Thursday, July 26, 2018

Kieran Underwood's Account of PCG's College

Banned by HWA has posted a fascinating account of life at PCG's unaccredited Herbert W. Armstrong College by Kieran Underwood. This is an important account for anyone keeping up with developments concerning PCG.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mark Armstrong on NATO Summit, Brexit, Peter Strzok and Separated Children

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of Herbert Armstrong, has released another weekly update to his followers (July 13, 2018). Let's see what he has to say this time.

One common theme of his weekly updates is defending his preferred president and blaming just about any problems his preferred president faces on negative reporting by the media. It is often assumed that the media is doing this maliciously as part of a massive conspiracy to remove his preferred president from power.
Greetings from Tyler, 
You know of the NATO summit that took place this week. Our media reported it as President Trump bullying the leaders and “polite diplomats” like a bull in the china closet, throwing everything into disarray, and the emerging to declare victory. The first issue to be brought up in a “photo op” with live cameras was a big one. The President declared Germany a “captive” of Russia saying they've closed their coal and nuclear plants and are now relying on Russia for close to 70% of their energy needs. It's a deal worth untold billions of dollars and was made possible largely because the chairman of the Nord Stream pipeline corporation is Gerhard Schroeder, the former Chancellor of Germany.
Mark Armstrong also often dismisses environmental concerns as being alarmist and as an opening to being ruled over by foreigners.
Against the hopes of European leaders attending the summit, President Trump raised the issue even before official meetings got underway. Nord Stream 1 is already in operation, transporting natural gas to Germany. The second pipeline, Nord Stream 2 is intended to dramatically increase the amount of natural gas Russia can sell to Germany. It is being blocked, for now, by east European members of the EU who see their countries being bypassed by the pipeline, while Germany, Norway, Sweden and others have already signed on. Trump had the unmitigated gaul to ask what sense it makes for the United States to be providing military protection for Europe, from Russia, while energy security is being outsourced to Russia. “Explain that,” the president said. But there is no good explanation, other than Germany decided to go “green,” shutting down traditional energy production, and has inexplicably made itself hostage to Russian supplies.
Mark Armstrong complains that the United States had paid the majority of defense expenses in the NATO alliance casually ignoring that such expenditure makes it easier for the United States to exert influence upon the world.
Though the mainstream media will dispute this, NATO members appeared to have agreed to pay their share, two to four percent of GDP for NATO military defense, which mostly has been shouldered for decades by the United States of America. 
Mark Armstrong discusses the fallout after his preferred president made comments criticizing Prime Minister May for not advocating for a hard Brexit.
The President then went to London, where massive protests were organized against him while he met with Prime Minister Theresa May and visited Windsor Castle to meet the Queen. Though those visits appear to have been cordially diplomatic, statements were attributed to the President saying that May had botched Brexit, and that the U. S. may be unable to conclude a bilateral trade deal with the UK if the EU continues to exert control. We have no reason to doubt those sentiments were indeed expressed. Theresa May has put her government in jeopardy by negotiating a “soft exit” from the EU, leaving many European controls in place. Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, has resigned, citing her proposed deal with the EU. Now her position as Prime Minister is in serious jeopardy.
He then discusses the testimony of Peter Strzok. His testimony was rather well received outside of Republican audiences. Even Mark Armstrong obliquely admits this by describing the hearing as "not particularly productive." Mark Armstrong responds by insisting that Strzok is being "protected by the FBI and those running interference in the hearing."
While those events were playing out across the Atlantic, we've been treated to the three-ring circus that took place on LIVE television from the intelligence committee hearing in the House of Representatives. Peter Stzrok [sic] has become a household name. He gave a performance, punctuated by facial contortions we haven't seen since James Comey was mildly nauseated. Strzok was defiant, proudly lambasting President Trump despite being nailed to the wall by his own digital communications. But he was insufferably smug nevertheless, apparently confident that he'll be protected by the FBI and those running interference in the hearing. Most of us weren't able to watch the whole charade play out, but we've all seen clips that betray his denials. It was another necessary, if not particularly productive, step in proving what we've known for the better part of a year. He had no choice but to deny, deny and continue denying that his own words meant what they said. To do otherwise would amount to an admission to the dictionary definition of sedition, a high crime. 
No mention is made of Strzok's statement that he was disgusted at comments then candidate Trump made concerning a Gold Star family, namely Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

