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Ron Fraser's Alarmist Articles at

PCG's Ron Fraser joined HWA's organization in 1968 and, after the Tkach changes, he switched allegiance to Gerald Flurry's PCG and rose through the ranks to emerge as one of the main leaders of PCG. He wrote numerous articles for PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, as may be seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of "PCG's Ron Fraser's Alarmist Articles." He also wrote a booklet discussing South Africa which was published in 1997. He also wrote other articles that are posted at

Ron Fraser also wrote many other articles that were not published in PCG's recruitment magazine but which were posted on PCG's recruitment website, In many of these articles Fraser constantly scare mongered that the European Union would soon transform into a nightmarish military power fated to conquer the United States with military force and take Americans as slaves to Europe. This dire prediction has always failed and always will since PCG's 1% are merely false prophets who cannot see the future.

Disturbingly he also promotes contempt and disdain of medical science in some of his articles. Armstrongism has a long history of demonizing medical science much to the detriment of the followers of Armstrongism.

As is common within the COGs the LGBT community are also spoken of with contempt in some of these articles. This attitude is very common among the COGs.

He also scare mongers that Japan is plotting to make nuclear bombs despite the tragic history of what happened in World War II.

HWA is revered as one who could see the future ignoring the many failed predictions HWA made over the years. These failed predictions prove that HWA was merely a false prophet. There is no need to fear their dire predictions.

Below is a list of these articles up to his death on October 4, 2013. Articles published in PCG's recruitment magazine are for the most part excluded from this list.

There are occasional repeats such as the February 26, 2007 and February 27, 2007 articles. Those repetitions reflect how have preserved Fraser's articles.



June: The Vatican and European Federalism. Article.

September: Kosovo Before the Turks. Article.

November: Fifty Years in the Making. Article.


January: Recent History of Taiwan. Article.

March "A Sincere Desire to Engage the Enemy." Article.

July: Frankenstein Revisited. Article.


November: A Sinister Web. Article.


July: Constitution Mixes Iron With Clay. Article.


January: Who Are the Slavs? Article.

December 12: British Conservatism Has a new Face. Article.

December 19: Germany Reacts to Iran's Push. Article.

December 29: The Russia-Ukraine Energy Quandary. Article.


January 16: Russia, Germany and Energy Politics. Article.

January 23: Iran Forces Germany's Hand. Article.

February 17: Islam's Financial Power. Article.

March 1: The German Crunch Point. Article.

March 10: Germany's African Policy. Article.

March 14: MilosevicHero or Traitor? Article.

March 23: IsraelFrom Hero to Outcast. Article.

March 27: Pope Moves to Redeem Crusades. Article.

March 31: EuropeEarly Spring of Discontent. Article.

April 10: Immigration Sparks a Great Debate. Article.

April 20: Iran, Iraq and the Golden Mosque. Article.

April 26: China's Caribbean Strategy. Article.

May 15: Does the World Need a European Superpower? Article.

May 18: The Political Bomb at America's Back Door. Article.

May 22: What the Pope Achieved in His First Year. Article.

May 24: Killing Off America. Article.

June 9: Chilean Students Riot. Article.

June 28: The Big One... Overdue! Article.

June 30: The Other War. Article.

July 12: Germany Moves South. Article.

July 17: Britain's Last Strands of Empire. Article.

July 18: The Key to Japan's Revival. Article.

July 25: Somalia and Energy Politics. Article.

August 1: The Dying Art of Spying. Article.

August 11: Terror, London, and the Politically Correct. Article.

August 25: The Ordinary Face of Terror. Article.

August 28: On Jerusalem's Doorstep. Article.

September 4: New Era for Japan? Article.

September 11: Germany—Behind the Scenes. Article.

September 18: Pope Unleashes a Firestorm. Article.

September 25: Pope Revolutionizes Vatican Curia. Article.

October 2: Iran's Nuclear-Fired Space Program. Article.

October 30: Germany Removes Restrictions on Military. Article.

November 3: P. W. Botha: Last of South Africa's Statesmen. Article.

November 20: Europeans Want to Remove the Islamic Veil. Article.

December 4: The Real Reason for the Pope's Visit to Turkey. Article.

December 11: Litvinenko, Russia and the Italian Connection. Article.

