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Mark Armstrong's Tale of "a Massive Conspiracy" by Mainstream Media and the Law against the President

Mark Armstrong has another weekly update posted. (March 9, 2018.) Let's see what he has to say this time.

He complains that the mainstream media were conspiring to make people afraid of President Trump's bellicose statements concerning North Korea.
This ride is turning out to be more fun than we thought!  The mainstream media worked hard to frighten the American public and snowflakes around the world that President Trump was about to touch off World War III with North Korea.  How dare he imperil all humanity by insulting and threatening the North Korean leader?  They said his ego-driven bullying was insane, and unbelievably risky.  The lunatic president was willing to risk an escalating nuclear war, one that would provoke China and then Russia and blow up the whole planet on a whim!
He then mentions the scare in Hawaii following the infamous false alarm.
It generated such intense fear that citizens of Hawaii descended into full blown panic when notified of a false alarm claiming an incoming ICBM.  They were sure they only had minutes to live.  Children were lowered into manholes as adults tearfully said their final goodbyes.  Oops.  Some idiot accidentally touched the wrong icon on a screen and it took authorities a relative eternity to get word out that the whole thing was an either a mistake or a heartless prank.  But seemingly everyone on the receiving end truly believed it was real and untold millions suffered emotional damage that comes with the realization of imminent death.
He brings this up in order to boast of his preferred president agreeing to meet with North Korea's leader.

Even though Mark Armstrong happens to be the leader of the Intercontinental Church of God he chooses to use insulting language seemingly having no regard for how such language might reflect badly on himself and his organization.
What better illustration of the power of deception!  Suddenly, as of yesterday, there's no immediate fear of millions dying due to the blithering insanity of Donald Trump.  At least for the moment, Little Rocket Man isn't detonating nuclear devices or firing ballistic missiles.  The imperious scandal mongers are having to ask themselves, reluctantly, whether it could possibly be that a strategy had played out according to plan?  Since, for the first time in modern history, Trump has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with the worse haircut, what can it mean? 
Since he tends to favor his preferred president he muses that this meeting was offered by the North Koreans out of fear. Other possibilities are ignored.
Sick as it makes the news anchors, they're having to deal with the unexpected possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, one brought about by the “impulsive lunatic” they despise.  “He did this without consultation!  The State department was caught off guard!  The intelligence community had no input!  This president is clearly shooting from the hip, just doing what he wants.”  There are plenty of skeptics alright, and they say that the Kims have always used diplomacy to buy time to perfect weapons systems, playing naive for financial and trade benefits all the while.  Looking back over the past twenty years and more, that's absolutely right.  But it might be different this time.  There's the slightest outside chance that the meeting suggested by Kim Jong un is one borne of fear and desperation rather than the usual posturing for benefits.
He complains that "network hosts and experts" are claiming that President Trump's acceptance of this offer is an attempt to distract people from the ongoing investigation concerning the Trump-Russia scandal.
That possibility is dismissed by the most jaundiced of network hosts and experts.  They're absolutely sure that acceptance of the meeting with the North Korean dictator is nothing more than a ploy to get scandals off front pages.  “It's obvious,” they claim.  “There can be no other explanation.”  You realize by now, that every effort to run President Trump out of the White House on the basis of “Russian Collusion” has blown up in the faces of the squinter, the doe-eyed pouter and the urgent reporters of back-channel collusion.  Not that they've noticed. 
He then goes on a rant claiming that there is "a massive conspiracy" by law enforcement agencies to get his preferred president in trouble. Somehow this massive conspiracy has been undetected by all but one news network.

He also implies that the mainstream outlets might get an actress to claim she was kissed by his preferred president. This seems to be an allusion to the numerous allegations of sexual harassment that have been made against President Trump. However Mark Armstrong seems to be speculating about something he supposes might happen in the future.

He also characterizes the widespread disaffection of the lobbying power of the NRA as an attempt "to destroy" his preferred president.