He claims that the investigation by Special Council Mueller is merely based on accusations from "Hillary's campaign ... against the Trump campaign". He also blames the Steele dossier even though rival Republican presidential candidates were among the initial sponsors of the dossier. Little did Mark Armstrong know that Mueller would issue indictments against twelve Russian military officers charging them with hacking the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic National Committee and other offense related to the matter. Mark Armstrong makes no mention of that indictment indicating that it was only released after the weekly update was posted. 
What they did is clear and has been since at least last December.  Hillary's campaign generated accusations against the Trump campaign, laundered them through the State Department, through “reliable sources” such as Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson, and made sure numerous versions of the “dossier” were handed off to the FBI for investigation.  That's given us the diatribe that dominated every news report, generated the appointment of the Special Council.  That a “hostile foreign entity tried to control the outcome of an American election, subverting our democracy.”  Peter Strzok offered that same rendition, pretty much verbatim, and they're still feigning suspicion that Trump was in on it.  In Proverbial terms, they dug a pit for President Trump and covered it with branches and leaves.  While chasing him down, he skipped over their pit and they fell in it.  What can they do but claim amnesia?  
He then mentions the issue of children of undocumented immigrants being ripped away from their parents. He responds to this by insisting that children are being taken by persons unrelated to them. He makes no mention that the Trump Administration has now admitted that it is unable to return about twenty percent of the younger children that have been separated from their parents. But Mark Armstrong expresses no sympathy regarding this terrible problem.

(Please note: the following passage is presented as it was written.)
During the hearings, some of the hacks in Congress objected to the subject matter and started referencing children separated from parents at the border. You know, the real crisis that should have the full attention of every American. You can be sure they don't want anybody to see this, from Fox News. Migrant Children being used as a “commodity to circumvent loophole,” border agent says. Heightened concern over fraudulent family claims
Border patrol agents say they are alarmed by the growing number of migrants illegally crossing the border with children, who are not their own.
MCALLEN, Texas – Border patrol agents say they are alarmed by the growing number of migrants illegally crossing the border with children – who are not their own – to avoid long-term federal custody.
Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said he’s seeing a growing number of migrant children crossing the border with adults pretending to be their parents. 
Even though it seems all too likely that some of the separated children will never be reunited with their families Mark Armstrong insists that people concerned about this issue are just showing off their virtue.
Do you still get points for compassion, if you're whipped into a frenzy but have no idea what you're talking about? The abolish ICE protesters better hope so. It's really just “virtue signaling,” another phrase necessitated by the practice of political correctness. They REALLY CARE, and you rotten patriots (racists) don't. It's false, no matter how big their signs or how loudly they shout, but they've got allies in Congress sponsoring a bill to abolish ICE. It won't go anywhere. But the record will show they care and those that want a nation with a border, don't. 
Mark Armstrong ends his weekly diatribe by ranting that those people will not judge him in the afterlife.
Those that CARE so much and want open borders and political correctness enforced around the world won't be our ultimate judge. They can call us names, claim they're smarter than we are and that we smell (what did Podesta say Hillary smelled like? Might have been worse than Strzok's Walmart shoppers. Yes, I believe it was.) But they won't judge us in the end, and with God's help we'll escape their socialist paradise permanently.  
And so Mark Armstrong ends his weekly diatribe defending his preferred president. Somehow managing the affairs of his organization is not worthy of being mentioned in these weekly updates of his.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mark Armstrong on the Fourth of July

Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, son of Garner Ted Armstrong, grandson of Herbert Armstrong, has released yet another weekly update (July 6, 2018). Let's see what he has to say.