December 18: Europe's Center Shifting From Brussels to Berlin. Article.

December 26: Japan—on the Rise Again. Article.


January 1: The Changing Face of Germany. Article.

January 3: U.S. Enemies Align With Cuba to Claim Gulf Oil. Article.

January 15: The Great Global Power Transfer. Article.

February: Is a World Dictator About to Appear? Article.

February: Remember. Article.

February: Atlantic Rift. Article.

February 19: The Week in Review. Article.

February 26: What Europe Is Really Celebrating. Article.

February 27: What Europe Is Really Celebrating. Article.

February 28: Prodi Bows to Papal Pressure. Article.

March 8: Education, Hitler's Law and Judges' Decisions. Article.

March 14: Religion and the Power of the Media. Article.

March 15: Religion and the Power of the Media. Article.

March 19: The Ugly Transition from Generation X to Generation Y. Article.

March 26: EU Disharmony on Eve of Anniversary. Article.

March 27: EU Anniversary—Crisis Before Solution? Article.

March 28: Will the European Union Ever Be United? Article.

April 9: From Terrorists to Politicians. Article.

April 18: Campus Massacre Forewarns of Global Crusade. Article.

April 25: The Real Pope Emerges. Article.

May 8: Sarkozy—France and Germany Decoupled. Article.

May 15: Pope: "Evangelize Latin America!" Article.

May 21: The Lie That Broke Britain. Article.

May 28: Benedict's Evangelical Blitzkrieg. Article.

June 13: Twilight for Britannia. Article.

June 25: Russo-German Pact Imminent. Article.

July 24: Europe March to Germany's Drum. Article.

July 30: A Rare Example of Leadership. Article.

August 6: Papal Vote Rigged? Article.

August 13: The Golden Years. Article.

August 20: EU Heading South. Article.

August 27: Economic Crisis Looms on Both Sides of the Atlantic. Article.

September 4: EU Treaty Blues. Article.

September 11: APEC—Howard and Bush Connect. Article.

September 17: The Food Shortage Reality. Article.

September 19: A Real Gentleman. Article.

September 21: EU Ruling Trumps the World. Article.

October 16: Fool's Paradise. Article.

October 22: Discontent in France. Article.

October 30: EU-Spawned Crisis Brings Belated Reaction. Article.

November 5: War, Peace and Religion. Article.

November 12: Education, Discipline and Appeasement. Article.

November 19: A New Heavyweight in EU Politics. Article.

December 26: Britain—Sick Man of Europe? Article.


January 1: Peace on Earth? Article.

January 3: Back to the Future? Article.

January 14: America's Greatest Foreign-Policy Blunder? Article.

January 15: Face Up to the Future. Article.

January 17: Faith and Reason Collide in Rome. Article.

January 18: Germany at the Gates. Article.

January 21: German Military on the March. Article.

January 23: Democracy Dies in Britain. Article.

January 24: Cracks Widen in German Coalition. Article.

January 25: NATO, Nuclear Arms and Germany. Article.

January 28: Europe's Shaky Leadership. Article.

January 31: Davos's Great Failure. Article.

February 4: German Navy—Next Stop Gaza? Article.

February 6: Uncovering the Origins of Mardi Gras and Other 'Christian' Festivals. Article.

February 8: Black Sea—New EU Frontier? Article.

February 12: Generation Gap? Article.

February 13: A Sorry Day for Australian Parliament. Article.

February 14: Germany vs. NATO: Playing Hard to Get. Article.

February 18: Africa's Future. Article.

February 26: This Rotten Heart of Europe. Article.

February 27: Kosovo—Last of the Balkan Dominoes. Article.

February 28: Australia—Where to Now? Article.

March 5: Here's to the Heroes. Article.

March 9: Living a Lie. Article.

March 13: Detaching From History. Article.

March 20: Australia—Boom and...? Article.

March 23: Just What is Germany Doing in China? Article.

March 26: Can Australia Defend Itself? Article.

March 30: Germany's Grand Strategy. Article.

April 4: Australia—Trailing Behind the Trend. Article.

April 6: Europe: Reacting to the Push. Article.

April 9: The Joy of New Life. Article.

April 11: Australia—Savages on the Fringe. Article.

