Monday, March 5, 2018

Mark Armstrong's Word Salad (March 2, 2018)

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has released another weekly update (March 2, 2018). Let's see what he has to say.

He says the students, teachers and parents calling for gun law reform are "understandably emotional".
Bitter disputes dominate every discussion, all looking to place blame for the heinous massacre at the Douglas High School in Broward County.  The now infamous Sheriff Scott Israel teamed up with CNN, the wildly overpaid School Superintendent and understandably emotional students, teachers and parents to demand stricter gun laws and specifically blame the National Rifle Association for the disaster.
But, Mark Armstrong retorts to these "understandably emotional students, teachers and parents" calling for gun law reform, that it is not about the guns, it is about neglecting to arrest people soon enough.
We could hardly believe our ears upon learning that the [suspect's surname] kid had been in constant trouble at the school in question, for assault and for threatening people and had been the subject of scores of calls to the police, including incidents of pointing guns at people's heads.  Somehow, he was never arrested, which meant that he was able to purchase firearms and ammo with nothing appearing on his background check.

It's not about the guns, it's about the people trying to help out troubled teenagers by keeping them out of jail.
It's finally becoming clear that the kid eluded all recognition thanks to the Promise Program.  You see, it just wasn't fair that so many “young men of color” were being funneled through the “school to prison pipeline,” and therefore a conscious decision was adopted by the school and by local police that kids who brought weapons or drugs to school, threatened others and were the subject of police calls should be counseled, mentored and coddled rather than referred to the justice system.  It just wasn't fair that someone like the killer should have an arrest record or have to deal with the criminal justice system.  Pull it up on the website.  The closing sentence says it all, 
“The intent of PROMISE is to safeguard the student from entering the judicial system.”  It's part of the great legacy left by our last president and his Fast and Furious Attorney General.
He insists that the mainstream media have conspired to hide this from his audience. The absence of discussion is implied to be proof that he is right.
Don't hold your breath if you're waiting for the mainstream media to carry this information.  They're campaigning, as you saw in CNN's disastrous town hall extravaganza, to hold law abiding gun owners and the NRA responsible for the massacre.  If only we could jettison the Constitution, if only people would give up their guns…  Mention that the F. B. I. failed to look into specific warnings, or the idiotic policies and inaction of Scott Israel and his department, and you're a kook, a gun nut. 
It's not about the guns, for Mark Armstrong, it is simply time for him to demonize the political left as he does in just about all of these weekly updates of his.
If not for FAIRNESS and DIVERSITY nonsense, the [suspect's surname] kid could never have legally bought that gun!  If not for the Promise Program, eliminating the “school to prison pipeline,” seventeen people might not be dead, and millions might not be grieving.  
But don't expect anybody's mind to be changed about anything, ever. 
He complains that people are rigid in their thinking. He seems to have no self awareness that he himself may exhibit that trait as well.
We've come to a place where no point, regardless of its validity or importance, is ever conceded.  You either embrace the mantra of social justice or you're a racist Trump supporter.  We've been divided into camps now, and there's no middle ground.
He complains that the political left are hiding the truth. He even shamefully brings up the conspiracy theory regarding the murder of Seth Rich, a discredited and baseless slur.
The truth?  Uh, that's classified.  It's Top Secret and you're not authorized.  No, you can't see the aerial video of the school shooting, you can't see the FISA warrant application, and you better not be curious about why nobody's interested in the unsolved murder of Seth Rich.  All you need to know is that things need to be banned!  Or mandated.  Banned or mandated, that's it!  Socialism.
He alludes to the ongoing crisis in Venezuela to insinuate that if the political left were to get their way a similar fate would await the United States.
Venezuela is paradise, check it out.  Too bad all those demanding social justice, more versions of the Promise Program, banning legal guns, amnesty for illegal aliens and the impeachment of President Trump, can't have an extended vacation in Venezuela.  They might even lose weight!  After all, the average Venezuelan has lost 25 pounds just this last year.  It's amazing what a diet of garbage scraps and pesky rodents can do for your waistline.
He slurs school teachers as condemning the American nation as racist.
The Western World has taken God's blessings for granted so long, we've forgotten where they came from.  The educational system teaches that these blessings are not fair.  They are in fact racist, homophobic and now responsible for another in a long line of murderous rampages.  But don't worry, the mainstream media, educational institutions and more corporations all the time have everything under control. 
It appears to be Mark Armstrong's opinion that terrible things such as the recent massacre in Florida occur because Americans do not follow his particular religion. It's not about the guns, it's about religion according to Mark Armstrong.
They're bound and determined to bury the truth, advance a godless, gay, trans-gender, diversity agenda at all costs.  But the cost may be the revocation of God's blessings and His protection.  How about we return to the basics?  What if the Ten Commandments and the Fruits of the Spirit were taught and practiced?  They've all been trampled under the lofty ideals of socialism, and we're living with the inevitable result.  Have a better Sabbath. 
That weekly update seemed quite unfocused. It is strange to imagine what he says seem to be taken quite seriously by his followers and that they are willing to send money to the organization he leads.


  1. What if the Ten Commandments and the Fruits of the Spirit were taught and practiced?

    Yes, with Mark and the other COGleaders leading by example. Instead, Mark inherited a system in which the "End-time Apostle" and his cronies were "above the Law", and "Fruits" were measured by an increase in membership and income.

  2. Why do people find a need to gravitate to the extreme on either side, and to hold the balanced middle of the roaders as hostage?

    One of the mental games I like to play involves imagining what if a philosophy (pick one) were the dominant one on planet earth? Now, it’s much better to have a variety of philosophies acting as check and balance against one another, but what if only one were predominant? Can we all imagine what Mark’s extreme and narrow-minded views would do to life on planet Earth? It’d be enough to motivate thinking people to colonize Mars or the moon! Social justice is actually a Biblical principle. It makes life tolerable for all except the perennial hard liners who delight in their own absolute authority and world view.