He starts with mentioning what he and his family did to celebrate the fourth of July.
Greetings from Tyler, 
Here's hoping you enjoyed a delightful Independence Day.  We thought it was the best one since this time last year, maybe better.  For the first time ever, the home owner's association in my neighborhood organized a parade, of sorts.  There were heavily decorated bicycles, lawn tractors pulling trailers full of kids, jeeps wrapped in red white and blue tinsel and flatbeds with lounge chairs with women and more kids. Flags were in every other yard and people were out in front of their houses, happy to make acquaintances and enjoy the company of neighbors.  When several of our family members went to the nearby marina, we saw quite a crowd and fireworks bursting overhead and all around the lake in the distance.  It sure seemed like there might be more to celebrate than there has been in recent memory, and the happiness seemed infectious. 
But partisan rancor is ever present in Mark Armstrong's weekly updates even on such a happy occasion. 
But there are those, somewhere other than here that are anything but happy. I'm pretty sure they're mad that we're happy.
He states that those who belong to the other political party are quite distressed at the state of affairs in the United States. It is hard to not perceive an element of glee in his writing.
People are doing crazy things, making fools of themselves in public, verbally attacking their philosophical foes, throwing drinks, cursing in their faces, and it's all the fault of you know who. It's just an illustration of how crazy this man, and his supporters, are driving supposedly sane individuals bonkers. Most telling of all, it's a morality play!  Those who justify every hideous debauchery are having an emotional meltdown over perceived “uncaring, racist, bigoted” and potentially criminal attitudes they assign to President Trump and his deplorable supporters without any recognition of the irony in play. 
Mark Armstrong slurs liberals as being unreasonable. He alludes to the mass separation of families by the Trump Administration but he brings it up simply to condemn liberals.
Word went out in recent years that illegal aliens crossing the border with children, theirs or otherwise, will get special treatment. Adults can't be detained because they can't be separated from “their children,” and everybody knows you can't put “children” in jail. So there is no solution.  Either let them disappear into the population or be accused of operating “concentration camps.”
He accuse liberals of advancing various goals which are viewed as goals that are deliberately and carefully pursued instead of being analysed as being the result of messy circumstances. He also accuses liberals of seeking to "alter... the demographic character of population" once again alluding to xenophobic motives.
So the solution is crystal clear, even though the most preening moralists just tumbled to it in the past ten days or so.  Abolish ICE!  That ought to fix it.  And the border patrol too.  “They've strayed from their mandate,” say the organizers of protests, and no longer represent the “values” of America.  As was so often repeated over the last decade, our national “values” consist of honoring debauchery, altering the demographic character of population, embracing regulations that kill whole industries while insisting that the United States assume a subordinate role to the UN, the EU, the World Bank, the WHO, and every other globalist institution.
Mark Armstrong then takes comfort in the thought that his preferred president is in power. Then he accuse liberals of being constant killjoys even though his weekly updates are constantly filled with angry accusations against politicians and various interests he opposes.
Against all odds, we seem to be breaking out of that mold.  Just when it looked as though there would be no turning back, there is suddenly momentum under the leadership of a man who no one thought could be dedicated to conservative principles let alone honor God for our freedom and blessings.  And yet there he is, and here we are.  Maybe not one nation as would be most desirable, but under God nevertheless, as stated unapologetically in one ecstatic rally after another.  The self “righteous” socialists among us, presiding over the mainstream media and nearly every educational institution in the land, are furious and can't illustrate their anger often enough.  Nothing's funny at all anymore.  Nobody dares say anything in jest, because there is no such thing.  Only insults, hurt FEELINGS, anger and outrage.  No matter how silly or funny, you better not laugh out loud or let anyone see you do that or you might be the victim of a snowflake hurling curses or chasing you out of an establishment. 