April 13: Benedict and European Unity. Article.

April 17: Australia—Meant to Be. Article.

April 20: Eliminating Father. Article.

April 23: Anzac Heroes. Article.

April 27: Benedict XVI and Vatican Justice. Article.

May 1: Australia and a Prophetic Warning. Article.

May 4: Global Cooling is Coming! Article.

May 11: Post-American Global Order Emerges. Article.

May 18: Catch-22 in Europe. Article.

May 25: The Healing of the Nations. Article.

May 26: Black on Black in South Africa. Article.

June 1: Fiddling With Creation. Article.

June 8: The Politics of Carbon Footprints. Article.

June 13: The Heart and the Pocketbook. Article.

June 15: Flag Day. Article.

June 18: The EU and the Irish. Article.

June 22: A Confluence of Catastrophes. Article.

June 29: Cracks Appear in the EU Facade. Article.

July 6: Monkeys, Murder and Marriage. Article.

July 13: We Are What We Appear. Article.

July 20: The Coming Religious Storm. Article.

July 27: Karadzic and the Anti-Serbs. Article.

August 3: Karadzic and Islam's Northward Push. Article.

August 11: The EU and Israel. Article.

August 18: Georgia and the Balkans of Eurasia. Article.

August 25: Russia, Germany and Europe's Future. Article.

September 1: A More Vital Election. Article.

September 8: A Vision of Real Hope! Article.

September 15: Europe—Papal Evangelizing and Political Blitzkrieg. Article.

September 22: U.S. Crash vs. EU Rise. Article.

September 29: Live and Let Live. Article.

October 6: Election Funding Bombshell. Article.

October 8: Europe—Behind the Illusion. Article.

October 13: Israel's Lost Generation. Article.

October 20: Germany Threatens Ireland. Article.

October 27: Playing Field Levels for Germany and Russia. Article.

October 31: Global Warming Farce. Article.

October 31: Ex-PM Attacks Aussie Heritage. Article.

November 1: The Healing of the Nations. Article.

November 3: Germany Facing Tough Times. Article.

November 10: Reality Check in Obamaland. Article.

November 17: German Demands Increase While G-20 Dallies. Article.

November 21: Australia—Reality Dawns. Article.

November 24: EU Steps Up Culture War. Article.

December 1: Global Trends 2025? Article.

December 8: An Arrogant, Self-Deluded Generation. Article.

December 15: Is There One True Religion? Article.

December 22: This Depressing Year. Article.

December 24: Europe and the Specter of 1968. Article.

December 29: Global Crisis and the Law. Article.


January 1: Vatican Reverts to Setting Its Own Laws. Article.

January 5: 2009—Year of the Beast? Article.

January 5: America's Collapse? Article.

January 12: Benedict's Papal Crusade. Article.

January 19: America the Forgetful. Article.

January 20: Obama's Inaugural Speech. Article.

January 23: European Constitution Flounders. Article.

January 26: EU at the Crossroads. Article.

January 29: Davos Meets During Crisis in Europe. Article.

February 2: Obama's Radical Foreign Policy. Article.

February 4: The EU, Propaganda and Broadband. Article.

February 6: Steinmeier, Clinton and EU/U.S. Foreign Policy. Article.

February 9: Munich ... Peace for Our Time? Article.

February 9: Australia: Fires, Floods and Fulfilled Prophecy! Article.

February 16: Why So Many Disasters? Article.

February 20: The Tragedy of Kosovo. Article.

February 23: European Union—Can It Survive? Article.

March 2: Liberals and Methane Madness. Article.

March 2: The Future of News. Article.

March 2: The EU Summit—a Non-Event? Article.

March 9: The U.S. and Britain—What "Special Relationship"? Article.

March 16: Vatican's Hidden Jerusalem Agenda. Article.

March 23: Germany—World Champion Spy! Article.

March 30: German Foreign Policy. Article.

April 6: G-20, NATO, the EU—and Prophetic Reality. Article.

April 13: The Vatican, Germany and Global Regulation. Article.

April 20: Reaching Out to Our Enemies. Article.

April 27: The Coming European Explosion. Article.

May 4: Financial Regulation—and Bible Prophecy! Article.

May 11: Europe—From Crisis to Chaos. Article.

