Sunday, February 3, 2019

And We Thought the God Family Doctrine Made Us Special

And to think we thought it was so amazing that we would become God beings as fully God as God is God though of lower rank. Turns out back in the ninth century some Sufi Muslim mystics yearned to be one with God. Is that not even more impressive then being some sort of a lesser God being?
[Abu Yazid al-Bistami] also learned the disciine of fanah (annihilation): by gradually peeling away the layers of egoism ... [he] found an enhanced self in the ground of his own being that was nothing other than Allah himself, who told al-Bistami: "I am through Thee; there is no god but Thou." ....
Husain al-Mansur (d. 922), also known as al-Hallaj, the Wool-Carder, is said to have made a similar claìm, crying: 'Ana al-Haqq!' ('I am the Truth!' or 'I am the Real!'), though some scholars have suggested that this should read: 'I see the Truth!' (Karen Armstrong, Islam: A Short History, 2000, pp. 63-64.)