Mark Armstrong continues his bizarre feud with Pope Francis. Shamefully he implies that hiding criminal behavior somehow explains the Pope's approach with the gay community. That is disgusting. There is no comparison between the two topics.
You might not have heard because it's not exactly big news, but the pope is in serious trouble.  It seems he presided over the cover-up of serial molester priests down in Argentina before being elevated to the highest perch in the “Christian” world.  Furthermore, he's admitted his role in conversations that have been published.  It begins to make a little more sense that some of his first utterances were to confer acceptance and honor upon the “gay” community.  He's denouncing our president, worrying like a protester about “the children!” (many of whom appear to be in their late teens), while ducking a scandal involving abusive priests and Argentine mothers whose sons fell victim to his beaded slipper buddies.
Mark Armstrong then once again condemns Pope Francis' call for environmentalist action. As he often does he equates environmentalism with having the United States be rendered subordinate to the United Nations. Our planet is getting polluted like never before and Mark Armstrong is worried about his nation being too close to the UN.
But he's saving the planet.  He's holding one global warming confab after another, generating headlines and news stories almost daily.  He's worried about the rain forest in the Amazon.  You know, the one that would have disappeared in the 80's if Sting hadn't done a series of benefit concerts?  To hear the pope tell it, it's about to turn into “desert and garbage” if we don't get alarmed about carbon dioxide and whatever the UN says.  He and his priesthood may be embarrassing themselves beyond belief, having ruined the lives of countless children entrusted to them, but at least he's doing his part to “save the planet,” while changing the subject to global warming panic.  Doubtful the mainstream will ever figure this out, let alone report it. 
Mark Armstrong discusses recent political events in Germany. He also makes the inflammatory insinuation that immigration leads to criminal activity. Even though Mark Armstrong's ancestors were immigrants themselves he constantly scare mongers about immigrants to his followers.
In Germany, Angela Merkel's government has survived the standoff over refugees, at least temporarily.  They reached a compromise on what to do with certain categories of “immigrants” coming in through Austria.  In no way does it serve to solve the problem, rather pushing the crisis down the road for another day.  And there will be another day.  Sentiment across Europe has largely turned.  All the rhetorical good will and caring rings a little hollow when the neighborhood goes, the crime wave arrives, and people can't go out without facing danger. 
He then mentions a tragic example of human trafficking and he seems to connect this with immigration but he does not bother to state how this incident is connected with immigration.
It's happened in London, in Paris and nearly every European capital.  There are many examples across our nation too, almost every day.  The first network break on the radio this morning was of a woman in Texas who sold her son for $2500 in drug money.  It seems she may have been negotiating another deal for her two little toddler girls.  Doubtful this will make national coverage.  It doesn't fit the narrative, in fact it just might raise a lot of questions they don't want asked.  If you look it up, you'll understand completely.
He ends his weekly missive by implying that his preferred president is specially blessed by the Armstrongite God.
Isn't it remarkable that the nation's mainstream institutions are being dragged kicking and screaming into a scenario where the Constitution is followed, the law is enforced, and to the sheer panic of the left, the Supreme Court is seeing appointments along those lines.  Some believe that God has His hand in it, and maybe He does.  We see many Biblical examples of imperfect vessels being used to accomplish His will.  If that is the case, it may be a last chance for America if not the entire Western world.  Can you imagine how the pendulum might swing the other way?  You don't have to look very far to get an inkling of how that might go.  Maybe as far as the book of Revelation.   
Mark Armstrong also includes a call for prayers for a minister of his.
PS:  We are asking prayers for minister, Ray Fain who has been suffering from a low heartbeat and low blood pressure and has had to visit the hospital several times.  They think they have it solved by putting in a pacemaker.
And so we see that Mark Armstrong is still the same cantankerous person even after the fourth of July.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Overview of the August 2018 Issue of PCG's Philadelphia Trumpet