May 14: EU's Beastly Fines. Article.

May 18: Germany—Bad Year for an Election. Article.

May 25: Human Rights and War. Article.

June 1: The Ugly Transition From Gen X to Gen Y. Article.

June 8: Benedict's Moral Equivalence. Article.

June 15: The Unthinkable Will Happen! Article.

June 22: The Year's Most Crucial Election. Article.

June 26: Iran's Push and Germany's Response. Article.

June 29: America's Foreign-Policy Folly. Article.

July 6: America's Decline—From Sinatra to Michael Jackson. Article.

July 8: The Plain Truth About Benedict's Encyclical. Article.

July 13: Pope Benedict and National Socialism—the Connection. Article.

July 20: Germany Plunges EU Into Crisis. Article.

July 27: Britain's Loss of Civil Discipline. Article.

August 3: Russia Returns to America's Back Door. Article.

August 5: Terror Touches Australia. Article.

August 7: Youth and the Digital Drug. Article.

August 10: Russia Plays Hardball With America. Article.

August 17: Germany—Military Empowerment by Stealth. Article.

August 24: America the Corrupt. Article.

August 31: Who's Sorry Now? Article.

September 7: Watch Germany! Article.

September 14: German Election—Each-Way Bet. Article.

September 21: America's Fatal European Policy. Article.

September 24: G-20 Herald Global Regulation. Article.

September 25: Fields of Blood. Article.

September 28: Germany—Another Shaky Coalition and Young Blood. Article.

September 29: The Great EU Deceit. Article.

October 1: Germany—a Realistic Assessment. Article.

October 5: A Bridge Too Far... Article.

October 12: Nobel Appeasement Prize. Article.

October 19: The EU—Unstoppable! Article.

October 21: EU—The Coming Storm. Article.

October 23: Guttenburg's Rise. Article.

October 26: EU "Foreign-Policy Giant." Article.

October 26: Ratzinger Blitzkriegs Protestants. Article.

October 28: Guttenburg's Next Test? Article.

October 29: British Banks Yield to EU. Article.

October 29: EU Intrigue Over Top Jobs. Article.

October 29: EU—Behind the Confusion. Article.

October 30: EU—Internet of the Future. Article.

November 2: Germany's Future Foreign Policy. Article.

November 3: The Real Significance of Angela Merkel's Speech to U.S. Congress. Article.

November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall. Article.

November 9: EU—No Free Lunch. Article.

November 11: EU Mulls Top Jobs. Article.

November 13: Germany's War in Afghanistan. Article.

November 16: The German Challenge. Article.

November 19: New EU President. Article.

November 20: Afghanistan—Endgame? Article.

November 20: Rome v. New York. Article.

November 23: What's Germany Up to Now? Article.

November 30: Germany: Shake-Up and Shakeout. Article.

December 1: Germany Reaffirms Sunday Law. Article.

December 2: Good-bye Great Britain. Article.

December 3: EU—Divide and Conquer. Article.

December 7: America's Most Important Ally—Germany! Article.

December 14: Berlin, Rome and Britain—an Unworkable Combination. Article.

December 17: Russia Seeks to Win the War for Ukraine. Article.

December 21: Coming—a Leaner and Meaner EU. Article.

December 28: Guttenburg and the Kunduz Affair. Article.


January 4: Rome and Berlin—Facing Up to War. Article.

January 11: America, Interpol and the EU. Article.

January 18: Germany's Political Crisis. Article.

January 22: Merkel's Silent Summit. Article.

January 25: The Creeping Europeanization of NATO. Article.

January 27: Afghanistan—Guttenburg Gets His Way. Article.

February 1: Germany's Missing Person. Article.

February 3: Davos—the Biggest News! Article.

February 8: White House Shuns EU. Article.

February 9: Dollar, Euro—or Euromark? Article.

February 10: Berlin in the Spotlight. Article.

February 11: Is Europe's Star Falling? Article.

February 11: Rome and Berlin Contest Chief Bank Seat. Article.

February 15: Berlin—Gearing for Combat. Article.

February 16: The Evangelization of Europe. Article.

February 17: Splitting Europe Apart. Article.

February 19: Pope Ropes in Australian Anglicans. Article.

February 22: One True Religion—One True Church! Article.

