Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mark Armstrong: "They ... Will Replace Every Last One of Us Eventually"

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of HWA, has another weekly update posted. (March 16, 2018.)

Let's see what he has to say this time.

One would think that being the leader of the Intercontinental Church of God he would have many issues to deal with managing this organization. One would think that this weekly update would the perfect opportunity for him to tell his followers what is happening with their organization. Instead he uses this weekly update to speak up for his preferred president and rant and complain about those who do not happen to follow his preferred president. The management of the Intercontinental Church of God is seemingly unworthy of comment here.

He complains about undocumented immigrants as he so often does. Such persons are unable to vote so they are convenient targets for invective.
We live at a time when every western nation is at war with itself. Over the past two weeks we've seen something unheard of in our culture, where the Mayor of Oakland warned illegal alien criminals of impending raids. The Attorney General paid California a visit to say that it was insanity for local and state officials to warn criminals in time to elude apprehension. Governor Jerry Brown threw a public fit and said that a state of war had been created between his state and the Federal government. Not so long ago the Obama administration and its defenders, sued the state of Arizona for apprehending illegal aliens. The same saboteurs who now call “sanctuary” city and state laws their right, argued that Federal Law was supreme in the case of Arizona. Funny how these arguments swap ends depending on the desired outcome.
He then alludes to the recent massacre in Florida. It's not about the guns for Mark Armstrong. It's about emergency calls not being followed through. So how dare the survivors of the massacre call for stricter gun control laws and criticize the NRA. Mark Armstrong's heart bleeds for the NRA.
It's too bad the 911 calls to authorities couldn't have been released a month ago. The caller was a woman who explained that the [suspect's surname] kid had threatened her son with a gun to his head, was threatening to shoot up the school and was on his way to purchase the rifle with which he subsequently carried out the pitiless killings. We had to wait for all the demonstrations demanding gun control, the “die ins,” scoldings of lawful gun owners and the NRA before being told how detailed and explicit the warnings had been to law enforcement. 
It's not about the guns. He implies it's about leftist police officers leaving the suspect alone so he could commit the massacre as part of a left wing plot to impose gun control laws that the NRA disapprove of.
“He's on his way to pick up a gun,” she said after relaying the threats he'd made in addition to several incidents where he'd put guns to people's heads. To say this one fell through the cracks is a ridiculous understatement. As we've mentioned previously the FBI was warned directly and did nothing. The local police and sheriffs were warned and did nothing. Conspiracy theorists are wondering if these entities, steeped in leftist drama, didn't stand back and allow this to happen for the benefit of their gun-control agenda. We can't imagine that is the case, but then again, what was the point of Fast and Furious, if not to distribute American guns to criminal Mexican gangs for the inevitable fallout? 
He alleges that the Department of Justice, the FBI and media outlets are working against his preferred president.
It's likely that all the machinations and abuses committed during the Obama years will never be unraveled or adjudicated. But their attempt to prevent the election of Donald Trump, and then quickly destroy the incoming administration may yet. Evidence of the intent and actions of the highest-ranking officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI has been spilling out into the public record since the end of December. Little by little we've seen that there were surreptitious and successful attempts to control the news cycle, aided and abetted by nearly every mainstream outlet. But it seems that those caught committing sedition against Donald Trump's presidency were also in a position to classify their own communications and deeds, shielding them from public view.
He presents Robert Mueller's investigation as a sham maintained, he claims, by the censorship of most media outlets.
To this day, mainstream publications and all the major tech companies are banking on ignorance and distractions of the vast majority of the public. If they don't report the truth, and none of the other big conglomerates don't either, then nothing will come of it. What would be earth-shattering revelations are simply ignored as they have been for over a year now, while they root for Mueller to charge the President or his family members with an act of criminality. Readers and viewers are tantalized with all the “glamor shots” of fast women in slinky attire that have scandalous stories to tell.
Mark Armstrong favors President Trump so to ignore the various negative stories about him he just claims that the media is conspiring against his preferred president.
It may be working. Ratings numbers and statistics would indicate that a relatively small percentage of the population is well informed. Every Internet news giant gratuitously slants their headlines every single day. Only a glance through the headlines they present makes that glaringly obvious. If they don't like the news, it's not there. They just ignore it altogether. Some of the revelations that are coming out of late are impossible to spin, so they pretend to be utterly unaware while interrogating a panel about chaos in the White House.
One may safely ignore the various negative stories about his preferred president, he insists. Soon the negative stores about his preferred president will be revealed to a massive sham.
Those who have been paying attention and are aware of the extent to which our most respected agencies of law enforcement have been misused for corrupt purposes, to destroy a President and his administration, are waiting and waiting. How long before the mainstream can no longer ignore the obvious? When the dam finally breaks, which we're assured it will, how will they spin that? Surely, they'll try. What happens when their heroes, the anonymous high government officials responsible for “leaking,” instigating hundreds of misleading headlines and thousands of hours of expert analysis on air, are shown to have broken nearly every law they'd sworn to uphold? How will they spin that?
He states that only right wing media outlets have reported the truth. He rhetorically asks why no one else have stated such things ignoring the possibility that he might be error.
Much of the information is out. It's been out in stark relief for months. The outlines, without proof were visible long before that. Iron-clad proof has been available and disseminated through conservative media only since December. Have any of the major Internet platforms reported it? Have any of the mainstream networks (beyond the maligned FNC) carried so much as a hint or a word?
He moans that his preferred president is being criticized in the media. Don't they know not to hurt Mark Armstrong's feelings?
The “news” is all about how crazy, petulant, uncouth, brazen, disorganized, selfish and egotistical is the lunatic in office. World records have been set, no doubt. Countless thousands of hours and millions of pages have been dedicated to sneering and smearing, on the basis of one leak, one false report after another.
He complains about how others tend to be given more respect than his preferred president. He also indulges in some Islamophobia by implying that Germany might somehow be taken over by Muslims.
The pope? He's a genius, in touch with modern times. Angela Merkel? Why, she's holding Germany together by claiming, “Islam belongs to Germany.” The way things are going, it might end up the other way around. Global warming? It's a proven fact of reality according to all the media and most politicians. It's just become too dangerous to deny global warming. They'll come out of the woodwork to brand you a “denier,” which hearkens to the claim used to identify those who claim the Holocaust never happened. 
He complains that so many people view matters differently from himself.
It's tangled, and everything is a mess when a majority of society's institutions have buckled to every socialist dictate. Buck the group-think and you'll be attacked from every direction. If you don't agree that there are 67 genders, you flunk. Sorry you can't graduate. Didn't attend the anti-gun rally? Sorry, your suspended from school. Don't believe in global warming, carbon credits and all the half-baked remedies, you're beneath contempt, can't be taken seriously and probably a racist, bigot homo-phobe.
By complaining that he can be dismissed as "a racist, bigot homo-phobe" he seeks to rally his followers to respond to such disparagement by maintaining their loyalty to Mark Armstrong and the Intercontinental Church of God. They are told that staying loyal to him is a way to get back at mainstream society for supposedly looking down at them.

