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PCG's Ron Fraser's Alarmist Articles: Part 2 (2005-13)

The following is a list of the articles by the late Ron Fraser (1941-2013) within PCG's recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet, from 2004 until 2013. This post is a continuation of Part 1 (1998-2004). His writings well exemplify the harsh manner in which PCG's 1% views the world.

Within the COGs PCG has a reputation of being particularly harsh and authoritarian. Seeing how PCG's 1% seem to insist to their readers that everyone outside their narrow, political bubble are a dire threat one can see how PCG has fallen into authoritarianism among themselves. So much of humanity is viewed as a dire threat to the intended audience of PCG's recruitment magazine.

PCG's leaders often make statements insisting that they know what is going to happen in the future. They don't. They have made over 50 failed predictions since their founding in 1989. Here is one statement by Ron Fraser making the alarmist statement that by 2011 the United States will have fallen into possessing a "second-rate power status."
The United States may well go down in history as the shortest-lived of the singular superpowers which have strutted this world’s stage since Babylon, the world’s first great empire. 
The U.S., which last January [2001] tipped over the edge and commenced its descent from a political economy of singular greatness, is destined to slide into second-rate power status. This process will not take a century. In all probability it will not even take a decade. (Ron Fraser, At The Crossroads, The Philadelphia Trumpet, May 2001.)
Having made such inaccurate predictions clearly there is no need to fear or give their words any sense of awe. They are but false prophets.


In the 2004 US Presidential elections 62,040,610 American voters elected George W. Bush as president. Since Bush belonged to the Republican Party the COGs, including PCG's 1%, were generally pleased at the outcome even though HWA forbade his followers from voting.


January: Big Stories of 2004, pp. 2-7.

January: Drawing the Line, pp. 8-10. (Written with Ryan Malone.)

February: The Overlooked War, pp. 12-15.

March: Germany in Crisis, pp. 4-9, 29.

May: The United States: Neglecting Its Back Door, pp. 12-14, 31.

June: Karol Wojtyła 1920-2005: How He Set the Stage, pp. 2-6.

June: Rome: Once and Future Capitol of Europe, pp. 14-15.

August: The German Shapeshifter, pp. 8-9.

September: The Big Men, pp. 20-21.

September: The Fatal Fault in International Government, pp. 21-23.

November: A Jewel in America's Crown Lost, pp. 7-9, 21.

December: The Bavarian Connection, p. 2-4, 12.

December: Ghosts of the Ratlines, p. 5.

December: Japan Stirs, pp. 10-11.


January: 2005 in Review: Signs of the Times, pp. 4-9.

January: Australia's Homegrown Terrorists, pp. 12-13.

January: To the Victor Go the Spoils, pp. 18-19.

February: Religion and the True Faith, pp. 18-19, 31.

February: Pushy, Pushy, p. 27.

May: From Hero to Outcast, pp. 12-14.

May: The Coming Siege, pp. 22-25.

June: Does the World Need a European Superpower?, pp. 22-25.

August: The Religion Factor, pp. 16-17.

September: America's Forgotten War, pp. 14-16.

September: Will Britain Lose the Falklands?, pp. 21-22.

September: When Germans are Unhappy..., pp. 23-26.

September: Hezbollah's Propagandists, p. 35.

October: Securing the Horn, pp. 16-17.

November: On Jerusalem's Doorstep, pp. 2-3.

November: Lighting Islam's Fuse, pp. 3-10.

PCG has changed the title of the article above to "Lighting Iran's Fuse" in its current online version however in the original publication of the magazine it was given the name mentioned above.

November: Benedict's War Cabinet, p. 10.


March: The Great Global Power Transfer, pp. 20-21.

April: Europe's Golden Anniversary, pp. 24-26.

May: Get Ready for Pope TV, pp. 22-23.

May: Prodi Bows to Vatican Pressure, pp. 24-25.

May: Generation Me, p. 37.

June: EU Anniversary--Crisis Before Solution, pp. 22-24.

June: From Terrorists to Politicians, pp. 32-33.

July: Twilight for Britannia, pp. 26-28.

August: Russo-German Pact Immanent, pp. 27-28.

August: The Golden Years, p. 37.

October: Germany on the Rise, Merkel on the Wane, pp. 26-28.