February 23: Will Crisis Oust Britain From EU? Article.

February 24: Latin America Spurns U.S. Article.

February 25: From Sovereign Wealth to Sovereign Debt. Article.

March 1: The Joy of New Life. Article.

March 1: Australia—Risking Loss of Heritage. Article.

March 3: Why Have Natural Disasters Increased? Article.

March 8: Islam in Europe—Beginning of the Backlash? Article.

March 9: Making Sense of Germany's Political Crisis. Article.

March 15: Atlantic Rift. Article.

March 17: Germany—the Penny Drops! Article.

March 22: Pope and Pedophilia—the Plain Truth. Article.

March 22: Pope: World Needs New Financial System. Article.

March 29: Ten EU Nations Set Precedent. Article.

April 5: Europe—the Hidden Superpower. Article.

April 12: Poland's Test. Article.

April 19: Afghanistan—Why Germany Won't Leave. Article.

April 20: Germany: Kunduz Neutered. Article.

April 23: Facing Up to Fat. Article.

April 26: EU—a Glaring Need for Leadership. Article.

April 29: The Arabian-German Alliance. Article.

May 3: "Germany ... Undisputed Master of Europe." Article.

May 10: 'Berlin Is Taking Charge'! Article.

May 13: Britain's Choice. Article.

May 17: Victory in Europe? Article.

May 24: Britain Suffers Another German Takeover. Article.

May 31: China vs. EU—East Meets West. Article.

June 1: Germany—Watch This Space. Article.

June 2: Pope Benedict Visits Cyprus. Article.

June 7: Germany—the Blind Leading the Blind. Article.

June 14: Flag Day. Article.

June 21: Germany—Coming Military Dictatorship. Article.

June 28: Germany's Month. Article.

June 28: Germany's Big Win at the G-20. Article.

June 29: Pope Benedict Announces a New Crusade. Article.

July 5: What's in Your Ear? Article.

July 5: Prince Charles is Right! Article.

July 12: Europe Shakes. Article.

July 12: EU—Crucifix or Not? Article.

July 19: Brown Paper Bags, Glass and Butcher's Paper. Article.

July 19: EU—One for the 'Too Hard' Tray. Article.

July 20: Germany: And Then There Was One. Article.

July 23: Afghanistan—to Stay or Not to Stay. Article.

July 26: Unwinnable Wars. Article.

August 2: EU, NATO and Germany Connect. Article.

August 9: America's Great Gamble. Article.

August 16: Europe—Clash of the Titans. Article.

August 23: Why the Mideast Peace Talks Will Fail—Again. Article.

August 30: Iraq: 'I Just Want to Go Home.' Article.

September 6: Germany Unshackled. Article.

September 13: Germany's Dream Team? Article.

September 20: Battle for the Indian Ocean. Article.

September 27: Global Crisis and the Law. Article.

October 4: On the Edge of Tyranny. Article.

October 11: Losing Our Grip on Reality. Article.

October 18: Europe—Reacting to the Islamic Push. Article.

October 19: Guttenburg is Everywhere! Article.

October 20: Team Ratzinger-Guttenburg? Article.

October 25: Vatican: 'Jews Have No Claim to Promised Land.' Article.

October 29: Guttenburg Is Everywhere! Article.

November 1: South Africa—Clouds Across the Rainbow. Article.

November 2: Germany Blocks Southern Émigrés. Article.

November 6: Two of the Old School. Article.

November 15: Pope Benedict: Bible Cannot Be Taken Literally. Article.

November 19: Marriage—Soon Obsolete? Article.

November 22: EU—Beginning to Break Up? Article.

November 24: EU Crisis—German Opportunity. Article.

November 29: Germany Up—Ireland Down—Britain Out? Article.

December 6: The Great Wiki Non-Leak. Article.

December 13: Germany's Three-Card Trick. Article.

December 20: Somme Valley Meditations. Article.

December 21: Germany on the Border. Article.

December 22: Democracy and the Palace of Europe. Article.

December 23: Assange Extradition Shows EU Power Over British Law. Article.

December 27: Extreme Right Wing Crosses Atlantic. Article.


January 3: Pope Benedict: Revive the Roman Empire! Article.