He ends his weekly missive with a rant that mainstream society hates him and those who think like him. He even accuses them of plotting to "replace every last one of us eventually" as his thoughts drift away from coherent thought into a strange, primal cry of anger.
We have something going on in the United States that is unknown elsewhere in the civilized world. The dogma of socialism is being, not only challenged, but dismantled. You can hear the kicking and screaming, the cries of derision and demands that Trump's sick, deplorable supporters be branded from almost every “respected” source. We'd better get back to the destruction of every freedom, every blessing God bestowed, so Hollywood, the universities, the sports franchises and mainstream media can breathe a breath of relief. Stand for God's Word, accept history at face value, make some politically incorrect utterance, and face banishment for life. And that's only so far. They never give up and will replace every last one of us eventually. They demand that we vouch for a pack of lies. And if not, our replacements have already arrived.  
They are going to replace us? What is he even saying? That last thought is barely coherent.

And so we see that Mark Armstrong continues to use his weekly update to promote his scorn and anger towards those who view matters differently from himself.


  1. I’ve always felt a certain amount of compassion for those who were raised in HWA’s immediate family and under his influence. We “regular” members thought we had difficulty in normalizing, just imagine the intense warping which took place within those close to the top of the Armstrong pyramid.

    One aspect of Armstrongism was always present. They kept all of the members fearful, and on edge over as many things as possible. It was not a nurturing church organization. Mark has just gone to ever more ridiculous extremes now that it is his turn at some version of the helm. He should have gone to MMI, and become a motorcycle technician.


  2. I can understand some of Mark Armstrong's concerns. Immigration should be the cream of the crop that would benefit the United States. The truth is, nothing will ever fix the USA short of a collapse where the politicians fear for their lives.

    In time the USA like all nations will go by the wayside. It is unavoidable as every nation that ever existed goes through this cycle of life.

    Mark might very well be preaching to the choir to gain a following. Who knows. But the facts remain that the USA is manipulated by politicians who divide the nation in order to gain a following. It pisses everyone off that has even a small understanding of what's going on.

    One thing about life is that it is never fair. Complaining about it only underscores the need to put forth change that makes it more palpable.

  3. We’ll get a better reading of the degree of seriousness of the situation from the upcoming mid-term elections.