerald Flurry, that great false prophet destined for the Lake of Fire. How Laodocean is that -- as one who thinks he is rich and increased in goods but it blind and naked.

    So the good news is that as Flurry is flung into the Lake of Fire he isn't going to lose anything....

  2. Yeah. He should. That would make a great episode.

    It's just that when I saw those leading questions near the start of Chapter 2 in which Flurry proclaims himself to be the Breaker I could not help but remember that particular saying of Dr. Phil's.

  3. If prophecy ever sorts itself out, one of these days, the People are going to rise up against Flurry as his enemy, even as he is an enemy of God in particular and society in general.