January 10: Europe's Dangerous Precedent. Article.

January 11: Australia's 'Biblical Disaster.' Article.

January 12: Queensland Floods Worsen. Article.

January 13: One Step Closer to 'Mary's Dowry.' Article.

January 14: Muslim Pedophile Gangs Stalk British Girls. Article.

January 17: Why Natural Disasters. Article.

January 21: Timely Attacks on Guttenburg. Article.

January 24: Guttenburg Comes Out Swinging. Article.

January 24: China: U.S. Kowtows to the Enemy. Article.

January 25: EU Slams Billions in Fines on Britain. Article.

January 26: Europe—Germany in the Spotlight. Article.

January 27: U.S., UK—Blind Eagle, Silly Dove. Article.

January 28: Arc of Turmoil. Article.

January 31: Mideast Powder Keg. Article.

February 2: Why Such Global Disruption? Article.

February 3: Queensland's Triple Whammy. Article.

February 4: Japan—Turning It Around? Article.

February 7: Egypt: Israel and a Prophet's Words. Article.

February 9: Australia: Accursed Weather Continues. Why? Article.

February 11: German Fingers in Egyptian Pie. Article.

February 14: Egypt and the German Mideast Strategy. Article.

February 16: Israel's Historic German Connection. Article.

February 17: EU Fraud Continues Unabated. Article.

February 18: Guttenburg the Survivor. Article.

February 21: Guttenburg, Hamburg and Germany's Mood Swing. Article.

February 22: New Zealand Quake—Why More Chaos Down Under? Article.

February 24: German Military Propaganda War. Article.

February 28: Iran Provokes—Germany Reacts. Article.

March 1: Keep Watching Guttenburg. Article.

March 3: Germany Calls for Guttenburg's Return. Article.

March 7: The Messiah Complex. Article.

March 14: The Coming Nuclear Meltdown. Article.

March 18: German Military—Starting Them Young. Article.

March 21: Libya Accelerates German/Arabian-Peninsula Alliance. Article.

March 22: BP—Selling a Nation's Birthright. Article.

March 28: Germany Goes It Alone. Article.

April 1: Plagiarism—First Guttenburg, Then Stoiber? Article.

April 4: Eurozone and the Spirit of Charlemagne. Article.

April 11: The Mideast and Europe—Where News and Prophecy Meet. Article.

April 13: Defanging the Royal Navy. Article.

April 18: Papal Amnesia. Article.

April 25: A Plague on Your Doctorate. Article.

May 2: Royal Wedding—Why the Whole World Watched. Article.

May 4: Washington's House of Straw. Article.

May 5: Germany: From Mideast to Latin America. Article.

May 9: Al Jazeera Broadcasts From D.C. Article.

May 16: Europe—Enter the Dragon. Article.

May 23: Guttenburg Returns! Article.

May 30: Greece—the German Solution. Article.

June 6: South Africa—'The Mouth' Speaks. Article.

June 13: Strategic Implications of the Coming Oil Shortage. Article.

June 15: America's Flag Day. Article.

June 20: Debt—the Moral Issue. Article.

June 22: Guttenburg—Mixed Signals. Article.

June 27: Deviance and Perversity Is Normal. Article.

July 4: 'Live and Love as You See Fit.' Article.

July 5: Habsburg—Heir to an Empire Dies. Article.

July 11: The Shame of Single Motherhood. Article.

July 12: South Sudan—Future EU Vassal State? Article.

July 14: Divorce Wrecks Society. Article.

July 18: California Leads in Perverting Education. Article.

July 18: Oklahoma? You're Kidding! Article.

July 20: All Eyes on Germany. Article.

July 25: Europe—Cometh the 'Raiser of Taxes.' Article.

July 26: Cyprus—Germany's Next Colony? Article.

August 1: The UN's Campaign Against Young People. Article.

August 8: Economic Crisis—All Eyes on Germany! Article.

August 9: Draghi Puts Teeth Into ECB. Article.

August 15: America's Chaotic Fall—Germany's Sudden Rise. Article.

August 16: Guttenburg: Coming to America. Article.

August 17: Germany's Gold Hoard. Article.

August 22: EU—Power to the President! Article.

August 29: The Ratzinger Youth. Article.