PCG has released yet another issue of their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. (August 2018.) Let us see what they have to say this time.

The editors of this issue are Gerald Flurry, Stephen Flurry, Joel Hilliker, Brad Macdonald, Richard Palmer, Jeremiah Jacques, Dennis Leap and Phillip Nice.

This issue has a circulation of 262,448 issues.

Gerald Flurry has a personal article praising King Hezekiah and Isaiah promoting the exhibit of seals possibly connected with them at PCG headquarters. It does not matter what PCG finds in the ground there PCG's reputation among the COGs and those formerlly associated with them will remain as abysmal as ever.

Richard Palmer has an article playing up recent tensions between the United States and Germany. PCG and Armstrongism in general teach that Germany is fated to launch a decisive war of military conquest against the United States which will end with America defeated and American people taken as slaves by the ascendant Germans.

Joel Hilliker has an article discussing the recent diplomatic outreach towards North Korea. Since Armstrongism says that a German led European entity will conquer the United States it seems reasonable to believe that this particular dogma will cause Armstrongites to not be so concerned with that nation even though they actually have nuclear weapons.

Andrew Müller the McCarthyite has an article bemoaning tolerance. How dare his fellow nationals should dare accept gays and women's rights. He also blames a certain German Jewish academic who had to flee Germany to escape the Nazis, namely Herbert Marcuse, for causing various attitudes to predominate in modern society. Marcuse is often cited in various conspiracy theories blaming the "Frankfurt School" for inventing the sexual revolution of the 1960s. That claim is nonsense. The sexual revolution was propelled from the numerous sectors of society

Jorg Mardian has an article about food. He says the food we have has gotten worse over the years. More doom and gloom from PCG's recruitment magazine.

Joel Hilliker also has an article insisting that despite the astounding progress the humanity has experienced in the last few centuries the world we live have actually gotten worse somehow. What won't PCG's recruiters say to make the world outside of PCG sound as awful as possible? If they admitted the world outside of PCG just might be worth living in what need would there be to join them?

The Infographic praises PCG's archeological excavations with Dr. Eilat Mazar. Previous excavations sponsored by HWA's organization are also mentioned even though PCG is a different organization and many who sent in the money that funded HWA's organization, including the excavations, are now demonized as "Laodiceans," some of whom have been shunned by PCG members as part of the infamous "no contact" policy.

Stephen Flurry has an article once again demonizing the Obama Administration's diplomatic agreement with Iran regarding nuclear power. He fumes that the Obama Administration lied to the American people. What about HWA's lies? He said that his followers did not need to visit doctors and so much harm and pain has been caused by his encouragement of neglecting such elementary necessities. HWA presented himself as a godly man but it is well known that back in the 1930s and the 1940s he committed dreadful and illegal acts in his personal life.

Gerlad Flurry also has an article promoting the Armstrongite doctrine of the "spirit in man."

Their correspondence course has an article encouraging reading to meditate on what PCG teaches.

WorldWatch discusses the new Italian government; German intelligence gaining legal right to spy on Germans; the ascension of a right wing party to power in Slovenia; Hezbollah and its allies winning the election in Lebanon; Israel participating in military exercises in Europe; scare mongering about an missile base near Shahrud; Russia's opening of the Crimean Bridge; scare mongering about China's arming itself; and bemoaning the Dominican Republic granting diplomatic recognition to China.

SocietyWatch discusses the mass incarceration within the United States; the increasing rate of suicides in the US; condemns the Boy Scouts of America for providing condoms at its conference to prevent acquiring sexually transmitted diseases; and condemns a proposal in California to ban "reparative therapy."

Joel Hilliker has an article encouragig people to make plans for their futures.