October: Rare Leadership, p. 37.

November: Pillaging Africa, p. 5.

November: When the Food Runs Out, pp. 6-7.

November: Fool's Paradise, p. 37.


January: War, Peace and Religion, pp. 20-24.

January: EU Ignores Public, Expands Power, pp. 32-33.

(Ron Fraser is unmentioned in February 2008 issue.)

March: The Sick Man of Europe?, pp. 26-27.

March: Yearning for Discipline, p. 37.

April: On the March, pp. 2-5.

April: Exploiting NATO, p. 4.

April: America's Greatest Foreign-Policy Blunder?, pp. 26-27.

April: Ron Fraser is credited with providing "editorial assistance" with Joel Hilliker's article, The Unseen Danger in Political Violence, pp. 22-24.

May: Here's to the Heroes, p. 37.

June: Global Cooling is Coming, pp. 11-13.

June: Islam Pushes, Europe Reacts, pp. 24-26.

June: Germany's Grand Strategy, pp. 32-34.

June: The Joy of New Life, p. 37.

August: New World Order, pp. 12-16.

September: A Confluence of Catastrophes, pp. 3-4.

September: We Are What We Appear, p. 37.

October: Three Things to Watch, p. 7.

October: Serbia: The Demonizing of a Nation, pp. 24-27, 34.

In the 2008 US Presidential election 69,498,516 American voters elected Senator Barack Obama as the new president. Since he belonged to the Democratic Party there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the COGs including among PCG's 1% even though HWA forbade his followers from voting


January: A Marriage Made in Adversity, p. 9.

January: Tough Times for Germans, p. 7.

February: Divining the Future, pp. 2-6.

March: Old Age: The New Young!, p. 15.

March: Your Standard of Living, pp. 22-23.

March: The Inaugural, p. 37.

April: Firestorm, pp. 2-3.

April: Goodbye Britain, Hello Europe, pp. 8-10.

April: Misunderstanding Pope Benedict, p. 34.

May: The German Question Returns, pp. 10-15.

July: Financial Regulation in Prophecy!, pp. 24-26.

July: The Vatican's Hidden Jerusalem Agenda, pp. 33-34.

The July 2009 issue also mentioned Ron Fraser in the following passage from Stephen Flurry's book, Raising the Ruins.
Two months after the college’s final graduation in May, our news bureau chief, Ron Fraser, toured the facilities in Big Sandy on a fact-finding mission for my father. “I was informed,” Mr. Fraser wrote soon after his visit, “that the WCG would seek to sell the whole campus intact.” He explained that if the campus didn’t sell after 12 months, the WCG would consider breaking up the property to sell off parcels. This piqued my father’s interest. (p. 32.)
August: A Bad Year for an Election, pp. 22-23.

August: The EU's Beastly Fines, p. 25.

August: "Human Rights" in Warfare?, p. 37.

The August 2009 issue also mentions Ron Fraser in the following passage from Stephen Flurry's book, Raising the Ruins.
The new administration building—rising 41 feet above the mostly residential countryside—instantly doubled the PCG’s executive office space and made for a tremendous upgrade in quality. Ron Fraser said, “Mr. Armstrong knew that by lifting the tone and quality of environment to the highest possible standard, humans would be inspired to lift themselves to meet that standard.” (p. 30.)
September: America's Decline--From Sinatra to Jackson, pp. 9-10.

In the article above he denounces Michael Jackson in the time immediately after his death while so many were distressed and in mourning. This article was mentioned in a previous post.

September: Pope Benedict and National Socialism--the Connection, pp. 20-21.

October: Resurrecting! The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, pp. 2-8.

October: Military Empowerment by Stealth, p. 4.

November: America Abandons Poland, pp. 2-4.

November: Is There One True Religion, pp. 23-24.

November: America The Corrupt, pp. 28-29.

November: Youth and the Digital Drug, p. 37.


January: The Church that Swallowed a Church, pp. 2-6. (Written with Brad Macdonald.)

January: The Real Significance of Merkel's Speech, pp. 34-35.

January: The Fall That Changed the World, p. 35.

February: The World's Next Superpower, pp. 12-15.

February: "Thou Must Worship on Sunday," p. 15.

March: A Void at Germany's Helm, pp. 20-22.