August 30: Position Vacant—Papal Enforcer. Article.

September 5: Watch September. Article.

September 7: 'All the Focus Remains on Europe.' Article.

September 12: German Armaments Expansion. Article.

September 13: Guttenburgs Visit Ground Zero. Article.

September 19: Merkel Wanes—German Military Elites Rise! Article.

September 22: Pope's Visit Brilliantly Timed! Article.

September 23: Pope's Real German Agenda. Article.

September 24: Germany—Behind Benedict's Words. Article.

September 26: Pope Covers All Bases in Germany. Article.

October 3: Three Men to Watch. Article.

October 6: Germany Guts Greece. Article.

October 10: Greece—the Merchants March In. Article.

October 17: Germany—Truce Maker, Truce Breaker. Article.

October 24: Financial Crisis—Vatican Weighs In. Article.

October 24: Europe's Week. Article.

October 25: German-French Divide. Article.

October 27: 'Experts' Misread Europe's Crisis. Article.

October 28: World Watches, Germany Says 'Nein!' Article.

October 28: Germany's Fiscal Secret. Article.

October 31: Britain—Eliminating the Crown? Article.

November 1: Germany—Admitting the Reality. Article.

November 2: Behind the Greek Referendum. Article.

November 2: Greece Sacks Top Brass. Article.

November 3: Europe—'The Entire World Is on Edge.' Article.

November 4: Europe—Dragon Comes Out Swinging. Article.

November 7: Europe—Where's It All Leading? Article.

November 9: Germany: War Is Legitimate Foreign Policy. Article.

November 10: Berlin—the Game Changer. Article.

November 11: EU—a Fraud From Its Beginning. Article.

November 14: Europe—Here Comes the Ten. Article.

November 14: Pope Endorses 'Prussian' PM. Article.

November 15: There Goes Greece. Article.

November 16: Europe—All Eyes on the Dragon. Article.

November 16: Italy to Court Israel? Article.

November 21: Guttenburg Is Back. Article.

November 22: Rome's Jesuit Hat Trick. Article.

November 23: Guttenburg Book Release. Article.

November 23: Guttenburg Case Dropped. Article.

November 28: Germany Mulls War With Iran. Article.

November 29: Europe—Hidden Paths to Chaos. Article.

November 30: Belgium—a Queer Twist Left. Article.

December 1: Euro Crisis: The Winner Is... Guess Who? Article.

December 5: Germany's Secret Service Scandal. Article.

December 6: United States of Europe. Article.

December 7: EU—the Bazooka and the Smoking Gun. Article.

December 12: Something Powerfully Prophetic Happened in Bussels Last Week. Article.

December 12: NATO Ends Mission in Iraq. Article.

December 13: Guttenburg—in the Footsteps of Stoiber. Article.

December 14: Germany's Parliament Comes Out Swinging. Article.

December 16: Berlin—Political Turmoil. Article.

December 19: Australia—Euro Crisis Hits Down Under. Article.

December 23: Mario Draghi: Dangerous Dictator? Article.

December 26: Euro Crisis—Elites Show Their Hand. Article.


January 2: 2012—Watch the Two by Two. Article.

January 4: German President on the Ropes. Article.

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(Ron Fraser, a man who as far as can be determined has no qualification to discuss mental health, casually insists that psychologists cannot be trusted. This article was discussed in a previous post.)

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(Armstrongism has a long history of demonizing medical science much to the detriment of the followers of Armstrongism.)

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On October 4, 2013 Ron Fraser passed away. His many dire predictions of catastrophes were never fulfilled.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mark Armstrong's May 25, 2018 Update

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released another update (May 25, 2018). This was posted after he took a week off due to Pentecost.

Let's see what he has to say.