Richard Palmer has an article in which he alleges that moral relativism makes people unable to deal  with the child killing practiced among some native tribes in Amazonian region of Brazil.
This is why the Trumpet warns against tolerating evil, whether it is killing children or something more subtle. The West is also destroying its children. We are splitting and re-splitting their families, allowing them to engage in rampant drug use, permitting them to indulge in illicit sex, and encouraging them to experiment with transgenderism. (p. 35.)
It must be asked if Palmer has fully thought about the implications of his words. This implies that getting a divorce, using an illegal narcotic, having consensual sexual relations in a way contrary to PCG dogma and recognizing that gender dysphoria is a real condition is in some bizarre way morally equivalent with murdering a little two year old girl? What nonsense!

In the article above Palmer also praises a missionary couple for saving a two year old girl who had been ordered to be killed by tribal leaders. Palmer does not mention to his readers that his organization, PCG, teaches that it alone is the true church and all Christians outside of the organization are merely false Christians and heretics deceived by Satan.

There are letters. Here's a letter from Ohio.
A strange thing has been happening in my life. I have read the Scriptures, and I see that I have been misinformed. What is amazing is how wrong the Catholic religion is. This is the most informative thing I have read in my 62 years. I am on to something, and I want to stay on it!
Here's a letter from Illinois from a person newly convinced of having Jewish ancestry.
I thank God for your magazine. After I read Mr. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, it was like the whole world was opened up to me. And all this time I thought I was a Gentile!
It is saddening to see yet another person get confused by the unfounded doctrine of British Israelism. It is nonsense. The British and Americans are not descended from the Biblical Israelites. Genetic studies have shown that their genetics are so different that there could not have been any common ancestry between the Americans and the Jews in the way alleged by British Israelism. British Israelism is a false idea that confuses and misleads people.

(Incidentally Armstrongism makes a huge fuss of distinguishing between Jews and Israelites and insisting that they are, to this very day, separate peoples. But historically the remnants of the Kingdom of Israel united with the Jews of Judaea. While it seems likely some Israelites were absorbed into the surrounding people some retained their identity by uniting with the Jews in the southern Kingdom of Judah. Consequently both names are applied to the same people, namely the Jews. There is today no Israelite people distinct from the Jews. Armstrongism promotes that which is today a meaningless distinction.)

Here's a letter PCG's editors included that criticizes PCG's rightward political stance.
I realize you act more as propagandist in favor for the worst president ever to lead the U.S. I understand mostly because of the transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem! For the last two terms, you had one of the best presidents in Barack Obama. I am very surprised you support Donald Trump like that. Best regards.
Including such a letter makes it appear as though PCG is accepting of alternative opinions. Those who are on the receiving end of the infamous "no contact" policy know better.

And so we see that PCG's 1% has produced yet another issue of their recruitment magazine to try and get more tithe paying converts and keep their followers loyal to the organization. People who may happen to encourter this recruitment magazine without being familiar of the organization behind it deserve to know that their is no need to fear their dire predictions of gloom and doom. Armstrongites have continuously said such things since the 1930s and yet in all that time their predictions have failed to occur. HWA even taught from 1953 onwards that Christ would return in 1975. They are but false prophets. There is no need to fear their predictions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kieran Underwood's Act of Courage

Banned by HWA has reported that Kieran Underwood has dared to say that which is not to be said in the world of the fanatical "true believers" of Armstrongism. He has shown astounding courage in choosing to present his views so publicly. The fact that even in a group as tightly controlled as PCG dissent like this can still occur shows the failure of the harsh authoritarianism within PCG.

It is awful that he and others like will in all likelihood suffer because PCG's 1% will continue to insist on imposing their authoritarian system upon the lay members of PCG refusing to admit that this authoritarian system is inherently unable to keep everyone within PCG happy and dissensions like this are bound to occur. But instead of learning how to accept and adopt to these facts of life and encouraging cordial behavior the authoritarians within PCG's 1% insist on sustaining a system that makes peoples' lives miserable by demonizing those who do not quite fit in within the narrow and difficult ideals promoted within the organization.

Such authoritarianism needs to end immediately.