Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kieran Underwood's Act of Courage

Banned by HWA has reported that Kieran Underwood has dared to say that which is not to be said in the world of the fanatical "true believers" of Armstrongism. He has shown astounding courage in choosing to present his views so publicly. The fact that even in a group as tightly controlled as PCG dissent like this can still occur shows the failure of the harsh authoritarianism within PCG.

It is awful that he and others like will in all likelihood suffer because PCG's 1% will continue to insist on imposing their authoritarian system upon the lay members of PCG refusing to admit that this authoritarian system is inherently unable to keep everyone within PCG happy and dissensions like this are bound to occur. But instead of learning how to accept and adopt to these facts of life and encouraging cordial behavior the authoritarians within PCG's 1% insist on sustaining a system that makes peoples' lives miserable by demonizing those who do not quite fit in within the narrow and difficult ideals promoted within the organization.

Such authoritarianism needs to end immediately.

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  1. Just so you know, when I was writing for the Trumpet, I would often read what you had to say on this blog. I believe one of the reasons I questioned so much was because you commented directly on some of my articles.

    You, along with some other websites, helped me with my research.