This week he uses his weekly update to once again defend and justify his preferred president as he so often does. This time he accuses the mainstream media of being gleeful about the recent cancellation of the proposed summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea.
Greetings from Tyler, 
Mainstream media outlets have scarcely been able to control their excitement over the hiccup in plans for the President to meet with Kim Jong-un. It seems they'd rather have the public in fear of the prospect of war than suffer the pain of having to report what would clearly be a triumphant outcome.
As so often the case in Mark Armstrong's opinion his preferred president bears no blame for the recent problem.
After upbeat consultations with Secretary of State Pompeo and the release the three American prisoners back to the U. S. North Korea's diplomats stood up an advance planning delegation for the scheduled June 12th summit. So, President Trump abruptly called the meeting off in a cordially worded letter, which showed a willingness to resume communications at any time.
He mentions the recent demolition.
Meanwhile the North Koreans made a show of exploding tunnels purportedly essential to their nuclear test facility in front of a cast of international journalists. According to an eyewitness journalist they even blew up two or three buildings associated with the facility, at the same time declining access to nuclear inspectors.
He then scare mongers about China.
The summit appears to be off, at least for now. This comes at a time when tensions are reportedly rising with China over trade and tariffs, in addition to military concerns in the South China Sea. China is also demanding airlines refer to Taiwan as Chinese territory, and they're complying. Some believe that China holds the key to North Korea's cooperation in nuclear discussions, and the whole thing may be more complicated than we'd like.
He then discusses the recent massacre in Santa Fe.
The school shooting in the Houston suburb of Santa Fe rocked the conscience of the whole nation again last week. This time the perpetrator used a revolver and a shotgun rather than a high capacity semi-auto, so the usual demands for gun laws have been somewhat muted.
He then discusses an act of violence in Portland.
Early reports today indicate that an intentional attempt at vehicular homicide has occurred in Portland, OR. Three were run down on a sidewalk near university facilities with one reported to be in critical condition. A witness said he heard a scream before a mid-sized SUV gunned it's motor and steered toward him. Here's a quote from the local outlet. “Christopher Bond told The Oregonian/OregonLive that he was nearly hit by the vehicle and said the driver 'gunned the motor' as it sped toward him after already hitting three people. Bond, 48, said he was sitting outside of the Starbucks at Southwest Sixth and Mill drinking a coffee when he heard a scream. He looked up the street and saw the SUV coming towards him. He jumped up and stood against the brick wall next to the tables as the driver made for him. 'Another half-foot more, he would’ve clipped me,' Bond said.”
He once again promotes doubt of mainstream media sources among his followers.
Maybe we'll get further detail on this, unless it doesn't fit the mainstream narrative. In that case it may be similar to the recent incident in Toronto, which disappeared out of the news almost immediately.
He uses Memorial Day to condemn "would-be revolutionaries and dejected socialists."
Here in the U. S. we've arrived at the beginning of the Memorial Day holiday which will feature many ceremonies around the country, honoring heroes and those who have served their country honorably. It will be a tough bone to swallow for many would-be revolutionaries and dejected socialists. The idea of American patriotism is something they just can't stomach, particularly in the era of the Trump presidency, which they've sought to end prematurely.
He then continues his condemnation of those opposed to his preferred president.
Maybe you were given the explanation trotted out many times during the past administration. It went like this. Even if lasting damage was being done on a number of fronts, diplomatically, economically and socially, it must have been “God's will.” In an environment of abject hatred and disdain directed toward the Trump presidency, that's one argument that has yet to surface, at least among the critics.
He ends his missive with a religious paean to the founders of the United States even though they did not share Mark Armstrong's religious beliefs.
We believe that God had His Hand in the formation of the United States, that it was part of His plan, and so did the Founding Fathers. That much is clear from their own writings and statements, numerous of which will appear in the pages of the next TCW under preparation. We are happy to bestow honor and respect upon those who put their lives on the line for the benefit of freedom and liberty, making possible the infinite blessings we enjoy in this land, and thank God for them.
Mark Armstrong
He then adds a postscript discussing the services for Pentecost.
P. S. Last weekend we attended the Sabbath and Pentecost with those who came to Land Between the Lakes. A big fishing tournament was underway on the same property, so there was more traffic and activity than usual. But our meetings, workshops and catered dinner went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to be happy and appreciative. Our thanks to Dr. James Ricks and his wife Natalie for their work in planning and the conduct of an enjoyable Pentecost weekend.
And he ends with a call for prayers for a member suffering a physical ailment.
Please say a prayer for Wilma Gilbert who was so instrumental in our organization. She is retired but suffering recurring leg pain.
It is to be wondered why it is that Mark Armstrong chooses to talk about politics while devoting so little time in his weekly updates discussing the events concerning the organization he leads.