He seems to allude to allegations that President Trump had adulterous affairs back in 2006. If so he characterizes such alleged happenings as merely misbehavior.
There's more than a hint of corruption on the part of our incorruptible intelligence and law enforcement agencies.  The fact that one party spent millions on foreign disinformation to convince a FISA judge to grant a warrant to spy is right out in the open.  But no networks, save the one all the others despise, know anything about it.  There was a massive conspiracy all right.   It exposes the deception the mainstream outlets that bet the farm on seeing the president charged, tried, convicted or impeached for the past year and a half.  But they're not giving up.  Maybe they can find an “actress” to claim she was kissed without permission, or worse!  That ought to do it.  The elder statesmen of Watergate and legions of legal experts haven't given up hope that the “Russian collusion” story, or some related process crime might yet vindicate the year and a half they have invested.  But just in case, they might be able to destroy him with the claim that he's controlled by the NRA, or that he misbehaved with the queens of misbehavior
He muses that in time this massive conspiracy by the mainstream media might actually cause his preferred president to be removed from office.
If the leading outlets, with their best-known personalities keep after it, surely, they'll finish this president off sooner or later.  This time last year they were so excited they could barely contain their glee.  They reported that impeachment was imminent.  They shamed all who admired the progress of the new administration, particularly those in Congress who weren't rejecting his agenda or participating in the effort to run him off.  Didn't they know they were aiding and abetting Trump's childish, potentially criminal insanity!?! 
So Mark Armstrong claims there is "a massive conspiracy" by all networks (save one) against his preferred president underway at present. What are they trying to do? Why, prevent people from viewing things Mark Armstrong's way by using censorship, of course.
Some millions of informed observers have seen through the frantic outrage of mainstream news outlets.  It's not just the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and so many others.  It's all the digital platforms too, like Google, Facebook, Yahoo.  They're promoting “social justice,” open borders, gay and trans-gender normality, and engaging in various forms of censorship designed to produce the results they want you to see while concealing those they don't.
This is important. The statement above implies that Mark Armstrong assumes that people view matters differently from himself because other people are being fooled by media censorship. Such an attitude would encourage one to ignore alternative viewpoints. The possibility that he just might be wrong about one matter or another is ignored.

And after mentioning CNN he decides it is time to indulge in more of his strange and bitter rants against Pope Francis.
CNN has been promoting some documentary or other for this weekend.  It's got all the camera angles and silhouettes combined with powerfully thematic orchestral scoring. “The POPE is the most powerful, most recognized religious leader on earth,” intones the narrator with manufactured authority.  “Hundreds of millions look to him for spiritual guidance and instruction,” or words to that effect.  Presumably they're talking about the Vatican and the papacy historically.  Surely, they can't mean Bergoglio!  He can't even get a handle on the coke (and that's not cola) fueled orgies that scandalize his priestly colleagues.
He continues this train of thought.
Though we've not heard any conclusion to the last major scandal, where Rome police walked in on a wild, drug-drenched orgy populated by the most pious weirdos imaginable, the Vatican has another horrible scandal on its hands.  This one involves some sixty priests or more, with paid escorts of the effeminate persuasion and details unfit for human consumption.  But by all means, stir the hearts of the public with awe at the majesty and power of the Vatican and its blasphemous pope! 
He refers to Pope Francis as "a little twerp" again.
It's hard to imagine what depths of deception will be required to get the educated world to bow down to the demands of a little twerp like the current pontiff.  He can't even clean up the corrupt filth in his own domain, assuming that's his intent.  We'll take odds on whether any of that is in CNN's big docudrama.
He ends his weekly polemic by scare mongering that things will soon get worse. This alludes to the claim made by many COGs that a future European Empire led by Germany is fated to conquer the United States and take Americans as slaves shortly before Christ's return.
We're living with the effects of strong deception, the manipulation of information by the richest most powerful organizations on earth.  If the Bible is to be believed, it's going to get a lot worse than what we've seen so far.  We, yes even we might be taken in were it not for the blessings of liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly that we enjoy in the United States and much of the Western world.  We don't take any of that lightly and thank God for it.   
There are many problems in the world. Life and political matters are complicated and all too often bewildering. But Mark Armstrong keeps it simple. He says the mainstream media use censorship to make people view matters differently from him. He also says that they are part of "a massive conspiracy" to remove his preferred president. Other possibilities are ignored.

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