March: Here Europe! Feel Free to Spy on Us, pp. 34-35.

April: The Greek Crisis was Planned!, pp. 2-5. (Written with Robert Morley.)

April: The Rising Might of Germany, pp. 6-12.

April: How Germany Solves Its Problems, p. 10-11.

April: Crank Up the Defense Industry, p. 14.

April: Why Have Natural Disasters Increased?, pp. 22-23.

April: One True Religion--One True Church, pp. 26-27.

April: Will Crisis Oust Britain from the EU?, p. 30.

April: Another Anti-U.S. Alliance Is Born, p 33.

May: Stratfor Analyst: We Were Wrong--Germany is Taking Over, pp. 24-25. (Written with Brad Macdonald.)

May: Muslims March, Europeans Chafe, p. 33.

July: Crisis in Europe: A Classic Whodunit, pp. 2-5. (Written with Richard Palmer.)

July: Britain's Choice, pp. 5, 36.

July: What's the Emir Doing in Germany?, p. 10.

September: Reconstructing NATO, pp. 22-24.

October: Clash of the Titans, p. 7.

October: What to do with Germany?, p. 20-23.

December: On the Edge of Tyranny, pp. 21-22, 36.


January: Target: Jerusalem, pp. 5-8.

January: Clouds Across the Rainbow, pp. 24-25.

February: Taking Charge, pp. 2-5.

February: Pope: Don't Take Bible Literally, pp. 24-25.

February: Marriage--Soon Obsolete?, p. 35.

April: Charting the Future, pp. 28-30, 36.

May: Enemies and Allies, p. 3-6.

July: Did You See God at the Wedding?, pp. 2-5. (Written with Brad Macdonald.)

July: Lying Wonders, p. 15.

August: And Then There Were 10, pp. 8-9.

September: Greece: Now a German Vassal State, pp. 5-8.

September: What the Future May Hold for the World's Newest Nation, pp. 25, 27.

September: How the Perverse Became the Norm, pp. 30-32.

October: The Joy of Family, p. 35.

In the article above Fraser mentions his early life and states that his father fought for Australia in the Kokoda trail against the Japanese Empire. He survived but the father was killed in a traffic accident when Ron Fraser was ten years old.


January: Europe's Precisely Engineered Disaster, pp. 6-8.

March: Keep Watching Europe!, pp. 10-13. (Written with Stephen Flurry.)

May: Cleansing the German Conscience?, pp. 30-32.

July: The Old Rome-Berlin Axis is Back, pp. 6-8.

July: Sixty Years... And What Lies Ahead, pp. 26-27, 36.

August: Germany-China: The Great Mart, pp. 4-5. (Written with Brad Macdonald.)

October: A Real Gentleman, p. 33.

December: The Spirit Behind the Beast, pp. 30-32.

In the 2012 US Presidential election 65,915,795 American voters re-elected Barack Obama as president. Since he belonged to the Democratic Party there was again much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the COGs including among PCG's 1% even though HWA forbade his followers from voting.


March: A Job for Europe's Youth, pp. 24-25.

May: New World Pope: Restoring Europe's Latin Empire, pp. 12-17.

July: Our Homophilia Fascination, p. 35.

September: Why the News Gets It Wrong, pp. 20-21.

September: A Better Textbook for Mental Health, p. 35.

The article above contains a strange denunciation of mental health science. It is dangerous to ignore the advice of medical professionals. This article was mentioned in a previous post.

On October 4, 2013 Ron Fraser passed away. His memory was commemorated with the article below.

December: Ron Fraser (1941-2013), p. 35.

On the website version of this article it is listed as "Ron Fraser (1941-2013)" but the print magazine itself confusingly lists the year of his birth as 1942. In this discrepancy I would assume that the online version (1941) would be correct but I have no way to prove which year was the year of his birth.

And so Ron Fraser passed away, his many dire proclamations of doom for the United States being left unfulfilled. His dire predictions will never occur.

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  1. "...his many dire proclamations ... being left unfulfilled."

    A problem with making COG prophecies a major part of their life is that they will die before any - if any - come to pass.
    The parables that warn to "prepare" and "watch" have always been twisted to "watch Germany", "watch Europe", "watch (whatever or whoever)", rather than the intended "watch what you do".