Friday, March 17, 2023

Overview of the January 2022 Issue of PCG's Trumpet

Around late November 2021, before the escalation of the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, PCG published the January 2022 issue of their recruitment magazine, The Philadelphia Trumpet. Let's see what the PCG leadership have to say this time.

Gerald Flurry had a personal article bad mouthing modern society for changing. However societal change is natural and normal.

Stephen Flurry had an article complaining children's books. He indulges in red baiting accusing the political left of being Communist.

Stephen Flurry had a side article insisting that various old Communist texts predicted this development. Karl Marx and Antonio Gramsci are cited.

Rufaro Manyepa had a side article condemning various children's books. He mentions 14 books. One of them is a book entitled Antiracist Baby. What possible objection could the PCG leadership have against a book featuring a title opposed to racism?

Andrew Müller had an article scare mongering that measures to contain and mitigate the effect of the coronavirus pandemic are some sort of plot to change society somehow.

Richard Palmer had an article complaining about the negative effects of restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Instead of encouraging people to do what they could to make this dreadful pandemic not so widespread they chose to stir up hostility and resentment against governmental authorities for trying to mitigate this terrible crisis.

Andrew Müller had an article complaining about environmental reforms.

There is also a side article denouncing widespread concern about climate change which is here denounced as a scam. Pretending that global warming is not happening is not a solution.

The Infographic presents various graphs to insist that climate change is not really happening.

Joel Hilliker had an article reciting the doctrine that all governments will be replaced by the rule of (PCG's interpretation of) Jesus Christ after the Second Coming. Armstrongites have been promoting this idea continuously since the 1930s and yet it never happens and the world we live in continues to be.

Gerald Flurry had an article complaining that once Queen Elizabeth II passes away this will weaken ties to the UK monarchy in Commonwealth nations. (This article was written before she passed away on September 8, 2022.) Ironically Gerald Flurry was born and lives in a nation that overthrew that monarchy after six years of war (1775-81).

Jeremiah Jacques had an article scare mongering that Japan is building up its military. PCG constantly stirs up fear of Japan even though Japan has been allied with the United States for decades.

Gerald Flurry had an article saying "the key of David" unlocks one's ability to become a member of the God Family. In the context of PCG dogma what Gerald Flurry calls the key of David vision is essentially a phrase used to promote the alleged glorious afterlife of being a God being as fully God as God is God though of a lower rank.

SocietyWatch has a segment promoting an already debunked rumor (as may be seen in this October 8, 2021 AP article) claiming that Pfizer used cells from aborted fetuses in developing their coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine does not contain "aborted fetal cell lines." Rather the fetal cell lines are used to test drugs to check that it is safe for human beings. Many drugs go through this standard, routine safety measure. It is also implied that Pfizer hid this information. They did not. It will never be known how many people have suffered or even died of that dreadful disease because some people were hesitant to get vaccinated because of such rumors.

Joel Hilliker had an article telling people to stop coveting.

Stephen Flurry had an article complaining about Pfizer and accusing that company of having control over media outlets and politicians. It is awful that so many people chose to vilify and condemn vital medical treatments during the crisis caused by Covid-19. Those who refuse proper medical assistance risk harming their health and even risk death.

There is no need for anyone to be afraid of PCG's fear based statements about the future. Since its founding in 1989 PCG have made over 50 false predictions of the future. They clearly cannot see the future. There is no need to fear PCG's predictions of the future.